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Nexus One update to Android 2.3 still happening in the coming weeks

Several of us expected the Nexus One would receive an update to Android 2.3 by now, but Google is still working on the latest release and just tweeted that it should be available “in the coming weeks”. If you are really impatient several cooked Gingerbread ROMS are available, but most are half-baked and still missing some features.

Some have speculated that Samsung had some kind of exclusive window on the release of Android 2.3 with the Nexus S, but it sounds like Google just needs the extra time to properly test it on the Nexus One to make sure it is a quality release. I’ve been using the Nexus S for almost a week now and I have experienced several force close errors with some of the native apps, so there are definitely some bugs left that the Android team needs to squash.

If you have a Nexus One, all you can do right now is hang tight and wait for the official release. When you consider most Galaxy S owners have been waiting over 6 months for an Android 2.2 update, a couple more weeks doesn’t sound that bad.

Source: @googlenexus

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  • http://Website Greg

    Still the sexiest phone around. Just look at it!

    • http://Website Rondizzel908

      Definitely Agreed brother

    • http://Website Zachary

      I also agree while typing this from my N1. I don’t see myself replacing my N1 unless HTC makes a groundbreaking phone in the nexus line. No microsd slot and no +hspa support on the Nexus S is a step backwards.

    • http://Website Yankee503

      Except for the ugly trackball. /= Otherwise I def agree. I’m pretty happy with my MT4G’s look and build. Its prob the closest to looking and feeling like the N1 in my opinion (w/a sexy track pad instead).

      • http://Website Daniel

        I kinda agree about the trackball. One of the reasons why the Desire is the N1′s design perfected. The only downside of its hardware is the lack of a second microphone, on pretty much everything else it’s either the exact same or superior, most notably on the 64 MB additional RAM.

        • http://Website Icebike

          Lack of a second microphone?

          Take another look at the spec sheet.

      • http://Website Ltown

        Yes the track ball is old school but it’s f-ing awesome! The color trackball alerts are great for knowing what type of alert you have without turning on the screen. I too think the optical track pads look better but they are WAY less accurate. For accuracy when editing text fast, trackball is the way to go. I love rocking it OLD SCHOOL style with my N1!

      • http://Website Ronweez

        Ugly trackball? I have the mytouch 4g and hate the track pad. And s looks better than the nexus 1 in my.opinion if was metal instead of plastic

    • http://Website robert brownlee

      ironic to hear it from someone else i have always said that the n1 is the sexiest phone around ive had mine a year and love it to death the nexus s has to be awsome before i would even consider htc is the best…..

  • http://Website Moe

    Damn can my fascinate get some sort of update! Im tired of 2.1

  • http://Website george

    still cant believe i sold it for the nexus s. but whatever, im staying with the nexus…i dont feel that guilty?

    [i feel like i betrayed a dear friend]

  • http://Website darcy

    When you consider most Galaxy S owners have been waiting over 6 months for an Android 2.2 update

    still waiting…

  • Brendan

    With Gingerbread Keyboard and Launcher installed, I think I can wait a little longer for the update.

  • wizardpc

    How the heck is 2.3 not available FOR THE OFFICIAL DEVELOPER PHONE, but is available for a new consumer phone?

    Does this make sense to ANYONE?

    • http://Website Daniel

      The developer phone can run the developer OS (AOSP DIY) with relative ease, though. And the Nexus S is as far from being a developer phone as the N1 was on its release day, i.e. not at all, despite not being listed on the developer-exclusive store. Full

      Plus ADP1 and ADP2 have been forgotten on 1.6 even before the N1 was released…

    • http://Website scadaguru

      Totally agree.

  • http://Website DaveC

    I started getting FC on the Amazon MP3 app, and I never use it.

  • http://Website uzunoff

    I get a bunch of force close too. Not only on native apps, but with all apps.

    it is strange that those Force Closes started after the latest OTA update.

    It is strange how an OTA update “broke” the Nexus One.

    Does anybody else experience that?

  • http://Website Jeff

    Trackball is the best, hardly ever used but seen from any angle as a notification light!

