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Sprint delays Epic 4G software update, no Galaxy S phones in the U.S. will see Android 2.2 in 2010

The verdict is in. Samsung has failed to upgrade their reputation when it comes to Android software updates.

Samsung produces the Android phones with the best hardware (that’s why I purchased the Nexus S), but they are one of the worst companies when it comes to continued software support.

When Samsung announced the Galaxy S lineup in New York this past June and said they would update them to Android 2.2, I never imagined it would take them till 2011 to accomplish that goal. We had the expectation that those updates would occur in September, but month after month passed and no OTAs were delivered.

HTC pushed out the first round of Android 2.2 updates in about six weeks, so we have absolutely no idea why Samsung was unable to keep up.

It looked like the Epic 4G might be the first Galaxy S phone in the United States to see Android 2.2, but Sprint pushed back the update and only said it would be available “sometime in the near future”.

At the end of the day, I don’t see the situation improving any time soon until consumers start to demand (aka purchase) phones with the latest version of Android. Samsung hit their goal of becoming the top manufacture of Android phones in the U.S., so there is little reason for them to change their current strategy.

The number of upset customers is certainly growing, but I’m not sure if Samsung has received the message yet. As we approach the next-generation of Samsung devices, the biggest question (among the hardcore crowd) will continue to be their commitment to providing software updates in a reasonable time frame.

I think I know how our audience will answer, but will Samsung’s (lack of) software support for their Android phones be a deciding factor in your next purchase?

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  • http://Website Joey Snow

    Geez, 4 epic FAIL.’s
    Glad I got the Evo! :D

    • http://Website Electric Epic

      Hi people, I found the update 2.2.1 in October last year and install to my Epic 4G and works real good. it’s true you ain’t gonna find and update for the Epic in you phone update, you can fail if you try to do the update, but if you search the update by internet just you need to change the name of the file to Save the update file in your sd card and install. Just hold down the volume button, hold together at the same time the camera button and on/off button. Pick install update from sd card and wala you got in your phone the Froyo DK28 2.2.1 Firmware. After that search by internet all the updates for Gingerbread 2.3 and the new Market and install in you phone without risk. Now my phone has a Firmware 2.21, Baseband V DK28, and Quantum Rom v2.7 DK28 EXT4 this is the new software with some modification Gingerbread 2.3

  • http://Website alex

    Im sticking to HTC, and more specific the mytouch line :D, still waiting for the slide 2.2 update but i’m getting the 4G next week, but it would be nice to see froyo

    • Taylor Wimberly

      T-Mobile is a mixed-bag when it comes to Android updates.

      When it comes to software updates, I would rank the carriers.

      1. Sprint
      2. Verizon
      3. T-Mobile
      4. AT&T

      • http://Website watbetch

        1 phone (The Evo) gets 2.2 fairly quickly and Sprint updates their phones the quickest? That title should go to Verizon.
        1. Verizon
        2. Sprint (even though only 1 phone got updated quickly)
        3. T-Mobile (bringing the original MT3G to 2.2 is commendable but they and HTC/MOTO/Samsung have been leisurely to say the least)
        4. AT&T

        • http://Website swazedahustla

          How much do you wanna bet sprint is the “FIRST” to bring GB to the EVO as well. Well FIRST behind the N1 obviously.

      • Sundroid

        That looks like a fair evaluation…

        The best thing that could have actually happened to SGS owners was the introduction of the Nexus S. It looks like Cyanogen is going to bring a stock Gingerbread experience to SGS owners, and they are already well into stabilizing the build for Captivates.

        With the XDA team and CM team getting together on this one, I’m ok with AT$T being on the bottom of the list. ;)

  • http://Website Dr. Samsung (Fail disease doctor)


  • http://Website Joe

    an This is shocking….. Because

  • http://Website firethorn

    I really don’t see what the problem is with Froyo updates in the US seeing as I have had it on my international SGS for well over a month now…
    How is Samsung to blame for it when carriers are slow to get off their asses and push the updates out already?

    • http://Website Derek

      Certainly a valid point. But Samsung did take till the end of the year to release it on a few international phones. Who knows what the hold up is. Is it samsung or is it the carriers “quality testing” AKA stripping out the good features that they can monetize. Either way, the situation sucks and I’ll never buy another samjunk product (phone, tv, bluray player, etc) ever again in my life.

    • http://Website Ringo

      I am from Europe (Czech republic) and I still don’t have Froyo on my Samsung Galaxy S. Last monday I was told by their helpdesk that they expected Froyo on 24.12. but something went wrong. Also they told me it should be by the end of the year. Today 2.12.2011 no Froyo.

      This was my first and last Samsung. Shame because the phone itself is great.

      I find it quite incredible that the life cycle for these phones is about 9 months and that Samsung can’t get a software update to those phones within 6 months…

  • DPtheKid

    So glad I got the Nexus S instead of the Epic :)

    • http://Website rbs14k

      And based on their current track record, do you honestly think that their support for the Nexus S will be any better?

      • http://Website Ryan

        Well luckily for Nexus S owners, Samsung will be pushed by Google to update that phone. They won’t be able to slack off with this one. But this is fail, my last straw with Samsung.

        • http://Website rbs14k

          Oh believe me when I tell you that Samsung will find a way to cock this up.

      • http://Website Hellbunny

        The beauty of the Nexus line (One and S) is that the firmware comes directly from google, not the hardware manufacturer.

        • g.isreal

          To be honest I think it should be like that for all Android Phones.

          If I had a say I think It should be like this.

          Google should set standard for handset makers to follow. Including the assortment of hard/soft buttons, processors, and screen resolution.

          All Android phones come stock, And you choose what cover UI you want.
          - You pay for the cover UI and you deal with there updates.
          - Also It branches out SO if you want a phone on a certain provider that didnt carry that UI then you can get it.

