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Samsung becomes top U.S. Android manufacturer, sells 1 million Galaxy Tabs ahead of schedule

Samsung has announced that they have shipped over 3 million Samsung Galaxy S phones across the globe since the handset’s debut in mid June.  However, what’s even more impressive is the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Tab has already sold over 1 million units, exceeding Samsung’s 2010 sales forecast a month early.  Samsung has changes their forecast and now believes that they will sell a total of 1.5 million Galaxy Tab devices before the end of the year.

If that wasn’t enough, Samsung America is also touting the latest Gartner report which indicates that Samsung’s Android powered handsets accounted for 32.1 percent of all Android phones sold in the U.S. market in Q3.  That percentage puts Samsung ahead of Motorola, making them the top Android manufacturer for the quarter.

The Samsung Galaxy S lineup may have its flaws (GPS issues and no Android 2.2 update in sight), but it’s apparent that consumers seem to trust the Samsung brand.  Having a Galaxy S phone on all major service providers in the U.S. has certainly helped the phone reach as many consumers as possible.  Since I’m not a huge fan of exclusive deals, I hope other manufacturers take notice and follow in Samsung’s footsteps.

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Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • http://Website generaleesean

    “The Samsung Galaxy S lineup may have its flaws (GPS issues and no Android 2.2 update in sight), but it’s apparent that consumers seem to trust the Samsung brand.”

    There is no trust anymore, only some hope left.
    The only way they can gain their trust again is release Froyo ASAP and fix GPS.
    Simple as that.

    • http://Website Celtic26

      They had their chance>s<!!!! Remember the October lie about how Froyo would be released on Halloween. Many said it would be a great treat – but they made sure it was a trick. Can you imagine a company like that? I believe Microsoft's campaign to keep Android down was money well spent for them. Ballmer loved making a point about how close Microsoft was to Samsung during the WM7 release. I would never buy a WM7 device for any reason imaginable. I was always the one to defend Android too. I can't advocate for such an unreliable company any lo Ger. IOS has finally won my soul in the mobile arena.

      • http://Website EvoGrrrrl

        Well I hope you didn’t give your soul to Apple! WTF? I completely understand your not-to-subtle anger about how samsung has done business. You should just get an Evo. Android will be sweet again with no bitterness. I wanted an Epic but I was lucky enough to settle on the Evo. I am saddened by how many stories from Android fans that I’ve heard. Samsung has given lie after lie to it’s customers that began before the Epic even shipped. Froyo this and Froyo that. I think that I would be really pissed too if I had to endure that kind of skulduggery. Can’t even be honest about the GPS either. Sad.

    • http://Website Lulu
  • http://Website RockinEvo

    congrats to Samsung but I much rather brag about pushing out update in a timely matter

    • http://Website Alex

      In business it’s all about money…which translate to how many units they ship/sell. It makes total sense for them to brag about their sales numbers, not pushing updates out on time.

  • http://Website irishrally

    Things aren’t looking as hot for HTC anymore. Between these numbers and Google going with Samsung for their next “Google Phone”/Dev phone, HTC might be falling behind a bit in the Android world. Not that HTC won’t continue to make great phones but I don’t think they will be the top dog Android phone manufacturer that I thought they would be 6 months ago.

    • Nick Gray

      HTC has always been the little guy. They has a huge head start when I came to Android, it’s only natural that Samsung and Motorola pull ahead since they are 10-15 times larger than HTC.

      That being said, HTC has already sold over 10 million handsets this year and will probably add another 2-3 million units to those numbers before they year closes out. HTC has only been pushing their brand for a little over a year. I’m pretty sure HTC will be delivering some amazing phones and sales figures in 2011.

      • http://Website Paulinvite

        Hi, HTC have been making smart phones longer than anybody else since 2002, trouble is they have been in the closet and only came out a few years back. They made win mo phones for every carrier and brand under there own names. XDA developers for example is based on the early XDA PDA phones by O2 all manufactured by HTC, I have had a HTC phone since 2002. Back then they had a touch screen windows phone that is hardly different in form factor to the android phones of today. For example how many people would by a foxconn branded phone, but put an apple logo on and it flies of the shelf. Although samsung have made mobiles since way back, it is there overall brand name that appeals, for example how many US users have a samsung TV or product etc.
        For android phones HTC is the top, for form factor, UI and updates.

        IMO samsung is too much of an iPhone IPad clone in it’s UI and form factor.

