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Tango brings the first video calls to the Nexus S before Google

We thought that video calls would be a major feature of Gingerbread and Google included new camera APIs that let developers access the front-facing camera. However, when Google launched the Nexus S we found that their Google Talk app was missing the video chat feature we saw Andy Rubin reveal and none of the applications in the Market worked with the phone.

Thankfully Tango stepped up to the plate and delivered the first video calls to Nexus S owners. The free app was just updated tonight with support for the Nexus S and a new UI for the Galaxy Tab. Tango is also cross platform, so you can make video calls with your iPhone friends too.

I briefly tested the app with my brother Clark and we connected on the first try. We were both on WiFi and the video feed was a little choppy, but at least it worked. If you have a Nexus S, give it a try and let us know how it performs.

Source: Tango

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  • http://Website Bigmerf

    Everyone I know is on fring !

  • http://Website Roland

    Yes,Yes it work for me I was on my G-Tab and my Nexus S and it work on the 1st try.

  • http://n/a James

    Yeap, this looks very good (btw you can download it at: but more people need to get on it, not enough users on it

  • http://Website bob

    Ya come on! fring has been doing this for a while now.

  • http://Website carlowahlstedt

    A friend tried it last night on an Evo to iPhone4. It worked. Video was grainy and the audio lagged some.

  • http://Website Miguel

    How did it work over 3G on the Nexus S?

  • http://Website Boo

    Tried on NS. It worked but very choppy. both sides were on fast wifi connections.

  • http://Website Maximus


    I tried it a few days ago and its really Laggy and has some bug issues that needs fixing.

    If you’re in a rush to use video chat then knock yourself out and download this app

    However if u want something of more quality wait until Google talk is made available with video chat or wait for Tango to release an update with bug fixes for the current version because if kept as is, it is UN-USABLE

    I had full bars on Wifi and even tried on full bars strength on 3g and it was painfully choppy, could hear your echoes and would say Low network connectivity even with full strength

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