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Official Samsung Epic 4G Android 2.2.1 update shows up on Google’s servers

A leaked Froyo builds for the Samsung Galaxy S is nothing new, but it finally looks like Sprint is really to roll out Android 2.2 for the Samsung Epic 4G. Earlier today, the good folks on XDA-Developers were able to locate what looks to be the final Android 2.2 build for the Epic on Google’s servers.

We have no way of knowing if this is the final build that Sprint will be releasing, but if you’re willing to give it a try, head on over to XDA-Developers or simply follow the installation instructions below.

If you do happen to give this latest build a try, be sure to let us know how it goes. Keep in mind, flashing this update could brick you handset and void your warranty. Proceed at your own risk.

Manually install Froyo on the Samsung Epic 4G

  1. Download the zip file from Google’s servers
  2. Rename the file to “”
  3. Save file to root directory on your microSD card
  4. Boot the Epic 4G into recovery mode (hold down the “Volume Down” button, “Camera” button, and “Power” button simultaniously)
  5. Install or apply the “” file from recovery. Use volume keys to navigate menu. Home key is select.

Via: BriefMobile

Source: XDA-Developers

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  • http://Website Ronald

    Id feel very disrespected if i were any of the other Galaxy S phones !

    • http://Website Hans

      True,but seeing this gives me hope for the other Galaxy S phones.

    • http://Website Nate

      you do realize that there was a leaked froyo build for the captivate months ago, right?

      • http://Website JirafaBo

        This isn’t a leaked build. This build is actually hosted by google. It was an OTA to some phones!

  • http://Website JirafaBo

    You left out some rather important steps for updating to Froyo.

    1) you have to be on D18 and 2.1 (can’t flash from anything thats custom, so first flash back to stock)
    2) you can only flash from stock recovery (almost anyone who roots is probably on a custom recovery)

  • Alan Reboli

    You know this is good news for SGS users. Good on samsung for not taking *too long with the update.

  • http://Website Richard

    Fiddle sticks….I would just wait for it to come from sprint…Samsung sucks period

  • http://sdx mike

    Absolutely love the update, my only issue so far after 36 hours seems to be slightly less battery life avg 8hrs lower usage 4 hours HEAVY usage wher before I wuld get about 10 and 5 respectfully. Overal :D

    • http://Website XDA

      Not sure how you had DK28 fo 36 hours as it was just released today, even the news of the first OTA for DK28 was posted on the internet until today.

    • http://Website Mikey

      The battery life with 2.2.1 absolutely sucks. I get about 2 to 3 hours of mild data usage and I’m from 100% to 20% and in addition to that my GPS refuses to work at all. I hope this gets resolved.

  • http://Website CrasyBear

    Applied – everything normal, choppiness and lags gone. Very good update overall – got some new icons, changed color scheme etc. Oh and now I can install Flash 10.1 on it!

    • http://Website darcy

      and skype~

  • http://Website jimmy

    Hey, does anyone know if this update will help with using voice commands, listening to voice messages, etc using a bluetooth earpiece?

  • drmonkey

    Not sure if its related, but now marketplace app downloads are failing to initiate

  • http://Website evo

    Don’t know if this helps I had my 2.2 update for a while now.

  • http://Website Xavier

    Hope that this isn’t the Unofficial ( Official ) like the one for the Evo a few months back.

  • Mocha K

    This is very good news. This means hopefully my Vibrant will get a taste of Froyo soon. The phone is awsome aside from occasional lag and being on 2.1.

  • http://Website CactusCat

    How about some GPS feedback? Has this 2.2 update resolved the GPS issue?

  • Mocha K

    Anybody have any clue whats different?

    • http://Website DROID Sam

      I’m not sure if Samsung has included any new features, but you should have all the updates that come with having Android 2.2. The main thing you should look for is better/faster performance and support for Adobe Flash 10.1

  • http://Website VerizonLover

    You know what, I just hate Sprint. The phone sounds good but you know once burned you just never want to try again and my friend had such a crap experience with Sprint customer service that it turned me off from wanting to deal with them EVER, which is pretty sad for this was over 5 years ago now, so I remain a loyal VW customer. Now if this phone is available through a different carrier then maybe it will make a difference to me.

    I just can’t take a chance with my phone, I use to share videos via text to my prospects and clients and such and I cannot take the chace to switch, no matter how good the phone is, if they are connected to Sprint it’s just not for me.

