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Motorola teases CES event, “Ready to skip a generation?”

Yesterday Motorola released a teaser video for their upcoming Honeycomb tablet and today the company placed a big countdown timer on the front of their web site. The page simply asks “Ready to skip a generation?” and it’s counting down to Motorola’s CES media event on January 5th.

The next generation of devices that Motorola is referring to is their family of upcoming Tegra 2 products. We know they will likely show off the Everest (tablet for Verizon), Etna (smartphone for Verizon), and the Olympus (smartphone for AT&T). Our inside sources have told us that Motorola’s Tegra 2 phone is coming to multiple carriers, so there is the chance we could also see a couple of surprise devices for Sprint and T-Mobile.

At Motorola’s last media event they launched seven devices, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see a similar number at CES. We will be live from CES in a couple weeks and we already RSVP’d for Motorola’s event, so check back in a couple weeks for the full announcement.

Source: @MotoMobile

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  • http://Website UniqueNate

    I can’t wait to see what hits the spotlight. I want to see them in action and what to expect later down the line. I’m already curious to see what will happen at CTIA. One thing at a time I know. I’m looking forward to some quality devices along side these beastly specs.

  • Josh

    Motorla… Spelling error again…

    Every goddamn post. It won’t be long before I stop coming to this site if the author doesn’t start proofreading.

    • http://Website Roger

      Whoa buddy calm down. Seek counseling perhaps. Everyone makes mistakes, were all human.

    • http://Website Adam

      A spelling error!? Oh no! Whatever shall we do?? How about use your brain and realise what is meant to be written. It’s a quality site, with quality, up to date information. A few spelling errors here and there can’t deduct from that.

    • http://Website Durangojim

      SHT, FCK, DMN T!

    • http://Website robbie

      Proofreading is not a word.

  • http://Website Jonathan

    *Wallet explodes out of pocket*

    …wait? 15 days?

    *slowly places wallet back into other pocket…*

  • qcom

    Pumped for Olympus.

    Slightly dismayed about their tablets as of now, only because I need more AT&T love! If their launching an AT&T superphone, shouldn’t they launch an AT&T supertable?

    It only seems fair!

  • http://Website Dragonthe

    Now just hope that Europe will also get some love :)

    • http://Website klacebo

      Probably Motorola will release these tablets as “special editions” in Europe and the rest of the world, with the exact same specifications as their US counterparts, but for the sake of “the best hardware and software combination” they will only be releasing updates for the US market only.

  • http://Website Joe

    I hope that Motorola doesn’t make the same epic mistake that Samsung did by now releasing a wifi-only version. Who really wants a data plan with these things? Maybe a fraction of the population of potential buyers, if that??

  • chief113

    I am so pumped for the Olympus. Best phone on the best network.

  • http://Website cjtaylor12

    a little off topic, but hey…tablets. Are ya’ll gonna make anymore wallpapers? I mean you guys had the hi and low res versions, and one for a tablet of every design. so you know, yay tablets.

  • http://Website Android Master

    If you want the specs to the Xoom tablet, read this: Honeycomb and Motorola, how Google launches Android software.