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PlayStation phone spotted in the wild running Gingerbread

With a possible announcement looming next week, one lucky guy in Greece claims to have spotted Sony Ericsson’s PlayStation phone in the wild running Gingerbread. He managed to capture a two minute blurrycam video which doesn’t reveal much, but you can make out some details that match the leaked pictures we have already seen of the device.

The guy who played with the phone said it had the name Zeus listed in the device settings, which is the same codename that Engadget reported back in October. It was also running Android 2.3 which is nice to hear after many recent dual-core phones leaked with only Android 2.2.

Hopefully we get more information next week, but don’t get too excited because others are speculating it will not be announced till Mobile World Congress in February.

Greg Kumparack of Mobile Crunch also posted the following PlayStation Phone details from one of his trusted sources:

  • The screen is “mind-blowing”, on-par (at least by the tipster’s eye) with the iPhone 4′s retina display. The person giving them the rundown on the display indicated that some of Sony’s Bravia technology has trickled in here, with Sony Ericsson considering leveraging the Bravia brand when highlighting the display.
  • It won’t ship in time for the holidays, with our tipster saying it was “no where near ready”. According to their Sony-Ericsson rep, the company is off-the-record-officially aiming for February. At this point, a launch scheduled around Mobile World Congress is nearly certain.
  • Sony Ericsson currently has the off-contract price floating somewhere around $500, with that purchase including 5 free games.
  • It’s unclear whether the “Playstation Phone” is capable of running actual (downloaded) PSP games – I’d wager that it’s not, given what I’ve heard and the amount of emulation work that would be required. We’re likely looking at a new, independent line-up of games built specifically for this platform, which might explain why Sony Ericsson is reportedly planning on pushing this handset with the XPERIA brand rather than the more recognizable Playstation brand. Sony Ericsson is heavily leveraging Sony’s licensing partnerships, though, with names like Tekken being thrown around.
  • Games will purportedly be priced like mobile games, not like PSP games. In other words, expect sub-$10, not sub-$40.
  • The tipster confirmed that the “Z-System” name so oft thrown around the rumor mill around is still in play, and that Sony-Ericsson reps used it to describe both the gaming platform and the distribution center. It’s still unclear (even to Sony-Ericsson, it sounds like) whether the game distribution will be done in a standalone application or through the Android Market, but our tipster was told that Google was working closely with Sony Ericsson to try and bring it all into a section of the Android market exclusive to these devices. It’d be highly beneficial for Sony Ericsson to have Google on their side, here, given that the latter has considerably more experience with payment processing (and relationships for things like carrier billing).

Via: Engadget


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  • falmc

    Looks pretty good actually, I had my reservations about the xperia styling for a “PSP” product but it does seem nice. Screen seems very reactive to touch which is a positive and the OS isnt lagging at all as far as I can see. Positive look for it being a tester model.

    Btw is this the huge android news we were expecting or is that going to be labelled when its posted?

    • bolfdr

      It looks sweet! But isnt gingerbread supposed to have that CRT-TV shut off animation when you lock the device? I didnt see that, it looked like a normal screen lock, so maybe they customized it and it isnt stock gingerbread?

      • falmc

        being a SE phone I imagine its going to have the xperia twist with the UI. Then again maybe it doesnt have all the 2.3 visuals but just the stock software for testing.

  • AndroidGames

    So this is just xperia gaming phone, not a PSP phone, Not impressed. This however has a bigger potential, they go where iPhone is already a success.

  • http://Website phoebetech

    hopefully it is not going to be another exclusive at&t device just like experia and is going to all carriers.

  • http://Website mr Rabbit

    Can’t wait! Keep the details coming.

    All I want is:

    STOCK Android (Doubt it though).
    At LEAST a dual core processor.
    TWO thumbsticks.
    Open on ALL network carriers.

    If this and more happens, I’m SOLD!

  • http://Website d33p

    they put a 3d uncharted on it and it’ll sell tons.


  • http://Website UniqueNate

    I hope the rumored date for Dec 6 can serve us some Gingerbread. I’m honestly getting impatient. I never got so bothered. I know nothing OVERLY exciting will be in 2.3, but the fact it’s here and out the way. Also to have any features or new whatever it brings. I will be happy to welcome anything it brings. I know Honeycomb will be the big punch with new UI etc. I hope 2.3 at least has some new and better performance and fluidness.

    Even if they want to wait to have it out on this Nexus S they are waiting so long. If it’s ready then show it off and ship it out to N1′s and whatever else devices, and work on the Nexus S for later so it can compete with next years phones. And I don’t even have a N1. The way things are going just doesn’t seem professional or right. I love me some Android but they need to get things in a timely manner and on point. I rather have a big overhaul yearly, and little features added in between. Dec 6 please don’t fail us.

    I really hope in the long run (Honeycomb) they bring that overall solid fluidness and inside and out. Not much of a Apple guy, but just messing with my iPod 4th gen I see it being so damn smooth. From going in and out of apps and the look. Awesome hardware for just a device to play some damn music. I know for fact if and when Android get’s all this quality into the OS and hardware, they will be at their peak. Idk what the technology is that makes it so responsive and accurate. it may be in the OS and the hardware as a combination or something, but I see a 3.5 inch screen and a 4+ inch screen, and it’s more accurate for me on this damn iPod. That’s one thing I like about the Epic though. That Super Amoled allows a very thin form factor and super responsive so the lightest touches can be picked up and fast. It’s like Android moves so fast and has so much variety which is good and bad. You have a new device within months that has something the other doesn’t, but I don’t see a device that has that overall solid build inside and out. Bugs are most definitely expected but some of the issues are lack of quality. Give me a solid metal and glass sleek form factor with a mature polished OS and awesome features T2.

    • http://Website UniqueNate

      A reply to my own comment. I am sorry if I am complaining or if it seems like it. I’m just saying though. I’m sure others feel somewhat the same.