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Customize your phone with a few Gingerbread apps

Google promised that Android 2.3 would hit the Nexus One sometime soon, but if you’re not willing to wait any longer for a taste of Gingerbread, there are a few apps on the Market which should be enough to hold you over.  Steven Lin has published three applications which bring the Android 2.3 Launcher, Keyboard, and Live Wallpaper from the Nexus S to most Android 2.1 and 2.2 devices. 

As many of you already know, hacked versions of these apps have been available in various forums for quite some time.  But thanks Steven’s work, users no longer need to have a rooted phone or know how to use ADB to install these apps on their devices.   Simply do a search for “Steven Lin” in the Android Market and you’ll find all three Gingerbread applications.

Steven is still trying to work out some compatibility issues with a few specific devices, but if you’ve running on Android 2.2 you should be pretty safe.  Give the apps a try and let us know what you think.

Gingerbread Keyboard Installation Instructions

  1. After installation, go to Menu > Settings > Language and Keyboard and check the box next to “Gingerbread Keyboard”
  2. Long press in any text field and select “Input Method”
  3. Select “Gingerbread Keyboard” to use the newly installed keyboard. 

Source: Androinica

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  • http://Website Tony

    Already installed a gingerbread rom on my evo from Evervolv which has everything but video recording/wimax/not sure about hdmi, but otherwise camera,gps,wifi and everything is rock solid and I’m loving it, here’s the link:

  • http://Website Arnaud
  • http://Website Shawn

    Only the launcher is available on the market

    • http://Website Shawn

      Seems to be an AT&T thing as a VZ phone shows all of them.

  • http://Website zlander

    Awesome..i love sense but this is fun

  • ayocuz

    If you got a nexus one rooted you can get a full ginger rom from alchemistar custom roms

    • http://Website sammy

      Not all of us have rooted devices. It nice to see some developers taking the time to make some of these Gingerbread treats available ot those with handsets still stuck on Android 2.2 or even 2.1.

  • http://Website JaylanPHNX

    Better Keyboard just released their version with Gingerbread improvements incorporated into it. Even better, they’re letting folks download it for free as a beta.

  • http://Website yen

    What software did you use to get the screenshot? Thanks

    • http://Website Nate

      ADB is the best solution by there are a bunch of options in the market.

    • http://Website Nick Gray

      You can use ADB but if you have a rooted handset, try out ShootMe from the Market. Once you start up the app you can take screenshots simply by shaking your phone.

  • http://Website Mark

    Hey, this is totally off topic but if anyone can help that would be nice. It says the G2 comes with 4GB yet when I check the memory and storage, it says 1.5 or 1.9GB (can’t remember for sure). Why is this? Is there anyway I can unlock the rest of the memory??? Or is this just false advertisement from HTC and Google??? Thanks.

    • http://Website shaundizzle

      There’s definitely no way to unlock the memory.

      And idk whether or not there is 4gb of memory. There probably is but a good chunk is devoted to the operating system itself and the preinstalled apps.

      I have an epic and the Samsung native task manager actually tells you the amount of memory the device has and how much you are using.

      • http://Website Mark

        Oh, OK. Thanks.

  • http://Website panic

    Love the keyboard and live wallpaper

  • http://Website AD

    I love how the keyboard looks but it’s pretty buggy. Whenever I type, it tends to duplicate some letters. For example, “come” turns into “ccome”. It happens often so I’m pretty sure it’s not me.

    • bjames23

      Really? I currently have it on my rom I’m running now and its blazingly fast, and for the most part accurate. I do have a dinc though not overclocked at the moment.

  • http://Website Gulp

    T-Mo market only shows the launcher. Would love to try the 2.3 keyboard. :(

    • Nick Gray

      What phone are you using? All the apps show up on the G2 on Tmo.

  • http://Website jk

    installed apps on my moto droid1 and lost my home screens. launcher, keyboard and live wallpapers seem to work fine but my home screens are blank. Any suggestions how to fix this?

    • Nick Gray

      Most home screen replacement apps do not replicate your old apps/widget layout. You’ll need to set things up all over again.

