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T-Mobile: What would you like to see happen with the Sidekick brand?

Early this year rumors sprang up that T-Mobile was working on a new Sidekick phone that would be Android-powered. The “Sidekick Twist” was said to be made by HTC, feature a 4.3 inch display, and include a full QWERTY keyboard. We started calling the device Project Emerald, but it turned out that Emerald was just a codename for the myTouch 4G and we never got a Sidekick device.

Now T-Mobile is asking their customers on Twitter, “What would you like to see happen with Sidekick? Give us your wish list.” I guarantee you that all the big companies read these blogs, so leave a comment and maybe your wish will come true one day.

The original report that Android was coming to a Sidekick device generated tons of buzz and T-Mobile still owns the brand, so it sounds they are considering it. I’m also really curious to hear what Andy Rubin, the godfather of Android, has to say about a possible new Sidekick device. He was the Co-Founder of Danger Inc. which produced the Danger Hiptop, later re-branded as the T-Mobile Sidekick.

We have yet to see an Android phone with a super-sized display and physical keyboard, so I think there is room in the market for a possible “Sidekick Twist” to succeed. What is your wish list for an Andriod-powered Sidekick device?

Via: TmoNews

Source: @TMobile

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  • http://Website mike

    1.2/1.5 GHZ 3rd gen snapdragon
    4 inch SLCD HIGH res
    stock android
    G2 build qaulity
    TP2 kb
    2mp FFC
    MT4G thin
    499 off contract
    8MP cam

    • http://Website mike

      1800mah thin battery
      fastboot OEM unlock

      • http://Website mike

        kickstand(why not right?)

        • coyotejbob

          kickstand sounds great for a sidekick lol with a kick ass network.. What else can be said with kick lol anyways agreed on stats.

          • http://Website jdog25

            Nexus branded so that we get the best software with all the power you guys described.

      • http://Website jose

        and dual-core with tegra 2

        • http://Website mike

          im pretty sure the 3rd gen dual core 1.2/1.5 snapdragons perform better than tegra 2,correct me if im wrong though

          • Taylor Wimberly

            3rd gen clocked at 1.5 GHz? Most likely but they are not out yet and won’t be till the 2nd half of 2011. The point is Tegra 2 phones are ready to ship now and will be in stores soon.

            Everyone has faster CPUs coming out next year. NVIDIA said they were working on Tegra 3 and Tegra 4, and also mentioned quad-core was coming soon.

    • Jonathan Goldsmith

      Gingerbread or Honeycomb

    • http://Website T

      SK II build quality. I still have mine, and aside from the peeling keyboard it is still rock solid. And the battery never went bad. HTC should have taken notes when they made the G1.

  • Justin

    Mike is on the ball… I second that.

  • http://Website freddy

    I would love everything mentioned above, but wouldn’t a 4.3 inch screen, swivel style, one day FLY out with how big it is???? Especially with the build of the G2. I have it myself and the screen is super heavy (good factor in my opinion) but for a HUGE EVO style screen to flip out would be devastating!!!! Lmfaooo. I think 4, like above, would be fine :) I would FLY to buy this device if it does. Doesn’t matter how much it costs!!! Especially if it has the Sidekick 3 keyboard which was BOMB!

    • http://Website Timi

      I would love to see the Sidekick with a 4.3 screen. I have a HD2 and the screen is the same size as the Evo. If they do it right I think the 4.3 screen would be great; plus I can not go back to a phone who’s screen is smaller than 4.3! Lol

  • Nathan

    4″ Super AMOLED, kickstand, that same amazing keyboard the sidekick has always had. orion processor 2-4GB internal for apps, or the galaxy s style 16GB internal 2gb for apps 13gb for storage.

    • Nathan

      lol oh yeah, stock android as well.

    • http://Website darkjuan

      With a spare expansion slot for a micro SD card

  • http://Website steve

    I think T-mobile shouldn’t bring back their Sidekick brand.

    Instead, they should continue making phones with their Mytouch and G(#) brands.

    I would like to see a high quality 4.3 with all the above specs, but called the G3 or mytouch 4g slide.

