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Nexus S reviews appear online, the best phone on the market today

The Nexus S was finally unveiled today and early reviews are beginning to appear online. The guys over at TechCrunch have been using the Nexus S for the last few days and they are quite impressed, calling it “the best phone on the market today”.

Browsing our reader comments, it appears that the hardcore Android fans are slightly disappointed with the Nexus S hardware but they are eager to get their hands on Android 2.3.

Dual-core devices are going to be announced on January 5th and they are looking more compelling each week, so the general consensus seams to be wait for the next-generation of hardware and hope the handset makers ship them with Android 2.3.

If all you want is the latest version of Android and the speedy software updates from Google, then the Nexus S looks to be an excellent choice.

Highlights from the TechCrunch review include:

  • Unlike the Nexus One, the phone was not built from scratch — the starting point was the Samsung Galaxy S, released earlier this year
  • The phone does not fail to please. It is significantly faster than the Nexus One (and most current generation phones)
  • The phone has a sleeker design than the Nexus One, although its generic black plastic case doesn’t exactly scream for attention. The case also feels somewhat cheap, unlike the solid feel of the iPhone and some previous Android phones
  • We’ve been getting 6+ hours of heavy voice/data usage on the removable 1500 mAh Lithium Ion battery
  • At this point you probably won’t have many reasons to have it activated (you can shut it off to preserve battery), but NFC is likely to prove very important over the next couple years
  • Google’s noise cancellation software is also present. When combined with the excellent audio hardware it results in very high quality calls
  • So far, not one dropped call
  • If the iPhone is 8/10 on text input, the Nexus One is probably 5/10 and the Nexus S is a solid 6/10
  • The bottom line is this. If you are an iPhone user this isn’t going to make you switch

Hit up the source link for the full review.

Source: TechCrunch

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  • Gomez

    That last line should read…
    The bottom line is this. If you are an iPhone 4 or Nexus One user this isn’t going to make you switch.

    • http://Website Joe

      Couldn’t have said it better myself (an N1 user)

      • http://Website mcdisease

        My thoughts as well. Why no HSPA+? Excited for the next Nexus phone.

        • http://Website steven smith

          when will google release another carrier free phone

  • http://Website darcy

    stupid iphone users will never switch
    like the youtube video “i want an iphone4″ “evo 4g is much better” “but its not an iphone”

    • http://Website RockinEvo

      That is one of the funniest video I seen, what makes it funny is how true it is. No matter what new features come out on a phone that is superior to the Iphone all they care about is the Apple stamp on the phone.

  • tenkely

    I think people are going to be sorely disappointed in the battery life of dual cores.

    I am really liking the design and specs of the Nexus S, but one of the minor things that has kept me from switching off my Nexus one, to maybe the G2, has been the lack of dedicated peripherals. I have two Nexus One desktop docks and a car dock. Until something is announced, I will continue to enjoy my Nexus One!

    • http://Website darcy

      shouldnt be dual core more battery efficient?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Dual-core CPUs are more power efficient and should increase battery life.

      • tenkely

        You guys are both right, but we will see once they come out.

  • Noyabronok

    “Browsing our reader comments, it appears that the hardcore Android fans are slightly disappointed with the Nexus S hardware”

    I take issue with “slightly”. I am EXTREMELY disappointed!

  • http://Website 0012

    “it appears that the hardcore Android fans are slightly disappointed with the Nexus S hardware”

    That’s a hell of an understatement.

  • mattcoz

    So, this contour display, is the screen itself curved or just the glass?

  • agentdiscount

    I was all ready to get this day and date of release but the lack of HSPA+, dual-core, and MicroSD expansion have basically rendered my interest in the Nexus S almost moot.

    • http://Website rizzzo

      I agree. I’m a nexus one owner and was thrilled to hear about a successor to my favorite phone. Unfortunately, I was heartbroken upon finding out that other than a front facing camera and gingerbread, this phone brings nothing new to the table. I’ll wait until a real phone manufacturer makes the next nexus. HTC, where are you?

