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Will Google actually advertise their Nexus S on TV?

The Nexus One was one of the best Android phones released in 2010, but when it comes to overall sales it was a complete flop. You can argue about Google’s intentions for producing another Nexus phone, but it sounds like Google learned from their mistakes and that is why they partnered with Best Buy to sell the Nexus S in stores and they are letting Samsung handle the customer support.

Another area the Nexus One was lacking in was advertising. We saw a few Adsense ads when the phone first launched, but most of the non-geek crowd still has no idea what the Nexus One actually was.

Google doesn’t traditionally advertise of TV, but they did have a Super Bowl spot last year and we just found a 30-second spot that was uploaded to the official Nexus YouTube account. It certainly looks like it could be a commercial, but we will have to wait and see how Google decides to use it. Right now the video is titled “MTZ03 Conform 008 ANIM” which tells us someone might still be working on it.

Check out the 30-second clip and let us know what you think. Would this make a good TV commercial for the Nexus S?

Source: YouTube

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    • http://Website Enrique

      I agreed with you, I am getting it as soon as it comes out.

    • http://Website Big ups to the NEXUS 1

      The nexus s is a great phone and will continue to stay relevant even when dual cores come out because its a nexus phone and will be the first with updates. That said, the N1 is still the best phone until this comes out. I know other phones have surpassed it in hardware but for the overall phone experience from the time it was released until now, there is no other phone currently out that I would rather have. I have never once regretted my decision for purchasing the nexus one…but will you be able to say that about the nexus s….we will have to wait and see…

  • Clark Wimberly

    I vote no on that being an actual TV spot. They used ‘gingerbread’ and ‘unlocked’ which aren’t words the general public would understand. I think that’s for the geek crowd (online).

    • AndyH_STi

      I totally agree.

    • http://Website GregS

      easy text update to ‘Android 2.3′ and ‘less than 11mm thick’

    • http://Website Stang68

      Completely agree. I saw “Gingerbread” and “Unlocked” and thought, “Well, my family will have no idea what that means.” lol

    • http://Website mkrmec

      Who the hell even watches TV programs anymore?!!

      And if people see something they don’t understand they ask around… if they don’t they are lazy as hell… that is if they are interested in the product that is being sold.

      people are not stupid

  • http://Website Blest

    Maybe if it doesnt sell even with the commercial theyll give us one with a microsd slot and hspa+!!!!

    But yeah theyll probably advertise it.

  • Alan Reboli

    Wow, did they just rip a page out of apples advertising playbook?

    • http://Website Sleepthieves

      Oh you mean the same play book that every multimedia device has used for the last 5 years regardless of maker , of which apple hardly can claim original ownership or authorship.

  • Andrew

    anyone know how i can get in on googles advertising…ive got a million ideas floating around on how to advertise this among many other products of theirs…do they do their own advertising or do they have an agency do it for them?

  • http://Website s

    I like the song and the videography, but I agree with the statement above that gingerbread and unlocked mean absolutely nothing to the average consumer. It needs to be more simple to steal those iphone users.

    • http://Website 2FR35H

      Why wouldn’t the average consumer know what unlocked is? but I will agree about gingerbread though.

  • http://Website Ivan

    I want the Nexus S,but it is only going to work for T Mobile’s piece of shit 3G, so fuck that, I rather wait for something else. Why Google why do you always release your phones for the cheapest carrier in the U.S?

    • http://Website Alex

      My brother’s G2 which downloads at 8 megs and uploads at 2 would like to disagree with you.

      • http://Website Ivan

        If so then prove it, don’t give me no bullshit story, just prove it. Show me the speed test, I dare you.

        • http://Website Usman

          If you live in any decent sized city, T-mobile 3G is ubiquitous…even here in lowly Toledo, Ohio. HSPA+ is being rolled out pretty quickly as well. I’ve pulled around 4.5mbps on my NEXUS ONE in Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio. My gf has pulled over 7mbps in Dayton and Cincinnati as well on her G2.

          I don’t know where you live, but T-mobile’s been better for me than Sprint used to be before I switched.

          • http://Website Alex

            Yeah, I’m in STL and the 3g here is great as I stated previously. I don’t understand why trolls need to poison the comment section, but I guess it gives meaning to their otherwise pathetic existence.

            Actually, I’ve seen the name Ivan on here before, constantly trolling. It’s sad really.

          • http://Website Ivan

            Like I said to both you and Alex prove it b******, if you can’t then most likely you are lying. Check out mine
            Evo B*****s, F*** Teen Mobile. Sprint is the Best !!!

        • http://Website AdamJ

          I’ve been on AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile in NYC and I can tell you for a FACT that T-Mobile data speeds are absolutely the fastest.