        As a big Android fan I also agree with the earlier post, Android beats iPhone hands down, but IPad still reigns as the best tablet, (for now) in fact it is common knowledge that IOS was originally going to be for a tablet, with the advent of 4.2 and jailbreak, it is ideal as a nearly all alternative to a notebook.

        • http://Website RockinEvo

          It’s true that’s why I’m using a HTC device now, I was all over winmo 5 because how HTC produce such quality phone’s. Since then many upgrades occurred so I was able to try out different OS n manufactures, so far it seems HTC is and will always be a safe bet. We see how quick the Evo received the latest firmware and you see how Motorola will only focus on flagship phones, I had the Cliq xt and since it wasn’t slap with the droid name we were going on broken promises. Moved up to the Hero it already had 2.1 and that showed me how HTC puts customers first.

          • http://Website ans

            i see a lot of people commenting on here with comments based on their on experience which is perfectly fine and theres nothing wrong with that. however everyone must keep in mind that analysts base their predictions and projections strictly based on the market as a whole. a whole meaning all htc phones across all carriers and all samsung phones across all carriers. i myself am an authorized retailer for several service providers and theres a huge slump in htc sales due to its increased production of windows mobile phones. im a big fan of htc myself and have owend several different models and i too can say that im disappointed with some of their recent windows mobile phones. theyre slow, laggy, freeze-up and cause a lot of force closes within apps. my samsung vibrant however works like a dream, its faster, has a better screen, easier user interface, and not as bulky and heavy. another thing to take into consideration is that the a good majority of poeple who are into android devices are into them because they like the ability to customize and htc is making that harder and harder with their sense user interface, whereas the samsung has tons of options for customizing and can be customized and remain much more stable than an htc with the same customizations.

          • http://Website sgb101

            the Samsung Galaxy S, has great specs but the touch Wiz kills it, my wife got the Galaxy S and regrets it, and wishes she went for the *lesser* HTC Desire, that i own, as its a much better device to use, and doesn’t stutter and has very few crashes, and the Sense UI is everything the Touch Wiz wishes to be.

            both me and my with are now jealous of my sons new 3gs, lol only kidding, were jealous of his Desire HD, the screen may not match the Galaxy S’s, but it takes it Q from the original Desire and carries the touch well.

    • http://Website Ted C.

      Samsung is starting to take advantage of being an integrated manufacturer. If they make the CPU and the screens and sell them on their own phones first then they should be able to push out companies like HTC. Unfortunately the software side of Samsung is as weak as the hardware side is strong. I wish they would just go with stock Android because all their own software is pathetic.

      • http://Website Alex

        TouchWiz has great touches like calling/messaging automatically by sliding left/right on a contact name in list, music controls on lock screen, etc. all these are features stock android lack so how can you say it’s pathetic. it builds on and adds features stock doesnt have. psh.

        • http://Website 2FR35H

          I fully agree and the only reason people hate Touchwiz 3.0 is because it slows down the updating process and that its samsung. People need to stop hating and realize the good with Samsung. Aside from every device in America except the epic 4G being on 2.1 instead of the latest and having Gps issues with few devices, it is a top notch device.

  • http://Website Roger

    Im all for android fanboyism but really? The galaxy tab? When it comes phones, android blows apple out of the water. But tablets, the ipad is the clear winner…. My evo is plenty big enough… Even if you have a dumbphone, the ipad still wins. Netflix, large amount of optomized apps, bigger screen for movie watching….plus all the honeycomb tablets are coming so why buy this? And everyone knows about samsungs update record…. Maybe im just dumb but I dont see the practicality in it… Please correct me if my facts are wrong.

    • Nick Gray

      You pretty much got everything right, but most Android fans have been waiting for an Android tablet since before the iPad came out. The Galaxy Tab is the best option out there right now and it will probably stay that way for the next 3-4 months.

      The main advantage the Galaxy Tab has over the iPad is the size (even a few iPad owners agree that the smaller screen makes it more desirable). It may not have the software support of the iPad, but in terms of internal specs, the Galaxy Tab certainly gives the iPad a run for its money.

    • http://Website 2FR35H

      Sure maybe if its iPad vs Android tablet maybe but Windows 7(or Windows 8 supposedly) ultimately will be the winner in the tablet war hands down for the sole functionality of Windows 7(or 8).

    • http://Website Todd

      I bought a Tab. The only problem with it is the excessive price. Apple is underwriting the iPad with the money they make on apps, but with the Samsung Tab, Google is making all the money on apps. (If you don’t think Apple is making money on apps, why would they launch an OSX app store?)