    • http://Website RockinEvo

      I agree with that, back in the day it was known for texting and geared towards teens. I highly doubt a high end user or anyone in the business field will want a phone called “Sidekick” all they remember was tmo promoting the phone as a great texting device (also the rappers flashing it on their videos)

  • shadowxof

    It’s my understanding that t-mobile sold sidekick to att a few months ago

  • http://Website Omeer

    Dual Core processor- tegra, orion, OMAP, Qualcomm doesn’t matter as long as it has a bad ass dedicated graphics chip
    3.8-4′ SAMOLED screen
    8-16 GB internal storage w/SD card expansion slot
    1GB RAM- MT4G has 728 I believe so why not?
    Complete HSPA+ suppport 21Mbps not the 14.4 crap…
    Stock honeycomb android
    HDMI Out
    Touch pro 2 keyboard
    8MP cam w/dual LED flash
    NFC chip
    LED notification lights
    Track pad

    And a battery that lasts the whole day without a charge…I’d pay a $1,000 for a phone with those specs..

  • http://Website Manny

    im going to take your word for it…i hope someone important is reading this.

    I want to see a more sophisticated design. A sidekick not geared towards pre teens and teenagers. but more to ppl like us

    4in high es screen (on par with the iphone in terms of ppi)
    front facing camera
    dual core
    sleek qwerty keyboard
    hd recording

    i guess thats it…

    • http://Website darkjuan

      And make that keyboard a full 5 rows, like the original G1.

      • http://Website Doofenshmirtz

        Like all SK phones?

  • http://Website Manny

    oh yea HSPA+ of course

  • http://Website Mark

    You guys do know that Danger Inc. is owned and operated by Microsoft. It’s like asking AT&T for Windows Phone 7 to run on Android.

    Besides, you guys do know that the Sidekick is aimed at mostly pre-teens and teens. You know the ones that like texting an awful lot which was the main attraction in the first place with the keyboard and whole “cool” factor. Half of the features you’re listing, the average 15 or 16 year old teen girl cares or knows nothing about.

    • http://Website Walter

      It doesnt matter that danger was bought by microsoft. Tmobile owns the brand they can make whatever phone they want a sidekick.

    • IHTCEvo

      I’m 14 and I probably know more about android than you.

      • http://Website Mark

        IHTCEvo, if you bothered to read my post WELL you would notice I was talking about the “average teen”. If you think you fit into that demographic then you probably don’t know much about Android. >_>

    • http://Website zedklind

      honestly at the time the sk2 and sk3 were out those specs we are talking about seemed like a far off future so no one even talked about them. they were silly… “4.3inch screens? that would be too bulky… dual core processors? whats that? oh you mean those processors for normal computers just released to the public last year?(2005) theres nooo way.” at the time people werent even talking about 1ghz on a mobile device. it was unheard of. i had a sidekick 2 and a sidekick 3 both last me from 17(when i got a job and could afford a cellphone) to 19 and i thoroughly enjoyed it. yes it was aimed at texting teenagers but there were A LOT of people that had it not just teens. it was a qwerty keyboard in mobile in your hand. at the time qwerty keyboards were VERY scarce because of the RAZR craze “ooo its sleek and thin”

  • blankit

    run android 2.3 and dual core and no dam keyboard =] with 10mp camera in the back and 5mp in the front with 1080p recording and mirco sd support

  • http://Website James!

    I think I’d like to seem them create another stock Android brand (sort of like the G series) but without keyboards. Whether the keyboards stay with the G series or go to the Sidekicks wouldn’t really matter, but it would be cool to have stock(ish) options on T-Mobile on phones without keyboards.

  • http://Website wasim

    dual-core, front facing cam, stock android, LED notification, hspa+ compatible, and HDMI output! I would buy any phone that has all these features! *cough* should’ve been what the Nexus S is supposed to be *cough*

  • Ryan C

    is anyone able to figure this google unscramble challenge out?

  • Noice

    Drop the Sidekick brand altogether IMHO.

    Make a phone that follows this and it will sell…

    Most important:

    - Stock Android with high quality bonafide apps to brand/addValueTo() your service – no customized rom for your devs and me to choke on


    - No greater than 4.625″ x 2.375″ x 0.500″

    Tech it must have:

    - Bluetooth 3 for fast wireless syncing
    - 1500mAH+ battery
    - External SD Storage (not optional, no)
    - 3.5mm Headphones
    - Mini USB (not flimsy micro)
    - Minimum of 8GB internal Storage and 512MB RAM
    - Fastest/Energy Efficient Processor & GPU available on Market at release
    - Obligatory Wifi b/g/n, GPS, Accelerometer, 3axis Gyro, quality touchscreen, etc…