        • http://Website nieves

          again, ur a fukkin retard. ur actually a retarded retard! fukkin dik!

    • http://Website charlotte

      My Vibrant averages 6-7 up and 1.3-1.5 down on TMo’s “shitty 3g”

      Also, you would have to be a moron to go with any carrier other than the one that is fastest/best coverage for your city/area. So TMo is it for me. It may be different for you. That doesn’t make either of them bad. Except if you’re talking about AT&T.

    • http://Website Cesar

      Because i’ts the only carrier willing to have an unlocked phone, because every other carrier does not want that and what to over price everything and lock everything down. T-Mobile is the cheapest and that is why it is the best. Why would i go to a carrier that is overpriced and unfair when i can go to T-Mobile and have unlimited everything including 4g and only pay 80 bucks a month…. That is why my friend and there is way many more reasons why….

    • http://Website mkrmec

      4G networks are overrated

      you never need speeds over 7Mbits doooh..

      • http://Website 2FR35H

        Never say never. with advancements in these speeds they allow you to do much more that will require good speeds.

    • http://Website Nieves

      ur a fukkin retard. u dont know wut the hell ur talking about so im only replying to call u a fukkin idiot, no need to waste words of wisdom on a complete rockhead. gudnite hoe!

  • http://Website Alex

    If Google doesn’t advertise it, you know best buy will. But it would be nice for Google to do a series of commercials.

  • fernando nascimento

    What happened? I expected a big revolution, and it appears another galaxy S !!!!!??
    At this rate I’ll grow old without showing the expected smartphone.
    I’m hoping the dual core and thereby bring a great revolution in everything else
    However went public too timidly the new version of Android, associated with a smartphone
    I think it’ll be another nexus one in two or three months is already outdated
    It was better to have spared resources and to launch the product in its time that we are all waiting
    I understand that it can be quest strategy for liquidating the old stock..

  • http://Website Miguel

    It’s to the point that I can’t even read comments about any topic Nexus S related. Even in a topic like this related to advertising!

    No HSPA+! waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
    No Dual-Core! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
    No Bluetooth 3.0! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
    No expandable storage! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
    No 1080p recording! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    No breastmilk dispenser!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

    Get a pacifier already!

    • http://Website Cesar

      LMAO!!!! “No breast milk dsipenser”….Dude it’s not about winning. It’s just the fact that “why?” Why would google not include all of those features in the phone. Personally it bothers me more The “why” than not having them at all. Can you possibly think of any rational reason that would make sense as in why would they leave all those features out. Dual core not a big deal, bluetooth not a big deal no expandable storage pretty big deal but i could live without it but i would like to have more memory if i needed it for whatever reason. But no HSPA+???!!!!!! That just absolutely makes no sense. Why would you have it on tmobile and not have HSPA+???? Can you have a reasonable explenation about all that? The worst part about it is that there is no answers…

      • http://Website AdamJ

        I feel like the Nexus S is targeted at mass market, not Android fans in particular. They need to prove that stock Android is user-friendly and there is no need for carriers and manufacturers to customize it so drastically. These specs are clearly not intended to impress geeks. No removable SD because most people will never swap it out, no dual-core because your average user dosen’t care about the phones processor, they just want a fast UI, great battery life and access to apps.

        Hopefully Google will advertise it on TV because I know it will impress most people, including those with iPhones.

      • http://Website Miguel

        Oh I agree with a lot of the gripes, but I think there are plenty of other articles/threads about it.

  • http://Website Addictive

    How do I check my networks speed? Or download speed?

    • http://Website Maximus

      Download Quadrant or Speed test from the Android Market

  • http://Website Lucian Armasu

    Well Google should definitely promote the stock Android experience. Would be even better if they do it with Honeycomb though, since that will be the UI overhaul, so might as well start promoting stock Android then.

    But yes, Google needs to do this because Android as a brand is not that big. And if the Android brand becomes more popular then more people will start asking for “Android phones”, even mainstream customers. This will make carriers and manufacturers BRAG about the fact that it’s an Android phone in their ads – which they aren’t doing currently. I barely see anything about Android in commercials.

    And if people get accustomed with the stock Android experience, that’s even better!! Then manufacturers will have to make more stock Android phones – GREAT!

    Go for it, Google! Promote the stock Android experience! Make Android a popular brand!

    • http://Website nieves

      Lucian r u fukkin serious??? android isnt popular??? man ur in the same category as that Ivan troll, fukkin retarded retard man. stop living under a rock and do ur research before spouting nonsense to the masses. idiot. android/google isnt about STOCK android, they’re about ANDROID period, and all of its open sourced glory to go along with it. there is nothing wrong with manufacturer overlays in the UI because it gives customers a choice. if that hadnt been the issue, android would not be as popular as they are today, GTFO this site u apple fagboy!