    • http://Website nelly

      How can you love a carrier that eff you in the ass dry with its OVERPRICED rates?
      You must love throwing away money!

    • IHTCEvo

      I wonder how much your plan is…..

      • http://Website nelly

        I got 5 lines, with unlimited data, text, insurance on 2 lines, etc… With my 25% corp discount and $20 recurring, my bill is $140.

        • gamefreak1218

          I got the same deal!! isn’t it great!! it’s such a steal!

    • http://Website jbluther

      Sprint’s customer service is night and day different than it was 5 years ago. They have improved a lot and that’s based on personal experience.

  • http://Website JoQuay Sessoms

    Will The Update Have An Over The Air Update.? Or is it Mandatory To Install it Manually? If Its An Over The Air Update Then I Havent got It Yet.

  • http://Website DirtyDirtySamsung

    It has taken an infinite amount of shaming Samsung and Sprint for their BS behavior to get this far. This is by no means a “cigar celebration” and the pressure needs to continue. The “Epic” was promised to be the first of the SGS family to receive the update directly after it’s release. Many people like myself had been at a Sprint location the moment the doors opened to buy an Epic and helped Sprints stock soar that day. I wanted an Evolution but the stock mysteriously dried up just in time for the Epic. So I don’t want to hear anyone telling me I should have just bought an Evo. I hear a lot of non-Epic people saying that “you knew it had 2.1 so stop crying about it” BS. To those individuals that have no end to their idiocy – please stop speaking on matter that does not involve you. It is a fact that we were told that the only reason the Epic did not have froyo was because it shipped right as froyo was released. It was simply a matter of bad timing we were told by Sprint. It was promised to be given to us in three weeks after the Epic arrived. Then the history become more and more dishonest by each passing day. At this point I can care less about the entire Samsung universe. They can simply go to hell. Even if they skipped froyo and gave us gingerbread – they can still go to hell. Thanks for nothing. I’m not even going to start about AdMob. That’s all Google and one serious reason to drop the platform all together.

    • http://Website DROID Sam

      Come on now, I love Android as much as the next guy on here, but it’s just a phone. No need to get bent out of shape like that. The update is here now, be happy! With all the updates that we have seen roll out over the past year, it’s easy to assume it takes 3-4 months to get a software update on a handset. If you can’t live with that, I feel sorry for you.

    • http://Website aidan316

      Whoa dude. You are aware that the epic IS the first galaxy phone to get 2.2 right? So no one lied to you, you just don’t pay attention. Another thing…as an epic user, 2.1 isn’t even bad. You make it seem like its worthless, but an epic running 2.1 is STILL better than many phones on 2.2. So stop whining like a kid who can’t wait for christmas to open his present. Personally, if rather wait for a solid version of something than to just get something half assed just to get it. People like you annoy me and the rest of the sensible world. Stop acting like they waited just to spite you- it took longer than expected because froyo want designed with the epic in mind. Samsung finished it in september, sprint had been testing to make sure it’ll run on their system the way it was intended. You can’t just run any old 2.2 on any device you want to- that’s like trying to play an xbox disc on a ps3. Would you hold that against sony?

      The answer, if you were wondering, is no.

  • IHTCEvo

    I’m so happy I have the Evo but the Epic is really cool and I would have gotten it if it had a better specs.

    • http://Website ACR

      Epic kills EVO in specs. You have to be kidding me.

      • http://None Jake

        Have you played with the EVO??? It smokes the Epic in reality. I could give two shits about bench test, put the two side by side… I hate the Epic its a piece of shit!!
        I went through 3 of them in the first two weeks of owning it.. due to no falt of my own.

  • http://Website rev2redlineguy

    Man, I sure hope T-Mobile gets on the ball and releases Froyo to the Vibrant. If I don’t see any delicious frozen dessert sent to me OTA in the next few weeks I’m cutting my losses and switching to a G2 phone. We’ll see. C’mon T-Mobile your customer service is WAY better than Sprint (I should know I left them for you because of their crappy customer service) so get on the ball and give us that frozen treat!

  • http://Website Me

    Thats great news for epic owners. I’m not sure if that is the final build but it looks pretty good. But I’m very disappointed by tmobile and att they should have been the.first to have an official roll out since the vibrant and captivate came out first. They keep saying that it should be out by the end of the year, freaking dumbasses it the end of year or should people wait till december 31st at 11:59 pm?