    — Without ALL of the above, it’s a wait and see if anything better is coming device –


    - Highest Density PPI w/ at least 1080 x 720 screen resolution (add more to 1080 and remove any wasted faceplate space possible)
    - Physical Call, End & Menu Buttons (the MT4G dropped the 2 most used ones, but hey they gave us the ridiculous Genius Btn)
    - Trackball ala MyTouch3G
    - Notification LEDs ala MyTouch3G
    - Phys Keyboard, if it has one, must have Number buttons, not Alt# Buttons


    - Front Facing Camera (quality CCD and Glass over Megapixel) 1MP is adequate for video calling
    - Back Facing Camera (quality CCD and Glass over Megapixel) 5MP is more than adequate for a POS camera phone
    - On BFC – 3x-4x OPTICAL!!! Zoom & LED Flash

    — Without almost all of the above, it’s a wait and see if anything better is coming device –

    Optional tech that I don’t give a hoot about (and should be omitted altogether because it’s unnecessary taking up space or raising price):
    - HDMI output
    - Kickstand unless it is completely removable and adds not one micron of thickness to the case
    - Genius buttons, Facebook buttons or any other superfluous fluff you and 3rd parties can contrive :D

  • PhreakNJ

    Mike I like where you’re going with that, but that would indicate a total departure from what the Sidekick name is, which hopefully ends up being the case.

    I would love the see the Sidekick brand be reborn as simply a bleeding edge, wishlist spec device with stock android and frequent updates, maybe even a device that is rooted from the start, would be excellent. could be reburn as the LEET brand for Android enthusiasts.

  • IHTCEvo

    I love how the Iphone users questioned me when I bought the HTC Evo. They asked me why I need a kick stand and a 8 mega-pixel camera and the funniest thing the said was why do I need 4g. I laughed so hard I cried. They would do the same for any phone other than the Iphone.

    • Noice

      Sorry… but not wanting “features” like a 8MP camera with a low-end CCD and crap lens, or a chintzy kickstand does not relate to being a iPhone fanboi. It simply shows that the person simply doesn’t need to take gigantic low quality pictures and watch long movies on their phone. That’s what good cameras and better video watching devices are for.

      • IHTCEvo

        No you don’t get it. They told me my phone was stupid because it had “4g”. They just didn’t want to accept that there phone was inferior.

  • ncmacasl

    Keep the keyboard and the keyboard shortcuts & the 4 corner buttons. Make it Android. Grandfather old rate plans! Can Slide or Swivel, but Swivel is better. Touchscreen, shoulder buttons, video chat, deaf-friendly apps, 4G! Easily port data from older sidekicks, tmail accounts transfer, Enterprise support (free), Social apps (free), Unlimited Data plans, tethering, Lots of memory, wifi, Google Voice, Same AIM, Threaded Texting, more Tmail MBs, Facebook Chat, Adobe Flash, Netflix-ready, more than 2 choices for case color, same Copy&Paste, same AutoText, updated hidden Snowboard game (including the Christmas Trees in December), TouchPad instead of TrackBall (in addition to TouchScreen)

    • http://Website Magnus


      ncmacasl.. I agree with you!

      just like replace software Danger OS to Android Gingerbread 2.3 OS into Sidekick!!

      my dream for my specs..

      *Dual Core or Terga 2
      *Super AMOLED (like NEXUS S)
      *Adobe Flash 10.1
      *8MP Camera
      *16GB onboard storage
      *1080 HD record
      *full QWERTY w/ 5 rows
      *strong vibrator
      *video chat apps for Deaf
      *LED flash (red = battery low, Blue= new message,etc, etc)
      *trackpad.. not trackball
      *4 button in corner, great for short cut apps (I often used it, menu+ apps)

      I m Sidekick LX 09 user since 2002… I can’t wait to get new Sidekick!

      I want to play Angry Birds! arraghh!!

    • http://Website darkjuan

      Please, no bloatware! If I want to add different applications, then I’ll add them my self.

