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Nexus S receives its first OTA update, install it now if you want

The Nexus S has only been out less than a week and Google already pushed out the first software update today. The latest build (GRH78) weighs in at only 1.9 MB and includes some minor bug fixes. Paul O’Brien of MoDaCo fame notes that this new update only makes changes to framework.jar, kernel and Maps.apk. You can patiently wait for it to hit your phone, or find the full instructions to download it after the jump.

To install the latest Nexus S build GRH78, follow these steps:

  • Download the update file from Google’s server:
  • Copy the file to your phone’s internal storage (/sdcard). The Nexus S can flash any file so there is no need to rename it
  • Power off your phone.
  • Hold down the VOLUME UP button and power it back on.
  • Use the volume keys to navigate to recovery and press POWER to select it.
  • When you see the “/!” symbol, hold the POWER button and then press the VOLUME UP button.
  • You should be presented with a menu and one of the options should be “apply update from /sdcard”
  • Find the update file on your sdcard and then press the POWER button to flash it.
  • Wait for the update to complete and then select “reboot system now”

The whole process takes about five minutes and I did not encounter any issues when I flashed it on my phone. If you run into any problems, just leave a comment and we will try to help out.

Update: A tip on Engadget says it appears that the “checkin” trick is actually working to force this update. Just dial *#*#checkin#*#* from the dialer and you should get the update notification.

Via: XDA Developers

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  • http://Website andrew

    uh… regarding bullet point 2: there is no sd card on nexus s. of course, you can plug it into your computer instead and transfer that way.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I updated the wording. There is no physical SD card slot, but the phone still refers to it as /sdcard

      • http://Website Muiuoop

        No,they don’t. They refer to it as “USB storage” which it is.

    • Alan Reboli

      Congradulations, you’re “that” guy…

    • http://Website CTown

      So, what happens if you brick? Does the Nexus S have a “Download” mode like the Galaxy S devices. Man, those phones really are unbrickable!

  • http://Website jorge moreno

    Arghh… They have an update and I still waiting for gingerbread on my N1

  • http://Website Mike

    Thanks for the info! I did the update and the phone feels faster now. Its prbly in the head though :p


  • http://Website D’Angelo Henderson

    Sweet. Just flashed it, waiting to get back to my home screens. So far so good…

  • http://Website dommafia

    what are the changes?

    • http://Website DOTA

      it now has HSPA+ ……………HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://Website Robert Dillinger

      They finally unlocked the dual-core processor. About time. Well done. :-(

  • BlindWolf8

    Just tried *#*#CHECKIN#*#* about 10 times and it didn’t work. I got “Checkin succeeded” but no update. I flashed manually.

  • http://Website Nexus Azz

    Gingerbread seems to be very buggy

  • http://Website bemymonkey

    Is the included Maps.apk newer than the one currently available in the Market? I’m hoping for bugfixes…

  • coyotejbob

    Ta I wish it said surprise dual core and hspa + I would run and buy right now

    • coyotejbob

      Why vote down. I was saying I wish it said Surprise! I’m not hating I am actually still jealous because I still have a G1.

  • harish

    Is there any disadvantage if I don’t install these updates?

  • http://Website SNS4me

    Call me crazy, but I think this update fixed the annoying lag that flash was experiencing on the browser. Ever since I updated, the browser has been running smoother than even my Nexus One, flash content and all. Anyone else notice???

  • http://Website Taylor

    Swype Beta seems to have been disabled by the updates. Anyone else having this issue?

    • http://Website SNS4me

      Ouch! You are correct, sir. Can no longer use Swype on mine. Blast it!

    • http://Website K

      Delete it and then re-install Swype

      • http://Website SNS4me

        That did the trick. Thank you!

  • http://Website troy g

    I’m having trouble receiving clear pictures on my nexus s. When friends send me pictures they appear very blurry and do not clear up. Is anyone else experiencing this and if so is there a fix?

  • http://Website kb87056

    Has anyone used this device on the ATT network? Is it worth buying an unlocked one to use on ATT, or better to wait and see if it will have 3G capibilities in the future?

  • http://Website gusti

    Hello, i already update my nexus s, but in “about phone” the android version is still 2.3.1 ? why ? I think it should be 2.3.2 ?

  • http://Website balaji

    got an error while installing saying that the signatures failed and it got aborted

    kindly tell me what i should do now so that i can update it to 2.3.2