  • http://Website watbetch

    Obviously people are still buying these things. 2.1 and all.. doesn’t matter why, the only thing that matters is how well it’s selling and the momentum is still going towards 10 million sold.

    GPS works fine with my phone. Haters notwithstanding, It’s quite obvious that there was a problem with older phones.

    The update is taking so long because of carrier customizations and testing. If you’ve played with all four US versions, they ALL have obvious differences. The T-Mobile version is the most unmolested however..

  • http://Website Mocha K

    OK, you sold your phones. Now where is my Froyo?

  • http://Website Miguel

    Yeah but did Samsung make more money? Exclusive deals are usually lucrative for the manufacturer because they may command more per unit from the carrier. I bet Motorola is making a ton of a money per Droid.

    • http://Website Mikey

      It is so funny that you guys are still running around begging for some yogurt. Ditch that samsung already and get with HTC.

  • http://N/a Chula

    I am a proud owner of two htc androids and now I own the samsung vibrant. I’ll say this hands down on the HTC UI, Yes I do have gps problems, STIll I know samsung has a lot more to give. Don’t regret getting the vibrant but I really will love get play a little with the Samsung Table.

  • Andr3w

    Engadget said they sold 3 million in the US. You guys are saying they sold ONLY 3 million worldwide. Not sure which one is right, but i doubt it’s only 3 million worldwide.

  • http://Website Celtic26

    Hahahaha! “Trust???” The incompetent little wangs at Samsung may have duped me once with the “Epic” but I will never spend another cent on their lies and inferior buisness philosophy. They can take their over-saturated “Super AMOLED and stick it up their a$$es. I truly hope an American company or any company steals their technology and makes billions off of it. Hell – it’s not as if Samsung follows any rigid buisness codes of ethics anyway. As far as I’m concerned Android has lost it’s appeal with the BS Samsung has been allowed to put it’s constomers through. I must say that I’m looking g forward to switching my OS immediately and never looking back.

    • http://Website Charlotte

      I bet you’re super fun at parties.

      • http://Website RockinEvo

        Haha that’s 2 funny

  • http://Website mkrmec

    People still actualy think that it’s Samsungs fault that there is no 2.2 on their US phones… HAHA you are all wrong!! Just look at Samsung i9000 the international Galaxy S phone… It has 2.2… so why don’t all the others? BECAUSE IT’S THE CARRIERS FAULT for changing their version of phones to the limit and now it’s alot of code to redo to satisfy the idiotic carriers… I’m sorry people.. but you’re gonna have to deal with your carriers being noobs.

    • http://Website Celtic26

      You couldn’t be more wrong. Only a noob would blame this incompetence solely on a carrier. First – it’s Samsung that is mostly to blame. The only part of responsibility that the carriers have is not pressuring Samsung to release the software. You sir are and noob and a tool to boot. Go back to your razor. Remember that time when you were “cool?” I was all over smartphones back then and constantly advocated their abilities. It was idiots like you who mainted that “thin was in.” Pfffffft.

      • http://Website cthonctic

        Wow, you really don’t have the faintest hint of a clue, do you? Amazing who they let on the internet nowadays.

      • mkrmec

        I don’t say that it’s all the carriers fault but majority of it. Samsung probably had to write up the apps that come with the phones. Anyway.. I dunno exactly what’s the delay, but hope you guys get 2.2 soon and my N1 gets 2.3 ahhh the good life :D

        Hey kid.. please get off the interwebz.. tell your kid friends to get a razor and slash themselfs… no need for this kind of kiddy crap here.

  • http://Website Ian

    “but it’s apparent that consumers seem to trust the Samsung brand. ”

    I think people used to trust the brand but after months and still no 2.2, with 2.3 just around the corner and poor GPS performance I’ll not be buying a Samsung phone again.

    • http://Website Alex

      Great, don’t ever buy another one. No one cares, as the article shows, Samsung has no problem selling these babies. So peace

  • http://Website Nammy

    Motorola could easy have dominated the marketshare if they weren’t so greedy for an exclusive contract on Verizon.

    I’m surprised people that love Android for being “open” support companies that only deliver their top hardware to one service provider. Motorola and HTC show a clear bias towards one carrier or another, while Samsung shows is truly open in that it allows any carrier (even super tiny ones like US Cellular) access to sell their flagship phone.

    The results speak for themselves, if Motorola were to release a new Droid on AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mo at the same time their sales numbers would be astronomical

    • http://Website 2FR35H

      Don’t worry Samsung is setting a standard for all androids to come soon all will be released on all carriers.