    • http://Website zedklind

      do you remember the aim they used on the older sidekicks? it was terrible! try msging your friend, both have sidekicks.. the delay was like 10seconds for a single msg.. it was god aweful lol. they used to use sms to send msgs through aim. terrible idea haha. use 3g instead imho

  • http://Website zhect

    Stock android

    HSPA Ready

    4.3 screen

    Tegra 2 dual core


    Cool flip open action

    5 row keyboard

    Great batt life

  • http://Website Micah

    -Dual Core
    -Around a 4inch screen +/-
    -LED notification
    -Big battery (1500+)
    -Front Facing camera
    -Back camera with better quality than the IP4
    -Large built in storage + micro sd slot. (8gb or greater)

  • http://Website Ben Johnson, GA

    just turn it into an iPhone and everybody is extremely happy.

    sent from my iPhone 4

    • IHTCEvo

      I love how this troll has no life :)

  • http://Website Magnus


    can’t wait get leak information or photo!!! lol

  • http://Website Joe

    I will always have a soft spot for the Sidekick line.. the Sidekick II was my first ever “smartphone” and I thought it was pretty badass at the time.

  • Justin

    What will REALLY sell would be to bring back the sidekick interface – except ENHANCED.

    Think about it – 90% of the people who used sidekick (I’m in THAT demographic of now twentysomethings) fell in love with the sidekick partly or mostly cause of that UI. It’s what made it special. Bring it back, this product will be HYPE. It’s the sidekick, cept waaay better. It has an evolved version of the last interface.

    All of my friends who used it are like that. They didn’t wanna let go of the sidekick until it became an old thing of the past and now everyone has android.

    Though I don’t speak for everybody of course. But around here in the sfbay area, it’s gonna be hype if old users see it evolved into something exciting again. I don’t think android will work for that.

  • http://Website Tarah

    I was a Sidekick user, I switched from the sidekick 2009 to android in early 2010. I had the sidekick 3 before that. I loved the sidekick but what killed my enthusiasm for it was that it was a phone that couldn’t stand up to heavy use. Either the screen crapped out, or the swivel mechanism went funky, or a button got stuck, or the charging port wouldn’t work. I had all those problems with the sidekick and then some, and I put up with a lot before giving up and switching to Android.

    I think an Android based Sidekick would be fantastic, as long as the build of the phone is solid and can take being used heavily. I’d love it to be customizable like the SK 2009, but not feel cheap. Bring back the SK 3 keyboard. As far as phone features, I think its all been said in the above postings. I think there’s still a market for the Sidekick, there were a lot of people who loved it. But we’ve all been spoiled with fantastic phones since the Sidekick was in its heyday, and if you’re going to make an Android based one you better make it good.

  • http://Website darkessdesire

    fck the sidecrap it was a piece of shit when they made it and its a bigger piece of shit when it died out leave it dead

  • portableking

    fick to be done

  • http://Website fit2phone

    FULL qwerty keyboard (numbers row), plus direction keys
    large screen
    biggest battery
    Honeycomb compatible
    backstand (kickstand) for portrait/landscape viewing

    Make it a leader, not a follower

    • http://Website Magnus

      Honeycomb is for Tablet only…

      maybe you mean, android 3.0 :)

  • http://Website cosmos

    Sadly I think a lot of you are somewhat missing the point here… this is about a new sidekick, not your dream android phone!
    I’ve never owned a Sidekick but I always got the impression that it was aimed at a certain demographic that primarily used their phone for social purposes? Surely to evolve the Sidekick brand it should retain the essential Sidekick elements (good keyboard for texting, and a UI with a social networking focus) but wrap it into a sleeker, modern design – physically recognisable as a Sidekick, but an evolution. IMHO, those wanting stock Android, and touch screen only are not thinking about the Sidekick brand. I would suggest an original Android skin with focus on social networking without being overly intrusive like BLUR is (too in your face!). As far as hardware goes what many people said above is somewhere close… it’s certainly got to have the classic Sidekick 5 row keyboard, a kickstand would be cool, and a front facing cam for video chat (fitting into the social elements the phone should focus on). Overall a Sidekick still focusing on the same target market as before, but also a phone people in their 30′s wouldn’t be embarrassed carrying… yes I want one!

    • http://Website Mark

      That is exactly what I said in my earlier post and have been trying to tell them. These dudes over here tryna list features for their dream Android phone like most teens even care or know what a snapdragon or amoled is. >_>

      • Noice

        “What would you like to see happen with the Sidekick brand?” was the question. Some people have opinions that differ from what you would like.

