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Share your Nexus S launch stories

Today is the big launch of Google’s Nexus S with Android 2.3 at every Best Buy location across the country. It appears that only the hardcore geeks who read tech blogs are aware of this phone, so we have no idea what to expect at Best Buy. Clark and I are standing in line as you read this so we can report on our purchase experiences, but we want hear from anyone else that went out and got the Nexus S.

Was there any line at your store? Did you ask how many units they had for sale? Did you buy any accessories? If you activated a new T-Mobile account, did you have any problems?

If you want you can follow our barely-beta live blog at We probably shouldn’t be showing you the site since it’s not fully ready, but we wanted to work out the bugs before CES next month. Try singing in with your Facebook or Twitter account and leaving a comment. Let us know what you think, so we can continue to improve it and add new features over the coming weeks.

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  • http://Website LeeCasey

    Will be purchasing online from the UK at BestBuy (US) for collection in store, getting my friend in Nevada to pick it up and post it to me as a ‘gift’ ;)

    • http://Website Moonie17

      Yeah Carphone warehouse are an absolute rip off!

      • http://Website AC

        Agree, they are abusing their exclusivity.

        Its even more cheaper to buy it from ebay US with international shipping than buying it from Carphone Warehouse.

        • KaiserJay

          Just had to call Carphone Warehouse about my pre-order, and they said that they just put up an arbitrary price as Google has not supplied them with one till now (it’s dropped to £429, and Best Buy UK are also selling them).

          They told me anyone who has pre-ordered the phone at the £549 price will be refunded the difference, and that emails saying as such will be going out soon.

          They may try not to keep to that promise, but all I know is either Carphone Warehouse or my credit card company WILL be giving me £120 back this Christmas :-D

    • http://Website CeZ

      planning the same, BUT! is showing not available for store pickup, and cant buy the phone without contract from!

      • KaiserJay

        Yes, a lot of people are saying that BestBuy has changed tact and are not selling unlocked versions of the phone. Lee, better check with your friend to make absolutely sure.

      • http://Website qwerp

        There is the option.

        when you add it as the package. it will ask you if you are a t-mobile customer.

        if you choose yes, it will give you the option to buy out right.

        • http://Website jdog25

          Thanks I saw that also.

    • http://Website Chester Field

      I am waiting for the next iPhone. Doesnt make sense to purchase this ancient phone with the new star already coming in a few months!

  • http://Website Yankee503

    I’m good with my Mytouch 4G until a dual core beast comes out! Very disappointed that the Nexus S isn’t compatible with the full potential of HSPA+ speeds! :(

    • ayocuz

      That’s why I say this phone is crippled, I’m also
      WAITING on the LG star for tmobile hspa+ until then my rooted nexus one is gonna have to give me a couple more months

    • http://Website Mike

      I never get more than 3mb on the downstream any so that doesn’t matter to me. I had the mytouch 4g, bought it back and picked this up and the untouched os is so much nicer. Hardware wise the mytouch kills it, but untouched android is much better for usability in my opinion.

      • Noyabronok

        I just returned the G2 for a MT4G. I would have went with Nexus S, but the hardware is more important than the software to me. Sense UI is pretty good, and if I want to get the latest OS I can go with CyanogenMod or something similar, and that would give me a more pure “untouched” android OS

    • http://Website Ichigo

      How good is the mytouch 4g? I’m hesitating between that and the nexus s

  • http://Website louie

    I’m waiting at a best buy in queens, ny…no line here. The person I spoke to last night told me they only had 10 units and I had better get here early…so much for that!

    • http://Website Hank

      I was out at the Long Island City Best Buy in Queens, NY. When the store opened there were 5 people waiting for the Nexus S. I saw them open up the cabinet and it looked like there were 10 or so nexus s boxes. When I left another 2-3 people were waiting to buy theirs.

  • jivemaster

    Best of luck guys and a merry nexus s to you all!

  • http://Website g1-and-only

    nope its not worth the anger that most will feel next month when a 32gb model comes with 4g, and best buy in maryland said thay wont have it anyway

  • http://Website Zachary

    Wish there were Best Buy’s here in Singapore. Really irritating that its so hard to get good android phones outside of the US.

    • http://Website WLabrador

      +1, but replacing “Singapore” with “Venezuela”. I feel your pain, it’s really irritating, even more if you include the CDMA devices like the Droid Incredible or the Epic 4G.

  • http://Website darcy

    It appears that only the hardcore geeks who read tech blogs are aware of this phone

    LOL, thank you :)

    • http://Website Usman

      I don’t understand why Google or Samsung don’t advertise the damn thing. Don’t they want to sell it?

      • http://Website WLabrador

        Exactly, it looks like this is really a Nexus Two, same advertising issues the N1 had. They don’t seem to care (both Google and Samsung) or learn (Google)

  • http://Website Paul Atreides

    I agree with Darcy. People I know with T-mobile that I’ve mentioned this phone too, don’t have a clue about it. Also, I think the average user wouldn’t see too much of a big difference between this and the other Galaxy phone available on T-mobile.

  • http://Website Klotera

    Just under an hour to open here in KC. No line yet (besides me). But they said they’re only getting 4 units, so better be sure.