    • http://Website Mike

      Same here. The nexus one set the standards for all Android phones. This isn’t setting any standards, especially since dual-core phones are coming out very soon next year. I’m also disappointed with how it looks, it’s “supposed” to be sleeker than the N1, but it looks fat, especially that bottom chin, and don’t get me started about the same old plastic like the Galaxy S line-up. It doesn’t even have a microSD slot, almost ALL android phones do. Looks like they’re taking the path of Apple; build a lot of hype for the product, then disappoint. Man I wished Google had stuck with HTC.

  • komuta

    “If the iPhone is 8/10 on text input, the Nexus One is probably 5/10 and the Nexus S is a solid 6/10″

    And any current generation Android phone with Swype is easily 9/10 on text input.

    • http://Website Zach

      I think android actually has better keyboards than iphone does now, but back when the first droid was out the keyboard was meh so so

  • http://Website whyumad?

    i would so get this phone even if its only be able to run 3g network but i wish it would run 4g network too but it look good.

    • http://Website 0012

      why u mad?

      why bother with the Nexus S, When you can get a Dual-core device soon after the holiday.

    • http://Website Dell Pacino

      HSPA+ is not real 4G, none of these “4G” networks are — doesn’t even exist in the world yet. The REAL 4G techs are LTE Advanced and WiMAX 2.

      • http://Website Gomez

        No one is talking about 4G. They said HSPA+ dumbass….

        • http://Website whyumad?

          dont get so anal with the term 4g tmobile said its 4g im just using it gezz.. when im using the term 4g i meant to use hspa+ i just wanna use the 14.4 mbz that they have. so dont be calling any body dumbass

  • http://Website Josh

    doesn’t seem that impressive yet… Ima stick with my g2 for now

  • http://Website Happy Keller

    Have I read the specs right??? –> There’s no place to put an SD Card for additional storage???

    • anakin78z

      I have mixed feelings on this. I’ve never replaced the 16 gig card I put in my Nexus One after I got it, so really this would be no different, and you don’t have to shell out the money for the card. However, the lack of an option to go to 32 or even 64 gigs will likely hurt more in the future…

  • Clark Wimberly

    I gotta admit that the black-on-black promo shots did a pretty good job of sexing up the form factor but I’m still not totally sold.

  • http://Website Blest

    This phone will…….Suuuuuuuuuck. =[
    No SD slot? I just caught that sandisk 32g on sale for 60! Just for the Nexus S.
    I hope that theyre playing with the specs or this is guy a nexus brand and they use htc for a nexus next year. With better Specs.

    Why would I leave my N1 for this?

  • http://Website Irishrally

    Would have liked dual core and hspa+ but I will still be picking this up on the 16th. It will be my phone until this time next year when the next Nexus phone is released.

  • http://Website B_easy313

    Proof that everything that glitters isn’t gold. This phone turns me off….imma stick with my epic until something else grabs my attention.

  • http://Website BiGMERF

    I see no mention of HSPA+, IS IT PRESENT?

  • http://Website Miguel

    No HSPA+? Whats the point of including T- Mobile with this then? Bad move by Google.

  • http://Website bigmerf

    forget it, i see it doesnt.. very very dissapointing

  • http://Website Wallingsworth

    exactly what i expected this to turn out to be, hogwash!

    gimmie dualcore & non-AMOLED screen pl0x.

  • http://Website A

    Excited about 2.3 but not too much regarding this phone. No SD slot, just 5 MP camera, plastic back cover.

    I have the samsung galaxy s, and i cant begin to tell you how much i hate that plastic back cover. Use a silicone case so that i dont have to deal with that.

    • http://Website James Finnigan

      I agree! I have a Galaxy S and the plastic cover is already cracked. I guess it’s from having to open the damn thing all the time to switch batteries, because the battery life is appalling.

      Dang, I hate Samsung phones.

  • Aakash

    its too early to say that…

  • http://Website dagamer34

    With dual core phones just around the corner, I’m gonna have to pass on the Nexus S sadly.

  • Will

    No HSPA+, no dual core= No purchase.

    I was waiting for this phone, but now I’ll wait for the Samsung Stealth V (codename) or the Motorola Etna.

    Very disappointed.