          Im pretty sure there are alot more logistics to it but heck, a guy can dream right.

          • http://Website mcopeman23

            I disagree.
            Not every phone should be a stock android.
            Different experiences for different people.Sadly right now people who don’t want stock android are paying the price. Hopefully with google consistently putting out good products hurt themselves if stock is better from common users.

            I had the mytouch 3g. It had stock android. Tons of problems with it. It took forever for it to get 2.2.

            I hope people compare stock android to whatever flavor a manufacturer tries to do so they would have to up their game and stop slowing down phones!

          • http://Website james

            However sadly those who WANT stock android are paying the price. There are NO phones that have stock Android from any major carrier right now. The one and only was Moto Droid (which has been EOL’d) for Verizon Wireless and Nexus One for AT&T/T-mo. Google needs to force ONE stock android phone on each carrier OR give the consumer a way to remove touch wiz/HTC Sense/Moto Blur/et. al. without voiding their warranty.

      • http://Website TruFactzâ„¢

        yes because thats Google’s phone, not T-Mobile’s not sprint’s Verizon’s or at&t. google runs that phone. aint the nexus one still getting updates

  • http://Website SphericalPuma

    Anyone want to start a bet as to whether or not Samsung will have the U.S. galaxy devices to 2.2 by the time the S2 devices are launched?

    HTC is great with updates, and sprint is great delivering them to the customers. Samsung has proven to fail in regards to updates time and time again. The reason I have a Nexus S, is because I love their hardware and I knew they would have no part in delivering the updates.

  • http://Website lovo

    No way. I was sooo close to getting the vibrant on tmo. But the reason I turned away. At the times was due to the cameras lack of flash and this was before the g2 and mytouch 4g …I had a g1 but I decided to go with Verizon and the droidx and I’ve never been happier after my dx came after the galaxy s and has 2.2 I think HTC and Motorola are the only credible phone manufactures are good with updates sooo glad I didn’t get the vibrant

  • eXtorian

    Is it fair to blame Samsung? They had their official FroYo out for the Samsung Galaxy S months ago, faster than most handset manufacturers. The problem with Samsung phones getting the update in the U.S. seems to be either carrier specific (blame the carrier and their stupid customisations) or locale specific (blame the restrictions put in place by that country’s regulations / laws).

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I think it’s fair to blame Samsung since no U.S. carrier has released an OTA update yet. I’ve heard no reasonable explanation for the delays.

      • http://Website scotter

        I agree with you, Taylor.
        One question, though:
        If you blame Samsung, why do you vote for them with your dollars (you bought a Nexus S) and encourage others to buy their product?
        Even though I know better phones are less than 3 months away and those phones will have a longer lifespan than the Nexus S, I’ve still been tempted to get the Nexus S. But the #1 factor that stops me from running to Best Buy each time is: I dont want to support the company that I keep hearing so much negative feedback about. IMHO, they abuse their role and there isnt much we can do except (a) vote with our dollars; and (b) spread the word. You have a unique position to influence a lot of people so I wish you agreed.

        • Taylor Wimberly

          Because Google is providing the software updates and not the carrier. The Nexus S should always be up to date until the next Nexus comes out next year.

      • http://Website artyte

        neither is there a reasonable explanation to why we should blame samsung since no u.s. carrier has released an OTA update yet.

        I would think that the carriers are at fault because samsung already have the beta froyo for us galaxy s.

    • http://Website Derek

      What crazy world are you living in? Samsung had froyo out for their phones months ago? Faster than other manufacturers? WTF? The first official release of froyo from samsung came just a few weeks ago. HTC had froyo on some of their phones before the galaxy S even came out. Stop sucking up to samsung just because you bought one of their phones and now you’re lying to yourself to validate the purchase.

  • http://Website dnar56

    …And this is why I sold that POS fascinate, now just a waiting game for that thunderbolt goodness :D

  • http://Website Zapote21

    Nothing like stirring the pot huh? lol

  • http://Website Mario

    Although disappointing, if you thought otherwise, it’s your fault. I have the Captivate and im content with 2.1. When 2.2 comes out I’ll be happy with it also im sure. I dont even know whats better about it besides it’s supposed to run faster. Anticipating something from a company that doesnt have a good track record is setting yourself up for disappointment.
    Just be happy with what you have and one day out the blue you will recieve a plesant suprise.

    • http://Website scotter

      What about holding these companies accountable?

  • http://Website Steve

    @ firethorn The US variants have slightly different hardware requiring slightly different drivers, so no they did not release it months ago. Besides the carriers do not add the bloatware, they give it to Samsung, who writes the carrier-made generic .apk’s into the firmware, then hand it off to the carrier for testing, receives it back, makes the changes, then hands it off to Google to host on their servers for the OTA. So it is Samsung’s crappy coding abilities at fault, although the carriers’ unambitious rollout scheduling will not help matters :/

    Thank you Androidandme for running this article, I think all the bad press we can get on this issue will help alter public opinion and inform people about Samsung’s lack of support for their phones. I had hopes back at the US release when many in the blogosphere and press were assured that this series of devices would be supported, and like 10 million + others, I was duped. There will be no hope of Samsung ever redeeming itself at this point, not in the US at least, as consumers are shifting towards being more informed and buying more wisely. It is only a matter of time before they burn everybody…

    • http://Website scotter

      Yes! Im so glad to hear other people out there want to spread the word about Samsung. When everyone was getting excited about the Nexus S, I was posting everywhere I could, hoping I could at least influence 1% of 1% of the people out there. Maybe if we make it known to people with a higher profile, like Taylor, how we feel, we can have a greater impact. Please see the reply I made to his post regarding him voting *for* Samsung with his dollars.

  • velazcod
  • velazcod
  • http://Website NoMoreSammy

    Isn’t there a way to send hate mails to Samsung where they will be read by their Android updates department? This is effing ridiculous and those people need to be fired.