  • http://Website Chike

    I was realy disapointed with the nexus s so ill just hold on to my nexus one and patiently await the 2.3 update(which hopefully comes today)

  • http://Website Albert

    Trying to buy an unlocked version from, but so far only the T-Mobile version is available. Weird. I tought they said both versions were going to be avaiable online.

    • http://Website Brettjb

      It is one and the same. They are unlocked, and the reference to being T-Mobile is to the frequencies it will work. The unit will be unbranded and unlocked. (Being an Aussie, I get all my phones from the US for the T Mobile network. My Nexus One was the same, no branding but was ‘for’ the T Mobile network.

      Hope that helps mate.

      • http://Website Stef

        but.. the T-Mobile version need a 2 years contract right ?? how did you buy it contract-free ??

        • http://Website qwerp

          There is a option.

          when you add it as the package. it will ask you if you are a t-mobile customer.

          if you choose yes, it will give you the option to buy out right.

      • http://Website Albert

        Well this is even weirder. I asked a BestBuy salesperson how could I buy the unlocked version online and this was his answer:
        8:37 AM Dick:
        We will not carry an unlocked version, they are locked to T-Mobile. I know the press releases say so, but it is very locked to T-Mobile and can not be unlocked. If you want to buy without a plan, add to package, click existing customer, and then replacement phone.
        Now I’m worried the phone won’t work with other carriers.

    • http://Website anonymous

      False advertising at BestBuy. The stores with T-Mobile refused to sell unlocked phones, and will only sell phones with a new contract where-as bestbuy’s web site says otherwise.

      It reminds me of the XBOX bundling scams Besybuy pulled years ago.

  • http://Website Brettjb

    Just bought NS online from Australia (first Aussie perhaps?). Was a ‘relatively’ painless process, except the issue of it storing my shipping details incorrectly and giving me an error when trying to correct. I am shipping to a US address, it was just a little annoying glitch.

    Now I can only hope to receive the item soon, and dread the fact it will likely be after Christmas.

    Anyway, it was pretty easy overall.

    • aktorun

      I bought my NS online from Turkey.
      It will be shipped to US address than will reach me just before Xmas.

      I hope I will not have to deal with unlocking issues.

  • Yuriy

    Just got back from Best Buy.. (Mayfield Heights, OH) and there was not a single soul waiting in that parking lot at 8 AM, i was the only one.

  • http://Website DF


    hit the add to package, tell it you’re a current customer & then select replacement

    • http://Website Albert

      Hey DF. A BesBuy representative just told me this: 8:37 AM Dick:
      We will not carry an unlocked version, they are locked to T-Mobile. I know the press releases say so, but it is very locked to T-Mobile and can not be unlocked. If you want to buy without a plan, add to package, click existing customer, and then replacement phone.
      Does this mean the phone won’t work with other carriers? That’s kinda odd.

      • http://Website DF

        It should still be unlocked (keyword being should) though, but that is really odd since it was a bestbuy announcement

  • WilliamStern

    Just got my Nexus S! I have pics. Where would you like me to post them?

    • http://Website darcy

      send it me link wherever you post it :)

  • http://Website DF

    Why is bestbuy requiring 4G web access add on on the phone for an upgrade when the nexus s cant do 4g…?

  • http://Website Westy

    Picked up mine at 8am about 4 people were waiting with me. Quick and seamless process. Setting her up now. EXCITED!

    • http://Website Ms Doubtfire

      So did you return it already?

  • http://Website kobe

    Here in bestbuy Chicago at 7:56… I’m the only one here. This bestbuy will have 70+ units. Watch me purchase all 70… muwahaha…

  • http://Website d.lafleur

    I just called best buy in metro Detroit and lady said they dont have them but can order online and that corporate tmo stores will have them she said she found out in conference call. Wtf so is this true or what mad as hell wow

  • http://Website Waldokill

    Stupid best but mobile in grapevine milld won’t open till 9

  • http://Website chris johnton

    so whats up with this 4G upgrade charge? I thought it didnt have a 4 G antenna?

    • ayocuz

      It doesn’t that’s a rip off

  • http://Website Robsness

    Only one in line @best buy mobile. 70 units, I am the only hardcore geek in san diego :-)

    • http://Website Andromedo

      Which one did you go to? I was the first one at the Mission Valley (San Diego) store at about 7AM, but by opening at 8 there were five or six people in line behind me.

      Sitting in the rain waiting for a store to open to buy a phone… Some part of me thinks, WTF?!, but it was great.

      Nice to make friends with kindred spirits that way.

      The lady I spoke with told me they were ONLY selling the full-price non contract on site, but that if you went for the contracted version they would “instant ship” one to you instead.

  • http://Website Nick

    I just called in to our local best buy here in the Dallas area and he said the only way you can walk out with a Nexus S is to buy it outright for $500. If you’re getting it on t-mobile they will have to ship it to your house because they no longer sell T-mobile at the stores. He said the only best buy mobile that sells t-mobile is in a mall and they only got 7 in and 4 were gone and he had 2 he just sent that way.

