Jan 29 AT 12:32 PM Anthony Domanico 9 Comments

Angry Birds Rio app coming to Android in March

Angry Birds Rio is a new game from Rovio mobile which will launch on the Android market sometime in March. The game will be loosely based off of a feature-length animated film by Rovio and 20th Century Fox, though we don’t expect Rovio to deter much from their current gameplay style.

Rovio didn’t give us much to go on regarding Angry Birds Rio, but they did put together the following teaser video to make you want more. If the video does in fact make you crave more angry bird action, the Valentine’s Day edition should be hitting the market fairly quickly.

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  • http://Website George C

    Milk it! Milk it good!

  • http://mobilstars.rs/ Mobilni telefoni

    Intro looks interesting

  • http://Website Droidwolf

    Love it.

  • http://Website Semajhan

    Got pretty boring after the first 20 levels. I just don’t get how this is addicting. I can understand little kids with ipod touches. something like wurdle would have me playing all the time. Guess I’m different.

  • http://Website Mark

    Never understood what was so “addicting” about this shit.

  • http://Website zing

    Well, I guess you probably couldn’t finish the game(s) hunh?

  • http://Website Nathan T.

    I’m an Angry Birds fan, been playing since the demo, and I’ll play the Valentines Day edition and this Rio one as well. However, the movie is a bit much for me, but I’m guessing this is for the kids… This almost feels like we’re seeing the next pokemon or something. All I know is that Rovio will continue to make some serious bank off this series and rightfully so. You guys (and girls?) are brilliant!

  • http://Website Yes Sure

    What? No speedos and no AK-47s? Must be a different Rio….

  • http://Website Mark

    It would be so cool.