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Verizon HTC Thunderbolt 4G LTE poses for the camera

HTC ranks among the favorite handset makers of Android fans and the Thunderbolt 4G is quickly becoming their next buzz worthy phone. We have already seen HTC teasing this phone over the last couple of days and now someone leaked a dozen new pictures of the device to our friends at Droid Life.

Based on what we know about the Thunderbolt, it will likely not sport a fancy new dual-core processor that most hardcore Android fans have been waiting for, but it should be the first 4G LTE handset available on Verizon. The lack of a dual-core CPU might turn some people off, but HTC has packed plenty of other high-end features into this device like a 4.3 inch display, 8 megapixel camera, front-facing camera, kickstand, and possibly Dolby Mobile SRS virtual surround sound.

We should learn the full specs next week at CES when Verizon reveals a half-dozen LTE handsets, but you can check out the Desire HD specs for an idea of what to expect.

Originally we expected the first 4G LTE handset to arrive in stores around February, but I would bet we could see that date moved up. Verizon has been testing the Thunderbolt for quite some time and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it go on sale in January.

I’m strongly considering switching to Verizon just to try out their new 4G LTE network, but if the Thunderbolt turns out to be single-core like we expect then I think I’m passing on this device and waiting to see what LG, Motorola, and Samsung cook up.

If you are in the market for a new Verizon phone, which upcoming handset looks the most appealing to you?

htc-thunderbolt1-448x600 htc-thunderbolt12-449x600 htc-thunderbolt2-445x600 htc-thunderbolt4-436x600 HTC Thunderbolt 4G

Source: Droid Life

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  • http://Website Nate

    I really want to know when HTC´s dual-dore devices will be ready…

    hope they will announce some at MWC in February.

    @Taylor Did you hear anything regarding a dual-core Nexus device?

    A dual-core “NexusTwo” would be only logical because the (app) developer need a dual-core device to optimize their apps/games for dual-core etc.

    And this device have to be (like every dev device) open because they must be able to install custom firmwares and get updates to newer version quickly to can test their apps in different situations.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      HTC is just waiting on Qualcomm and they are not ready yet. It sounds like NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 is the only dual-core game in town and that’s the reason why Samsung went with it.

      All I can say is that HTC must be getting a really sweet deal from Qualcomm to continue waiting on them. This actually has me a little excited that the dual-core Snapdragons might out-perform Tegra 2, but we will not know for awhile.

      • http://Website Nate

        hmm…HTC and Qualcomm (and Google) have a keynote at the MWC, hope they announce something “cool”. Otherwise I´ll probably buy the Galaxy S2 or the Nexus S (but because I live in Europe it will have probably SLCD which also means other drivers and incompatibilty with ROM´s for the AMOLED Nexus S. not that great deal.).

    • ingrid

      does htc phones have a front cmaera?

  • http://Website Roger

    Pretty much an evo.. Probably with an updated processor…..

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Yes this will have a second-generation Snapdragon with a much faster GPU compared to the aging first-gen Snapdragon found in the EVO. It should also have 768 MB RAM vs 512 MB of the EVO.

      • http://Website Richard

        Actually this has nothing to the Htc Evo 4g on sprint. The EVO has proven to be the best Smartphone on the market for 2010 nothing has beaten it plus this device would have to prove it’s self stellar as the EVO has done this last 6months. Plus verizon and there 4g network has a long way to go to be better than sprint…. I stick with the EVO but I give verizon credit for dealing with HTC they CLEARLY ARE THE BEST MANUFACTURERS TO THIS DAY

        • http://Website brandon1239

          Don’t mean to rain on your parade, but my Mytouch 4g has better specs across the board, the only thing the Evo has on it is stock HTC sense, not the garbage the mytouch comes with.

          • http://Website Richard

            Hate to burst your buble Brandon1239 but let me help you out the evo is much better in so many ways it’s not funny 1st of hdmi out, screen size, kickstand, better call quality, and proven 4g service not just hype. TMOBILE is a joke so is there regular 3G service especially here in Newyork try walking into a building in downtown manhattan and watch your service get lost and drop calls happen so often it’s not even funny anymore…. Plus the mytouch 4g is ugly. Sprint and the evo WILL GET 2.3 FIRST BEFORE The MYTOUCH 4G

        • http://Website rollo tomasi

          my HTC droid eris was quite possibly the perfect form factor device but had the WORST hardware i have ever encountered in a ‘smarphone’. reception issues & under performing processor were only 2 of the major issues i had with that device.

          since my upgrade isn’t until sept. 2011 (june when i can get a new device) i will hopefully have the option of multiple dual core devices w/ the android software optimized to use the 2nd core. HTC will not be on the top of my list when I shop.

    • Joe

      dude camon that phones much sexier than the evo and hopefully the battery life’s a little longer too

  • http://Website helebek

    When will these manufacturers get smart. Users don’t care about how much megapixel the camera on a phone has, we care about the number of cores. Instead of packing a lot of megapixels can you please pack a second core to that phone!. I am starting to believe that HTC’s hardware is not compatible with dual core at all (for some reason :)).