  • http://Website Andrew K

    LAS VEGAS: sitting in Best Buy parking lot, waiting for doors to open, no one here but employee cars so far…

    • http://Website Andrew K

      Just got the Nexus S, popped my sim in And booted up, all I have to say is WOW, 4 in stock, and they’re all gone!

      • http://Website Naggin Peter

        you stole em?

  • http://Website Kam

    Just purchased it online. Very painless except when I have to give my credit card lol. Love that they upgraded it to overnight shipping. hopefully I’ll get it tomorrow :)

  • http://Website swazedahustla

    Hmmmmmm not sounding like alot of people were blown away by this devince, just lots of people blown by the shenanigans. TMO strikes again. AHHAHAHAHA

    • http://Website jdog25

      Its a Google phone what you don’t like Google than get an iPhone troll.

  • http://Website chris Johnston

    so I tried to buy it online, then I got the 4 g runaround. then when I got that answer (30 minutes later) it gave me check out errors. I called back tried to talk to some one, got put on the wrong line had to hang up and call back. then I got transfered to the wrong place again. more than an hour later I’m on the phone for the 4th or 5th time trying to just buy it over the phone. this is stupid.

  • http://Website orgreeno

    WARNING: I would stay away from Samsung products. I bought the Captivate Galaxy S and after being replaced once, the GPS still does not work. AT&T refuses to replace again for a “known issue”. And Samsung promised Android 2.2 in September. Still not here in December. I personally think that there are hardware design flaws that are preventing the update. #SamsungGate

  • Subfooey

    Got it no problem at my local store, apparently they had only 4 units to sell

  • http://Website d.lafleur

    What a mickey mouse operation this is just sell it at the tmo store best buy in Michigan has no clue at all what a joke

  • http://Website Robert

    How many of you bought a 32GB SD card to go with your new NS? Oh, that’s right it doesn’t have an SD slot. Never mind. Don’t forget to buy a Garmin GPS to go with the NS to compensate for a non working GPS in the Samsung products. From a disgruntled former Vibrant owner.

    • http://Website Usman

      Sounds like you’re just irritated because you bought a Samsung supported device and now a superior Google supported device has supplanted it. You should have listened to the myriad warnings about Samsung when the Galaxy S devices were announced. This isn’t the first time Samsung has screwed over its customers… and it won’t be its last. If you want Android, stick to HTC or Nexus phones. Motorola’s ok and definitely better than Samsung.

      • http://Website Keefers

        Droid X rocks.

  • http://Website anthony

    I just got mine brooklyn ny. I have a nexus one but decided to try it out. I figure I got 30 days. Best buy didn’t have it out no sighns duh?I asked the counter guy he handed it to me from his desk. He said he sold 20 so far. The phone is beautiful. I started playing with it and two others wanted one as well. I found it strange why no sighns only those in the know seem to know. A tmobile person said she came to buy one for herself because union square had long line. Well ill chime in later gotta work to pay for this lol

    • http://Website Craig

      bought mine at union quare in NY, i wa there at 7am behind two other people. the line had about 20 people in it by the time they sold it at 8. the staff said they had 33 phones in all.

  • http://Website Thomas

    Can anyone confirm if it is unlocked or not? Dick at the Best Buy support chat told me that they are all locked to TMO.

    2:57 PM Dick:
    Thank You for contacting Best Buy Mobile, my name is Dick. I apologize, but right now we are experiencing very high chat volume. Please ask any questions that you have for me and I will be with you as soon as I can!
    2:57 PM Thomas Broendum:
    I am trying to buy the NExus S online but can not figure out how to buy it without a contract
    2:58 PM Dick:
    We will not carry an unlocked version, they are locked to T-Mobile. I know the press releases say so, but it is very locked to T-Mobile and can not be unlocked. If you want to buy without a plan, add to package, click existing customer, and then replacement phone.
    2:59 PM Thomas Broendum:
    so none of the phones will be unlocked? Even without contract?
    2:59 PM Dick:
    3:00 PM Thomas Broendum:
    You should come forward and change all your online posts
    3:00 PM Dick:
    I am sorry about that.
    3:00 PM Dick:
    Are there anymore questions that I can help you with today?
    3:00 PM Thomas Broendum:
    everything from best buy online says no contract option
    3:01 PM Thomas Broendum:
    and unlocked
    3:01 PM Thomas Broendum:
    This id really bad info from your side

    • http://Website darcy

      as mentioned previously, locked to tmo means that the phone can only use tmo network/band?
      2 yr contract = 199
      no contract = 529

      but doesnt tmo and att have the similar band?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      All Nexus phones are unlocked, but this version only works with T-Mobile 3G. You can still use it with AT&T, but you are stuck on 2G Edge data.

      • http://Website Nick

        taylor can you get home already and do some videos so we can see it today before i get off and order it? lol thanks

    • http://Website craig

      it is unlocked, “Dick” is an idiot. in NY the Best Buy mobile across the street from the Best Buy at Union Square was only selling unlocked versions. The Best Buy was selling both, the first two phones bought ahead of me were unlocked.

