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Official Froyo update for Nook Color will enable tablet features and app store

The Nook Color is currently the best Android powered e-reader, but things could get a lot more interesting come January.  Apparently, Barnes & Nobile is already testing out Android 2.2 which will deliver quite a few new features.  The Android 2.2 update (currently on track for a January release) will bring improvements to battery life, enable pinch-to-zoom functionality in the browser, and will give users a more complete tablet experience by enabling a typical Android home screen and launcher.

While the features mentioned above may sound appealing, one of the most awaited features that will be included in the Froyo update is the new market application which is currently being cooked up.  If you were hoping for the official Android Market, you’re out of luck.  Barnes and Nobile will be serving up their own proprietary app market so that they can have full control over what the user experience will be on their Android e-reader.  While that may seem like bad news, it does look like users may be able to side-load apps on the Nook Color via the SD card.

The Nook Color may still be a few steps behind a true Android tablet like the Samsung Galaxy Tab, but at $249 and with the upcoming Froyo release we’re sure quite a few people will find the compromises to be justifiable.

Source: SmartphoneMag

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  • DavidM

    At this rate, the Nook Color will get 2.3 faster than my Captivate will

  • http://Website 2C

    I want one.

  • http://Website Markus

    So does this mean I can load the Kindle app onto the Nook? If that is the case, this is pure win.

  • http://Website Markus

    So does this mean I can load the Kindle app onto the Nook? If that is the case, this is pure win.

  • http://Website Markus

    So does this mean I can load the Kindle app onto the Nook? If that is the case, this is pure win.

  • http://Website Markus

    So click once, comment thrice?

  • http://Website Erider

    So is it a tablet now?
    for 249 bucks, look what you get by other brands, for ex. archos 70 internet tablet.
    the Nook is a good eReader but the price please… and try and make think people that it is a real tablet…

    • writersprite

      B&N has never touted it as a pure tablet. They have always advertised it as “an eReader Tablet” and have done their best to include everything an eReader should have to make it more appealing to a wider audience. Especially those who only want an enhanced eReader without the price tag of a tablet, netbook, or iPad. Considering the research B&N is doing in order to continue to please their public/fan-base, they are on the right track for leading the way for other eReader Tablets.

      Think of it as Tablet Light.

      I have had my nookcolor since the day after Thanksgiving and the only functionality I would encourage B&N to explore would be the ability to create/edit Word documents, even if it were on a WordPad type program. I am an author and writing on my nookcolor is infinitely more appealing than scribbling into a memo pad, especially considering how much easier it will be for me to port those notes or scenes into my novel once I arrive home.

  • http://Website tim242

    Looks like this getting the market was just a rumor. They announced today that it will not get the market.

    • http://Website rumorbreaker96

      I heard that the nook will get a cut market. this means that the market will be trimmed of some of the apps. not the complete market, but still pretty damn good.

  • http://Website Jeanette Harrell

    Where did you get thih info?

  • http://None Dan

    The Nook Color is pretty good. The system is a bit choppy compared to my iPhone and other computers. Seems as if the Android OS is a bit sloppy. HOWEVER, the Nook as a reader is AWESOME. I bought it for reading and with that function it exceeds my expectations by far. If the Android OS is improved to work with the Nook Color it will be a true competitor to the iPad. Of course the iPad is a system that is meant to be an entertainment system (Video, Web, etc…) but the Nook can be much, much more. They might have been better with another OS rather than Android, but they have potential here.

  • http://Website Garett

    Can the nook have apps like the android phones or ipad without rooting or anything like that

  • http://Website susan

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE mine!!! It is worth the extra $100 compared to the kindle or nook.

  • http://Website Abby

    Wait does this mean that they are coming out with a new nook color, or are they updating the nook?

    • http://Website Alex

      I think it’s just an update. I’m not entirely sure, but it would really piss me off to have to go an buy ANOTHER version of the Nook just to get those features, and I’m sure others would be rather annoyed too.

  • http://Website Alex

    So along with the update of the Nook Color, would this allow us to now use Adobe Flash Player? Because apparently Flash is not able to work with the current version.

    • http://Website Brandon

      Well, as stuff like flash and java tend to be demanding on operating systems and very vulnerable programs, developers for devices such as this are shying away from using them within their products

  • http://Website Jarred

    It’s pretty strange. the first time i tried the internet on my NC, I pulled up youtube, and was impressed by the fact that it played every video i clicked. However, I tried to show a friend the next day….aaaand BAM!…needed an Adobe Flash Player update which it can’t even install. WTF?…

    • http://Website somebody

      It only works on

  • http://Website Darren

    Try the websire It will show you how to jailbreak (unlock) andriod and be able to DL andriod apps. Took me about 6 hours to JB and add all the apps I could want… including office, games, audio video players. Only thing this does not have compared to Galaxy and Ipad is 3G/4G. Bought it for the wife, she loves it and like it better then the Ipad… can toss in her purse and go.

  • http://Website JimmyDo

    Even without the 2.2 release, the NookColor is wonderful. As an eReader you couldn’t ask for more. As a tablet, with 2.2, and even compared to an iPad, it can hold its own. I agree that the current OS is a little bit sloppy, the browser being just barely a bother… but this upgrade is going to change all of that. It is quite simply the coolest little device I’ve ever owned, and has great potential. AND its half the price of the iPad for 2/3 of the Performance?

    Just get one and try even THINKING of returning it. I dare ya.

  • http://Website david

    So will there be an update from b&n that will allow u to download game apps and other Apps? Also will the update automatically go on my nook Color?

  • http://Website Emiliano

    I have one since december and really like it a lot, I rooted it, and it was very very easy, just like updating your firmware… If you have one, root it right now, and use Aldiko, i like it more than the factory reader :D or you can also get perfect viewer to read comics also (see this video:

  • http://Website trey

    Heard the 2.2 update would be happening between jan 18 and21

  • http://Website Freddy

    So will this be happening Automatically? Or what……

    Writing this from my nook :P

  • http://Website Kennybob

    SO wtf happened to the Android Update?

    • http://Website travs

      Chirp…chirp…chirp… Silence from Barnes and Noble. I was waiting for the official update but I guess I will have to root it again.

  • http://Website S L Markham

    Looking forward to seeing updates. Have had my Nook Color for one month. Important negative for me is I find it slow. What the possibilities of speeding it up?

    • http://Website c0ld

      Root, install OC kernel. 1000mhz is 100% stable.

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