  • http://Website Louis

    I waited months for this phone and I’m very disappointed with the hardware. For the first time, google is making me consider an iphone. Booooo nexus s (s=shit)!!

    • http://Website s=getoverit

      Spoken like a true iPhone user! I just don’t understand the hype of the i4 I’ve used one next to my d1 and I was dissapointed in it.

      • http://Website Louis

        I was on line to buy the G1 when it came out. I used it up till about 5 months ago when Tmobile replaced it for free with the motorolar cliq because I was having problems with my G1 and they said they are pull the G1s out of circulation. My contract was over 2 months ago, and I was contemplating between the epic 4G, G2, and mytouch 4G. I heard of the nexus s and thought why not just wait and get the bestest of all, then today I am deeply disappointed!! I have never own and apple product.

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    All I want to see now is review units and unboxing videos.

    Nothing overly exciting but it’s finally here and it’s some pretty neat features. I know people are wanting and wishing it was a dual core, but think about this, the dual cores will be way faster and most likely improve the performance of the interaction with the UI overall. Other then that this Nexus S will do the same exact thing. Dual core phones will still have the same UI. Its just going to be faster and handle better games etc. Until Honeycomb comes and really takes advantage of the dual cores , then it’ll really set the bar. Even so I believe the Nexus S will do just fine.

    I just hope people aren’t looking for speed over quality.

    Anything between that will be personal likes and dislikes.

    • http://Website Yang

      I agree with you. The OS, or at least the app, will have to be programmed to take advantage of the multiple processors. As of now, I don’t really see how any app would need dual core processors in the phones. Single is plenty enough and since Google mentioned 2.3 allowed for better game programming, I can see why they went to Samsung for the next Nexus phone.

  • http://Website donnydon

    please explain how this is the best phonr on the market!!!! its the same as any galaxy s phone!!!! plus its abdroid and android has ZERO APPS!!! Its over spple wins!!! i have a fascinate and hate it!!!!!

  • http://Website ace

    Only thing good is that you’ll be the very 1st one to get the new updates, but that’s like saying you’re 1st to a FREE all you can eat buffet.

  • http://Website Manuel

    When I said that the Nexus S is single-core and the “Nexus Tablet” will be dual-core, my message got something like -15 points :-D

  • http://Website InTheKnow

    The Nexus S is such a dissapointment, what the heck happened to the dual core?Lets not even get into the “UI Overhaul” or lack there of regarding Gingerbread. I get more excited now a days about CM releases than anything coming out of Google or Samsung for that matter.

  • McLovin

    I’ll stick with my G-2. It has a physical keyboard and a removable SD card. I’ll never go with any Apple product that I can’t replace the battery myself.

    • Noyabronok

      Most importantly it has HSPA+ support. I don’t understand why Samsung added a FFC without 4G support.

  • http://Website Srikanth

    Well! there is one iPhone user waiting to switch to Android and to be specific “Nexus S”. Though there are dual-cores coming up, I need better s/w updates and stock android UI. I fell in for features brought by android and user interface is where we are seeing regular improvements…..I was one of those who bought the first iPhone and upgraded to later versions regularly ( except for iPhone 4). For me, the wait is over and I am switching to Nexus S.

    Though little disappointed about the lack of a dual-core processor and HSPA+, I still feel its a good buy for its s/w updates, free WiFi hotspot (saves atleast $15 a month), well HSPA+ speeds to an extent are compatible with it.

    I don’t know y people don’t like Galaxy S, except for its UI which many don’t like, Galaxy S is a beautiful device … I like its screen better than any.

    • chief113

      Dude, why wouldn’t use just wait for the MOTO Olympus? I think it’s gonna be way better than this.

  • http://Website Shiran

    Not that exciting at all. Except for the NFC chip I feel the Iphone 4 is so much better than this. I was thinking of buying the next Nexus after the N1 but it would be a waste of money right now. The next few months will see some awesome phones coming out (hopefully some pure google phones) and by then This Nexus S will be left in the past. The Nexus One has been able to hold true against all the new phones that have come out this year. (minus a front camera, Internal Memory etc.) I was hoping for at least an Iphone 4 Matching Display, Better Processor, Better Memory and Especially a “Unique Design”. Nexus One by far is one of the Better Looking Android Phones out there which is not a Rectangular Box. (Moto X, EVO, Moto Incredible etc) Who wants a copy cat phone of a Galaxy S?? I’ve come to expect more from the “NEXUS” Brand.