      • http://Website Shania Wayne

        Dick is a dick

  • islander

    Just got mine from a bestbuy in Central IL. at 8:30A, they had already sold one of the four they had on hand… now they have two…

  • islander

    so I brought the NS home, hoping and praying it would be like the Vibrant-where it has an ATT 3G radio and I was disappointed to find out that it didnt. Also after complete recovery of apps and everything else I didn’t really notice that much of a performance bump with the NS as opposed to the N1.

    I guess what I’m saying is that if you already have an N1- I DON’T reccomend trying to upgrade. Here’s hoping the N3 or whatever it’s going to be called will be dual core with a 4.3″ screen!

    In the meanwhile, my NS is going back to bestbuy.

    • http://Website Jeff

      Thanks, helpful info!!!!!

    • islander

      I’m going to start with an apology – I feel that after playing with the phone all day I was hasty with some of my remarks earlier and I apologize for that . After playing with it over the course of the day I have noticed that the phone is markedly more responsive than the nexus 1, not by a large margin- but definitely noticeable.

      I’m also going to recant my statement about not reccommending to upgrade to it. I guess the only thing I would recommend is purchasing the unit, play with it for a day and then decide if it is really worth keeping. It seems like the Super AMOLED screen is more vivid and clearer in sunlight than the N1 and I’m definitely a fan of bigger screens. The experience with the OS has also been overwhelmingly positive, the devil is definitely in the details and there are many nice ones with this update.

      Sadly I will have to return the NS as the speed of Edge (2G) data on the phone on ATT’s network is nothing short of miserable ~ 0.2 mbits when I’ve been getting almost 3 mbits down with my ATT N1. Just as frustrating is T-mobile’s coverage in the town I live in.

    • Scotter

      It will be interesting to hear what you think of that experience with the Nexus S after you get the new OS (Gingerbread) on your Nexus One. I realize the Hummingbird processor is faster than Snapdragon but I am eager to see my Nexus One on 2.3.

      • islander

        Amen to that!

        It really is difficult to make an apples to apples comparison when you are not using the same operating system! Gingerbread is supposed to be a slight performance boost compared to Froyo so I am definitely looking forward to checking that out on the N1.

        I had a chat with another good friend of mine about the merits of having a dual core phone versus one that you know will get updates regularly. Given the shenanigans that the Galaxy S series is having on the carriers I’m going to vote main vein (Pure Google Phone) all the way. All I’m doing at this point is hoping that they release a new Nexus phone with ATT 3G bands and thanking my lucky stars I own an N1.

        I know people have complained about the cheap feeling of the plastic (and believe me when I say that I hate cheap plastic – esp. cheap hard plastic on car [email protected]!#) but somehow over the day that I’ve messed with the NS, it seems like a much more cohesive design and I love the way it feels in my hand to the point where I can forgive the plasticky nature of the phone….

        Wow, I’ve been a chatty Cathy in this forum today, must be all that backed up verbal diarrhea….

  • http://Website Kris

    So I went by Best Buy last night to ask if they would have any in store (I live in Vegas and no Vegas stores where listed on the location sheet on, The guy there told me they would have a few and that they would be only for outright purchases.

    This morning I decided to just try and order it online, so I went through the whole thing to find out there was an issue with my T-Mobile contract (as I bought a G2 and returned it and they never reverted my contract), so me being impatient and not wanting to wait for T-Mobile to open hopped in my car and went to the local Best Buy to pick one for the full price. I got there and two people where in front of me (This is at 8:30am PST). The first guy in line bought two, the other guy bought one, and I was lucky enough to get the very last one. The employee told me all the Nevada stores are only getting 4 per store … so if you in the Henderson, NV area the store on Sunset is sold out.

  • Ryan

    Showed up at the Best Buy in Salt Lake City on 21st South at about 8:05. Saw a guy walk out with one as I was going in. There were about 6 people in line in front of me and a few had lined up behind me by the time I left. They had 2 counters open so I didn’t have to wait too long. I had gone by the day before and they said they were getting about 40 phones.

    I didn’t see any signs or anything although there did seem to be a lot of employees there for 8 AM (much more than were there when I went in yesterday morning).

    FYI – they won’t offer this information but there is a special plan right now – 1500/min unlimited web and text for $79/mo – if you use less than 1500 minutes this is just as good as the Even More Plus plan for $79 AND you can get the phone at the subsidized price (on a 2 year contract). I was originally going to buy it outright and go EMP to save $20/mo but I don’t use that many minutes and don’t mind the contract so this was a good option. You’ll have to ask them for it though, they didn’t offer it when I asked about my options.