  • http://Website Me

    Thats great news for epic owners. I’m not sure if that is the final build but it looks pretty good. But I’m very disappointed by tmobile and att they should have been the.first to have an official roll out since the vibrant and captivate came out first. They keep saying that it should be out by the end of the year, freaking dumbasses it is the end of year or should people wait till december 31st at 11:59 pm?

  • http://Website amos

    works great , glad for the update on epic ,sorry for you boys on other galaxy phones

  • http://Website darkjuan

    The above link to XDA is broken. Here is a good one.

  • http://Website sixohtew

    good deal for all the epic users! only thing tho my buddy has the epic and got the ota.. he said his auto correct has just vanished… i have the incredible so im not sure… anyone else have this problem?

  • http://Website mr84

    The update is not working for me. I follow the steps and I get an error message and the installation is aborted once I get to recovery mode. Any tips????

    • http://Website Tinshield

      Probably because you’re extracting the file. Plug the phone into a computer and select storage device. Use windows explorer to drop the file in the SDcard as described above.

      • http://Website Brandon

        Still didnt work

        • http://Website Krista

          I am having the same problem… the file is in my root folder, but getting the same error. Anyone know a fix for this?

  • http://Website Tinshield

    Works OK but I get some crashes when trying to set sounds. Might be cause I had custom sounds before I updated?

  • http://Website Galil

    Do you guys think the rest of the US galaxy s will update to 2.2 soon since it’s out for the epic?

  • http://Website Dude

    To answer some of your questions…. GPS is not fixed for me… It seems to work on some folks out there…but I can testify that my GPS is broken. It will not get a lock. I even tried the path of going from DI18 to DK28 as an update and that did not solve my problem. Also… the Media Hub is not working. It keeps saying there’s a critical update and goes to the market, but can’t find it and just closes. That’s interesting. My battery life is HORRIBLE also. I’m ready to go back to a custom ROM with all the Sprint and Samsung Bloatware removed. I REALLY hope this is not the official build… and the real one with come out soon enough. If a new build isn’t released within 2 weeks… the phone is going back to Sprint. NO GPS is a big problem. I read that alot of people have the same problem (see the forums on XDA-Developers).

  • http://Website jesse

    I want to know where you see “root directory” my sd card doest have a main file, what’s the name of the file? All it shows is an Android file, or dowload file and my app files nothing more. H E L P……

    • http://Website DROID Sam

      Root directory of the SD card simply means the highest level on the card. When your phone is plugged into your computer and you open up the phone’s storage, that’s the root directory. If you put the file in a folder on the SD card, you update process will fail since it will not find the file.

  • tphillips78

    Did the update manually and it works absolutely perfect. Lots of new goodies. 1 question though. Will I receive the OTA when it finally does hit Sprint’s network?

  • http://Website Tinshield

    GPS is still spotty for me as well. Not sure what the “better Exchange support” is about either. Going to stay with Touchdown for email.

  • http://Website Michael

    I’ve successfully installed the update, and although I had a few issues with the music player, after a few reboots it is running like a champ.

    I do have one thing to add though… I love the new feel of the text messaging, but being stuck with yellow and blue as the colors? Ugh. Looks like Easter. I thought for sure there would be an option to choose colors, but no.

  • http://Website Tinshield

    I went back and restored to factory settings and it fixed the music player/sounds issue. Lots of options for the contact list and took me a while to sort everything properly. I like the text layout as well but it would be nice to be able to set colors. Overall I think everything works well except my Fox News app. Crashes immediately.

  • Joshua Underwood

    I downloaded tis new software and folwed all of the directions. Everything seems to be working fine EXCEPT: I can no longer listen to my music or look at my pictures!!!!! Whenever I click on my music player or my gallery the screen goes black, my phone the vibrates once, there’s bout a 3 second pause and the it vibrates 3 more times. Afterwards a foce close message comes up that says “ has stopped unexpectedly; Force Close”. When I try to look at my pictures it just says no items are there. So it seems as thought there is a problem with these applications reading the SD card. Can someone PLEASE HELP!!!!! Is there a way to just reverse the software update?

    • http://Website Shriekmau

      You are going to have to perform a reset. I have seen this happen before, some phones freak on the install since it isn’t official. This is a leaked update and sprint has published that it is not production build (just like what happened with the evo). At this point we do not know if the OTA update from sprint will install over this one when it is released. Also, many of you might not have noticed this, but check your market places. You will notice that protected apps such as the Astro File Manager Pro do not appear on your marketplace because they are protected and this update does not have the proper signature to see protected apps.