        • http://Website cosmos

          true, but to say drop the Sidekick brand is hardly what T-Mobile are looking for! They are clearly going to re-launch the brand regardless of if you are a fan or not! For what it’s worth, I personally think there is a market for the brand in 2011 and beyond if they manage to put the right device out

          • Noice

            Perhaps there is a market for it… but the market it reaches for is a market that now uses the smart phones that we use. Pre-teens and teens use Mytouches Galaxys Evos and iPhones… they would be trying to bring a brand of nostalgia that filled a niche, in a market that is completely different now.

            Making what people are outlining as dreamphones are the types of phones that the Sidekick or any other brand need to be – there’s wiggle room, but whether it’s a “Sidekick” or another name – it needs to be the best smartphone on the market to reach the most buyers.

  • http://Website billbob

    4.3 inch SAMOLED2 screen
    Stock android or near to stock
    Slide out qwerty keyboard like the epic or G2
    Dual Core/Tegra 2/Something in that nature
    big rom and ram
    16GB internal mem.
    32GB Micro SD support
    Battery power
    5MP in the front

    If that come out, I’d buy it.

    • http://Website billbob

      oh yea and led notifactions! trackball or pad that lights up for the led nots!

  • http://Website Don

    a CDMA Brother

  • themetatron

    Cut off the head and burn the remains. Sidekick is where it belongs, next to the kin, in the neglected bin at Microsoft HQ.

  • http://androidandme cris

    i would say put android on it , atleast a 800 mhz processor good camera and offcourse the qwerty but please take danger os away and also sharpp because thanks to them the phone was very defective and better battery life and maybe an hdmi port and a big screen, or create a new way of a keyboard that will revolutionize everything so the sidekick gets a new start with a bright name

  • Jeff

    Everything. This is the phone I am waiting to hear about.

    I want what we originally heard.

    4.3 inch display
    Full qwerty
    best processor available
    front/rear cameras

    Sidekick is the one brand that T-mobile had a clear vision for and succeeded with. They can go head to head with the droid lineup on Verizon with a fully equipped Sidekick.

  • http://Website Johny

    Hell yes! As long as they bring back a new sidekick with android os!!!

    • http://Website Johny

      and touchscreen + wifi of course :)

  • http://Website Pani

    Android, of course. Apart from that I only have two wishes :
    Battery power up
    ROM fűr App-installation 2 GB .

    I hate deinstalling and reinstalling apps due to permanent lack of space .

  • http://Website Magnus

    if T mobile build new Sidekick Twist… it’s would be perfect!!…

    *1.2 Dual core..
    *4 inches or more
    *Keyboard w/ 5 rows…
    *Android OS
    *SuperAMOLED 16m colors
    *16GB on board (nice!)
    *1080 HD video record
    *8MP camera
    *Face Camera
    *what else? lol

    if above come true, then this is one of KIND best phone!!

    Evo? iPhone? Droid 2? Droid X, nah….

    Samsung Epic 4G is pretty good close… keyboard is ok…

    Sidekick Twist LIVES!!!!!!!

  • http://Website Paul Atreides

    Push on social and gaming. Swivel screen tech with maybe a click action mini gamepad under the keyboard, front facing camera.

  • http://Website Justin

    The next sidekick could also be an epic failure too where it’s just become boring

    • http://Website Magnus

      epic failure? Andy Rubin didn’t desgin this one! :-)

  • http://Website J240

    Before hopping on the G1 in 2008, the Sidekick was one of the best things Tmobile offered and boy did I go through a lot of them over those years. I agree with what others before me have said about keeping to its roots with social networking and gaming being the core attraction of the brand. Also, the famous keyboard it was known for is a must. And if you are going to play games on the phone, a high-end processor/GPU combo is also a must – whatever is out by the time this thing releases. HSPA+, a FFC, LED notification, trackpad, maybe even a [kick]stand… and all that other higher-end necessary jazz… But just because this is going to have the sidekick brand doesn’t mean it needs to look like a brick – the way they always did. They really need to make it into a sleeker form factor with something around a 3.8 – 4″ touch screen. Not too big or bulky. Maybe even remove the 4 main outer buttons and place them somewhere else where it doesnt give the phone a double chin? You know, make them more closely fit the android standard of buttons and make them flush with the device. No capacative buttons though! Make it right and I believe tmobile can bring back the brand! As long as the correct components are there and the right company produces it, it could be a solid social/gaming device!

  • http://Website Timi

    I remember when the Sidekick was the top phone. Now it is a forgotten memory. I would love to see it run Android with Sense. Also it should have a front and back( with flash ) camera with 8M or higher. It should be full touch screen and should be about to record HD movies. The new Sidekick should give the Evo and the iPhone a run for their money or BEAT THEM!