  • http://Website J240


  • http://Website Richard

    You don’t have to be a geek to be aware of this phone…People are just not really interested…Samsung is NO HTC and this Nexus S is NO HTC EVO 4G..I will wait for HTC to come out with the Evo 2 or the successor to the Evo on sprint. HTC is the best makers of smartphones period

    • http://Website anthony

      Ricchard seriously get over it evo great phone but not a nexus nothing more needed to add

    • Scotter

      I’m with you, Richard!
      The wonderful software + quick updates does not help me forgive Samsung’s track record with phones lately and the fact that the Nexus S is not a very forward-thinking phone.
      Now before you Nexus S fanboys jump in with the typical lack of future thinking, please consider how long you want your phone to last! If two years then PLEASE do yourself a favor and wait just a month or so for a phone that will last many more months than the Nexus S.
      And by “last” I mean, order of my preference:
      - be able to use 4th generation data networks, i.e., “4G” <– if use the web on your phone, check email on your phone, upload photos to Facebook, etc., you will value the speed increase
      - be able to use software that will inevitably come out within your no-upgrade window that requires more advanced processors than the ones in phones right now.
      So please think about how long you want your next phone to last.
      I'm really really not here to troll. I'm here because maybe I care too much, heh.
      If you already bought your Nexus S, please don't be offended by my comments. I don't want you to have buyers' remorse. I'm sure you will enjoy your phone because you had your reasons for buying it. I will admit it is a badass piece of equipment and in some ways I envy you. But I'll hold on to my Nexus One for just a but longer. I will deny my lust for a bigger screen and front facing camera for a bit longer :)

  • http://Website Alan

    I thought that there was going to be a line for it. So, I got up early and be at the store early, early… 6:30am. So, no one was there and i am the only one outside the store until about 730am… can you believe it?? After all, when the store opened up at 8am, the line just barely is 7 person long.

    Anyway, while I was in line waiting at about 7:45am Chicago. I used my iphone to go and have ordered another 2 nexus S. Got the confirmation email from Best buy already. However, I still purchased the one at the store. actually the one online is less in tax and you can actually save about 15-20 Dollars.

    FYI, their express delivery 2 days is alo free. So i am expecting delivery on 12/21.

  • http://Website Brian 2

    Got the last NS at a Best Buy in Houston at around 11. The first guy I asked didn’t know what I was talking about, and I had to convince him that they really were carrying them.

    It was like the Simpsons episode where Apu tells Marge to go for the line with the single guys. A clueless customer and only slightly less clueless salesperson were trying to figure out the difference between a Blackberry and EVO at one register (I had to bite my tongue when the salesperson explained that you have to run an antivirus program with Android), a couple of customers were going over a dozen phone cases at another, and the guy in front of me and I got checked out with our Nexuses in 3 minutes. We should really get a discount for handing them several hundred dollars and not taking up their time.

    • Kleptine

      I don’t think I would have had that much self control. :P

  • http://Website SSA

    No HSPA+
    No Removable Storage
    Plastic Casing
    5MP Camera

    …Means not worth my money! I’ll stick to my Nexus One for now

    • anakin78z

      Amazing launch story. Thanks for sharing.

  • http://Website Cody

    What’s with this 4G add on for a non-4G phone? I want to renew my contract and I’m being forced to add this crap?

  • http://Website swazedahustla

    LOL, and people bitched and moaned at sprint for their $10 fee for unlimited 4G/3G data, but TMO charges it for a phone that doesn’t even offer it? LMAO……………MAJOR FAIL!!!! I guess that $10 is paying for TMO “4G” network.

  • http://Website JoeSchmo

    Just got mine this morning, phone is great but I think all current T-Mobile customers need to know something before purchasing this:

    1) If you are on a Even More Plus plan (just monthly no contract, EMP) and don’t care about your current phone number, this situation applied to me, to get the Best Buy (BB) discount of the Nexus S phone for $199 just have Best Buy add a line to your account in-store as an Even More (Contract, EM) plan and then after you get the phone cancel the old line (EMP). T-Mobile customer service over the phone could not upgrade my EMP plan to an EM plan outright, reason being because they would have to completely cancel your current account and go about it as a new account. This is not kosher with BB at the moment due to that fact “Eligibility” status for your account will not update on BB systems until after 90 days.

    2) If you want to keep your number go through the same process above and after call T-Mobile immediately after to put in a request for you old number. Associates both BB and T-Mo were both saying “its 50/50, you might get it, you might not… may take up to 24-72 hours”, I successfully did it, for shits and giggles, I got my old number back in less than an hour after going through the process.

    3) If you just want to buy it outright for full retail value … more power to you!

    NOTE: My situation sounds like a corner case but there were at least 3 people at the store I was in going through the same situation, if that gives you an idea how to base this. Everybody else paid full retail for it which seems like your being bent over but pretty seamless :)

    • http://Website JoeSchmo

      T-Mo’s naming conventions for there plans are just confusing, needed to add that :)

    • Ryan

      Actually, you save more money by buying it outright.

      An equivalent Even More plan costs an extra $20/mo. Over the life of your 2 year contract thats $480 (24 months x $20/mo). Contrast that with the extra ~350 the phone costs if you buy it off contract. It’s basically a choice between $350 now or $480 over 2 years.

      Also if contracts get cheaper in the future (which they have been) you can take advantage of that if you’re not on a contract.

    • islander

      Or if you want to keep your number regardless… use Google Voice.

  • http://Website Alex

    Picked mine up in Saint Louis this morning at 8 sharp. There was a woman in front of me (complaining the store was 2 minutes late opening) but she didn’t buy a phone. The mobile person didn’t show up until 8:30 and only she could locate the phones. It was still in the ups box locked in a cabinet. Bought the phone and the accessory bundle for 647.00 and some change after tax.

