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Motorola teases Honeycomb tablet unveiling for upcoming CES

Motorola’s PR firm just sent us a new teaser video which confirms our earlier speculation that the Honeycomb tablet we saw a couple weeks ago will be making another appearance at CES next month. The video centers on the evolution of the tablet from ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic tablets to the modern tablet. Along they way Motorola takes jabs at Apple’s iPad saying “it’s like a giant iPhone” and refers to Samsung’s Galaxy Tab as running “Android OS…for a phone”.

No details about Motorola’s tablet are shared in the video, but we already know that it will feature NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 processor inside and should run on Verizon’s network. At the end of the video we see a bee which is buzzing around the Motorola logo to hint at Honeycomb, the first version of Android with specific features designed for tablets.

With only a few weeks left till CES, the wait is almost over. Motorola Mobility’s big press event is on January 5th and we will be there live to report on the full details. Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

Source: YouTube

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  • http://Website Anthony

    Lol, that was actually pretty funny. I’m not a huge fan of tablets, but I’m still interested to see how Moto’s turns out. Watch it have MotoBlur or some tablet equivalent….

  • http://Website Todd

    Moto isn’t very good at being snarky.

    Also, why didn’t they take a swipe at re-donk-u-lous “playbook” by RIM?

    • http://Website onlyever

      Because it hasn’t been released yet, and RIM hasn’t even allowed any tech sites to get a legitimate hands-on.

  • http://Website Usman

    Way to copy the Notion Adam Ink “reveal”…

    • http://Website DarkJedi21

      Way to get it wrong its Notion Inks Adam Tablet not “Notion Adam Ink”

    • http://Website DarkJedi21

      Way to get it wrong its Notion Inks Adam Tablet not “Notion Adam Ink”

  • http://Website Mak

    It’s cool. Does this mean we dont need too long to see this tablet goes live.

    Hmm, I’m wondering if there is an international version (for 3G one). So many Motorola products (were locke with Verizon) use only CDMA :(

  • http://Website joey G

    I don’t care. As others have said before, an android tablet wont be successful unless developers support it like the ipad. I own a nexus one and Thursday I pick up my nexus s but android on a tablet will do what? The galaxy tab is a galaxy s. What’s Motorola’s tablet going to be called? More then likely something with the word “Droid” in it. How about this Motorola be a little more creative instead of licensing shit from Star Wars.

    • Tony

      If you knew your shit, you’d know that the Droid licensed names aren’t at the discretion of Motorola, that is Verizon’s marketing plan for their high-end Android smartphones.. The orignal Moto-Droid wasn’t called the Droid it was the A855.

      • http://Website sam c.

        And if you weren’t a defensive Verizon/Motorola mark you’d see the point Joey g is making. I too am growing tired of the whole Droid line. I own a galaxy tab and I love it and its more then a galaxy s phone. I don’t see myself upgrading to another android tablet until next year but I wish epic games made infinity blade for Android that game is awesome.

        • http://Website quik

          So you’re not getting tired of the iObject line? Double standards, people, geez.

    • http://Website Bobby

      Thats what honeycomb is for

  • http://Website Adam Clark

    Mayan tablet… rumored 2012 self-destruct feature.

    Yeah we all will be a goner when that happens.

  • http://Website Brando56894

    That was a great video. I will definitely get a honeycomb tablet in the near future, but first Im going to wait for the perfect 4G/dual core combo.

  • http://Website Wallingsworth

    That video was almost awesome.

  • http://n/a chula

    I agree with Joe g. What are motorola’s ezlxpectations ? Don’t you think we have enough table’s. But even then having a “droid tablet” takes the fun out of been able to put it on ur pocket. At least it should be able to more than a smartphone…

    • http://Website Gee

      We have enough tablets? Well, there’s only one good tablet: the iPad. All the other tablets pretty much suck. The Galaxy tab is stuck somewhere in between good and pointless because Motorola is right, it’s just a huge Android phone (and the other tablets are huge crap Android phones). The Moto tablet with Honeycomb is going to be the first real competitor to the iPad and depending on how good it and the iPad 2 is, it may beat the snot out of it too.

      The fact that it was built in conjunction with Google means that this is the vision that Google has for future Android tablets. There may even be a slim chance that this (if there even is going to be one but why not?) is the “dev tablet”. I for one am excited for this fact alone and will be even more excited if this turns out to be the Nexus tab.

  • http://Website My Galaxy

    lol, love the “its like a giant iphone, but……its like a giant iphone” comment, Motorola were leaving no prisoners with that teaser. So, if it isn’t going to look like the phone OS, I’d be very interested in how it looks and feels.