  • http://Website Richard

    Techcrunch needs to get a life…This device is no HTC EVO 4G OR NO DROID X NOT EVEN BETTER THAN THE MYTOUCH 4G FOR THAT MATTER…I will gladly stick with my HTC evo over this device…love Google always will but Samsung NO WAY…They make a new device but still have new customers on older 2.1 software. How do you launch a whole line of devices on old software when 2.2 was available….This should’ve been made by HTC NOT SAMSUNG….EVO MAKES THIS LOOK STUPID

  • Donald

    WOW glad i took Taylor’s advice and waited for this phone… NOT… Actually i did think about waiting but could not wait any longer so I went and got the MT4G. I have been following it when the news broke out on this site about it being the glacier. It has everything I need and then some including the HSPA+, Expandable SD Card up to 32gb, Android 2.2, Decent Screen size. (please take note im coming from a MT3G v1.0)

    The only thing i can see that is good with this phone is 2.3 and Google experience phone. NO crap loaded on the phone. Other then that it just reminds me of a Vibrant with 2.3.

    • Noyabronok

      That’s exactly what I did. I got my wife a MyTouch 4G and a G2 for myself. I’m thinking I might switch the G2 for a MyTouch 4G since I don’t really need the keyboard and it’d be nice to have the FFC. I like the interface on MT4G, but hopefully there will be Cyanogen support for it soon so that I could just switch over to that.

      I didn’t mind too much that Nexus S it’s not dual core, it’s the lack of HSPA+ and SD card support that killed it.

  • Detox

    Samsung still tries to be an iPhone knock-off, first there new touchwiz now no sdcard slot. WTF

  • http://Website katvo

    I am dissapoint .

  • http://Website thaghost

    after what seems like 100 articles about this phone, Taylor, i have a few questions for you:

    1. After seeing that this phone is missing 4g (and a few other minor things) do u feel justified in telling all of these ppl to wait for this phone when apparently it is on PAR and NOT clearly better (besides stock) than other phones?

    2. do you think that this is the best phone out today and if so, how long will it be?

    3. Are you gonna get this phone?

    4. and for all of the people who waited because of this advice, are you happy that you waited? are you gonna get it or are you gonna keep waiting and waiting and waiting for the next great phone.

    No offense, i was just amazed at how bent you were on telling people to wait for this phone. this is the first android blog i discovered and i love it. but i didnt agree with that advice. i got the mt4g and i am good. thanx.

    • Noyabronok

      I don’t think Taylor knew the final specs, so I don’t think it’s fair to blame him. I got the MT4G and G2 as well. Still would like to see Taylor respond to your questions.

  • bluemarc22

    i too am disappointed. No MicroSD. I have at least 25 Gigs of music on my $200 32Gb card, plus i have two extra batteries and car and desktop dock for my N1.

    Note to manufacturers, here is what we want on the next nexus:

    - 4inch screen (like the S) with iphone 4-like ppi (u know retina display)
    - 32Gig on board + MicroSD slot for another 32
    - better speakerphone than N1
    - processor with lots of gpu for nextgen games (maybe tegra 2)
    - 8 megapixel or MORE camera, with 720p or 1080 video recording, frontfacing camera
    - nfc, gyros, noise cancellation, and all the sensors, etc…
    - ability to put double battery
    - official accessories (docks, etc..), also include official back cover for double battery
    - bluetooth 3.0
    - honeycomb or ice cream OS version

  • bluemarc22

    forgot, also unlocked and HSPA+

  • whalecliff

    As an Iphone user who has been waiting to make the jump to android for MONTHS now I am severely disappointed. My Iphone is a piece of garbage. However, I don’t want this when dual-core is so close to being around the corner. WHY? I have been following rumors of this thing since the beginning.