    One thing I liked about buying on Depending on where you lived, it was 529.00 no tax at all.

    Love, love, love this phone.

    • http://Website Fred H

      Plz tell us more about the woman waiting in front of you. Is she engaged? How old is she? Does she look hot? Do you have her adress? Whats her name? Plz tell me her phone no.

      Yours sincerely
      Fred H

  • http://Website Archie

    Picked mine up this morning in Queens NY. I got there 7:30 and there was no line. when the doors opened at 8 about 8 people showed up. It was quick and easy. I LOVE THE NEXUS S!!!!! I had the Nexus One so it was time to switch.

  • Tristan Thomas

    I want to but into the Nexus S hype but it lacks a few important things like SUPPORTING TMOBILES 4G network. Thats the major killer. Plus, according to what i read the Nexus S is already showing hardware problems. You can check it out yourself at

    • http://Website anthony

      Tristan oh stop already problems I read that link is there other issues you heard about. I got one in the box still wanna make sure its cool

  • squide

    Tried to pick it up in Honolulu, I was the 20th person in line, but my credit card was declined! Maybe I’ll wait for the Optimus 2X.

  • MitchRapp81

    my Nexus S launch story:

    - I was at work all day
    - I was admiring my beautiful Nexus One, which comes with a micro-SD slot… how weird huh!

    Nexus S is a fail in my books.

    - no micro-sd
    - single core when dual cores are coming out as early as next month (actually the LG Star is out!)
    - Plastic 1$ casing
    - no Micro-HDMI
    - front-facing is only VGA, not 1.3 / 2.1mpx like other phones
    - full camera is same as Nexus One, a phone that came out 11 months ago
    - no LED Trackball or equivalent (for notifications)
    - BT 3.0 and DLNA have become pretty much standard for 2011 phones…
    - same price as N1, but 11 months later, and cheaper quality build … really? Cmon… this is a 399$ phone at best.

    • http://Website You

      Don’t like the phone? Don’t buy it! Complaining isn’t getting you anywhere. I agree with everything you’ve said, but what’s the point in adding such a negative, mundane comment that’s just listing your complaints? There’s hundreds of comments exactly like yours on every single website that’s talking about the Nexus S. Save your breath.

      • Scotter

        All comments, including the negative, are useful. There is a lot of hype out there and many people who will assume that just because it is the latest it is the best choice. So it is important that some people stand up and shout, “This phone sucks.”

    • Scotter

      Thanks for the info! I’m in 100% agreement with you!

  • http://Website aanrhony

    Tristan I got one this morning didn’t open it yet gotta earn money back first lol. The hardware issue you describe hopefully I don’t have but thanks for that is there anything else besides that

  • http://Website Ivan

    I called Best Buy to ask why the phone needed a 4G add-on of $10 or 30$ when we all know this phone isnt 4G … or is it? The rep I spoke to said it was a 4G device. But even if it was isnt 4G FREE ON TMOBILE?!

    • Taylor Wimberly

      The Nexus S is 3G only. It sounds like Best Buy’s online ordering system had some problems.

      • http://Website Ivan

        I called Best Buy again and this time they said that the Nexus S will be upgraded to have 4G capabilities, last time I checked a phone couldnt get an update to support 4G or any G Lol Thanks for the reply.

    • http://Website gregg

      I don’t know if this has been mentioned because I don’t want to read through every comment but I saw enough people getting mad about “being charged” for 4g network on a non 4g phone. All the new tmobile data plans are labeled as 4g it has nothing to do with the phones and is still the same price as the older phone specific data plans, 30$ for unlimited data. If you have a 4g phone good for you if you have a nexus s also good for you, either way you are paying the same. They do now offer a 10$ 200mb data plan for non heavy users. I work for tmobile, all they did was change the smart phone web or android web into one “4g web” data plan to make adding it to an account easier for us. Saying that and owning the nexus one the g2 and the vibrant and playing with the nexus s (about 2 hours with it today) and the mt4g all the time, I have to say my favorite phones are in this order….
      Nexus one – the end all be all best phone I have ever owned to this day, if you have it keep it and wait for something else to come along

      G2 – basically a nexus one with a full keyboard faster processor more internal space but no multicolor led notifications (if you haven’t had it you don’t know what you are missing. If the trackpad was multicolor I would put this phone ahead of the nexus one

      Nexus s – google supported so no slacking from samsung because google handles everything with the phone. GPS is spot on on the one I played with no issues like my vibrant rooting was a snap no need for lagfixes or crap like that and to be honest outside of the retarded notion of not having an led notification I was impressed and it takes a lot…..