  • qcom

    Aww… no AT&T.. *sigh*

    Hopefully there will be some Honeycomb AT&T tablets.

  • http://Website Dragonthe

    That video looks just plain awesome!
    Now let’s hope that the Tablet will also come to Europe and not just one carrier in the US.

  • http://Website dreamdirepriest

    Wow the music was just awesome. The video is good too. But the music was just great. I can see a nice way of continuing that flow of the music and make it a wholesome song. Unless there is already one. If so, could please someone let me know what song it is. Ahh….it was so nice to hear ….I wanted more of it. It had such a beautiful pace.

    • http://Website Drayon

      Yea, the music is indeed just a pure awesome mix of epicness.
      I tried to find the song whit shazam, but it failed ._.

      • http://Website dreamdirepriest

        I think it might have been done by the art team at Motorola. I hope I could fine them to check out their other personal work (if there is any). Yeah epic is an appropriate word. I can’t stop listening to it.

        • http://Website dreamdirepriest

          I meant “epicness” is the appropriate way to describe it.

  • http://Website mikemick

    That seriously looked like a computer animation student’s final project or something. If you are going to rip on your competition, maybe you should hire a better 3D firm to handle your advertisement.

    • http://Website Batman!

      The tablet comes with a Tegra 2 core, right?

      Wouldn’t it make sense as a boast to make a video using solely the hardware available on the device?

      If it WAS done using more powerful hardware, I agree with you.

      But if it was designed using a Tegra 2 powered platform, I’m impressed.

      Just my .02

  • http://Website bob kelly

    I’ve owned a G1, Mytouch 3G, and a Nexus One. I love android but to say in tablet form it will beat iOS makes everyone sound like sheep. We don’t know shit until the android tablet surpasses the iPad in sales which it wont. The install base iOS and iPad is far greater then Android in any form. And you sheep dont android has more activations than iOS. There is how man manufactures around the world producing garbage android devices? How many different carriers of android? There is one iPhone and in the stars locked to 1 carrier right now. I love all that is android but Joey g is right about a Android tablet will fail unless it has support like the iPad. The only marketing for android has is Verizon’s Droid campaign because they release a new phone every 2 to 3 months. And most non android users and just casual smart phone shoppers think the os is called Droid. Where’s the Nexus S commercials? The same place the Nexus One’s were. Word of mouth and some internet pop ups. All this android vs. apple iOS reminds me of the old days when it was nintendon’t vs. Sega.

    • LukeT32

      The iphone/ipad is on verizon also……

      And the iphone/ipad did very well sales wise considering it was stuck on AT & T.

      • http://Website Bob Kelly

        No the iPad and iPhone are not on verizon. Verizon allows the sale of wi-fi only iPads because Verizon sells the Mi-Fi data connector. Sorry sir you are wrong. I doubt the iPhone will come to Verizon.

  • http://Website gad

    Even Apple will admit that this is genius.Well done Moto.My problem with motorola is that they rarely release their products outside of the US. So it might be a US exclusive as usual.

  • http://Website Leonardo

    I’m very sad with motorola, here where I live in Brazil this guys don’t want to update the android. I have Android 1.5

    I don’t want to buy a motorola never more.


  • http://Website Steve n

    The Motorola logo really makes me want to say “Welcome to the Dark side…” ;)

  • http://Website kevin

    I just had a orgasm!!!! I have an Ipad, I might pick this up. the only way that it will beat the ipad is if it offers more than the ipad ie voice chat, usb port, hdmi port, flash, more memory and expandable, and FINALLY its price point is less. Be smart motorola that is how you beat out the competition. Offer more for a little less! so motorola your price point should be $399, 100$ less than the 16gb ipad. Again I might buy one if and only if Motodroid had the price right!

  • http://Website helebek

    They are so stupid, they will release this right after the new ipad comes out, so nobody will care about this, and they will make it as expensive as ipad, then people will choose to pay apple. if they release this for sale at the end of january or mid febuary they have a change, if not, good luck with the android tablets and I am a huge fan of android.

  • Evren Yurtesen

    I wouldnt buy it if Motorola payed money to me. I have bought an Motorola android product and they couldnt provide any updates and basically it is a brick with such old software (and only few months old).

    Many other Motorola owners are having the same problems with Android phones from Motorola. Motorola have great teasers and advertisements, and actually they make good hardware but right after you buy the product, you realize that you were tricked into buying it :( Because even great hardware can not function without proper software!

    You can easily search for Motorola’s epic failure on Motorola facebook pages or their forums.