    I am not buying another Samsung device. Shame on you Samsung for being so incompetent at updating the devices when Google did all the work for GingerBread on Nexus S which is basically a Galaxy S phone.

  • http://Website AJ

    Had I known that Samsung would be this bad on the updates I would’ve gone with the Evo like I originally planned.

  • http://Website Bill

    I have a T-Mobile Vibrant. It is disgusting that Samsung disrespects its customers so much that we are treated like crap. T-Mobile has made a deal with me that makes me like them more, but I will never buy another Samsung phone again. There is NO reason that we should not have Froyo on our phones by the end of 2010. Thank you T-Mobile……..#[email protected]$%$# Samsung.

  • http://Website mike

    Nothing will change untilled you boycott samsungs mobile products. I am boycotting all Samsung products because of this unprecedented wait.

    • http://Website Sammy

      Yeah, I’ll be sure to immediately stop using my Samsung TV and Blu-ray player.

  • http://Website watbetch
    Try it, enjoy it, love it. Some minor bugs but it does NOT require root and will not wipe any apps. Root and install a custom rom based on JL5 if you’re into that..

  • http://Website Eric

    As a captivate owner, I will say I love this phone. However, the main reason for that is the hacker community. Samsung, you will not have me as a repeat customer. My next phone will be whatever nexus phone is out in 2 years.

  • wbiz251

    This is why I didn’t even consider buying a Galaxy Tab. After owning a Sprint Hero and an Epic 4g I have learned my lesson and will only be buying Google’s flagship devices. That way there’s no question about when and how I’ll get updates.

  • http://Website Bmx221

    Can’t be samsung i’m from australia and i’ve had froyo for a few months now.

  • http://Website robnok

    Angrily, I have given up on SamSuck! The only way I have gotten my Vibrant to work correctly and to it’s potential was by rooting and flashing (shout-out to Team Whiskey!). It is abundantly clear SamSuck is solely focused on sales, but not service. I get it that they are a business first and foremost, but to string SGS owners along with vague tweets and press releases is just wrong!

    I will definitely not purchase any SamSuck product again, as this is my only recourse. As others do the same, then maybe they will understand how consumers feel about their business practices. Or maybe not-they already have their sales record and profits, so why would they care?

    Shame on me, really, for believing a multinational corporation would be forthright with their consumers.:(

  • http://Website Comet

    Yes it will be a deciding factor. But not only that. The Nexus S is pretty much a Galaxy S and there is no word on when gingerbread will come to the Galaxy S. And worst thing is that Google hasn’t released Gingerbread on the Nexus One yet. On the other side all Apple iOS devices get the latest OS update all at the same time. My Nexus One cost exactly the same as an iPhone. It was an investment I made on Android. if Google and partners fail to support those who invest on them people will start switching.

    • http://Website Derek

      If you think gingerbread is ever coming to the SGS I’ve got a bridge to sell you. Samjunk wont even put out froyo and you’re talking about gingerbread?? LOL

      Samsung doesnt give a crap about you once they’ve gotten your money. All they care about is putting out their next bigger and better product and getting the next sale.

  • http://Website Sa-meh

    Cue the announcement in 1 month that Samsung made a mistake, and unfortunately the US Galaxy S phones are incapable of being upgraded past 2.2. Follow that up with the release of the SG2s the next month with 2.3. And, sometime around July 2011 US SGS get official 2.2 update and are dropped of future Samsung support.

    Source: Behold 2

    • http://Website mikey

      Take it to the bank, the galaxy s family will never see 2.3

      • http://Website Maximus

        lol Definitely Wont!

        I cant believe the GAlaxy S line is still stuck on 2.1 lmaoooooo

        the fact that they wont see 2.2 until next year which most likely by that time they will release the Galaxy S2 line it will be pointless by that time

        Honey Comb is rt around the corner and that line of phone from samsung is using Dinosaur Software lol

        Nexus S i love u

    • http://Website Sa-meh

      For the record…I am a former BH2 owner who bought the vibrant. Actually love it. Rooted + Lag fix + wifi tether. Launcher pro. Slingbox. Pictures/videos are great. Picked up copilot for $2.99 over thanksgiving, which works great with the GPS (google maps & navigation not so much).

      Of course, coming from the BH2, I made sure I REALLY REALLY REALLY liked the phone as is. At this point, any updates are gravy. Not expecting, but if I really want one, I’ll just flash.

    • http://Website Kennon

      Considering that there is already a 90% working Gingerbread port posted on XDA because the Nexus S and Galaxy S devices are almost identical hardware your prediction is FUD.

      • http://Website Derek

        Sorry but you’re wrong. The SGS and the Nexus S have the same screen and cpu and thats where the similarities end. Different radios, different gps, etc. The kernel and drivers for nexus s do not work on the SGS series. You wont see GB on SGS unless a ROM specifically for SGS is leaked from inside samsung. Just the way that the captivate rom 2.2 rom was leaked. Every build on XDA still starts as that stock rom that was leaked and is modded from there. Samsung’s hardware and touchwiz stuff is proprietary and not open source. Why do you think there is no working cyanogen or AOSP for them yet?? And you wont see them either.

        Sure you can download an “Alpha” that gets no wifi or cellular data and the phone wont work, no camera, or gps. Well what good is it then?

  • http://Website plainbrad

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again: I will never buy anything with the word Samsung on it ever again.

    • http://Website Arion

      For those saying they won’t buy another Samsung product is funny..Samsung is one of the biggest providers of components, aka I’m pretty sure almost all the stuff in your house has at least something Samsung in it.

      The most common being the memory, and recently Toshiba, one of Samsung’s biggest rivals in memory is going to outsource to Samsung.

