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Picking up the Nexus S on day one? Best Buy answers your launch day questions

Close to 1,000 of our readers said they were going to vote for the Nexus S with their wallet so we thought you all might be interested in Best Buy’s new blog post that answers all your questions about the big launch on December 16th. Every Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile location will be selling the device, but there is no pre-order program and they are not commenting on inventory at this time.

Units will be distributed on a first-come-first-served basis, so you might want to show up early at Best Buy if you want to get one before Christmas. I have a feeling that quantities will be limited.

I was lucky enough to play with a Nexus S this week and it’s definitely an awesome phone with the major selling point being Gingerbread (Android 2.3). Hopefully we can get a review unit before launch to check out, but I’m still planning to head to my local Best Buy to pick one up (it’s my job) and report back on the crowd (if any).

Some of the most asked questions for the Nexus S launch include:

  • When will the Google Nexus S be available to purchase? The Nexus S will be available Thursday, December 16, 2010
  • Where can I buy the Nexus S? The Google Nexus S can be purchased at Best Buy stores, Best Buy Mobile stand-alone stores, and through our dedicated call center (866-813-2021).
  • What carrier(s) are available for the Google Nexus S? The Nexus S is available with T-Mobile service or as an unlocked phone with no contract and no activation.
  • What features and specs does the Nexus S come with? Visit Google’s Nexus S page for a full list of specs and features.
  • Are there two different versions of the Nexus S, locked and unlocked? No, there is only one Nexus S. It is available locked with a 2-year T-Mobile contract or unlocked with no contract.
  • Where can I get more information? Check back here frequently as we update with more information. You can also like Best Buy Mobile on Facebook and follow Best Buy Mobile on Twitter.

For more details visit Best Buy Mobile and see the full FAQ.

Source: Best Buy Mobile

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  • http://Website slowz3r

    I will be at Bestbuy at 8AM getting one :)

  • http://Website AdamJ

    Maybe Best Buy employees should read the faq because I spoke with someone on the “Nexus S hotline” and an instore rep today and both had no idea if my local store would get the Nexus S at all. I live in NYC btw.

    • http://Website slowz3r

      I talked to multiple people on the hotline and they all said that if the store didnt sell tmobile they wouldnt get the phone..they are all dumb, i pointed most of them to the FAQ

  • http://Website Nick

    Anyone know if Best Buy lets you split up payments on a new phone through your T-Mobile bill just like T-Mobile does?

    • http://Website slowz3r

      If that store does Tmobile plans/contracts i dont see why not

    • http://Website Lisa

      No best buy does not have the ability to break the phones up over payments! Only a tmo corporate store!

  • http://Website Ryan

    This part of the FAQ is poorly worded and confusing:

    “Are there two different versions of the Nexus S, locked and unlocked? No, there is only one Nexus S. It is available locked with a 2-year T-Mobile contract or unlocked with no contract.”

    That answer basically reads “No. Yes.”, because it’s muddling the term “locked”, using it to refer to both the phone and the contract with T-mobile.

    The phone itself is unlocked, period. I don’t mean to be pedantic — there is an important distinction here. Even if you were to sign a two-year contract with T-mobile, you could decide one day (even in the middle of your contract) to pop in an AT&T SIM, and this phone would work*. The only possible lock-in here with the Nexus S is contractual, in terms of an agreement you sign with T-mobile, should you choose that option.

    (* of course this only works if you have a phone/data plan with AT&T)

  • mac morrison

    is it going to be locked to t mobile?

    in the UK carphoneware house are selling it sim free (FOR £549!!!!)

    or free on any network (nexus s works on all uk networks) with a contract (18 or 24 months prices vary on free entry point)
    you get the unlocked version whatever you go for.

  • http://Website Wallingsworth


  • http://Website Mark

    Please, Taylor, review this phone yourself. Nick tends to put out some haphazard work.

  • http://Website DK

    They really need to learn how to use the terms locked and unlocked. Just say with or without contract. “Locked with contract and unlocked with no contract” is just making this confusing. I know what they mean, but people will get confused. Just get rid of those terms in your answer BB.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Yeah that is confusing. All Nexus models are unlocked.

  • http://Website Paul

    Taylor or anybody, do you think the Nexus S will ever go to Sprint? If so, can you give your honest opinion on a time frame?

    • http://Website anthony

      I would be surprised if the nexus s didn’t make its way to other carriers. Samsung offered the galaxy to all and will like to make as much dough as possible. I believe google will always give tmobile first love. Tmobile embraced Google two years ago with the first android perhaps Google feels the right thing to do. We may see every new Google phone though manufacture may change tmobile will be the constant.

  • http://Website joe

    I don’t understand y this phone cannot be pre ordered in the USA,and I called bb and tmo they both said they were not carrying this phone.Niagara falls,NY.

  • http://Website B2L

    Well I already know i want to buy 2 of these for my wife and I. But the only problem is I won’t be able to afford them until the 5th of January. Do you think they will still have them or will they get sold out very quickly? This will be replacing our original Mytouch 3g. And i don’t want to miss out on such an awesome phone.

    • http://Website Usman

      This isn’t a limited run or anything man. You’ll be able to buy the phone for months. I’ll probably wait till January to get one as well. I want to first see (1) how Gingerbread runs on my Nexus One and (2) what accessories (i.e. docks) are coming for the Nexus S.

      • http://Website B2L

        Awesome, I can’t wait to pick one up. I was pretty disappointed initially, but then I realized it’s still really awesome.

      • http://Website zhect

        By that time dual core phones will be announced, if u guys waited that long for the nexus s, maybe a few weeks more wouldn’t hurt. I still have my g1 and I think is as good as any other phone(non android phone), rooted ofcourse. But I’m waiting for those dual cores.=D

        • http://Website B2L

          I know something better will come out later and honestly i don’t care. I want the latest updates and something fast. So the nexus s seems perfect for me.

  • MC

    Frankly, I see no reason to get all excited about what I consider a REAL disappointment. First, we’re told Release has been delayed because it’s going to be dual-core. Not so! THEN, it turns out it won’t do HSPA+ or LTE or WiMax (which I don’t care about as I’ve had Sprint in the past and won’t EVER be a customer of anything even TOUCHED by Sprint – like Clearwire – in the future!)

    So, mehhh… I’ll wait another month or two and get something that WON’T be obsolete immediately upon release – and probably pay the same amount or a minor increment in addition!

  • http://Website TJ

    When you say “Every Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile location” you OF COURSE mean in Canada as well. What does it take for you to realize the world does not end at the US border?

    • http://Website Mikey

      Ca na da? What is this place you speak of?

  • http://Website MIKEYDUMB

    Oh yeah Mikey Mr.US dumbass! This World “revolves around US” ;) Our economy is better than yours, who’s laughing now?! Now go away, don’t you have to be in your welfare line already? :)))

  • http://Website cana

    i’m on but i’m just sseing t-mobile contract phone available at the moment…