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Skype announces their acquisition of Qik, may soon offer their own video calling service for Android

CES is always filled with surprises, but we were certainly not expecting Skype to announce their acquisition of Qik. As you know, Qik got started as a small start-up which allowed users to simultaneously record and stream video from their mobile handsets. With the release of the Sprint HTC EVO 4G, Qik added real-time video calling to their portfolio.

While their video calling solution for Android hasn’t always been reliable, Qik has gotten a lot of attention in the media since they have partnered directly with manufacturers and service providers for the launch of a few high profile handsets. In the meantime, Skype has been sitting in the background, simply watching as other start-ups offer their own video calling solution.

At CES, NVIDIA and Motorola have revealed that Skype will finally be offering their own video calling solution for the Android platform, so their acquisition of Qik most likely has nothing to do with Qik’s video calling technologies. Skype will most likely use Qik’s video recording, encrypting, and storage solution to expand and enhance their current video calling services.

Show Press Release
Skype today announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Qik, a provider of mobile video software and services that enable individuals to capture, instantly share and preserve great moments on video from anywhere. Qik has 60 employees, and is headquartered in Redwood City, California and has an office in Moscow, Russia. The transaction is expected to close in January 2011. Terms of the acquisition will not be disclosed.

“Qik has worked very hard to solve complex problems that allow millions of people everyday to take advantage of sharing their lives with those people who are most important to them”

Qik was founded in 2006 and offers innovative and flexible solutions to capture and share video with anyone across mobile devices, the web, and desktop platforms. Videos can be shared in real time or stored so moments can be viewed later, allowing for video messaging, sharing and archiving. The Qik service is available on over 200 mobile phones across the Android, iPhone, Symbian, Blackberry and Windows Mobile platforms, and comes pre-loaded on a wide variety of mobile handsets through partnerships with leading handset manufacturers and carriers.

Both Skype and Qik have a common purpose of enriching communications and sharing with video, across any device. The acquisition of Qik helps accelerate Skype’s leadership in video by adding recording, sharing and storing capabilities to Skype’s product portfolio. Through this acquisition, Skype will also be able to leverage the engineering expertise that is behind Qik’s Smart Streamingâ„¢ technology, which optimizes video transmission over wireless networks.

“The Qik team has delivered exceptional video experiences for its mobile partners and millions of end users across a range of devices,” said Tony Bates, Skype’s Chief Executive Officer. “Skype’s software enables an estimated 25 percent of the world’s international long distance voice calling minutes1, and approximately 40 percent of those Skype-to-Skype calls are happening over video. Qik’s deep engineering capabilities and strong mobile relationships will be an impressive complementary fit with Skype.”

Together, Skype and Qik will focus on providing a richer, more integrated experience that will allow people globally to share experiences in real-time video across different platforms, as well as, store those moments so they can be viewed anytime later.

“Qik has worked very hard to solve complex problems that allow millions of people everyday to take advantage of sharing their lives with those people who are most important to them,” said Vijay Tella, Chief Executive Officer of Qik. “Joining Skype allows Qik’s team to unite with Skype’s talented team to develop new and innovative products for our customers and partners.”

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  • http://Website @neidlinger

    So Skype buys our Qik….

    I guess i’ll have to start using Tango, and/or Yahoo Messenger for my video calls. Skype freaking SUCKS.

    yea yea sure sure go ahead and give me a negative because i don’t like crappy programming.

    • http://Website Mik

      Have you seen the source code? If not, you should refrain from commenting on the quality of the programing.

  • http://Website Mark

    Don’t really care seeing as I use Tango. Way better than Qik, imo.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Tango has always worked for me. It was the only video chat app that worked on the Galaxy Tab when Qik did not and Tango was also the first to support the Nexus S.

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    This will be really interesting. Now QIK might work even better and be native hopefully. Then again Google Chat will come. The options will be nice because not everyone has a Google phone to do Google chat.

    So many things this year. I love it.
    Only thing that kind of hurts is Sprint is the only carrier to be silent. I know something will come later down the line and something is in the works. But to be so hush about it sucks.

    • http://Website Richard

      Sprint has not been hush hush they UNEXPECTEDLY came out with the htc evo shift 4g a new member to our EVO family and that I am so proud of…. SPRINT and HTC normally do there thing at CTIA which is held in March 2011 and if you heard about anything today at VERIZONS CONFRENCE C. E. O. OF HTC MR. CHOU MADE IT CLEAR THAT WE WILL BE HEARING MORE FROM HTC VERY SOON…. JUST SO YOU KNOW THE HTC EVO 2 4G WILL BE ANNOUNCED AT CTIA IN MARCH 2011 AND BROUGHT TO SPRINT BY MAY OR JUNE 2011…. HTC EVO 4G IS THE GRANDDADDY OF 4G AND IS HERE TO STAY… THOSE DEVICES ANNOUNCED TODAY WILL HAVE NOTHING ON THE EVO 2 4G COME MARCH 2011

      • http://Website Rob

        Dude, calm down.