  • MitchRapp81

    damnit. PLASTIC. Why let Samsung do HTC’s work??? and pooooorly.

    Nexus One released January 2010
    Nexus S release will be December 2010

    So in 11 months, the only thing we got better is a front-facing camera, a few little details here and there and a PLASTIC casing??????????? Cmon!!!

    11 months…

    Where’s the:

    dual-core CPU
    1GB ram
    Metal/Rubber casing

    3.5mm headphone output at the bottom??? that ruins a lot of car holders…

    And price… 529$? really?
    so 11 months and the recycled Nexus One parts aren’t a tad cheaper? maybe 459$?

    Anyways, Samsung just might ruin the google experience…

    • IHTCEvo

      Tell it how it is Brother Mitch :)

    • http://Website Kendall

      Ah yes because the N1 had:

      1Ghz Hummingbird processor

      4 inch screen

      Super AMOLED

      Class leading graphics chip


      720p video recording

      NFC Tech


      What phones on the market have better specs currently?

    • blankit

      You are the mannnn! Im sticking to my nexus one and I have a feeling this phone isn’t going to sell at all.

  • http://Website Clark Hemphries

    This Nexus S is the biggest disappointment in the history of smartphones! No headphone jack, no HSPA+, plastic look, no 1GB RAM, no MIcroSD (wtf), no dual-core Orion, no, no, no… gotta be KIDDING.

  • http://Website kid grom

    I was about to buy the NexS in a heartbeat at release. Now im SERIOUSLY reconsidering this, because its basically a pimped Galaxy S which barely beats a Nexus 1. Im waiting for HTC. :(

  • http://Website BilBob

    Galaxy S T-Mobile Vibrant only with front facing camera and such plus Gingerbread. *sigh*
    I am sure the phone is good, for what it is. 2.3 can’t be that bad. >_<

    • Gomez

      The vibrant also has front facing cam. You can YouTube it. It is hidden I don’t know why T-Mobile didn’t use it.

      • http://Website Thaghost

        I think they was saving that for the mt4g, which I have n love by the way, so they can use it as their flagship phone. Plus use it to launch their 4g network.

  • http://Website Guy called Ramirez


  • grellanl

    The Nexus One running Froyo is already superfast, but limited in other ways.

    Android phones don’t particularly need more CPU/RAM right now… they need more flash storage, more GPU, and more consistency and timely updates. This thing addresses those issues, handsomely – and if it sets the benchmark that other manufacturers follow for 2011, we can expect some pretty sweet devices.

    Once that new standard has been set (and everyone moves their game up a notch), let the dual-core goodness come forth next year!

    • Noyabronok

      I agree that CPU and RAM aren’t horrible on Nexus S, but you forgot to mention that this phone doesn’t support HSPA+ (4G) and has no expandable storage for easy file sharing/swapping/expansion.

      What good is a FFC when you only have 3G and no WiFi around? Anyone designing applications for use with FFC will not be able to test them on a 4G network as all the other FFC phones support 4G.

  • http://Website Hans

    I’m slightly disappointed, but not much. This truly seems like one of the best phones currently on the market. I personally don’t care for “4G” yet, and nothing that android currently offers takes advantage of dual cores. I don’t see why people are still talking bad about Samsung when it was Google that should’ve been more strict with the hardware. If this is what Google wanted, blame them.

    Can’t wait to get gingerbread on my Droid :)

  • •Rέŧŗħð ʁɛ•

    Has Samsung fixed their GPS issues. Apologies if I missed it.

  • http://Website kristiandk

    Was waiting for this, but without dual core its not really that interesting.. will wait for a better phone.. and was expecting more from 2.3 too, will stick with my hero for now..

  • http://Website Larry

    Okay WTF is this? I don’t have a N1, but damn, the Nexus S is a turn off. Mind you, my Galaxy S (Fascinate)’s battery can get me through the day (7-8 to about 10-11 at night) and I’m quite content with it. Samsung, do better please. Google should have stuck with HTC on this one. The N1 set the standards for all Android phones and scared the living hell out of Apple. The N1 is the reason why Android is what it is today. I will stick with my Fascinate and skip out on the Nexus S. If I’m not mistaken, this is the reason WHY people switch to blasphemies like the Iphone. Google better get it right next time. For example, releasing something that changes all Android phones back to stock UI? Touchwiz 3.0 is nice, but that would be a REALLY nice present for everyone.

