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Verizon 4G pricing, $50 for 5GB, $80 for 10GB, overages $10 per GB

As expected Verizon announced their 4G LTE launch details today and we finally learned the pricing. There was speculation that Verizon might introduce data plans based on download speeds, but they went with more traditional tiered plans that match their current 3G data plans.

Verizon’s 4G LTE goes live on Sunday in 38 markets and 60 airports. At launch there will be two USB modems available that will each will cost $99, after a $50 rebate with a two-year contract. Users can choose from two plans of either $50 for 5 GB of data or $80 for 10 GB of data. Overages will run $10 for every GB of data that customers consume.

Download speeds being advertised are what was previously announced. Customers should expect download speeds between 5-12 Mbps and uploads between 2-5 Mbps. Verizon also said that network latency on 4G LTE is half of their existing 3G network.

No details were provided on any specific 4G LTE handsets, but Verizon reiterated they will launch in the first half of the year (maybe as soon as February). Expect more details on Verizon’s 4G handsets at CES in January.

If you want to see if 4G LTE will be available in your city, just hit up Verizon’s official site for more details.

Source: Verizon

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  • http://Website Ben Tolmachoff

    My poor, poor wallet.

    • http://Website milkman66

      i call it a rip-off, no thx VZW. I go with T-Mo or ATT….

  • http://Website Bob

    I wonder how much data video calling will take? 5 GB seems like it will go fast, and for $50 a month? Also, what about streaming pandora etc? I can see the benefits of a 4G, but there are drawbacks with this limited data…

  • http://Website HOLY MONEY!

    Ouch…..poor people who want to have Verizon 4G. That’s going to cost them an eye and a leg, especially with the limited data and with FFC and so forth!! Go T-Mobile with 4G speeds, no extra costs, and cheap overall prices :)

    T-Mobile + Android = Perfection :)

  • http://Website Jorge

    A lot of money for this 4G service, I will never go back from Sprint to Verizon. I am happy with my Unlimited 4G network from Sprint.

  • http://Website Icon

    That’s actually not that bad at all. Considering that data card plans are $40 (250 MB) and $60 (5 GIG) for 3g service right now. The only difference is that $50 is the minimum you will pay.

    Keep in mind that these are for datacards and mifi’s. When 4g handsets come out, I would expect different data plans.

  • chief113

    Will this be standard, or can you opt out of using this 4G?

  • http://Website jon bowie

    I don’t know why people are complaining. This is for broadband cards and it is cheaper than the 3g service (59.99 for 5gb) and don’t compare to T-Mobile because the speeds with vzw are going to be faster and its going to be the largest 4g coverage area in the world, and if u want to compare reliability u can’t compete with Verizon.

  • http://Website Dale Griggs

    Will you be able to buy the advanced phones without paying $50 for LTE? I use my phone on wifi 95% of the time so why would I want to pay $50 a month instead of $30 for data for LTE? I can not imagine that the only data plan for the new phones that will be out next year will cost a minimum of $50 a month.

  • http://Website katvo

    What about the phone data plans though? Any word on pricing on them? Or does is this new pricing all inclusive of both phone and broadband?

  • http://Website Dee

    i dont doubt that VZW will probably float constantly in a high 8-9 mbps range but im thinking tmo will not be undone. have you seen the speeds in kansas? 20 mbps!?! i mean even though theres like 5 people in kansas if tmo could deliver the same speeds to major areas that would be a swift kick to both sprint and AT&T and could possibly bring them to the spotlight.
    4G wars. shit just got real.

  • http://Website Old_Man

    Back to “dumb” phones for me… I have had enough of rip off pricing, about 4 HD movies for 80 Bucks….

  • http://Website Mr Rabbit

    I’m surprised they didn’t just ask for a pound of flesh. It’s no news that Verizon is the biggest scammer out of the BIG 4 telephone companies.

  • http://Website Francis

    T-Mobile is having a good laugh now. They are HAPPY, cause their HSPA+ together with the better pricing is the much better package. They will crush LTE!!!

  • http://Website onlever

    #1 These prices are completely in line with 3G pricing; they only apply to air cards, so quit complaining about average Verizon plans.

    #2 Sprint charges $40 for unlimited 4G(&3G) even if you have no 4G service(for smartphones). Expect Verizon to try the same.

    This all seems fine to me; we’ll have to wait until January.

    Let’s all use common sense

    • http://Website VZW User

      Common sense doesn’t work for most readers on this website. For some reason, 90% of the readers here have a hard-on for TMo and Sprint. The reason Verizon costs more (not that it’s that much more) is because they have a huge coverage map. My friend just got 3G a year ago where I live, yet with Verizon I’ve had it since 2006. You get what you pay for. If TMo has fast service where you’re at, then great. But I really don’t understand the anti-Verizon stance of this website and its readers; Taylor will constantly make subtle jabs at any service provider other than T-Mobile.

      Another issue that bugs me is that Android wouldn’t be where it’s at without Verizon and their extensive advertising of their Droid line. I have no problem with people liking their provider, but I just wish people would use their brains and maybe check VZW’s profit margins vs. those of TMo before saying Verizon is only after money and T-Mobile is so nice because they just want people to have phones. News flash people: every company only cares that you send them a check every month.

      Just for some clarity, here are the net profit results from T-Mobile and VZW in 2008:

      Deutsche Telekom AG (T-Mobile): $1.2 billion
      Verizon Communications: $1.67 billion

      I just really wish the readers at this site would use their brains and not condemn anyone who points out the fact that these are the prices for data cards, not the phones. If I were to take VZW’s price for 3G data from their data card website, I should be paying a lot more for my 3G service than $30 a month. But no, neither the readers or Taylor wants to point out the fact that these prices are for the data cards.

      Sorry this is so long, but I just get tired of adults not using their brains. If you don’t like Verizon, then fine. But there is a reason I pay more to be on Verizon than I would on T-Mobile, I get what I pay for. Also, do some research on the differences between LTE and HSPA+ before you make the two equal. While the speeds might currently be similar, Verizon’s LTE equipment is compatible with LTE Advanced (which has a higher future speed than HSPA+ can ever dream of). Try doing some outside reading rather than Taylor spoon-feeding you information.

  • http://Website Average Joe

    This is too expensive for me.

  • California Employment Law Attorney

    little more expensive but you get what you pay for

  • http://Website Drew

    Again, to reiterate what many people have posted here, THIS IS FOR THE TWO USB MODEMS THAT ARE BEING RELEASED. THIS PRICING HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH SMARTPHONES AND IS CHEAPER THAN VERIZON’S CURRENT PRICING FOR 3G USB MODEMS. Gotta love that people are commenting down every time someone says this.

  • http://Website man with two faces

    i think tmo 4g is better

  • http://Website jbn

    so unlimited voice an text for 89 plus 50 for 5gb? ouch no thanks ill stick with tmo!!