      Also, Sony TVs if you use them are also manufactured by a Samsung/Sony partnership…

      So while you can avoid buying Samsung branded goods…you can’t avoid making Samsung making their money…

      But I do agree that Samsung needs to start pushing carriers to update faster…

      • http://Website plainbrad

        let me repeat “I will never buy anything with the word Samsung on it ever again.”

  • http://Website Drew

    *Behold 2. enough said.

  • http://Website Mikey

    Htc rules!

  • http://Website dnar56


  • http://Website anthony

    Wow that sucks the only reason I purchased a Samsung is because its a NS. I go with nexus because the updates are certain and sure
    Why take a chance?

  • http://Website rev2redlineguy

    I ditched my Samsung Vibrant and got a HTC G2. I was tired of broken promises from Samsung about their updates. They are nothing but liars and only caring about their bottom line profits. I will never purchase another Samsung product ever again. All Samsung wants to do is take peoples money then tell them “oh yeah, we’ll support this phone and give you updates soon” and then….nada….nothing….you are told to bend over and that’s it. No more, never again Samsung. I hope your business practices catch up with you and your sales decline to the bottom. You think you are smart but us consumers are smarter than you and in the end you’ll be bending over to us!

  • http://Website Cat

    I returned my GalaxyS within the 30 day window. I had no idea Samsung was so bad at OS Updates or I would never have bought it.

    I’m going to go with phone manf who has a history of pushing out OS updates.

    HTC or Moto I guess?

  • http://Website Josh

    While the Epic 4G is fantastic, hardware-wise, the fact that theres still no offiicial Froyo update 4 months after launch is an appalling failure on Samsung’s part. I am not buying another Samsung phone unless they make some serious changes. I sincerely hope that Samsung’s direct collaboration with Google on the Nexus S drives Samsung to get their act together, because the alternative is that they’ll drag down the Android platform as a whole.

  • http://Website Ichigo

    Samsung is something else. Very bad at updating their hardware is an understatement. I sold my vibrant for a mytouch 4g and i have to say that im very happy of my decision. From now on i will boycott samsung products. What’s even worse is that Samsung will probably release a Samsung galaxy s 2 and a lot of people will purchase it.

    • http://Website Derek

      Yep, all the people pissed off that their SGS dont have froyo will run out and buy an SGS2 with gingerbread on it. The only way to get samsung to change their behavior is to boycott them. But most people wont. I certainly am. Nothing with the word samsung on it will ever be allowed in my house.

  • monlosez

    I won’t purchase a Samsung android phone again but I can’t say about the rest of their products. Nexus S>

  • Aaron Ferguson

    …and this is why I rooted and installed a custom 2.2 rom. Nero v3 with Voodoo. Infact I rooted the day I got the phone in September, and I sat and waited for the 2.2 ota… until today, I did it on my own.

    • monlosez

      Nero v3 with Voodoo is a superior ROM from Team Whiskey. It’s Android 2.2 with Gingerbread mod. It’s fast!! You guys should try it out. Download Nero V3 ROM from XDA forum and ROM Manager in Market then install. Very simple.

  • http://Website Rahlquist

    I hate Samsung for the way they are treating us. I was an advocate, now I will stop at nothing to cost them as many sales as possible! Thee are just as many complaints abut the GPS issue on Galaxy s as there were for the iphone 4 antenna issues. They aren’t the media darling apple is though so we are getting blown off. Samsung has lied repeatedly about the availability of a fix. They could be a stand up company and release despite the carriers, but they won’t, what do they care they took our money and laughed all the way to the bank.

    They stuck it to us and held off on the updates and still managed to sucker over a million into the tab….

  • http://Website Tpaine

    I got to say I love my vibrant, I don’t care what software it has, it does what I want it to, it plays all the games on the market and it is a good solid phone. I don’t get all this update stuff, if I was to blame anyone it would be google, how about making a better OS and stick with it for a while so we can enjoy what we have. Then I would have to blame the carriers for restricting android so they can make another buck, like wifi tethering etc, also trying to add their own stuff to the devices which is another reason why the carriers hold on to the updates for so long. Everyone is crying about not getting updates, go trade your phone in, or be happy for a bit and if you realy want the updates there are ways to do it, just look it up or just wait for the next gen phones. I can’t wait for the tegra 2.

  • http://Website CrashVideo

    Coming from an Omnia, I was well aware of Samsung/Verizon firmware update issues but still chose the Fascinate because it’s killer hardware.

    Now, if memory serves, the Omnia updates were:

    CC20 (April 2009, leaked beta – before this, GPS was not just slow .. it was LOCKED OFF)
    CF03 (July 2009-offical)
    DC22 (April 2010)
    DF14 (August 2010 – Just shy of two years after the phone hit shelves.)

    Should the Fascinate get official 2.2 or a even a solid leaked ROM before the vernal equinox, we’ll be ahead of that schedule.

    It was only cooked ROMs that made the Omnia a decent phone (thanks Blazingwolf & Adrynalyne). Seems like the Galaxy S is on the same road. The more things change …

  • http://Website Tony

    This is ridiculous!!! It’s going to be 6 months and still no update to 2.2. Wow!! I mean geez it’s not like we are going from 2.1 to 3.0. I think a lot has to be with the carriers soo they can make sure all there bloatware works just as great as on 2.1. Whenever 2.2 comes out, this update better work PERFECT! and GPS better work wonders, they’ve had plenty of time to test and work on this update for the entire galaxy s line. I’m through with Samsung phones after this. Motorola, HTC are my next products.

  • Warren

    I think I’m finish with Samsung if they ever think about doing software again. Keep your paws off software Samsung and stick to doing hardware, else you will be pushed out, cant you see the competition and the lagging economy. I wasted around $600 with no satisfaction. You are threading on a thin line of extinction.

    I’ll be the one to say I told you so :p

  • http://Website D.J.