  • http://Website hey

    @mkrmec touche, my friend. Touche …

  • http://Website DroidXcon

    Whatever, i love my Droid X but my Fascinate runs better over all even with 2.1. And the oversaturation looks amazing i can barely look at my Droid X anymore the screen is so dull..
    you all cry about not having 2.2 but even if you had it you would be crying for 2.3 and then cry over 3.0. No one is ever satisfied. 2.2 is not the end all be all. you guys are just being nit picky

    And are you still talking about the UI being Iphone clone like. Please just change the launcher, its running eclair just like all the other phones at one point or another, this is the beauty of Android, if you dont like it you can do something about it.

  • http://Website Need A Phone

    My son has the Vibrant and loves it. This is good news for Samsung, they made a product with great specs, good price and they was rewarded for it. This goes to show, that Android users are not interested in the cheap MyTouch/Behold/Hero type phones, give us quality phones at good prices and we will respond…now we just need to work on that support thing and we will be good.

    • IHTCEvo

      MyTouch is not cheap. The MyTouch “4g” makes the Vibrant crap and don’t forget the G2 which when overclocked gets like 1.87 Ghtz. HTC makes good phones.

  • http://Website Bmx221

    Im from australia and I got my froyo update last tuesday. Love the phone.

  • http://Website ddd

    still waiting on froyo? Seriously people, when will you take hold of your destiny…xda is your friend. I love my 2.2 custom rom with the Jk6 modem, gps is solid, data transfers are much faster not to mention the blazing speed increases….forget your factory rom.

    Axura 2.0.5
    Voodoo Kernel-jk6

  • IHTCEvo

    If HTC and Sammy made a phone together than we would have the most awesome phone. Imagine a 4.3 inch SAMOLED Screen with a Dual-Core Orion processor that has the Evo’s 8 megapixel camera and a kickstand with the New HTC sense (its for the desire Z) and all of HTC’s goodies and Swype. Ahh for that I would drool……

    • http://Website ACR

      lol You know all HTC phone’s cameras aren’t good vs 5MP in Galaxy S right? Even 8MP aren’t as good as 5MP because they use cheap lenses. You can google EVO camera comparion with Galaxy S. There are plenty of those out there.

    • http://Website Chris

      HTC have never made a camera that wasn’t utterly horrible. It’s pretty much the only thing that’s stopped me buying one. I’d take just about any phone over an HTC for that reason alone.

  • http://Website ACR

    “Samsung has announced that they have shipped over 3 million Samsung Galaxy S phones across the globe since the handset’s debut in mid June”
    I thought they have sold 7+ million already.

  • http://Website Ben Johnson from GA

    Thats why i only trust in Apple, they dont lie AND are still extremely successful. Steve already said 7inchers wont work and he was spot-on! 1mio galaxy tabs are low, it doesnt even compete with netbook sales. Talk about fail, talk about the upcoming reliability issues thanks to the samsung track record of epic failness….

    sent from my iPhone 4

    • http://Website ANDEEE

      “They don’t lie”

      ……………. I just don’t have anything to say to this brainwashed zombie

    • Nick Gray

      1 million units in less than two months is a failure? The G1 took nearly 5 months before HTC sold 1 million units. The Gaalxy Tab has only been available in the U.S. for a little over two weeks. If anything, Samsung is proving Steve Jobs wrong about the 7 inch screen size.

  • http://Website Meandyou

    Samsung sucks and that is a fact. 5months after the release of captivate and vibrant and still no froyo. The main thing is consumer satisfaction, if anybody here thinks that samsung is.doing a good job go check their facebook page and see the feedback they are getting. People are upset to not have 2.2 on their phones and gingerbread is around the.corner. Im surlrise.they sold.that many phones and galaxy.tabs.

    • http://Website Todd

      When I bought my Nexus One, it never crossed my mind to consider having the software updated. Ironically, it’ll be the second phone running Gingerbread (the first being the new phone that’s causing it to be held back). However, if I had bought a Galaxy S, I would have been complaining about the GPS issue.

  • http://Website Ben Johnson from GA

    I don’t have any friends… : (

  • http://Website ncb1397

    “Samsung has announced that they have shipped over 3 million Samsung Galaxy S phones across the globe since the handset’s debut in mid June.”

    Umm, they shipped a lot more than that worldwide.

    2.3 million in South Korea alone. I think you are referring to the US shipped number.