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Vodafone set to dish up a fresh serving of Froyo for the HTC Magic

The launch of the Google Nexus S may only be a day or two away, but that doesn’t mean that you need to get rid of your old Android phone just yet. Hot on the heels of T-Mobile USA’s Android 2.2.1 update for the myTouch 3G, Vodafone UK has just unveiled that they will be releasing the same update for the HTC Magic.

Vodafone will be gradually rolling out the Android 2.2.1 update to the HTC Magic over the next few weeks. While the hardware on the HTC Magic may seem a bit dated at this point, it’s nice to see HTC is still rolling out an update to a handset that was released nearly 20 months ago.  We’re hoping a few other manufacturers will take note as to how long they should be supporting their handsets with new Android updates, but we won’t be holding our breath.

Android 2.2.1 will give customers a number of improvements including: latest Gmail and Android Market clients; ability to save applications directly onto an SD card; support for USB tethering so the phone can be used as a modem; improved support for Active Sync Exchange (email, contacts and calendar sync); enhancements to Bluetooth; and enhancements to the camera. The update also includes the latest Google security patches. Vodafone

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Source: Vodafone UK Forums

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  • coyotejbob

    They have 2.2 for the magic to bad my dream only sees froyo with cyanogen.

  • http://Website Aidil


  • http://Website ivan

    Never going to happen

  • http://Website Scott

    They’re a bit late, both me and my dad ditched our Magics literally last week since we were sick of Vodafone stalling this update and leaving out phones with security issues. Shame on them.

  • http://Website Jonathan Mallett

    Is it just me or is it hilarious that the HTC magic is getting the official froyo update before Samsung’s Galaxy S line?

    • Alan

      Well the Galaxy S in the UK has already seen FroYo…

      • http://Website Sorandkairi

        The magic(A) still recieved the update before the any Samsung Galaxy S ever did!

  • http://Website Max

    Wait… So this phone is a HTC and is older than my hero, athough they will be giving this Froyo and not the Hero…. Wtf! ;D

  • http://Website Steve

    The manufactures and carriers piss me off!!!

    Its very obvious that they stall with the updates as a way to get customers to upgrade to the latest phone.

    Even worse, they try to prevent you from rooting so you can’t quickly get the latest operating system.

  • http://Website Miguel

    Sad that the Nexus S is launching with similar 3G te ch as a phone launched well over 2 years ago

  • http://Website nick feather

    Ive had the OTA update but nothing seems to have changed, my firmware version still says 1.6 and the kernel version is 2.6.29-00479………..

    Any ideas?

    • Nick Gray

      If you read the source link, it sound like the 2.2.1 update is coming in two updates. This first one simply updates the bootloader and the second update actually installes the new version of Android.

      • http://Website nick

        Ah right, ill not worry then.


  • chris0101

    Among the manufacturers, HTC seems the most reliable when it comes to upgrading to the latest version of Android. Sometimes slow, although they upgraded the Evo pretty rapidly, but they do usually get around to it.

  • http://Website Duncan Mackenzie

    I have 2.2.1 on my magic now. Anyone with any problems should enter *#*#checkin#*#* into the dialer, after receiving a success message you should then go to menu, settings, about phone and then check system updates. I did this after I got the first update and Android 2.2.1 should be downloading. It’s awesome and full of new features, I recommend Launcher Pro as It runs a hell of a lot faster than the stock launcher. Just a shame I’ll be changing my phone for a dual core In 2-3 months.

  • http://Website Seb

    so then the tattoo…

  • http://Website Steve

    Arrgh, got mine today, and half my apps have now disappeared, although they exist in the uninstaller. Anyone know how to get the apps list to show all of mine?

    Also seems to have forgotten the bluetooth pairing to my car, which means finding the instruction manual again!

    But it’s nice anyway.