    Not surprised. After the Behold II debacle no one should trust Samsung. I bought a Vibrant off of eBay because of its ability to be SIM unlocked and get 3G on both T-Mobile and at&t and because it is powerful and easy to root and install custom ROMs. In that, I haven’t be disappointed but if I would have taken Samsung at their word and waited on them I would be completely pissed off.

    The long and short of it is if you care about anything besides hardware specs, don’t buy Samsung. Their build quality sucks, their custom skin sucks (although is better than I thought), and their software support sucks.

    The Nexus S is the only exception because all of the software updates will be done by Google and it will get all software updates first.

  • http://Website Maximus


    *sigh* Makes my purchase of the Nexus S that much sweeter :)

    All of you guys are babying OUT-DATED software and us Nexus S owners have already received the First Firmware Update courtesy of GOOGLE….i might add….thank you, thank you

    Theres Nothing like a PURE GOOGLE EXPERIENCE!! lmaooooooo

    Have Fun using Dinosaur Software lol

    • http://Website Sylus

      I’m glad something makes your purchase of an over hyped phone sweet. Out of curiosity, what was it about that handset that made you sprint to your local Best Buy? Was it the awesome curved screen or maybe the complete lack of hardware upgrades from the Galaxy S line? Oh wait… If I was a gambling man I’d bet it was the inability to put a simple Micro SD card in your phone or the .3 after the 2. See? Anyone can be mocked for their choice of device, so why even bother?

      • http://Website Blest

        Lol..words right outta me mouth. All of those action packed features. Nexus S lmfao.

  • http://Website Glenn

    I’ve had several friends come to me with advice on smartphones, as they will be up for new phones in the coming months. Given Samsung’s inability to deliver Froyo to their US Galaxy S phones, I’ll no longer be recommending any Samsung phone to my friends when they’re ready to upgrade.

    • http://Website Maximus

      You should Recommend the Nexus S

      Samsung is an afterthought when it comes to this phone

      This is a Pure Vanilla Android experience that will receive updates in a timely fashion

      Dont think of it as a Samsung phone its not only the design gives that away

      IMO the NS is the best Option out rt now

      all the other top competitors ie My Touch 4g and the Evo 4g have bloatware

      • http://Website Glenn

        At this point, I don’t even trust their hardware–A friend of mine has a Captivate, and has experienced many hardware issues, enough that he’s had to have the phone replaced at least twice under warranty.

      • http://Website Derek

        Wrong again. That is not pure vanilla AOSP gingerbread on the nexus s. Some parts of it are still proprietary related to samsung hardware. If you want pure AOSP gingerbread, get a nexus 1.

  • http://Website Rick

    big ups to the comment by maximus. everybody complained about the nexus s but no it seems to be a good purchase, no waiting on verizon/sprint/tmo/at&t or whoever manufactured your phone of choice to give us the updates that google wants us to have. its not just samsungs fault, part of the blame also lies on the carriers. people could boycott a phone manufacture but can we all boycott a cellphone provider? these companies know we have no choice but to deal with them. PURE GOOGLE EXPERIENCE!!!!

  • http://Website mmalakai10

    i noticed alot of u ppl complaining about the updates on these phones from different carriers. honestly this is why i stopped buying carrier branded phones becuz they want to have control over all the updates and what gets push out and when. tmobile, at&t, verison and sprint customers this is why the nexus one wasnt a fail. only someone who own that device can tell u what the real google experience feels like. now adding nexus s to the series makes it so much sweeter. getting updates with out carriers control and optimizing the the update to what they want u to have. this is why these phones was made for u to experience. stop buying all these phones that say with google or non stock version of android. get the nexus phone and u will never cry for updates again trust me.

    • http://Website scotter

      Except that the Nexus S has nearly obsolete hardware; basically a Galaxy S (which came out in Summer of 2010) plus NFC minus SD Slot. Yes it is a good and fast phone by NOW standards but it isnt pushing the envelope in any category. There is an art to purchasing a “sweet spot” gadget and that art includes factoring in the lifespan of the product relative to near future products as well as near future software. Of course, if you have money to burn and you want to add to Samsung’s coffers and popularity, go out and buy the Nexus S.

  • http://Website cb2000a

    Let this be a lesson to those who buy Sammies…..the company has a dismal support record.

  • http://Website Galaxy S boy

    They are skipping 2.2 froyo and jumping to Gingerbread 2.3

    isn’t it better?

  • http://Website Kenzaburo

    Well, I own a Galaxy S with UK product code and had my device updated to clean Froyo some time ago. Since yesterday I enjoy second update to 2.2.1 (love it!). In Poland where I live only one carrier has managed to push a late release of Froyo with fairly niceable customization. Sorry for you folks there in US waiting for an update but having in mind fact that a lot of countries had their galaxies already froyoed maybe there is some truth in the statement that actually some carriers are to blame of the situation… not that I like samsungs approach to customer support :/

  • http://Website peter

    Oh man thats no surprise to me, I had a samsung phone last year, great phone shame about the support…I promised myself I would never buy another one again. Nexus S will probably be an exception, as they wont be responsible for updates. In the future it will only be clean android OS for me, ditch the crapware, and the baggage that comes with it.

  • http://Website Samsung thinks…

    60 comments. 60 unhappy.
    We have sold millions to millions happy.

    60 geeks want to death number 2.2 which only 5% larger then number 2.1 to hate number 2.2 in a month again.

    How these people do not understand that even Google did not want to upgrade their ancient [email protected] before Nexus S sales !?

  • mwiz123

    Mine Is 2.3 so no 2.2 for me

  • http://Website mcopeman23

    For the record, who isn’t updating? Is it Sprint or Samsung? Sprint sends out the OTA,right? Did they not get it from Samsung? Are Sprint and Samsung working together to put 2.3 on the phone?
    What other factors are here? Is it the processor or something? The EVO is cool, but the cpu and gpu are older and have other devices that use its hardware. The hummingbird is ONLY used on the Galaxy S.

