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Sprint says the Epic 4G update to Android 2.2 is only a test build, here’s how to install it

Over the weekend it was discovered that Android 2.2 was available for the Samsung Epic 4G, but a post on the official Sprint forums says it is only a test build. They warn users not to flash any update files that come from 3rd party developer sites, but the test Android 2.2 build (DK28) is still on Google’s servers so you can trust it is safe.

Sprint warns this software is not yet approved and they recommend that users refrain from loading it, but as long as you understand what you are getting into then go ahead and flash away. Some users at xda-developers have experienced issues with this test build, but others flashed it with no problems at all. The good thing is that it’s possible to return to the latest official build and wait for Android 2.2, but there is no telling how long that might take for Sprint to release it.

To help in the flashing process, here is a quick video that explains how to un-root your Epic 4G and return to a stock build so that this latest build can be flashed.

Manually install Froyo on the Samsung Epic 4G

  1. Download the zip file from Google’s servers
  2. Rename the file to “”
  3. Save file to root directory on your microSD card
  4. Boot the Epic 4G into recovery mode (hold down the “Volume Down” button, “Camera” button, and “Power” button simultaniously)
  5. Install or apply the “” file from recovery. Use volume keys to navigate menu. Home key is select.

Below is a statement from the Epic Product Manager regarding the leaked release (DK28):

“Sprint is working on a software package for the Samsung Epic4G that will upgrade it to the Froyo version of Android.  Over the weekend, some users were able to access and download a test build (DK28) for the Samsung Epic from some 3rd party developer sites.  Unfortunately, this is not approved software for Sprint production devices and we strongly recommend that users refrain from loading it.

Software version DI18 is the current production version of software.  When new versions of software are available, users will receive a notification from Google on their device stating that an upgrade is available for download and installation.  While we are unable to communicate a firm delivery date, rest assured that we are working on a software upgrade to Froyo and hope to have it out in the very near future.”

Source: Sprint

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  • gamefreak1218

    wow….a carrier letting customers play with an update before it’s official? Nice. Good move Sprint….Good move…

  • http://Website Addictive

    Do you need a computer to do this or can u do it all with your phone?

    -Samsung Epic

    • Taylor Wimberly

      You can do it all with your phone using a file manager like Astro.

      1. Download the file on your phone.
      2. Rename it to and move it to the top root folder of your SD Card.
      3. Reboot your phone in recovery mode and flash.

      No PC required.

  • http://Website Addictive

    Thanks Taylor!

  • http://Website Bob

    I’m one of those ‘risky’ ones and installed v2.2.1 the day it was located last Saturday… Alot of people complained about numerous force closes… I too was having that problem but fount a way around it…

    Install the update then go into your phone and run ‘reset to factory’… let that process run, reboot and now v2.2.1 runs FLAWLESS… I’d not go back…

    LOVE IT!

    • http://Website Farid

      Thats exactly what i did and man its way better then 2.1. It’s flawless and i used 2.2 on my buddies evo and mine was just as snappy and even faster in browser tests

    • Christopher Chavez

      Yeah, stuff like that happens a lot. Its not cuz its a “test build” its just a possibility in upgrading no matter what.
      In the hacking/modding scene, its always good to wipe (factory reset) to make sure everything runs smooth =)

      (I haven’t had a single problem yet)

  • http://Revertto2.1 Chris

    Article says “The good thing is that it’s possible to return to the latest official build and wait for Android 2.2″…how does one do that? Not a hard reset, is it? I did download and install 2.2 from the mentioned links (not a rooted version) and it’s been mostly OK, but I don’t want to miss the OTA rollout….or is it possible I won’t miss it, because the build I put in isn’t the most recent so the phone will be targeted for an update?

    • Christopher Chavez

      I think the phone will either receive an OTA like normal or you can download from the Google servers once again and update manually like we did here =)

  • ByGraceNotWorks

    Any updates or even rumors on the official release of 2.2 for all us Epic (galaxy S) phone users? This waiting is getting really old.

    • Christopher Chavez

      Yeah, I got so fed up that I flashed this test build or not.

      I remember when Froyo leaked for the Evo I actually preferred the test build over the official that rolled out a month later cuz it gave my MUCH better battery life. LOL

      I’m happy with this leaked 2.2.1 and haven’t had a single hiccup yet =)

  • http://Website Noah

    Wow Droid X does worse on the benchmarks. WTF!?!?

  • http://Website dave

    DO NOT!!!
    REPEAT DO NOT! update your Epic 4G with android 2.2 either online or over the air.. I have a Sprint Epic 4G and the GPS now does not work and they refuse to acknowledge they made it available. They said my warantee is now VOID!.
    I am now on the phone with them, after going to the store and trying to have this issue resolved.

  • http://Website mel

    will that give me flash player?

  • http://Website Luis Alonzo

    Thanks, Excelent!!!

  • Guljeet

    can i install android 2.2 on my micromax a60??