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Verizon confirms Motorola 4G LTE Android phone is on the way

This will come with little surprise to our regular readers, but Verizon COO John Stratton told The Wall Street Journal in an interview that Motorola 4G LTE phones are on the horizon. No product details were revealed, but we know the Motorola Etna is likely to be one of the first 4G LTE phones on Verizon.

Etna is the codename for the Motorola Tegra 2 phone we started calling Terminator back in October. The same device is also headed to AT&T with the codename Olympus. Several leaks have shown us the phone looks like a mix between the Droid X and the Defy, but this phone packs a dual-core processor which Motorola has been teasing as skipping a generation.

Motorola has already finalized the hardware, but is still working on the software. Test units are running Android 2.2 with Motoblur, but we have heard Motorola is already working on Android 2.3.

Given that the target release date for these phones is late January to February, I suspect Motorola will launch them with Android 2.2 and then update them over the air to Android 2.3 at a later date.

We shouldn’t have to wait much longer, because Verizon already said LTE devices will be showcased at CES next month. Our team will be at both the Motorola and Verizon media events, so check back soon for further details.

Source: WSJ

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  • Davids mom

    I still like the LG star more but hey atleast verizon will get a device that can actually use their new network

  • http://Website CanITouchIt

    I really like the design.

    • http://Website CanITouchIt

      I just noticed MotoBlur. :’(

  • http://Website Matrix

    I want one in September

  • GRAW

    I’m not a big fan of MotoBlur (Mainly cuz it’s the only UI overlay that kept ther white notification bar and the icons are almost always colored) but, I gotta say, it has some very useful widgets and it has some pretty good homescreen features. But Motorola, please, stay AWAY from colored MotoBlur icons, and remove that damn “contacts” button, there’s already a contacts button! Just go thru the dailer! Replace it with something more usful, like a browser launch button. (Where have I seen this before?) And, if you don’t mind, release WITH 2.3.

  • Tony

    I’d be sold on this if it wasn’t for the fact that Motorola has done all that locking down of their Android devices..

  • http://Website Daphne

    iPhone looks much better

    • http://Website Keefers

      As does your mother with clothes on.

  • http://Website Tito!

    & Most likely will have MotoBLUR (:
    Motorola should show T-Mobile some love.

  • http://Website Ivan

    Will the 4g lte be able to operate on the droid phones will it be compatible for the particular phone or only phones tht will be realeased on later dates

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    I just can’t wait to see these damn things in action.

  • http://Website Jude Ibe

    I was talking to a verizon corporate worker a few days ago. Etna and mechanism are slates for a march release.
    Here is some trivia. Etna is a volcano in sciliy, italy. This mountain was used to shoot some scenes. This movie is called. Star wars. DROID


    whyy MOTOblur whyyyy?!
    damn I was hoping for an unlocked bootloader, dammit