    I have the epic 4g. Great phone, but I know I am not using its full potential because it doesn’t have the latest os. Premium phone, premium service. Otherwise, I’m just another sucker who bought a phone based on specs, thinking it can get and handle updates for the next two years under my contract.

  • goodyman2

    I had a choice of the HTC Evo and the Samsung Epic and decided to go with the Epic. Oh how I wish I would have went with the Evo. If Samsung doesn’t get their act together soon, my next phone will not be from Samsung!!!!!!! Get us 2.2 or even better 2.3.

  • http://Website Vincent

    Yes, I have already dumped my epic and went back to my evo. I will never by another samsung phone again for that reason.

  • Ken Kennedy

    I agree with Maximus; I’ve had 4 Android phones now, only one w/o straight Google firmware (G1, then Nexus 1, then Galaxy Vibrant, and now Nexus S). The Vibrant, for all that I like the hardware, was a miserable experience; the Nexus S rocks, with very similar hw specs. Updates come from Google, are much more frequent, and I actually like the stock Google UI more than any of the carrier/manufacturer “experiences” I’ve seen anyway.

    The Nexus S is an outstanding phone, regardless of who made it. Samsung, stick to the silicon.

  • http://Website O RLY 2011

    As far as blaming samsung . They should take credit that they are not very responsible for the firmware updates. Am still upset with th behold 2 problem. IT is a shame that many people did not see this as a vision of what would happen with the galaxy S series of phone from them . Now with the nexus s out and the next galaxy s 2 coming out this year with a dual core.Do many of the owner of the first galaxy phone REALLY think that samsung is going to update the galaxy (vibrant,epic etc )………

    In my opinion NO. YOU CAN’T HAVE 2.2

    P.S who will be next in line to be sucker by samsung with the galaxy 2 .

  • http://Website WBC

    Samsung’s lack of software support will certainly influence my purchase decision- I had an Evo and exchanged it for the Epic because of the keyboard and swype on the Evo not being as good. I got the Evo late and it was only six days for me to get Froyo. Months later I am less than happy about the lack of software support from Samsung.

    Is there any meaningful avenue of communication to help rectify the situation our to at least let Samsung know we will vote with our feet if this doesn’t change?

  • http://Website Elitebattlefield

    Well the first thing everyone here has to understand is that the standard cell phone user which is the everyday customer far outnumber all of us in the Android Community. So for us it’s a blow below the belt but for the others who have no idea what an update is or even care it’s completely irrelevant .

    Samsung will continue to sell hundreds and thousands of these devices regardless of updating their phone(s) and that my friends is a sad site.

    Now if it were us (the community of Android users and developers) that far outnumbered the standard consumer, then Samsung would’ve probably shipped it with 2.2. But for us it NEVER matters what the phone has on it, why? BECAUSE WE ROOT IT, OWN IT, and UPDATE IT OURSELVES. This has been the case since Jesus Freak!!!

    Just my 2 cents.

  • http://Website dj

    the stock firmware doesn’t matter to me. what matters to me is the performance of the device and the dev community behind it. i cant remember how long ive had 2.2 on my vibrant and with the current rom im using i wouldent trade it for any phone on the market today…

  • http://Website Michael

    Why are you complaining, at least the Galaxy S got released with ANDROID 2.1, unlike the X10, which Sony said it was going to release it with 2.1 and instead released it with 1.6; we only just started getting 2.1 on Oct. 31st…and it doesn’t look like we’ll ever see 2.2 on it!

    • http://Website Mcopeman23

      Shit. Completely forgot about the xperia folks. I got a epic4g, but now i’m wondering who isnt getting screwed on updates besides evo owners and droid owners?

      Something needs to be done to get ALL of the most popular phones updated! It’s open source! How can they make the difference of the phones be what version of android they have?

      Specs should matter. WTF good is a dual core processor running 2.1 (it will happen to someone)?

      Each phone should have a specific experience, that’s why those stupid skins are important. My phone can handle 2.3, it should have the latest os!

  • http://Website Addictive

    I’m selling my epic and buy a nexus s. Bye

    • http://Website mmalakai10

      the best move u ever make if u do that.

  • http://Website Joey


    My vibrant will run circles around anything…

    Thanks Team Whiskey!

  • http://Website Jk

    Samsung just SUCKS on update! Period !

  • http://Website Jacqueline

    i have an iphone and i am on 4.2 already!

  • http://Website DH

    I won’t buy another samsung phone b/c of their ridiculously dismal os support! I will also try to purchase a “skin-less” android phone next time, w clean, pure, unadulterated/modified android, i.e. no Touchwiz, Sense, or other crapware, so that I can get faster android updates directly from Google.

  • http://Website Richard

    There is no question as to who is number 1 in the update department.. HTC /SPRINT…. Number 2 VERIZON/MOTOROLA… Number 3 tmobile…. number 4 AT&T….. PLAIN AND SIMPLE the htc evo 4g was the smartphone of the year in 2010 and Sprint was the carrier of the year As well as HTC manufacturer of the year nobody is BETTER…. If you look around the landscape every worth wild device Is MADE BY HTC…. CASE CLOSED… THE EVO 4G WILL BE THE FIRST TO GINGERBREAD UPDATES ARE THERE HALLMARK SPRINT AND HTC SLAPS THE REST SILLY

  • keridel

    i feel a little sorry for you guys over there. you seem to be at the mercy of your carriers as well as the oems. Here (uk) we have unbranded phones and so only need the OEM’s to get their act’s together.

    and happily i have a Desire HD and a desire so my 2.2 update was lightening quick. my sgs got its update too (although its dull and adds only apps2sd)

    i only hope HTC will do the same here for 2.3 and the DEsire HD. as it is the eurapean flagship i expect it in the next month :D

  • http://Website Daryl

    I managed a verizon wireless retail location Where I went to the omnia one and omnia two disaster. I had 1 customer returned his phone 11 times. I had a sales associate get a phone phone thrown at her. I witness to the Behold 2 disaster from the sidelines And then I was foolish enough to go out and buy Vibrant. . To make a long story short I have sold my Vibrant I now have a g 2 which I am very happy with. Samsung just doesn’t get it and they don’t care and they never will as long as you keep buying their phonesTheir software support and customer service is the worst in the whole industry. I will never ever again buy anything with the name samsung on it .

