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Quad-core processors coming to Android devices in the near future

I’m not sure who coined the phrase first, but those “Chuck Norris quad-core  processors” that everyone likes to joke about on Twitter could make their way into Android devices sooner than you think.

Buried inside NVIDIA’s multi-core whitepaper from yesterday was an interesting note that quad-core CPUs are coming “in the near future”. If you remember the public comments from NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, he said that Tegra 3 is almost done and Tegra 4 is being built right now. “Every single year, there will be a new Tegra”.

We don’t know what NVIDIA’s definition of “in the near future” means, but if dual-core Tegra 2 CPUs are arriving right now then it makes perfect sense that Tegra 3 (or Tegra 4) could move to a quad-core architecture and be available within the next year.

So if you just purchased a new Android phone and were sad about missing out on the first wave of dual-core devices, just remember that something more awesome is always around the corner and quad-core CPUs should be available by the time your contract expires.

Dual-core processors will be the standard in 2011, and quad-core is coming in the near future.NVIDIA whitepaper

Source: NVIDIA

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  • jayzeroeee

    Great. Now even my new dual-core phone won’t be the top dog for long.

    • http://Website Trev

      Another reason for the Nexus S. Phones will always get increasingly better, but like with the Nexus One it helps to have the most advanced and latest OS. Google will put the latest version of Android on the Nexus devices, nothing else really matters.

  •!/DevBartinger Bartinger

    Nice, but I just wait for an Tegra2 device with a hardware keyboard :D

  • http://con mike


  • http://Website Dee

    this is becoming insane….

  • http://Website Galen20K

    Oh COME ON!! LOL So now dual-core phones that are not even released yet are outdated this is really becoming comical, ha. well I”m just gonna Enjoy the hell outta my myTouch 4G with its still awesome MSM 8255 processor and by that time I’ll set my eyes on that quad-core at that point in time.

    • http://Website jdog25

      At least we know they are doing something with our money.

  • falmc

    Im too busy debating on whether i should get a desire HD or wait for a dual core and now quad cores!?

    I love tech and its super fast rate but I think this is getting a tad bit out of hand. How can android keep up if hardware specs are moving faster?

    • http://Website E.D. Easley

      Imagine the “F” word….


      I try!

  • Prince77

    I feel they should bring phones out just like cars, that way people won’t have to worry about getting a phone and next something better comes out. When their two years is over with they can jump in on the new craze.

    • http://Website Bod1ggity

      Im am completely lost on what your trying to say… I read it 6 times and still can’t figure it out.

      • falmc

        he means that there is a larger gap in the next generation phones. IE you buy a HTC desire HD this year and in one years time there is a hypothetical HTC desire HD2.

        Although @Prince77 as nice as that sounds, everybody has different dates for contracts so nobody will be ready for an upgrade at the same time so there is always demand for newer phones. Plus manufacturers need to make money constantly and not a single jump annually.

  • alchemist007

    This just keeps blowing ….

  • http://Website Bod1ggity

    Nice, should be getting me a tegra-3 or 4 right around contract re-up when my G2 is finally becoming obsolete (think it will hold out just fine for a good while)… Chuck Norris rocks.

    • Galen20K

      Exactly my thoughts as well.

    • http://Website Alex

      When Chuck Norris goes to sleep every night, he checks his closet for Bruce Campbell.

  • http://Website Miguel

    Be honest Taylor, you’ve been sleeping with this whitepaper under your pillow.!

  • http://Website protozeloz

    The time will come wen our children will mock at out quad core phones as much I mock at the pentium 1

  • MC

    To ensure, “instant obsolescence,” simply buy anything that includes, “MotoBlur!”
    (agree with ALL previous posters that I’m beginning to wonder if I shouldn’t just give up on Android as I’ll ALWAYS be paying a premium price for a handset that’ll be obsolete within HOURS of my purchase!)
    iPhone’s beginning to make sense to me now…now that it’s going to be on a provider other than ATT…and even if they bring out a new model every year, I’ll still have something I can sell on eBay for a some significant, “buck-age!”

    • http://Website Calum D

      Keeps it simple updating once a year, but technology just isn’t going that slow. Face it, whether you buy an iPhone or an Android, it’ll be out of date within a few months. Not to say it’d be obsolete though :)

      • MC

        But, part of my point was that with an Android phone, after a year, I not only have an outdated unit, but I’ve lost the money I’ve spent for the phone (I do T-Mo’s Everything Plus and pay market prices for the handset). On the other hand, after a year, an iPhone is still pretty valuable on the resale market (see eBay)

    • http://Website Mikey

      This is the beauty of android. We get multiple companies pushing each other farther and faster. I hardly consi
      der my mt4g outta date.

      • MC

        The MT4G is still a, “newer” unit! Let us know how you feel in three months – after the dual-cores hit the market.

        • http://Website Mikey

          A dualcore isnt gonna make my mt4g stop scoring 2000. Im very happy with it.

          • monlosez

            A dualcore isnt gonna make my Vibrant stop scoring 3000+. Im very happy with it.

          • http://Website Mikey

            Downloading 7mbps here in downtown seattle.

          • http://Website James

            Vibrant scoring 3000+???? your f*ckin stupid…. lol

  • http://Website Alex

    BREAKING NEWS!!: HTC has announced today, amidst growing concerns over battery life with quadcore phones, the first ever phone powered by the human body. The Google Nexus U is powered by the energy your body naturally produces.