  • http://Website Magnus

    Hey… check it out.. I edit out my Sidekick LX 09 into new Sidekick Twist!!!! click link below…

    specs is… lol :)

    Android 2.3
    1.2 dual core
    4.3 inches
    full QWERTY w, 5 rows
    16GB on Board Storage
    1080 HD Video playback
    MicroSD 16GB
    8mp Camera w, Auto focus
    2mp Face Camera

    • http://Website 2FR35H

      4.3inch screen in sidekick form factor is way too big.

      I mean there is a reason why The Evoshift4g’s screen size is 3.8 instead of 4.3inches.

      But I’m a modify yours

      4inch Glasses Free 3D if not then at least 3.8inch Glasses Free 3D



      32gb internal memory with that much memory I could careless if it has MicroSD

      5mp camera


      Pretty much I want Sharp to make it because they have the power to make this happen.

      Same sidekick form factor though. Meaning kick out screen and it would be touch screen this time.

  • http://Website Joe

    Forget pipe dream tech specs. CPU specs are not what makes a Sidekick a Sidekick, and not what made them great devices.

    Trackball or other non-touch navigation (in addition to touch, fine)
    Danger service-like IM proxy
    Danger service-like HTTP funnel

    Did I mention the five row keyboard?

  • http://Website mw

    isn’t it time to stop re-branding previous phones, lets start some exciting new phones designs, for their 4G network

  • http://Website Magnus

    Today, I twitter to T Mobile and asked my wish list for Sidekick Twist (w/ specs) and when release?

    T mobile respond, “Wow, that sounds like some good specs, Release TBD, stay tuned!- CJ”

    Sidekick Twist will to be release!!!!!

  • http://Website Casey R

    I had the Sidekick 3, and the Sidekick Slide (with a dev key so I had all kinds of awesome apps from the Danger developer community that never made it into the Catalog). Had lots of great times with my Sidekick before I upgraded to a G1 back in 2008 and getting my G2 next week :)

    For all the people who mentioned the legendary Sidekick “swivel” screen – unfortunately I must point out that Microsoft own the patent to this through their acquisition of Danger, so even if T-Mobiler resurrect the brand-name, you won’t be seeing any screens like that.

    • http://Website WhosAsking

      Fine by me. Personally thought the swivel-type screen seemed a tad flimsy compared to a simple side-slide (or maybe the Z-Hinge in the G2/Desire Z). If they want me to get it over a G2, it’ll definitely need to be a dual-core. Stock Android (just have the necessary Sidekick stuff as apps) would be great as well. Battery will almost be a given (everyone wants a better battery). Keep the Sidekick-style keyboard, for sure. 4.3″ screen, certainly, maybe with one of the more-advanced display techs like AMOLED. Internal storage I may agree to skimp (if it jacks up the price), so long as a MicroSD slot’s there. And MicroUSB is pretty much standard for wear-and-tear issues as well as to keep thin phones thin. Planning on buying a phone soon (currently favoring the G2), so if T-Mobile wants me to buy a new Sidekick, they better deliver the specs soon.

  • http://Website Magnus

    from Twitter…

    T Mobile USA say.. “All I want for christmas is _____?”

    what a mystery 5 letters?

    I guess respond “twist”?

  • http://Website Adj

    Well I for one love the sidekick brand and want to see a new one an maps might be hops on it no layer iu but it should be touch screen same form factor that what makes it.better gps and magic and web kit the lights that they always use an nd the keyboard is always the best.more of an app market.try a for inch swirl screen hi res black coloring.32 gb micro sd support. Since it is owned my microsoft I think they should put a zune player in it.I don’t think android is an option.

  • http://Website JW

    I had both the sidekick 3 and the sidekick lx and I loved both phones. I went to android with the G1 after being a sidekick user and now have the G2. It would be a dream for sidekick to be resurrected with Android.

  • rosie

    android or watever htc is

  • http://Website Caitlin

    The Sidekick should be controlled by Verizon, so more people could have access to it. Then it would sell better, and have more funding to continuing to increase in technology.

  • http://Website jorge

    Would love to see an Android powered T-Mobile Sidekick, if it can with a combination touchscreen and keyboard, the latter being on of the best keyboards on a mobile phone, it’s win win, and a 3.2 to 5 MP camera.