  • bjames23

    I heard they are still having problems with some apps not working with gingerbread yet. That is pretty much the only reason why I havent flashed 2.3 yet. I currently am sporting a ROM that actually has some gingerbread features in it already, ex-keyboard which is awesome!.

  • http://Website Matthew Smith

    The launcher and live wallpaper are amazing. Looks good on my Desire.

    Shame the launcher couldn’t remember the previous locations of apps and widgets. Miss the Sense widgets a little too.

    • Nick Gray

      Running Sense on my new G2 and I’m now missing my Sense Agenda widget for the calendar. I with Google would get their act together an add some alternative calendar widgets like HTC does.

  • http://Website D

    Is there any way to change the web button on the right to messaging for example??

  • http://Website Hans

    Verizon here, and only the launcher shows up. :/

  • http://Website enrique

    I just downloaded all three, they are great!!!! thanks Lin.

  • http://Website Launcher task bar

    I have installed the new launcher on my ZTE Blade/Orange San Francisco, but the taskbar is still in white, rather than black with green icons, as per the screenshots. Am I doing something wrong?

    Great work!

    • Nick Gray

      Task/notification bar will stay the same color. The reason my screen shot shows a darker color is because I’m running on an HTC Sense ROM.

  • ANtiHazarD

    All three app is fine.
    HTC Legend

  • http://Website J-Man

    Am I the only one who’s a bit annoyed by the fact that the Tweet from Google saying that the N1 will get the OTA “in the coming weeks” (which would imply 3 weeks maximum, otherwise it should say ‘months’” has been passed clearly and there’s no sign of when or why there is a delay?

    Not saying it should be here right now or yesterday. but some transparency would be nice. But then again the same thing happened with Froyo, so shouldn’t be surprised.

    I don’t think we should have to settle for third-party “pretend you have Gingerbread, but not really” apps and we should get the real thing. Though I have to say the live wallpaper is really nice.

    And yes, I know us N1 users will get Gingerbread a lot earlier than most people, but it’s still a matter of principle, being the first Google Phone and all.

  • http://Website J-Man

    No offense, but this is clearly total BS.

    • http://Website J-Man

      The comment I replied to seems to have been removed, which makes me look like a total douche… So anyone who’s reading this, sorry, out of context. :P

      • bjames23

        HA HA, ya was reading that like whaaat? lol

  • joshuagarza3

    I cannot seem to find the live wallpaper and when I downloaded the gingerbread keyboard it said I needed to download the better keyboard app. I have the beta one downloaded but do I have to download the regular version? Samsung vibrant.

  • http://Website Mapin

    I’ve been running Gingerbread on my N1 for some time now. Highly recommend the Gingerbread ROM v.20 by MicroMod777. It’s pure AOSP vanilla Gingerbread. Very fast and stable. I’ll still try Cyanogenmod 7 when it’s released, but I still think nothing beats vanilla Gingerbread.


  • http://Website panib

    Great keyboard!!

    In ‘German market’ no launcher available.

  • http://Website Sammy

    Anyone know how I can find all the apps on the market. I can only see the keyboard (which works just fine). Does the developer have a website where he makes the apps available?

  • http://Website Bill

    Is there a cookbook style list for upgrading ROMs on a smartphone? I already have my HD2 running Darkstone’s Froyo 2.2 and have installed a couple of patches. Everything is in RAM as I’m afraid to brick my phone. I would like to upgrade the ROM’s at some point, but all of the info is scattered around and some assumptions of knowledge are made. This would be for the smartphone upgrading dummy. This list would be a 1-2-3 style and links to all downloads included. thanks! Bill

  • http://Website Kam

    Best app ever. that previous keyboard was so horrible. this feels like a dream! thanks steven!

  • http://Website SW

    Am I the only one wondering why so many permissions are required for both Better Keyboard and Lin’s port? I’ll wait for the 2.3 update from Google. They already have my private data so I’ll stick with the devil you know…

  • http://Website William

    For those who cannot find it in the market, try “honso gingerbread keyboard”. This version support 1.6 and above.

  • zoran

    I have HTC Desire and this keyboard work as charm

  • http://Website satyanarayana

    Please send galaxy ace software 2.3.3