    • http://Website Kendall

      Gosh where to start…

      If Nexus ONE was so flipping amazing (and made Android what it is) exactly why is it one of the poorest selling Android phones???

      And Galaxy S one of the top selling phones. Seems like all the stat junkies are really worth targeting?

      HTC makes good quality, and good looking phones, but BELIEVE me, HTC would have dropped another Qualcomm Snapdragon!

      HTC GPU’s are pathetic and not up to par for 2010.

      This phone has the best CPU/GPU on the market today. Yes its a shame no Orion. But will Android actually be able to make use of it? Then how long for Apps?

      Google did not mention ANYTHING about Dual-core support.

      It does seem silly to get into a 2-year contract for this at this point though, however tempting…

      • http://Website Android Hacker

        To answer your question, the Nexus One was one of the best, correction, IS THE BEST PHONE EVER BUILT TO DATE! Having owned multiple Android phones including a current EVO, I can tell you from experience that no Android phone has been so ahead of its time as the Nexus One was. It still crushes other, more modern, phones today as far as performance, quality, and screen goes. It is still one of the best processor-phone relationships ever seen in any device and they were built to last. It was a very very special phone.

        To answer your second question regarding its sales, that’s simple:

        Google truly destroyed the Nexus One’s potential by trying to sell it through their website and with a specific rate plan. Had they just sold the damn thing to the different providers and let them market the phone to the best of their capabilities, it would probably be the most common Android device on the market. That’s on Google and their marketing failures though, not on the phone itself. The ones who were lucky enough to own one, they know what I’m talking about. It was definitely the best device I’ve ever owned and even though it didn’t have the features that my current EVO has, as far as its performance, quality, screen, and just everything about it really…it kicks the crap out of all of the Android devices that are currently sold today. Until the new dual-core phones come out and prove to be light-years ahead of the original Nexus, the Nexus One will still be king of the hill!

  • http://Website kringer393

    NEXUS F (ail)

  • http://Website Daniel Greer

    Surprised at Google. With all the goodness that is on the way technology-wise, I would have thought they would be demanding a lot more out of the manufacturer of their next flagship. Hardly even above the par that the N1 set. Disappointment seems to be Samsung’s watchword these days.

  • http://Website Casper

    It’s a shame Google didn’t stick with HTC for the next model. I understand Samsung has made some leaps this past year with their Galaxy series, and thats great. But this is seriously like putting your money on Kansas City instead of New Orleans for the Super Bowl.

    Yes, KC broke out and are doing great, but their still not the Saints.

    I guess this year its all about Hype and not established quality.

    (By the way, no offense to my previously fellow Missourian’s and Kansas neighbors. KC is great and I am proud. But I would still not put my money on them against previously established dynasties)

    -YES, I have wanted to do a football analogy all day. Thank you A&M. :-)

    • chief113

      I’d put my money for the Superbowl on my main man Mike Vick.

      • http://Website Casper

        As much as it hurts me to say this, I will agree with you there. Hate that I am backing someone that carried out such a disgusting act, but I believe every one deserves a second chance and WOW did he snatch tightly to this 2nd opportunity.

      • http://Website Mike Vick

        I d put my money rather on dog fights

  • http://Website Android Hacker

    I gotta say that the screens on the Samsungs are, without a doubt, the best in the industry as of right now. HTC, however, builds the best quality phones. The Samsungs are built like Toyotas, whereas the HTCs are built like Ferraris. Just holding the phones in your hand will let you know the difference immediately. With that being said, I’m still open to buying a Samsung in the future because, rumor has it, Samsung has the best hardware in the cell phone biz and the Orion dual-core processor should be an instant success on any and all mobile phones lucky enough to have it. I, personally, am waiting for the Stealth V. From what I’ve gathered, it will be the replacement for the EVO and, hopefully, will be coming to Sprint real soon. Being a current EVO owner, and formerly a Nexus One, it will take a heck of a device to lure me away from HTC but maybe the Stealth V will be the big deal that the Nexus S DIDN’T turn out to be…just maybe!