  • http://Website InspectorGadget80

    I’m just glad I didn’t get the Captivate cause I knew this would happened. So I’m waiting for the Gingerbread for AT&T 2.3. Just glad I’m one of the smart ones who didn’t go out and rush and now Samsung Delays their 2.3 just like SONY delays their X10 which is still way out dated. I’m waiting for Gingerbread next month.

  • http://Website scotter

    I hear many of you agree that Samsung sucks but then you praise or recommend the Nexus S. Please consider this:

    The Nexus S has nearly obsolete hardware; basically a Galaxy S (which came out in Summer of 2010) plus NFC minus SD Slot. Yes it is a good and fast phone by NOW standards but it isnt pushing the envelope in any category. There is an art to purchasing a “sweet spot” gadget and that art includes factoring in the lifespan of the product relative to near future products as well as near future software. Of course, if you have money to burn and you want to add to Samsung’s coffers and popularity, go out and buy the Nexus S.

    There are not many of us but we can have *some* effect. Post on your facebook wall, post on sites like this, tell your friends.

  • http://Website Cam
  • http://Website John

    Has Samsung updated any other US Android phone besides the Samsung Moment on sprint? Their track record isn’t looking too good at all.

    • http://Website Chris

      I just dropped Sprint entirely and signed a contract with Verizon (literally just today) because a representative told me I’d be continuing to get updates for my phone (Samsung Moment) which was released with 1.6. I received 1 update in the 5 or 6 months that I’ve had the phone, which was for 2.1. (2.2 was already out when I received the update for 2.1). The Moment was recently dropped from support completely, and Sprint was actually replacing them with Samsung Intercept’s because so many people complained about lack of software support.

      Honestly, I feel like the frequency and timeliness of updates is a 90/10% split between carrier and OEM….at least in the US.

      Needless to say, I’m excited for my htc droid incredible to come in the mail. Already loaded with 2.2, and slated to receive 2.3.

    • http://Website Chris

      So actually they haven’t updated the Moment either. And why would they? There’s like 3 generations of Samsung devices that are newer and nicer now.

    • http://Website Glenn

      The Samsung Intercept on Sprint is the only Samsung phone I know of that’s gotten the Froyo update in the US.

      • http://Website Derek

        I think you’re right. And then the Froyo update was bricking so many phones they had to stop it. Not sure if its been restarted again or not. But Samsung’s update track record is piss poor at best.

        I’m more mad at myself then at them since I was fairly clued in to their reputation and still fell for the Captivate and bought it.

  • slc334

    As sad as I am that the US isn’t getting their updates yet, and that Samsung takes FOREVER to deliver the updates, I am hoping the delay is in making everything work correctly. I have the Canadian Bell Vibrant (i9000m – European Vibrant with North American antennae), and there have been many reports that the 2.2 update is causing the internal SD to fail. In fact, this is the reason why mine has now been sent to Samsung and is being fixed. I certainly hope the US is getting the updates soon, but I really don’t want the update to brick your phones. Only speculating, but perhaps this is the reason that the updates are taking so long?

    • http://Website ssepp

      This is likely part of the problem. I’m with Telus, and they held off the upgrade for a while until they verified their model’s weren’t affected by that problem (so now I have it, nyeah). If it’s a hardware issue, the fault definitely lies with Samsung – but carriers should be held responsible for not properly communicating what the delay is.

  • http://Website NC

    “I think I know how our audience will answer, but will Samsung’s (lack of) software support for their Android phones be a deciding factor in your next purchase?”

    It already did. My wife has the Vibrant, I am due for a replacement. I am waiting for 2.2 to come out since September when it was supposed to come out. Now, we have 2.3 out and no Froyo yet. Wife is 1/4 of contract through on an obsolete 2.1.

    I briefly toyed with the thought of getting the Nexus S, but then realized I’d just be stuck with no upgrades.

    Screw you Samsung. Until they bake this, I won’t be buying any of their phones.

    • monlosez

      You forget Nexus S is a Google’s phone. Google do the updates, not Samsung.

  • http://Website Kennon

    For me, it’s all about the hardware and until the tegra2 phones start hitting Samsung still has the best devices on the market. If you don’t believe me…bust out Dungeon Defender on an EVO or a DroidX next to any of the Galaxy S phones and see what I am talking about. Those of us who can install customized roms have been running 2.2 for months now and will be running fully functional Gingerbread very soon. I am not making excuses for Samsung on the update thing, just saying it isn’t as big of a deal as everyone makes it out to be.

  • http://Website Ichigo

    @Kennon So basically what you’re saying is that Samsung has the best hardware because of their GPU? or what is it? Even if what you say is true, a phone is not great just because of its graphics. People with the EVO 4g wouldn’t trade their phones for anything right now because it is overall a great experience for them. They have good hardware, great software, 4g and HTC made. You have a Samsung phone with a super AMOLED that’s running android 2.1, probably slower than the EVO or Droid x because of the jit compiler in 2.2, no Samsung support, everybody is frustrated with them so how can that be a good phone? The galaxy s is an epic fail if you ask me, it’s not all about hardware. The combination of both good software and good hardware makes a great phone. I’m coming from a vibrant and I sold it for the mytouch 4g and boy I’m happy that I’ve done so.