    • http://Website Zodiac

      They’ll call it ‘Dracula”. )

  • IHTCEvo

    Wow some guy was right. Dual-core sucks I’m going to wait for Quad-core. Then 30-core will come out WTF man

    • http://Website Mikey

      Some of you sound like old women. Ohhno the tech is moving to fast! Come on out with the octocore already.

  • http://Website Casper

    The funny thing is phones, like computers are obsolete a week after you purchase it. Thats the norm. Best thing to do is think of it this way. For all those out there that are on a single core that just picked up the G2, Epic, Vibrant, MT4G etc… They are still fast, still great phones and your phone will be up for renewal sooner than the dual core owners. Meaning You will be the next top dog owners before the the dual core owners.

    Enjoy what you have. Make the best of it. You don’t need the newest, shiniest thing every time it comes out.

    Patience brings appreciation.

    • http://Website Casper

      I must correct a wording error. I was wrong in saying, The phone will be “Obsolete” a week later. “Out of date” as I saw a previous commenter say, is more appropriate.

  • http://Website M.J.

    Wow…this is getting crazy.

    I live in Canada, and I’m with Rogers. Now Rogers just got the Captivate after long wait and just got the Dell Streak, and soon in a couple months will be releasing the Galaxy Tab. In Canada the tab is used as a phone, not just a tablet. Before the Captivate the best android phone on rogers was the Acer Liquid E. I have an Acer Liquid E but I used to have the G1 and i gave my magic to my girlfriend. I love android so very much and I am just glued to these blogs alll day and night checkin out if theres a cool new update of some sort. But when I see an update like this, this sorta hurts my head lol. I dont get it…

    Tegra 2! Awesome superphone that will blow everything out of the water. I was going to buy the LG Star from the states unlocked but now its sorta like there toying with me. I love my acer very much, super fast and sleek. The problem is that I wanted to have something that is top notch, but now knowing from past experiences and this, that you can never get ahead with these android phones…Theres no steady pace its just heres this crazy phone, but wait in a week we got another announcement!

    I am really getting tired of this. I think I might just wait it out and see what happens and if there is any more updates on when these beasts are coming out.

    Sorry if I wasted anyones time. I just think Android is friging amazing! But I lose it when theres something crazy coming out but it gets shut down a month later, I know thats technology but this is just outta this world. I want the latest android device…I guess I’m just dreaming lol.

  • http://Website metafor

    No offense but we’re only now seeing products for Tegra 2 and they’re not even shipping. I don’t know how much faith I’d put in nVidia’s announcement of products.

  • Rubrewskey

    If quad-cores are right around the corner then I better be getting my Nexus S with a dual-core asap.

  • http://Website Kevin

    Oh yea….. Dreams do come true!!!!

  • http://Website Yvese

    Some of you are just ridiculous. If tech moved as slow as some of you wanted we would still be on pentium 4′s. Be happy it moves fast. That’s part of the appeal of getting a new electronic.

  • http://Website jd

    Thats why I buy phones off contract. Always have the option to sell it to buy another geek toy.

    Now I understand it seems pricy, but if you do it once, its easy to do it again because you can sell it for %80 of the cost of the new phone

    • MC

      “…you can sell it for %80 of the cost of the new phone”

      No you can’t – even if it IS an iPhone! If that’s true, where can I get 80% of what I paid for my, “off-contract” Motorola Cliq, purchased in December of 2009?

      • http://Website Dev1359


        • MC

          Think someone’ll give me $320 for a Moto Cliq on eBay? I don’t! But OP stated (s)he could resell for 80% of price paid!

      • http://Website Jean Claude

        “Motorola Cliq, purchased in December of 2009?”

        Who would want to buy a Cliq from Ebay in the first place. That phone is garbage. Get out of here with those crappy examples.

        • http://Website Mikey

          Hehehe, thinking the same thing.

  • monlosez

    Best is to get a Google experience phone, so you will always have latest update.

  • http://Website adryan

    Yeah im going to have to stop at dual core. 1ghz was awsome and all the overclocking capabilities. But seriously Dual core is what i have been drooling over but the concept of tricore or quad really doesnt excite me. I mean honestly what are we going to be doing with quadcore phones. You will still need a pc to play online games and such cause our phones would need huge hard drives to be able do anything near that. There are no apps or anything that can barely take advantage of the 1ghz proccessors and much less a dual,tri, or quad. Also I imagine that the price might go up substantially for the tri or quad.So again do we really need tri or quad? No i dont think so. Now dual-core sounds good especially to help with the battery of the current android phones at 800-1000mhz.

    • http://Website Jeff

      Consider it like this:

      1 core -> 1 GHz
      2 cores -> 2x 500Mhz
      4 cores -> 4x 250 MHz

      Now if only parallel programming didnt have any overhead and would be applicable in 100% of our software, the quadcore would definitely be an improvement. Thats not the case so let’s take it in consideration and do 4x 375 mhz.

      Could really be a battery saver… Especially when Android automatically disables cores when being idle.

  • http://Website Zhi Hao

    Remeber guys: the best Android is always the next Android. :)

  • http://Website MacCrookPro

    The carriers should change their service agreements to handle this flux in development. I remember I could upgrade to a new phone during anytime of my contract with the subsidized rate and the only thing that would happen, is my contract would reset to my new purchase date. I’m with T-mobile and still stuck with my G1. All year I was waiting for NOV-DEC announcements for the new phones so I can grab one but there is no phone that has come out that I want to get stuck with for another 2 years. The Nexus S is made by samsung, and samsung blows and sucks at the same time. The G2 is nothing great, all these phones that were supposed to be great are all lacking WTF!?

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