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Poll: How much would you pay for a premium Android game?

In last week’s poll we asked how many people would purchase the Nexus S and it turns out we must have a lot of early adopters because over 1,000 people (34%) said they would vote for Google’s next superphone with their wallet. This week the next question is pretty simple – How much would you pay for a premium Android game?

We know that Android devices based on the Tegra 2 processor will offer console-quality games and we are likely to see some big titles when the first smartphones and tablets are launched. As Android gets more quality games, we want to know how much you all are willing to spend.

Gameloft charges $4.99 for their HD games right now and I don’t mind paying this price. I think $5 is about the level I’m comfortable with, but if a really awesome title came out I might spend up to $10.

Over on Apple’s App Store it looks like the sweet spot is $5.99. Epic Games just released Infinity Blade (based on their Unreal Engine 3 coming to Android) and it sold a whopping 271,000 copies in less than four days. A report from BGR estimates that Epic Games grossed well over $1.6 million in under four days which is pretty amazing for a mobile game.

This weekend I said that N.O.V.A. 2 has not been announced for Android, but Gameloft tweeted that it was in the works and would be launched after it arrived on the iPhone. This is one example of a premium game, but I’m sure there are many more that we don’t even know about.

Basically, imagine your favorite console franchise and then let us know what is a fair price for a mobile version. Some people have said that piracy was a serious problem for Android developers, so I tossed in that option as well since I’m curious.

Via: BGR

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  • http://Website ChaosKiller

    ” I think $5 is about the level I’m comfortable with”


  • Alex

    I think for a really good game 5$, because I respect those people who developes nice games

    • PixelSlave

      Honestly, I am also willing to pay about $5 only. But the game has to be “really really” great in order for me to open up my wallet. On the other hand, I have a hard time doing the math — Yes, Infinity Blade made $1.6 million in 4 days. But that’s “REVENUE”, not profit. Obviously, they need to pay their developers and designers, marketing, and many other operating costs. How big the profit they can actually make is something that puzzles me.

  • http://Website Nate

    honestly I don’t think that until we all have Tegra powered devices our phones will be capable of playing games worth more than $5 or $10.

  • Jeff

    $5 for a high quality casual game, $10 for a very high quality game with more depth. Beyond that, the most I’ve paid on Android so far was $15 and it was for a very polished remote management app from a company I was familiar with.

  • http://Website Great graphics but short on game play

    I have an iPad and have had access to so called “premium” games for a while. With the exception of the original N.O.V.A., I have found that the premium look great, but they don’t match up to a console for gameplay. The current top sellers like Rage HD ($2.99) and Infinity Blade ($5.99) are unreasonably short. Rage HD has only three levels, no major finale at the end of the game and you can polish it off in about 40 minutes at the difficult level. The graphics are impressive and for $2.99, I can’t really complain all that much, but only 3 levels??? That’s a disappointment. Same goes for Infinity Blade. Great looking game, but I was able to polish it off and kill the major bad guy in about an hour (including the tutorial). For $5.99, that’s not a lot of bang for my buck. Admittedly, you can go head to head with friends in Infinity Blade using open feint or Apple’s game center–which adds a little something, but for solo-play this was a disappointment.

    Nova was a better deal–with plenty of levels and a console like storyline reminiscent of HALO. The graphics are decent to good, but not on par with Rage HD or Infinity Blade–but graphics aren’t as importnat to me as a fun game that can keep me occupied for a hours.

    • Lucian Armasu

      I think the future of mobile gaming is not something like the Playstation Phone, but rather using the whole phone as a controller to play the game on TV (Google TV?) – console style. Once Games get 1280×800 resolution support for the Honeycomb tablets, the games will look great . Sort of like in the video below, but the phone should transform into an actual controller for ease of use I think:

      You’ll probably need something like Wifi Direct or DLNA to play the games wirelessly, though. The HDMI cable is in the way.

      • http://Website Phil


  • tenkely

    Only if it is from the Market… if I have to buy it form Gameloft of Getjar or whatever… no dice.

  • http://Website Dre

    I’ve got no prob paying 5-10$ for premium games, only thing I fear is that with them approaching console level graphics and gameplay that they’ll start charging console level prices.

  • Noice

    I have absolutely no qualms paying for quality and reliability.

    Transaction Security in the Android Market + Ensured Support and Updates to fix bugs + Quality Gaming Experience with content comparable to games on PC/Console (designed for mobile device) + Fun = $40+ for me.

    I see no games anywhere for Android that meet more than 25% of the above.

  • http://Website Mark

    I’d soon castrate my balls than to spend more than $5 on a mobile game. f it’s over $5, I’ll rather go to the clearance bin over at my local GameStop and buy something for my 360.

  • chief113

    Zero point zero.

  • http://Website Steffen

    I don’t think mobile devices are adequate for “premium” games. Angry Birds is a perfect example of what a game should be for mobile platforms. $0.99 is my price point, because at most I’ll play the game for a few minutes while I’m waiting for a class to start or something.

  • DavidM

    Infinity Blade is coming to Android, very nice

  • http://Website Eric

    $5 is a pretty good number I think. However, put the thing in the market please *AHEM* gameloft

  • http://Website Michaelg

    it is not the price but the storage space.

    Gameloft makes good games, but if i can not move it to my SD Card, I will not buy it. Same with this fantastic game. 5 bucks is good if I can tap the app and it opens up without a long load time.

    but mounting it on my SD card is worth .99 of any LARGE file app

  • http://Website jack

    Don’t you think talking about these iOS games that will probably never come to Android is punishing your audience! don’t get your readers worked up about seeing Infinity Blade on android.

    It’s sort of weird that android seems to have the most advanced hardware specs for their phones, yet the gaming scene on android is still sorely lacking ever since its debut.

    Even the iphone 3GS is able to run Infinity Blade, and that phone is nearly 2 years old now. Yet all these newer android phones which have higher specs than 3gs like droid incredible, droid x, evo, can’t get this game?

    • Kleptine

      It’s the many different processors, gpus, and specs in general that they must account for. They can’t write one game that will run on all phones.

  • http://Website jack

    “We know that Android devices based on the Tegra 2 processor will offer console-quality games and we are likely to see some big titles when the first smartphones and tablets are launched.”

    The tegra 2 processors won’t offer any games at all. Games don’t just suddenly appear after phones get GPU chips. and these phones haven’t even been released yet for developers do get their hands on the devices and make games for. And you aren’t guaranteed any console quality games or big titles when the tegra smartphones/tablets are launched. It will all depend on developer support, and so far it seems the iphone is still where the games are at. Thus far in its lifespan, Android hasn’t been good for gaming.

  • http://Website Todd

    I play mostly FPS games on my PC, but I really can’t see playing them on a tablet, and certainly not on a phone. Still, I’d love to see demoes on my tablet. Wander around, interact with things. Maybe something like Myst. For a game like Myst on my tablet, I could see paying $10.

  • http://Website George

    I happily pay around £25 for DS games. The system and games are technically inferior to current Android phones, yet the games are so much more involving, much more fun and longer than anything on a phone (iOS included).

    So bring full-featured, well-executed games to phones that are worth our money, and personally I wouldn’t mind paying over $10-$15.

    So its really not about Tegra 2 or the graphics. Its about the quality of games. Replica Island is a good example of a sizeable game thats fun, challenging, well-structured and an overall great experience. Its not 3D, it hasn’t got amazing graphics, it doesn’t melt silicone.

  • z0phi3l

    When we don’t get really good games for Android, this poll will be a good reason why.

  • http://Website dave

    Lameloft – it’s the marketplace or the deal is off.