      • http://Website TuxDotKing

        He never said anything about Apple being better… And he’s telling the truth. For example, no one around where I live thinks about Android phones; they think of ‘Droids’ and some other phones that happen to run the same apps as Droids do. Android as an operating system/platform isn’t entirely understood by the general public, and I hope Google does more to raise awareness of what exactly ‘Androids’ and ‘Droids’ are.

        As a last note; kudos to Sprint for mentioning Android in one of their Evo ads.

  • http://Website Noneed

    I ditched my Vibrant with hopes of HSPA+ support a FFC.
    I ditched mytouch 4g for a dual core.
    I am now using my G1. maybe i’ll just stick to it. after all its still the only phone that never let me down.
    Google nexus S Its not one of those must have type of creations, just it’d be nice to have.

    • http://Website Dizzle

      Ouch…you ditched the mytouch 4g for a dual core? Its gonna be at least months before a dual core phone is dropped here in the States. And the mytouch is probably one of the fastest phones out right now…

  • http://Website Noneed

    Great ads Google!! The target market is not for android fanatics, yet more for general mass appeal.

  • http://Website Paul

    They so need to advertise Android, a lot of people see u using a touchscreen & say is that a iphone, when i say NO is a Android phone, they say WHATs a Android..

  • Best Android Apps

    Wow, really well done. They basically made a phone that has everything people want and try to do to their phone once they get it. The commercial highlights these awesome features really well.

  • http://Website Slick

    Most people wouldnt be able to relate to the “Gingerbread” slogan in the ad.

    If this is their means of targeting regular non-geeks, then it doesnt make sense. For the rest of us watching it here, it obviously does.

  • http://Website jk

    Why not?

  • http://Website Ivan

    I find it super funny how all you guys say t mobile offers the highest speeds, that you’ll get 14 mbps down and all this shit. All I say is prove it, but you cant. HHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAH, Your probably ashamed of showing your speed test, because of how low it is. PWN !!!!

    • http://Website nieves

      OMG IVAN, if u say one more retarded thing, im gonna try to find u, then smash ur head with a rotten pumpkin. man u make urself look more and more like a jackass everytime u say “prove it, prove it” u think the point wouldve gotten across to u that u r insignificant and that people dont have to prove shyt to u. so please, for the sake of all things android, STFU…spare us the fukkin trolling u retarded retard assclown dickcheese fag. Thank u :)

      • http://Website Ivan

        Come on and find me then, you cock sucking douche bag. All you guys know Sprint is better. I want any one of you to prove that you have gotten those “high” speeds, so I can shut up and stop talking shit about teen mobile. But it will not happen, cause its lies. So fuck you and your mama. lmfao. You guys get really booty hurt, pussies. Lick my nuts and have a good day. Oh and by the way it is “shit” not ‘shyt”, learn how to spell first if you are going to insult me.

        • http://Website jdog

          I see your 14mbps and I raise you by 6 to 20mbps. Now you can shut up, you are a douche bag you asked for proof and yet you provide none.

          LMFAO :

          Oh and there is about another 67 pics on their facebook page to prove my point, so now the ball is in your court lets see what Shit I mean Sprint can do.

          • http://Website Ivan

            Dumbass thats not even on a phone douche bag, suck my cock bitch. Show me your Mytouch or Nexus one speed test. Or that Gay 2 bitchesss !!!!. Oh and dont go and get other peoples speed test show your own.

        • http://Website nieves

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          • http://Website Ivan

            Wow, you can’t spell for shit, this website even has spell check lol. Your mom must of had gotten fucked by a big ass dick when she was pregnant with you, and that dick hit your head. LMFAO stupid ass, go back to your teen mobile store and get fucked by those stupid ass teenagers on Americas slowest and spottiest network. Lol this is too funny. Sprint bitches FTW !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Website Daniel

    It would definitely make a good commercial, but what was google thinking for using Samsung. Granite I love there tvs and own two of them. After owning the Vibrant (galaxy s) I doubt this phone will do as good as the first nexus phone did as far as quality goes. Plus it has less ram than the mytouch 4g and same speed processor. You would think google would have at least stepped up the game with a over the top processor or more ram. Considering the mytouch 4g and a few other phones will still out perform it. Ether way google has a good thing going and hope they succeed with this phone. And definitely makes a commercial out of this…..

  • http://Website jdog

    LMFAO I did pwn the shit out of him but he probably liked it.