  • http://Website Lithium98

    And this is why you should do your homework before you go and drop $200+ on a new phone. I got the Vibrant and I’m more than happy with it thanks to the AWESOME community of developers over at XDA. When I decided to upgrade from my GOD-LIKE G1 (rooted and running 2.2 before any other phone like the boss it was), I did my research and decided that the hardware provided in the Vibrant was exactly what would fit my rooting needs.

    You can’t buy a car from a shitty car dealer KNOWING full well it’s a shitty car dealer and expect them to help you when you need it. Samsung can take as long as they want. It’s their company and when you purchased your phone, you decided to go by their rules. If you’re not satisfied with your phone, get rid of it or take the initiative and make it better yourself.

    Here’s a link to help you get started.

    • http://Website pax

      Not everyone is ass smart ass you are!!!!!…you are missing the point…

      • http://Website Lithium98

        Apparently not.

        What’s the point? When you purchased the phone, where on the box did it say “updates provided in a timely manner”? Samsung is not contractually obligated to support their phones at all. All this bitching and moaning is going to get you nowhere. I bet no more than 3 people who commented on this article has contacted Samsung about the situation like an actual adult. It’s just complaining to complain.

        Yes, there are issues with the phone. I know that. But you should be a big boy about is and learn how to resolve them yourself. XDA will take care of 99% of the things that plague the Galaxy S phones. GO LEARN HOW TO REALLY USE YOUR PHONE!!!!!

  • http://Website Ro

    why is everyone saying sprint is the fastest to upgrade the only phone to receive froyo in a timely manner is the Evo right? Verizon has updated more than one phone to froyo. droid x, droid 1, and droid incredible got theirs pretty quick and back to back with each other.

    • http://Website Ray

      lol exactky notice every phone u just mentioned had DROID in front of it because verizon made that slogan you best believe thos DROIDS are goin to get there update.TMobile mytouch there slogan thats going to get w.e updates are out there. Sprint the evo there first real android phone and there number 1 seller they better update that thing quick. ITS the carriers people. I hate the iphone but apple sets rules google needs to do the same. Even sammy and lg and moto and htc have to set rules for these updates. carriers jus want that bill to be payed.

  • http://Website Ray

    ok people samsung is not to blame they already sent all u.s carriers the froyo update our carriers just dont want to give it to us yet. EX sprint pushed back the update why? wasent samsung who chose to do that…ANother ex Vibrant is the same exact phone as the over seas version jus looks diffrent and they got the update why hasent the vibrant got it. If u dont believe there the same phone put the over seas froyo update on your vibrant works perfect. U.S carriers dont give a shit about there customers,. So to be honest the only ppl who might even see 2.2 is epic and vibrant due to the u.s dumb carrier. and thank tmobile att and verizon for the none front facing cameras on those phones to. Your carrier has alot more power over your Mobile phone then u think. So Sammy is a bad company tthey had the froyo update done in september like they said now its up to your carrier to send it.

  • http://Website pax

    Fuck Samsung. I sold my Vibrant and bought myself an iPhone. Regardless of how arrogant Apple is, at least they deliver their upgrades as promissed. Forget you Samsung…actually FUCK YOU SAMSUNG.

  • http://Website John

    I’ve learned not to buy ANY Samsung product anymore. Their support suck. Nice specs, but when looked closely some of them aren’t working or even aren’t implemented!
    Bad manuals & bad finishing compared to other brands.

    Do you know that the software of LG phones are often from Samsung ? Yes, this explains why LG phones such too :-(

  • http://Website Larry

    I have the galaxy S on t-mobile, but this type of support will help me figure out what my next phone will be. With their support and upgrades HTC is looking pretty good for my next renewal.

  • http://Website Perry

    The very same reason I decided NOT to get a Vibrant. Can anybody say Behold2?? I thought you could.

    Was very happy to get Froyo on my original MT3G. Now I’ll either get the MT4G or wait for that snazzy dual core baby from LG.

  • http://Website Deon

    I remember before the Galaxy S was released, Samsung already had a bad reputation about upgrades/updates. Everybody said they were banking on the Galaxy S, was kind of a make or break moment for them, could they overcome their bad reputation with software updates? And now the Galaxy S comes out, solid performer, good specs, great screen, people forgot that the concern wasn’t about whether they could make a great phone, they had it in them, but whether they’d keep it updated. It seems the original fears and concern about Samsung has come true. I feel for your Galaxy S owners, but I know the hacker community’s got your back.

  • http://Website Mr. Pickles

    Boycotting Samsung for LIFE!!!

    I HATE Samsung!!!

  • http://Website William

    I use Sprint for my carrier. I had the Moment which did not do as well as I had hoped it would, but on paper it beat the Hero so i went with it. One year later I had a choice the EVO which my wife and son have or the Samsung epic 4 g. I knew going in that Samsung did not have a great update record however I needed the slide out keyboard cause I found the EVO too touchy for my fingers and the Keyboard is great on the Epic. Seems to me I have less problems with my Epic than the EVO has, Samsung has built a solid phone that will be outdated in say 6 months. But I am happy with my purchase. I really just like the phone its great. By the time 2 years rolls around I will get the lastest and greatest that Sprint has to offer me at the time. We will eventually get the update but in the mean time just enjoy your phone and be glad you can afford it.

  • http://Website chewtoy

    It’s time for a class-action lawsuit against Samsung and Sprint.

    These stupid assholes should be made to return money for failing to deliver the updates that were promised on time.

  • ByGraceNotWorks

    I wish we could find an attorney to file such a suit.

    Heck if they would just be honest with us and say “we are looking at Feb. 15″ and if they dont’ make that goal they tell us why and reschedule. Their terrible customer relations ensures my family won’t buy their phones again.

  • nikos

    wow!! it looks so nice mobile!!amazing! i cant wait to buy it..

  • thechad

    good article thanks