  • blankit

    Disapointed im gonna stick with my nexus one…why would google bring outits next Gen phone without dual core when newer phones in January are going to beat the crap out of it!

  • http://Website Ben Johnson, GA


    sent from my iPhone 4

    • http://Website ANDEEE

      still so much better than iphone4……… bro…

  • http://Website orama

    The only good thing about this pice of shiny crap is that gingerbread sttufing. in fact is more like a toy for developers than a cell for regular customers.
    So , I would recommend safe you money and wait for the first quarter of 2011 for the real smartphones that comming up, running 1.3gigahertz or more,whit dual core,hdmi recordinng 1020 full hd whith gingerbrad preinstalled and SD card too. untill this hapens im sticking with my N1 unloked waiting the gingerbread OTA

  • http://Website Ivan

    FAIL !!!!! Only on the spottiest and slowest carrier in the US, what a fail.

  • http://Website Name (required)

    its just a bad fone

  • http://Website Miguel Lopez

    Now that Samsung and Google are working together they will be releasing updates for the Nexus S when a new OS of Android comes out I just hope Samsung does the same for the other Galaxy S phones like the Captivate, Fascinate, Epic, and the Vibrant. I hope they do this because Im a Samsung Vibrant owner and I still want my 2.2 Froyo but now that 2.3 Gingerbread is released now I hope Samsung skips Froyo and moves on to give us the Galaxy S owners Gingerbread instead of Froyo. Sprint already gave the Epic Froyo a couple of days ago but I dont want Froyo for the Vibrant I want Gingerbread who’s with me!

  • http://Website The Nexus S Story: Does It Add Up?

    I hope more light is shed regarding the Nexus S story. Some things don’t add up to me.

    Google’s Eric Schmidt said during the Summer that there would be no Nexus Two, saying that the Nexus One accomplished what they set out to do. Some have construed this to mean other things, and even Eric himself has said what he really meant was that he didn’t want to use the name “Nexus 2″ or something to that effect. Is this true? I’m not sure. Or did Google see the success of Samsung’s Galaxy S line to all four major carriers (and others), which was something Google was hoping to accomplish with the Nexus One, and see the quality of Samsung’s SAMOLED and felt it would optimize 2.3′s darker color format well, and so decided to reach out to them to have them revise their Galaxy S line to a Nexus brand? Or did Google reach out to them before they released the Galaxy line to make the next Nexus, and if so, why would Eric make such comment implying there would be no future Nexus phones? It could, of course, be simple misdirection.

    Considering the Nexus S is not being developed from the ground up, and is more or less based on the Galaxy S line, research, development, and manufacturing time could have been accomplished between the late Summer/early Fall release of Galaxy phones to now December, for the Nexus S launch. Considering Samsung doesn’t seem to have any real history of “shortages,” their manufacturing plants could be up for the challenge?

    Then, you have the supposed “delay” of the Nexus S. It turns out the Best Buy leaked specs were real (the official specs is almost exactly what the BB specs said it would be – 1 GHz single core, no HSPA+ support…). So what was the delay? Well, just last week the FFC received radio changes to the i9020 model (aka the Nexus S number). Was that the slight hardward delay/tweak? And not what Androidandme thought was the scrapping of single-core to have dual-core? But they also said dual-core Nexus S prototypes were out in the wild in testing. Did the tests not go well with Gingerbread, which has been reported to not be optimized yet for dual-cores, and thus Google deciding to stick to the single-core for final production? Or were those supposedly dual-core Nexus S prototypes really prototypes of Samsung’s i9200 phones, aka Galaxy S2?

    I don’t know. This is all speculation and musing. The Nexus S story doesn’t add up. Given some baffling decisions regarding the official specs – namely lack of HSPA+ (or “4G”) support – I suspect Google rushed this when they saw the success of Galaxy S and Samsung’s SAMOLED technology, and tried, but couldn’t get dual-cores to work properly and in time to meet their December release deadline (Gingerbread had to be released before Christmas).