      Mt4g – great phone but I prefer stock android as I like my device updated with regularity and in a timely manner

      Vibrant – waste of my money….very nice phone for your everyday user but if you are looking at the nexus s no brainer which to get rfs partition is awful and laggy and gps is still an issue its on an operating system that came out this time last year and hasn’t upgraded to an operating system that came out in may….saying all that an every day user would be amazed by the phone, I am not so much I use it as like an ipod touch

      Those are just my opinions on the phones….I play with them everyday so I figured ied clear some air and put my two cents in for people who are considering any of the phones I mentioned in comparison

  • http://Website anthony

    Okay time with nexus s and I am a nexus one owner. The phone is bbbbeutiful. The nexus one feels much more solid I feel like I’m holding an egg lol. The phone is just noticeable lighter but is tight. The screen blows the nexus one away totally.
    I find the 3g signal for those who had N1 signal woes are night and day.
    the hspda that’s a joke I’m getting 5 on download. And that’s at home where n1 lived on edge. The nexus s by far holding better signal
    verdict for me good move because of 3g issues
    Phone great but could live with my N1 but saying that if n1 is a 8 the nexus is a10+

  • http://Website Travis Nexus

    Got to my local non T-Mobile Best Buy at 7 and no line. My friend and I went inside and the guy at Best Buy Mobile had no idea what we were talking about. Our hearts dropped. “Did they not get any?”, I thought. “They had to, every store was getting them…” He looks through the cabinets for the longest time, and lo and behold, they had four down at the bottom. He had no idea about the phone, let alone it was coming out. Was a great feeling to finally have it in my hand! Liked my Vibrant hardware a lot, but not Touchwiz, so I knew I would like the Nexus S. It is quicker than my Vibrant with no lag.

  • http://Website anthony

    Hey can anyone else confirm what I’ve found. The death grip isn’t here with the nexus s perhaps that’s why the bottom is slightly thicker. I am getting solid 3g and phone is cupped this for me is check mate my friend. The bad so far I miss that glowing track ball. I can’t see my notifications unless I turn phone off. The good old nexus one would blink for daddy lol

  • http://Website mandy bratwurst

    today i was at my local best buy, but nobody wanted to buy a nexus s.
    no waiting lines at all.
    i walked away, out of the store.
    end of story.

    • islander

      It seems like it is the same advertising strategy as before… online only. I’m beggining to wonder what their target volume for this phone is… couldn’t be anything huge… So it’s not a surprise that too many people aren’t aware of it.

  • http://Website BiGMERF

    Isnt this a share your purchase thread? Not a damm wine about what the phone lacks thread?! Stop complaining no body is making you get it. goodness. Anyway
    I got to Best Buy Mobile in Daytona Florida at 845 for a 9am opening. Only 3 of us were there, when we got in the transaction was easy and simple. Buy and swap sim. When I finished my purchase there were already like 10 more people in the store, needless to say some had to get it shipped overnight. I think like 2 and they were pissed. One guy was from Japan and had to catch a plane later today.
    The phone’s screen absolutely blows my Nexus one away ! Everything and I mean everything about the screen is a million times better. From color, to motion to touch responsiveness.I no longer have any 3G issues, Im getting good download speeds (I also wished for HSPA+), but I am impressed how much better my speeds are with this edition of the nexus.
    Right after I bought my phone, I began my drive to NYC from Florida and decided to run my Nexus S along with my in car navigation. The phone’s GPS found me quickly and followed me all the way to NC where I now am in a hotel.
    I didnt think the phone would be that much better than my Nexus one or my girls Vibrant but it is. I LOVE IT!

    • http://Website anthony

      BigMerf thanks for confirming what i thought i also have a N1 and for sure this nexus s has no 3g issues its fast as heck. I am just amazed by the screen and speed .The phone feels great in the hand and yes its light but build quality is great its made tight and sorry to say smokes my N1 but its not fair fight until the N1 gets gingerbread

  • http://Website Maximus

    Im Pissed of!!!!!!

    So i go to Best Buy near my School here in New York and of Course its sold out!

    So i opt to pre-order which u can only do at the store if your buying the Nexus at full price 530$

    Now with that u have to buy the 50$ rebate Card to go with it and i was told i would be called when it was available smh

    After further thinking i get home and realize wait they Never took my Address info to ship out whe it was Available just my name and number

    I call Best Buy on the Phone and they tell me they have no idea when it would be available and that it may be another 2-3 weeks!!!!!

    Are u Kidding Me!!!????

    • http://Website Exodus

      Thats clearly a hint of fate. God wants to tell you: WAIT for HTC. Patience my dear friend, patience. The dual-core blessings is just around the corner….

      • http://Website Maximus

        Update: After my rant i decided to go to Best Buy’s online site

        I ended up purchasing it from the site they Advertise it with the contract but when u go to the add package section they ask u if you’re a new Customer or Existing Customer

        Opt for existing Customer and Pick the Replacing Device option which u will then Pay full price 529$

        Afterwards you to go through the whole info process and Credit Card info

        Its automatic express Delivery scheduled for Dec 21-22nd

        Hopefully all goes well

        Bye Bye Blackberry…its been fun but its time to Join the Android Family :)

  • http://Website bigmerf

    yea dual core with a bunch of bloatware and manufacturing skins on it. No thanks I will wait for a 100 percent google dualcore. The next Nexus, till then this phone moves fast as hell and will hold me over just fine

  • bigmexican

    Play with one and then write about it really ……..they did a really nice job with the phone i dont think Google would’ve allowed to be this a flagship device if it wasn’t up to the task…..i own a nexus one and i was impressed… im not saying go out and buy it but dont talk if you dont know what the deal is..

