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Nexus S goes on sale early in the UK at Carphone Warehouse

Google’s Nexus S isn’t officially scheduled to launch for a few more days, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping Carphone Warehouse from listing the handset on their website. While is may be nice that the phone is available a bit early it doesn’t offset the fact that UK customers will be paying £549.95 (about $865), quite a bit more than those of us planning on picking up the Nexus S at our local Best Buy store.

Any UK readers planning on placing their order for the Nexus S a bit early? Let us know how the ordering process goes and how soon Carphone Warehouse will be shipping out the phone.

Via: Engadget

Source: Carphone Warehouse

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  • LeeCasey

    It’s ridiculous how us folks in the UK get ripped off. I’m personally getting a friend to ship one over from the US costing me around £333.

    If you don’t have a friend in the US then there is a service who will purchase the phone for you over there and ship it to you in the UK. Of course they charge a fee and it works out around £450 which includes all fees, taxes and delivery. Go to for more info.

  • ayocuz

    That’s considerd price gouging. I won’t pay the $549 anyway for a crippled phone. Nexus s I think is a bit over hyped. I might as well wait for hopes of the LG “star” coming to t-mobile hspa+ that is

  • ayocuz

    nexus one stock

  • http://Website andyb56

    I’m a mug, I have pre ordered one. Also I have to say the process of ordering this from Carphone Warehouse is a pain. I want to know am I going to my phone on the 20th of December from the store I chose to collect from and you can’t get a straight answer out of anybody. Carphone Warehouse are a joke.

  • MC

    They’re asking the equivalent of $866.75US for what amounts to an entry-level phone, with the BRIEF advantage of having the latest OS!
    GOOD LUCK, Google! You’re obviously FAR too proud of this one!

    • http://Website LeeCasey

      Entry level phone? Obviously a minimum wage scrub who can’t afford to shell out. Can you point me to a phone on the market with a better spec? There may be equal but to state it’s entry level is just retarded. Well done.

      • MC

        Wait a month for the dual-cores that’ll render this Nexus thing instantly obsolete. Further, they’ll be capable of accessing such things as advanced networks – HSPA+ out-of-the-box and most likely LTE when Verizon decides to make it available in REALITY! Other than the existence of the latest widely-available Android OS, this thing ONLY competes with entry-level Androids on other networks, but at a GROSSLY substantial elevated price point!

  • http://Website Mark

    Not at that price. This is a £400 level phone all day but not a £549 one. Too many compromises to be that lust worthy. I would love HTC to release a stock phone again, even in limited numbers, as I think there would be many who would prefer it to this.

  • http://Website gad

    Wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole.Its too expensive,why? i haven’t a clue.

  • http://Website Mudassar

    Remember that to compare UK and US prices you need to remove the tax from the UK price which makes the phone £468 compared to the tax free US price.

    • http://Website LeeCasey

      which is £333. So whats the extra ~£130 all about?

      • falmc

        £130 is the fuckedover tax. Good old blighty.

        Im pretty sure that when it comes to products to be sold in the UK, the prices from the US are near enough cloned and just have the dollar symbol swapped for a pounds sterling symbol. I have enough of this hassle when buying PS3 games.

  • Chris Fleming

    I think I’m going to get someone in the US to pick it up or get it shipped via BundleBox. I’m thinking that if I order it on the 16th, then by the time it has shipped I won’t get it far behind the 20th….

    It seems to me that Carphone Warehouse have deliberately kept the price high as no one else is selling it and they can push the “with” network, free on a £35 a month contract.

    @MC – yes the hardware spec is a little disappointing; it seems to me to only be a fraction more powerful than the Nexus One. However the advantage of the Nexus Phones is that they will stay up to date software wise.

    • falmc

      Last post from Royal Mail is the 21st so there will be a chance you wont receive it till after Christmas pal.

      • SGB101

        you can still receive post till the Friday the 24th and then again on monday the 27th.

        last post means the last possible date to post, with the chance of delivery before Christmas, but i would hold your breath posting on the 20th.

        for the saving your likely to save does it really matter if you miss xmas.

        this phone is a real let down, based on the now the ‘old’ nexus one design with improvements. this phone is not the start of whats to come, its the end of what has been. the nexus’s (nexies ???) now neatly bookends this design.

        i cant wait till the roll out of the duel cores in jan/feb, but instead of getting he first wave like last year (HTC Desire) im going to wait till HTC’s summer relaese.

    • MC

      That’s a hefty price to pay for something that amounts to nothing more than, “updates!” I agree with others: this is horrendously overpriced and offers little more than a (currently) state-of-the-art OS as a reason. Won’t even do HSPA+, though….
      Google is getting to be the Bose of the phone world. LOTS of money, but really nothing more than a another tedious adventure in blow-molding!

  • Primum Agmen

    I really can’t see the point in shelling out that much money for a phone which, let’s be honest, really isn’t that big an improvement on what is currently available. It’s not dual core, it doesn’t sport any incredible hardware, it’s just got Gingerbread.

    I’ll wait quite happily for HTC to release Gingerbread on the Desire, thanks.

    That they’re charging nearly twice as much as it costs to buy a HTC Desire for the Nexus S is bloody ridiculous. I’m amazed people are willing to buy this rather than wait a bit for a phone worth buying.

  • http://Website Dave

    Not at that price. I have a friend in the US until the 20th who will see if she can pick one up for me. If not, then I won’t bother unless the UK price falls to £450 before there’s another phone I want more, which isn’t going to happen.

  • http://Website The Rock

    i see the price coming down early January. A lot of android “heads” already picked up the HD or Z

    The price point just doesn’t make any sense. People were already bitching at paying £450 for the HTC and WP7 phones and then google just says……Fu*k you, pay me….more.

    UK folks, don’t forget VAT goes up to 20% in Jan. Madness

  • http://Website dee


    Rather wait for dual core..

    Until then my desire will do…