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ShopSavvy 4 features revamped UI, live scan stream, and search widget

ShopSavvy is the longest running barcode scanner application for Android, launching in the first wave of apps for the Android Market. Since it was released, it has truly been one of Android’s must-have applications. Today, Big in Japan has officially released the fourth version of ShopSavvy, which brings a revamped user interface that mimics the look of the new Android market.

Version 4.0 also brings the following new additional features:

  • Live stream of recent scans using the ShopSavvy application (more on that in the next section)
  • Better scanning technology which allows for full 360 degree scanning so you can scan the image from any direction
  • Enhanced sharing features such as sharing info via Twitter and Facebook
  • Export your historical scans to Microsoft Excel or Apple iWorks
  • ShopSavvy Deals – a service which searches your historical scans to look for price changes at all retailers (including if a purchased product drops in price after you’ve bought it, alerting you whether you can take in your receipt for a refund of the difference)

The new homescreen for ShopSavvy 4 features a live feed of user scans from around the United States. This feature pulls in both the item name, the city in which the item was scanned, and the best available price for that item. Users can simply click on any item in the live feed, and it will scan both online and your local retailers to find the best available price. Think the live feed is a little too big-brother-y? Rest half-assured. Users can switch to the standard personal historical scans view in the settings, but there doesn’t appear to be a way to prevent your scans from showing up in other users’ live stream feeds.

All things considered, Shopsavvy version 4 is an awesome update which should please ShopSavvy users once you get used to the new layout and features. If you haven’t yet checked out ShopSavvy on your Android device, you may want to download the free application now.

Don’t like the new UI update? The folks at ShopSavvy have also released GoCart, which is basically a legacy edition of their most recent pre-4.0 update release (version 3.6).


Source: Shopsavvy

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  • http://Website J-Man

    Mine updated a few days ago already…

    • http://Website joe23521

      Mine too. Like the new features, but it did FC a few times and seemed a bit slow to boot up. There was a second update a couple days ago which hopefully fixed the issues. Haven’t used it since though. Overall, a welcome update.

  • http://Website Jonathan

    I love the new look but I left Shopsaavy because it was always running in the background. There’s no reason that my Droid should be randomly activating GPS all the time. I’ll try this out but the second I see that behavior again it’s deleted.

    • http://Website Jonathan

      The first review in the market states it does what I hoped it didn’t. Pass.

  • http://jim.nuttz.org Jim Nutt

    The biggest problem with ShopSavvy is that it’s a battery pig. It runs constantly in the background for no good reason and uses the GPS constantly. I tried it once and after my battery life halved, I immediately uninstalled it. I’ll stick with google goggles and amazon myself.

  • http://Website Alan

    ShopSavvy was the first app that I loaded on my Incredible months ago. I am on a limited data plan. So give us some menu options to turn off the following:
    â– Live stream of recent scans using the ShopSavvy application
    â– ShopSavvy Deals
    That said I love the idea of 360 degree scanning. In the meantime I will be using Barcode Scanner. It uses far less data, but I have to rotate the item or the phone to align and wait for scan.

    • http://thejakemarsh.com Jake Marsh

      You can turn off the live stream of scans in settings. Just tap menu on the main screen, then tap settings, then change the mode to your own history.

  • http://Website mike j

    what phone is that?

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      In the post image? That is the Nexus S.