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Twin Cities Android Meetup tomorrow (Friday) night, sponsored by AAM and Verizon Wireless

Just a reminder for all our fine readers who happen to live/currently find themselves in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, that we will be having our 2nd meeting of the Twin Cities Android Meetup group tomorrow night:

When: December 3rd, 2010 starting at 5pm, ending whenever everyone leaves (7 or 8?)

Where: Chatterbox Pub, Highland Park – 800 Cleveland Avenue South, Saint Paul, MN

Why: Because we want to hang out with like-minded Androi-dweebs

At tomorrow’s event, Android and Me will be giving out a Slingbox to one lucky attendee!

Verizon Wireless has stepped up to the plate as a huge sponsor for this event. They will be providing appetizers, and will have a modem that supports their newly announced “4G” LTE network, as well as some devices like the Galaxy Tab for us all to play with!

Absolutely Android has stepped up and will be providing some goodies (probably food and/or swag) for attendees!

Huge thank you to all of our sponsors!

Hope to see you all tomorrow night!

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  • http://Website @android_jedo

    Wish I could be there. I have to work :(

  • http://Website CTown

    Wow, sponsored by Verizon! Seems you are getting somewhere in the Android hierarchy, especially with those Samsung Nexus and dual-core Motorola firsts.

  • http://Website Ben Johnson. GA

    Maybe i attend… to show you my iPhone 4..

    • http://Website ANDEEE

      LoL go ahead

      might as well do a stand up comedy rofl

    • Dharmabhum

      Seen it. Held it wrong. Not interested.

      OT: wish I wasn’t out of town but grats on getting verizon involved!

    • http://Website Eric

      “I” is capitalized. Or is it that you are an apple product?

      Congratulations on getting Verizon involved! You should ask what the deal is about putting Bing as the search on non Droid phones.

  • http://Website Kyla

    No one will make fun of me for still owning a G1, will they? I guess it’s still worth it for free apps at the Chatterbox.

    • Anthony Domanico

      No way!!! Our very own Nick Gray has been rocking a G1 until the G2 came out a few months ago! WE <3 G1

    • http://Website Nick Gray

      I was actually thinking of bringing my G1 just to show off the latest Android 2.2 build I have running on it, but forgot the phone as I was running out the door this morning.

  • gamefreak1218

    wish i could go…but im stuck here in vermont

  • http://Website darkjuan

    I should bring my wifes “bricked” G1 and see if anyone can fix it. The wife won’t be able to attend. She doesn’t get off work until 5pm. But I’ll be there for sure.

    • Anthony Domanico

      She doesn’t have to show up right at 5… she can join us at 6, 630, 7, whenever!

  • Azeem

    I wish that I could make it this time too, but work is offering overtime, and with the holidays here, I can’t pass it up.

    Grats on having Verizon step up to help sponsor the event. That’s very cool. I hope you guys have as much fun as last time. :-)


  • http://Website J

    so, ive been envolved with meets for car clubs, gaming events, etc… but never heard of a smart phone OS meet.

    so what does everyone do at one of these events? see who can get the highest score on Angry Birds?

    no joking, im being serious.

    • http://Website Nick

      It’s just an opportunity to meet and hang out with fellow Android fans. If we want to have a MiniArmy of AngryBirds tournaments, I’m sure we can!

      • http://Website J

        lol, thats actually not a bad idea….

        get the iOS guys over and challenge them to a game.

        but no, really, what does everyone do at a cell phone os meet? im really curious.

        • Clark Wimberly

          At the Austin meetups we really just sit around talking, eating, drinking- it’s not really that phone-specific. Mainly we just have a good time.

          • http://Website Nick

            That’s pretty much what we did last time we had our meetup as well. have a drink or two, meet some new people, talk about the latest custom ROM you have loaded on your handset, and hopfully make it home safe with all the snow that’s supposed to be coming ;)

  • http://Website darkjuan

    Good meeting everyone! Looking forward to the next gathering. Maybe next time the wife will make an appearance and not make fun of me this time. ;)

  • http://Website DroidDew

    I enjoyed meeting some new people and hanging out. I was glad to see the snow didn’t hurt the event too much and we had a decent turnout. Hope to continue to see this TCandroid meetups. :O)