  • http://Website Mark

    Got my NS about 4 hours ago, clerk at Best Buy said it was the last one and she would not tell me how many they had. She did say they had sold quite a few.

    So far so good. Phone is the smoothest running Android phone I have used to date. Beautiful screen, gingerbread seems to have minor changes but is very fast. Loaded up about 80 apps and not one problem or lag.

    Have been using the navigation and I can say it is as good as my myt4g and N1.

    Excellent phone.

  • http://Website Ben Johnson, GA

    After reading your overcrowded-launch stories two words come to my mind


    It seems like anyone is interested in this phone…lol…i should have walked into the next BestBuy to help ya out.
    “Hello, sir…please enter the waiting line…your ticket is no. well….no. 2!”
    “Im not buying a phone!” ”
    “kay, sir, dont be so cheeky or i gonna put you at the end of the line!”
    “Already there.”
    “Mmmh, ya, whatever, sir”

    sent from my iPhone 4

    • http://Website Sven

      “It seems like anyone is interested in this phone….lol”


      That’s humorous? (other than the poor grammar, bad spelling, and lack of punctuation in the rest of the message, I fail to see the humor). Lay off the pipe dude.

  • http://Website MAR546

    I knew it was a sales flop. Just like the Nexus 1. History repeats itself.

  • jjl84

    Went into a Best Buy today to play with the phone and I loved it (I cannot purchase the Nexus S since I’m on Verizon and have no intention on switching, but I do hope that Google releases it on Big Red). The second I picked it up the stupid alarm started going off, however, this did not stop me from messing around with it. I was amazed at how smooth everything ran, and how gorgeous that Super AMOLED screen is. One feature I really like about 2.3 is the new UI effect when you reach the end of scrolling down a list like the settings menu; it just gives it a more polished feel. I’m really looking forward to using 2.3 a lot more to see what little touches Google has made to their amazing OS.

    Side note to Google: Please make a Nexus S for Verizon. That’s all I want for Christmas :)

  • http://Website colin

    Bought my 2 off contact at 8(est) online fromsingapore without a problem. Now just waiting for my mom to get them and ship them to me :)

  • grindking

    Here’s my funny launch story:

    I arrived at around 7:30AM and there was already someone camped out front of the Best Buy. I ended up being second, but I started talking to the other person waiting. He had been there since *6* AM, was purchasing the phone UNDER contract, and DIDN’T care he wasn’t getting it that day. I would have stayed in bed and just ordered it online if I wasn’t getting it that day, the temperature outside was like 24F and he had been out there FOREVER.

    Some people are just really strange.

    On that note, the Nexus S is great, getting ready to sell my N1 now as I no longer need it :D

  • http://Website Eric

    This was by far the worst purchasing experience of my life.

    After multiple failed attempts at adding a line to an existing T-Mobile account, T-Mobile suggested that I order the Nexus S from Best Buy as a new customer (e.g., open a brand new T-Mobile account), and T-Mobile would then “combine” the accounts on their end. Considering the difficulty I have had dealing with Best Buy throughout the day, I decided to order the Nexus S in this fashion – I figured the less I had to deal with Best Buy in this transaction, the better.

    Shortly after placing an order to purchase the Nexus S by opening a new T-Mobile account via Best Buy’s website, I received an e-mail from Best Buy advising me that there was a problem with my order. The e-mail advised me to call Best Buy or my order would be canceled.

    After calling Best Buy, I was told that they were working on the problem and that it would be resolved, and I would be contacted by Best Buy, within 24 hours. They claimed that they were having a lot of order problems (which I don’t know if I believe, since I haven’t really seen many complaints on the Internet).

    Anyway, after waiting 24 hours, I just called them again and they said they actually need 24-72 hours. Unbelievable.

    Oh, and by the way, they had no problems charging my credit card. That part of their system apparently works fine.

  • http://Website LifeWhiz

    Here is my story. I was the first in the line and the first to get the phone. But the phone is faulty. The 4 buttons below malfunction in less than 10 mins of use. Bestbuy couldn’t exchange it for me as they run out of stock. End up, I have to contact Samsung to sent the phone back for repair!

    Guess what, when I check the tracking status at the Samsung website a while ago, they said invalid number and when I checked my product status, it stated product -> Out of Warranty

    Amazing Samsung and BestBuy quality…

  • Long Sipper

    A reception last Friday night to celebrate the publication of Acne Paper’s 11th issue, the Studio Issue. Who: Marisa Berenson; Nicola Formichetti; …

  • GRAW

    Whent to Best Buy yesterday to test out the phone. Whada know, no working floor models… They blamed Google… funny how every single phone in their store was a dummy, non-working, phone EXCEPT for the iPhone… Bullshit…

  • icyinuit

    They don’t sell the phone straight for full price…. They ask you to sign a contract!?

    Best buy is Worst option!!

  • http://Website Shanmugavel

    When Nexus S will be in Stores in South Korea?
    I want to buy it in South Korea…

    Anybody know any info? Please convey here…………..