    • http://Website dagamer34

      Customers care about a second core in a phone? What universe do YOU live in?

    • http://Website UniqueNate

      It’s not even the fact that they put a lot in the camera. It’s the fact they leave out quality. That’s why these phones with 5mp take better picture because they have better quality. if they put that in these phones then it’ll make a differ in that area.

      Meanwhile this is nothing new of a device. If this was out earlier in the year it would of have been. The hype about 4G makes it seem like that affects the entire performance of a phone. Really doesn’t. I mean you can have the fastest phone potentially but no 4G network to fully back it up and a beefy spec phone but no back up quality tweaks to make it count.

  • http://Website Ry4nator

    I think I’ll be waiting too, Mr. Wimberly. My dad is trying to get me to switch to verizon and I think the new motorola dual-core phone will be worth the wait… a few weeks at most if I’m not mistaken?

    • WickedToby741

      I believe the Motorola Tegra 2 LTE phone won’t be hitting Verizon until at least February while this will land first obviously from all their claims. This might even be launched at CES and go on sale January 6th or shortly thereafter. Its really hard to predict what all is coming out when. We’ll know next week!

  • http://Website garrett

    this is just the evo for verizon. nothing to see here move along.

  • Galen20K

    looks nice, just add HSPA+ 48 and an updated processor and you have a winner!

  • http://Website dagamer34

    To call this a leak is a slap in the face. HTC is clearly the source of those photos!

    • Taylor Wimberly

      We call it a leak because it appeared on a blog and not

  • http://Website aa

    needs the dual core! RAM looks nice though. i’m going to have to pass most likely. i just hope after the announcements at CES we dont’ have to wait too long to see the other LTE devices. Hoping Moto, Sammy, and LG really bring it!

  • http://Website Bryan

    I am hoping for a dual core, vanilla android phone option on verizon above all else..

  • http://Website Icon

    Sorry to say, but the Evo isn’t even the 5th best android device on the market. And LTE smokes Wimax in almost every category. Stop being a Sprint homer and open your eyes.

    As for this device, first of all it needs a different name. Other then that it looks a nice piece of hardware. Unfortunately the lack of dual core is gonna make me pass. Im pretty upset too, cause I love HTC and was really looking forward to using them again. Right now the LG Star is what im leaning torward. That new screen they are using looks sick, and hopefully t2 will be on board. But we will see what moto cooks up. I refuse to go to Samsung cause of the catastrophe the galaxy s line has become. They would really have to release something that is above and beyond anybody else to make me even consider buying another Samsung.

    • http://Website WickedToby741

      LG has a lot of issues with hardware. I know tons of people that have had to have their LG phones replaced for a number of different hardware failures (battery issues are the most common which is funny because LG is a battery company too). Its not that theres anything wrong with the phones themselves or the hardware, just that it tends to have a high failure rate. Now, this very well could be fixed with the LG Star, but I’d watch the reviews if I were you. I like Samsung phones, but I agree with their Android upgrade reputation I wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot pole. Motorola is good as long as theres no MotoBlur (the Droid MotoBlur is significantly better) and they have a pretty good reputation for upgrading their phones on Verizon , but their designs aren’t always the most aesthetically pleasing. HTC is the leader in build quality and the Sense UI is the best non-stock UI, but this phone is really nothing more than an EVO 4G with the WiMax swapped for LTE and what is likely an improved processor. My next phone will either be this one or Motorola’s Tegra 2 phone on Verizon. It all depends on what Motorola’s offering looks like and how much longer I have to wait for it over this.

  • http://Website Anthony

    Wow I see HTC is pulling a samgung Nexus s job here no dual core. The phone looks great and probably rocket fast.
    The bad for you not anointed nexus and Verizon will pimp this puppy with bloat ware sending it in update hell just saying
    the good for me I own a NS and a N1 both will be updated before this power house that Verizon will handicap.
    I hate seeing a beautiful thing being ruined so sad.

  • krazytrixxxsta

    i’ve already call tmo and told them im returning my g2. verizon here i come.

    • http://Website anthony

      Ya better call them back and tell them u changed u mind back. The g2 will be updated before this Verizon bloated whale. The phone looks awesome but unlike the g2 won’t be vanilla. Why take a chance hey didn’t Verizon dump google for Bing
      just saying

      • http://Website WickedToby741

        Its true the G2 will be updated first, but being that this is a close cousin to the EVO 4G and HTC and Sprint had that updated in six weeks to FroYo plus Verizon hasn’t really been a slouch with Android updates on their main phones, this phone has some potential. Verizon did dump Google for Bing on non-Droid phones, however this is rumored to be a Droid phone and I’m not sure Verizon is going to continue preloading Bing over Google since there was a lot of negativity surrounding the move. Either way, this is looking like a good buy if you don’t care to have a dual core processor.

  • http://Website Jason

    Great looking phone for Verizon. I’m on Sprint, can’t wait to see what HTC have in store for the EVO 2 due out in June.