  • http://Website Anthony

    Truth be told I have the NS and the N1 I loved my N1 but the erratic soft keys choppy 3g plus useless out doors is why the NS works better for me. The NS believe it or not has a much better screen its great outdoors better 3g and flat out faster.
    I really believe the N1 isn’t updated yet due to bugs. The you tube app lags on the NS a bit so its about ironing out the bugs.
    The N1 still agreat phone but honestly the NS is better. I say this with love and respect the N1 is my first love the NS my new chic lol

    • http://Website Ltown

      The NS is better because of the faster processor/gpu and a better screen but that is about it….

      Choppy 3G??? That is your network, son, not the phone…

      eratic soft keys??? You must have gotten one from the early shipments… mine are responsive as a mother fucker

      Useless outdoors??? Its not that hard to turn up the brightness.

      Where the N1 trumps the NS:

      Trackball/trackpad for editing text, games, and color notifications
      Micro SD slot
      Dual mics for noise cancellation
      metal casing
      better build quality
      HTC, enough said…

      • http://Website anthony

        Ltowm the problem we have is respect I don’t like being called son
        I had a N1 from day one and check the forums there are thousands of people with 3g issues
        I’ve had early middle and late shipments every last one had touch issues believe what u want.
        The phone can’t be used in sunlight its a fact to think otherwise ur delusional.
        I loved my N1 not trying to start a fight just honest opinion. The N1 has an inferior antenna proved by what u said. The same crappy network the NS is holding solid 3g hmmmmm. I am a huge N1 fan but truthfully in direct sunlight the NS is visible. NS has true multitouch does the N1
        Please before you speak I’m just giving my opinion and its honest I lived the N1 life

        • http://Website Ltown

          No disrespect intended. Just re-read my post and realized it came off rather arrogant. The nexus s is a great phone and certainly is a better phone than the N1. Most of us lucky enough to have an N1 are just disappointed that its successor falls short in many ways. The N1 was a luxury device that included ALL the bells and whistles available for its time. The NS offers virtually nothing over the galaxy s (except stock android, which cannot be overvalued but is implied being it’s a nexus device). The galaxy s are GREAT phone but lacking in luxury aesthetics and features.
          The reason for my initial post was because I didn’t agree with the reasons you gave for the NS being better. I really do think that your N1 may have been a lemon because I and others have had no problems with 3G connectivity or capacitive buttons in any way. Also, I do use my phone in direct sunlight quite often. I have to turn the brightness all the way up and there is glare, but it’s usable. Anyway, enjoy your nexus S. I wish I had one but I can only afford one $500 phone a year. Sadly, this is not the upgrade I was hoping for. I want a nexus 2 that looks like the HTC mecha, with dual cores, hspa+, and stock android of course. Please HTC make this, and soon because the LG Optimus 2x is tempting me, but I want stock android…

          • http://Website anthony

            Thanks for that I’m glad ur N1 is working great. The N1 set the bar so high that another simply can’t repeat that’s a credit to our N1 which I still own. I only wished I didn’t run into those issues but know this it was still my best phone ever. The N1 still gives this NS all that and then some I really miss my trackball notification thanks for responding back
            I won’t sell my N1 too good to let go

  • http://Website Paul

    The native apps have been having forced crashed on my N1 running 2.2 as well. It may be the native apps have new bugs when they were updated.

  • Mighty_O

    what will happen first nexus one gets 2.3 or galaxy s gets 2.2?

  • http://Website Jota

    Come on… Google have been singing this same song for over a month. They are completely disorganized. Determine a date for the N1 and stick with it. Be it may of 2011. But this oh well a few weeks is really poor. Furthermore, can we get an AT&T Nexus S confirmation… Google have been quiet about this too. Just poor.

    • http://Website anthony

      Jota the hell with them if it bothers you get an iPhone man they keep it simple they give u phone u give up choices.
      we have our issues but we have choices

  • http://Website meazy

    I agree with the first 3 cool people my N1 still look better than alot of new phones I still have people ask me what kind of phone I have all I say is the google phone u knew nothing about

  • http://Website bolpen

    I use my N1′s trackball as a dedicated camera button.

  • http://Website mmalakai1

    well i have both phones and i love both of them. they are both google phones that gets 1st and second taste of gingerbread 2.3 before any carrier decides to mix it up for a year release of updates.

  • http://Website Vijay

    Awesome Mobile. No one will hesitate holding it. The best mobile I’ve ever owned.
    IPhone S****’s