    Is a dual-core, HSPA+ capable Nexus S floating around out there in prototype/testing form to be released in 2011? Does the Nexus S story add up to you guys?

    • http://Website Darrel T

      This would be huge slap in the face for the early Nexus S adopters, i doubt Sammy is willing to play that game. People would be off the roof.

    • http://Website Jay

      I just heard from a reliable source that T-Mobile is coming out with a new Samsung phone in January called the Vibrant Plus. From what he said, it is going to have everything the Nexus S has, plus the features it is lacking and will be Samsungs flagship phone. He did not say if it will be dual-core or not, but assumed it would be. It will be a full HSPA+ phone. He also said that the entire Galaxy line for all carriers is getting the same upgrade.

    • masterpfa

      I have been saying the same thing since the Nexus 2 oops sorry Nexus S was released. It is in no way, IMHO, the phone that either Google or Samsung wanted to release leading up to the Holiday season. This phone seems to lack more features than the new features it introduces.
      No HDMI out, no SD Card and most of all not even a New processor let alone it not being dual core. I wonder if the truth will ever come out, or will we need to wait for the 30 year rule…

      Conspiracy theorist let the games begin!

  • Name: Mark

    I remember when the galaxy S phones were being released and I defended Samsung saying that they had learned their lesson. All this gingerbread news is just making me and I’m sure other galaxy S users depressed/pissed. I’m never buying a Samsung phone again.

    • http://Website ANDEEE

      Why aren’t you people getting it……..?

      for Nexus series Google chose the hardware Samsung make what they were told to make

      No Hspa+?

      No Dual Core+?

      No 1gb RAM?

      All Google’s Idea

      And one more thing, Nexus One and Nexus S has about 11 months between them, but does it matter?

      Google never said they will not bring more Nexus serious in another 11 months…….

  • http://Website justinbeaver

    i dont have the nexus one do i will get this one…….kiss my a$$ so what

    • http://Website ESTALOCA


  • http://Website Jesus S

    The best phone on the market today, but the wost phone on the market tomorrow!

  • http://Website dsire

    Yes, as a Galaxy S user, I must agree with most of you.

    I am quite disappointed to see the world’s absolutely best screen in an entirely new and sleek design. Not to mention the fact that the fact that it has the extremely laggy hummingbird CPU; it takes almost a moment to open my mail. Oh and the lack of 4G is the most disappointing, I mean only HSDPA? HSDPA opens my webpages only as fast as my 100Mbps FiOS internet.

    Be realistic! Phones today are so fast and the batteries so good( my Galaxy S in an angel ) that something faster is really redundant. If you buy a 4G-enabled quad-core phone with a 4000 mA battery you’ll save 5 seconds every day, which if you’re Bill Gates means 5 thousand dollars, but you’re not.

  • http://Website Perry

    no HSPA+ no sd card support? I don’t get how this is the “best”? From the specs it looks like a Vibrant with android 2.3

    For my $$ we’d be better off with the MT4G. that has HSPA+ plus sd card.

  • http://Website Jay

    I just heard from a reliable source that T-Mobile is coming out with a new Samsung phone in January called the Vibrant Plus. From what he said, it is going to have everything the Nexus S has, plus the features it is lacking and will be Samsungs flagship phone. He did not say if it will be dual-core or not, but assumed it would be. It will be a full HSPA+ phone. He also said that the entire Galaxy line for all carriers is getting the same upgrade.

    • http://Website Click here to fart

      How many “reliable” sources told us Gingerbread will be 3.0! All were wrong.

    • http://Website Jay

      How funny you people are, -7 comment rating and I was 100% right. I love getting the last laugh.

  • http://Website TuxDotKing

    Android fans are Linux users to the core; something amazing can happen for the them and people will still wail about how x feature isn’t there, they don’t like x company, and anyone who disagrees is an idiot who doesn’t understand technology.

    Hey, don’t get me wrong, I use Linux on nearly everything I own. But I’ve learned over the years to stay away from Linux users on the internet. The flamewars never end.