    • http://Website anthony

      @Jason I guess that may be true but lets hope they make it pure vanilla then that’s a true monster anything else its just another big fish in the nexus pond.I think pure vanilla would have u updated lightning quick ya gotta admit the nexus one and nexus s are sure looking sweet lol

      • http://Website Maximus

        LOL yes My Nexus S is looking like a Winner

        All the Qualms about lack of 4g and Dual Core and yet these new HTC products arent even dual core equipped and will be 4g Android Bloatware OS

        Although i have to admit HTC is a Winner when it comes to product design

        The last few phones to come from HTC have been impressive designs ie: N1, Evo, HD2 and now this HTC Thunderbolt are all beautiful and well manufactured looking devices

        NS for the Win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Website TDizzle

    All this hoopla about dual-core chips is overblown. Even when phones start shipping with dual-core chipsets it’ll still be months years even when the software finally catches up to the hardware and optimizes for the chips. Until then, the Hummingbird and 2nd-gen Snapdragon will perform almost as well. Well, overall at least…3D graphics? Different story…

    • http://Website WickedToby741

      This device is launching with FroYo and Honeycomb will bring support for dual cores I believe so its not far off. Dual core processors are going to be great because they offer increased multitasking performance and longer battery life because your processor won’t be running fully loaded all of the time. Plus, the nVidia Tegra 2 should provide awesome graphics being from nVidia.

  • http://Website Paul Atreides

    With a lot of devices having ffc’s now, hopefully we can get that video chat smackdown article soon *hint hint. BTW that phone IS good looking, can’t wait to see what the EVO 2 will look like!

  • http://Website jamie

    I want a Thunderbolt and Lightfoot version.


    I’m just surprised that HTC would release a single-core smart phone in the midst of this dual-core revolution sprouting up. I was interested at first until finding out that it wasn’t going to have the dual-core processor. I’m kind of turned off of it now, unless it’s released this year with gingerbread or something. Until then I think imma just wait around for either the Motorola Olympus or the LG Star.

    • WickedToby741

      I believe it was done so they can get it to the market quickest and claim having the first 4G phone again. This will likely come out on Verizon before all the Tegra 2 devices and then gets to be marketed as the first 4G phone on Verizon as opposed to just another 4G phone with a Tegra 2 or dual core processor if they went with a Qualcomm dual core. Being the first to the market is sometimes better than the hardware you’re packing, just look at Apple and their products. If they get there first and do it right, they’ll have far better sales than if they would have launched with everyone else.

  • anthony

    great looking phone with great features.really want one for me ;-)

  • Peter

    Is it is for real ?

    that photos are releases before CES


  • http://Website Darnell

    Not trying to hate but this just looks like Verizons EVO, no offense to anybody and their phones (nexus S included) but I STILL think the EVO is the best phone on the market as far as OVERALL specs and features not to mention service. I haven’t found a phone that i would trade my Evo for.

    • WickedToby741

      Thats precisely what this is: Verizon’s EVO. The EVO has been a huge success on Sprint and Verizon and HTC aren’t trying to mess with a successful formula. This is a very similar phone to the EVO minus a few upgrades like the processor and RAM and instead of a WiMax antenna hiding inside, theres an LTE antenna. HTC is using the same formula as they did with the EVO, just on Verizon this time.

  • http://Website InspectorGadget80

    Now that’s one hefty beauty of a phone right their. Kinda sucks I’m still stuck on AT&T crappy phones damn I need a 4G phone NOW OR A POWERFUL ANDROID DEVICE.

  • http://Website Noel

    This my kind of phone…I just hope HTC will make an unlocked Pure Vanila Google version of this device with Tmobile HSPA+ radios OR atleast a version with dual Tmo HSPA+/At&t 4G bands. For all i know..At&t is/will be getting 4G soon. HTC PLZZZ PLZZZ WE need an unlocked US version of this device…a device to upgrade from my Nexus one bcz i know for sure the Nexus S did not do it for me…the only thing it has that i want on my device is the Super Amoled screenand Gingerbread. This phone reminds me of my Nexus one but this time w/ killer specs……HTC PLZZZZZZZZZZ do it for all US Android army. I forsee and enless back log from the masses wanting to wrap their paws on this baby.

  • http://Website Noel

    Just adding to the above post…will want the above said device to be DUAL CORE..either a Qualcomm dual core snapdragon or a Tegra 2. In 2011 it is all abt Dual-core or i will pass. We want that fast processing power w/ the benefit of low battery consumptio . So HTC get to work…a dual core unlocked pure virgin vanila Android w/ the specs of the Thunderbolt and Tmo HSPA+ or one w/ dual bands HSPA+/At&t 4G for mass marketability. Also dobly mobile surround w/ dual speakers if possible. We are all waiting for that ONE DEVICE and i think HTC can delive it to us…REMEMBER PURE VANILA ANDROID

    • http://Website Danny

      OMG!!!!!!!!!! You just described my DREAM PHONE!

  • http://Website Lulu

    Eh Verizon. :-\

    I’m not gonna leave T-Mo coz it has the best rates among all carriers.

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