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The Astonishing Tribe gets swollowed up by RIM

Today, RIM announced that they have acquired The Astonishing Tribe. While the majority of Android users may not be familiar with The Astonishing Tribe (TAT), we’re pretty sure that most of you reading this know at least some of their work. Within the mobile community, TAT is most well known for being at the forefront of handset UI innovation, with their UI elements on more than a half billion handsets. But for most of you here, The Astonishing Tribe’s most well know work is probably the UI elements of the original Android 1.0 build.

With their new acquisition, RIM plans on using the TAT team in further development of RIM’s PlayBook tablet. Though TAT is now under RIM’s umbrella, we hope that there’s still a chance they continue with their independent work by bringing new innovation to the Android and other platforms in the future.

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  • TheDrizzle

    I believe they said they are done with Android.

  • http://Website steve

    Why is this site so slow to post articles?

    Other android websites had this news yesterday.

    • jivemaster

      Other sites are far slower. Androidspin is a prime example of a great android site turned turd. For example, they flat out denied the existence of the nexus s, only to just start talking about it like they never refuted its existence the next day.

      Androidandme may not be the quickest, but they get their facts straight more than any other android blog out there and I praise them for that. If I read it on Androidandme, it’s 99% accurate.

      The only other site worth reading is Androidpolice. The rest are rubbish.


  • http://Website CD Andrews

    This is too bad! The stuff that they were working on was beautiful!

  • SliestDragon

    Thanks alot. I was fine with them leaving for RIM until you post that 2D/3D map video. Now I’m angry! Lol!

  • http://Website Coolio

    Too bad they never released TAT Home to the Android Market :-(

  • http://Website Hans

    This sucks. :( TAT has so many awesome concepts that I wished would’ve made it to android one day.

  • http://Website Ruben

    This was my favorite site when I first started with android. I rooted my first phone with this site, so it is sad to see its fall into irrelevency. Posting stories days after the other options out there and sometimes not posting at all over a weekend or three days, really. I know this post will probably not be read by anyone, but goodbye Androidandme. Thanks for everything, but it is time to move on, I have deleted you from my bookmarks, but not from my memories.

    • http://Website jj

      I still like this site, which ones do you use instead?

    • http://Website steve

      I also have started to dislike this website.

      Please let us know which websites you like better.