  • http://Website David

    Downloaded this hours before it came out that it was not the official release. Thankfully, it’s working fine and I have none of the camera, SD card, etc. issues people are talking about so I’m pretty happy with it, although I agree it’s a little laggy. Anyway, I have the same question as tphillips78, once the REAL update comes OTA, will I be able to get that from my current unofficial 2.2 OS? Or will it think my system is up to date? Basically, I REALLY don’t want to wipe my phone so can I just hold out with this OS until the real thing comes out or do I HAVE TO go back to 2.1 first??? Thanks for your help guys.

    • http://Website Shriekmau

      At this point in time it is not known if you will be able to install or even see the OTA when it is released. Like the evo, samsung may release an OTA that fixes the issue for those who downloaded and installed this one prematurely. On the flip side they might say “you jumped the gun and didn’t wait for the official one, tough luck”. Either way, my recommendation to everyone is to root your phone with a different recovery like clockwork recovery. You will no longer get OTA but if you dont mind tinkering then it is best, you will get the updates before everyone else and if you create a backup then you can always go back if it messes up. Its a great thing to have.

  • http://Website themaroking

    it say signature verification failed install aborted im running 2.1-update 1 and DI18 can n e one help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NitroExpressNY

    don’t install it !!!!!!!! your battery will die in no time + clock and alarm forcing close

    • http://Website Jorel Santana

      recondition your battery

  • Josh Underwood

    How do I perform a reset with the samsung epic and will this fix my camera and music player issues or will it just erase the update along with anything else saved to the phone itself? Also should I remove my sd card to insure nothing is erased from that?

  • http://Website Jorel Santana

    Touch Wiz still bloated w/ crap, file system still the horrible samsung EFS file system, whoever is in charge of samsung phones should be shot,

    I’d go on in saying the Epic is better than the nexus s cause of the expandable sdcard slot

  • http://Website Tinshield

    Is there a way to get the box stock android on these phones? I hate all the crap the carriers and manufacturers put on them.

  • http://Website umattu

    NICE!!!!!!!!!!! I installed this and finally I can use the activesync with our Exchange 2010 server!!!

  • http://Website Mital

    Where is root directory on the sd card? Do i make the file or is it a file i must find.

  • http://Website Juanpan

    Have 2.2.1 on epic 4g cant playe my music or my gallary

  • http://Website GABRIEL CASTILLO


  • http://Website lsx

    I also wonder wether or not you will be able to aquire the OTA update if you intall this build?

  • john

    Rumor: Software update for Samsung Epic 4G and Sanyo Zio: Froyo on Feb 21 Only 2 days !!!

  • http://Website bromano83

    I just got an update on my Samsung Epic (Sprint) to 2.2.1 today (Feb. 23)and so far it appears to not be much different. I have noticed that the text message part is glitchy. Like after I ready a message and back out it still says I have a message and then I have to go back to it to read it and back out again. This is getting on my nerves!!!!! My phone in general seams to be a bit slower as well. I haven’t noticed enough of a difference yet to make me like it and I am fairly techy.

  • http://Website Shyster

    Just got the official update. No GPS, No Camera, No Pics, No music or notification sounds. If I can’t reverse this, the phone is going back to Sprint and contract will be cancelled.

  • http://Website Duff

    Got the update on Epic and though I like the look of the changes, I do not like the battery drain, slowness, I cannot get the android keyboard to work like before (sorry I am not a swype lover), sprint navigation took 20 minutes to provide me with directions (we won’t use that again), did I say the “slowness”?!

  • http://Website Cherie

    Anyone know what happened to my saved bookmarks list? With the new update, there is no menu listing for bookmarks, yet when I try to build a new one, the name is already in use. They have to be in there somewhere!!!

  • http://Website bob

    I’ve had the the 2.2 updated for 4 days and I’ve had my phone lock up three times.. not worth the wait and makes me question getting another Samsung phone

  • http://Website Daniel

    right, i hate to bash, but this update truly, truly is awful. i loved my epic before, and now i cant stand it. text messaging is awful, i cant silence the thing, i cannot change any ring tone, the onscreen keyboard is now pathetically useless, and overall it just performs slower. i honestly hope this gets addressed or i’m getting a new phone.

  • how to recondition battery

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