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Dungeon Defenders gets updated with new content and features, on sale for $0.99 today only

Dungeon Defenders just went on sale last month, but it quickly became one of the best selling Android games since it featured console-quality graphics thanks to the power of the Unreal Engine. The developer Trendy Entertainment has offered excellent support and already released several minor updates, but this week they launched the first major patch for Dungeon Defenders.

To celebrate the new version 2.01, Dungeon Defenders is now on sale for iOS and Android this Wednesday (1/19) for $.99, after which it retails for $4.99. New features include an improved tutorial video, new chase camera, cross-platform support, and more. Additional content was also added to the game including new character levels, new items, and new campaign levels.

Please remember that this game requires the latest Android phone to run smoothly so make sure you read the application description before you download it.

Suggested Devices:

  • Best: All Tegra 2 Based Devices
  • High-End: Nexus S, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung Galaxy S phones
  • Mid-Range: T-Mobile G2, Droid X, Droid 2

Minimum Requirements:

  • 512 MB RAM (256 free at runtime)
  • GPU capable of OpenGL ES 2.0
  • Android 2.1
  • 800 Mhz CPU or greater recommended
  • SD card with at least 600 MB free storage

If you already have Dungeon Defenders, make sure you keep an eye out for their new PvP expansion pack which is coming soon.

New Features:

  • Chase Camera which allows for a true third-person, console-like experience
  • GameSpy support for direct cross-platform iOS-Android game play.
  • iOS 3.2+ support (issues on jailbroken 4.1 devices*)
  • Performance Scaling Options (iPhone 4 users can set this to max for the best graphics!)
  • iOS custom background music support
  • New tutorial video, explaining the game in only a minute
  • Familiars (pets) re-added into the game

New Content:

  • Max item level raised to 15 and max character level raised to 70
  • New item drop types
  • New campaign level and challenge mission for high-level heroes
  • Cross-platform leaderboards

Game Fixes:

  • Eliminated low cap on speed stat. and changed some related calculations
  • INSANE difficulty is much, much harder
  • Rebalanced item drops to make super items harder to get
  • Fixed levelling & item farming exploits
  • Improved voice chat stability
  • Eliminated many GameCenter & iOS related crashes
  • Large performance boost due to media and code optimization
  • Rebalanced item value ramp
  • Replaced on-screen pause button with character button which allows for fast-healing
  • Moved pause button into character sub-menu
  • Lots of minor bug fixes, etc.
  • Items now have a level req

Source: Dungeon Defenders (pdf)

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  • http://Website Mark

    I recently got this game on my G2 back when it was $2.99 or $3.99. The gameplay concept is tough to get at first but once you understand it, it becomes ADDICTING! You’ll find yourself using every bit of little free time from waiting for the subway to waiting in line to level up your character. The graphics are the main attraction coupled with the sound. It’s just so stellar for a mobile phone game. The controls are a bit jerky but you get used to them over time. Considering this is a “first” release, you can expect better updates in the future. The campaign mode is decent as well with tons of stuff to do. The icing on the cake is that it has online! So if you tire of playing all by yourself, you can team up with practically anyone from around the world and destroy hordes of monsters.

    I wasn’t a fan of tower defense games before playing this but I was compelled simply because of the graphics and I don’t regret the purchase. For 99 cents, it is a HUGE steal so I recommend you try it. Even if you don’t like it, you won’t feel really bad considering the price.

    BEWARE: Follow the specified device list to a T. If your phone isn’t listed on there, don’t try to download it. I’ve seen far too many bad market reviews simply because their device couldn’t play it when it was stated explicitly what devices could play it. Also, it does “after market download” where it has to download a HUGE amount of data (I think over 150MB) so make sure you have a good connection or are on WiFi. Make up your mind before deciding to buy because the after market download pretty much nullifies the lousy 15 min refund time.

  • http://Website jonathan

    Sad day when my Droid isn’t even considered midrange.

    Well I’m not upgrading anytime soon so looks like I’ll stick to Rocket Bunnies and Jet Car Stunts!

  • http://Website Jeb

    Anyone having difficulties downloading this? I just bought it, but market is stuck at authorizing purchase, so its not downloading. I tried to refund it so I could repurchase it, but the market says I can’t do that. NOt sure what is going on, but I don’t want to miss out on this deal.

    • SliestDragon

      This may not be it, but make sure you are signed into Google Talk. If you’re not, then downloads may never start.

  • http://Website Cromag

    Once again, punished for buying it on release day… Oh well guess that’s the way of the mobile world. I just know now not to buy these high end games right away, they’ll go on sale pretty quick.

  • http://Website adryan

    This may be tough to do but i think what i will do is purchase and wait till i get an upgraded phone then i will HAZ MY DUGEON DEFENDERS. by the way @Jonathan if you google it there is a way to have the droid one play dugeon defenders pretty smoothly. but the only warning it gives it that this proccess wiill work the heck out of your sd card so make a back up on your pc if you choose to pursue this course. But hey again you can play it on your droid and like i said it suppose to play pretty well despite maybe a bit of lag.

  • SliestDragon

    I bought this on my Nexus One the day it was released because 1) I wanted to see just how bad it was on my phone(Lags on lowest quality, lol), and 2) I wanted to get it before it was $5+ or whatever it would be when I finally get a new phone that CAN run it. I guess I should have waited, but that’s what you get when you like buying things early. :)

    • http://Website adryan

      its probably because of the GPU of the nexus. The droid one actually had one of the best GPU’s till i think the galaxy phones came out. So as long you overclock the droid to 1000mhz then it like i was saying earlier can play it pretty well. HTCs 1st gen snapdragons doesnt have very good GPU’s

      • SliestDragon

        Yeah, the 1st Gen Snapdragons don’t have the best GPUs. Plus the bad touch screen on the Nexus One doesn’t help either. If it was only one it would be at least “playable”, but the combination of those two are deadly…

        • http://Website adryan

          Oh yeah i kinda forgot about that little fiasco with the whole messed up touch screen thing

          • SliestDragon

            Yeah. It’s not as bad as people have made it out to be. I almost never notice it, even when playing some games, but there are a few places where it is really noticeable. Like on Dungeon Defenders, when typing sloppily on the keyboard(it works fine if I remember to actually lift up my fingers), and in world 2 and up on Super Mario Bros. 3 in the Nesoid Emulator where you really start to have to move fast, Lol.

  • http://Website Adam

    Is this game worth buying?

    • http://Website CB

      yes, it is pure awesomeness. just make sure your phone is on the list of playable devices. even if my phone wasn’t, i would still buy it for 99 cents and just use it when i upgraded to a new phone!

      • http://Website CB

        I forgot to mention that I’m using a Samsung Captivate.

  • http://Website Addictive

    Well on my Samsung Epic Galaxy S phone with unofficial froyo 2.2 it seems to lag really bad after the first few waves it gets so bad its basically un playable unless you stand the low fps lag.

    I checked my RAM under the task manager that came with my phone and it says it is using 165 out of 303 Total RAM.

    Do you other epic owners lag bad?

  • DPtheKid

    I got it today I lOVE it :D

  • http://Website b

    Was stuck on auth purch for 1 min so clicked cancel & refund…not refundable. Oh well. Will get it downloaded to vibrant soon. Really just want to try it on my rooted NC

  • http://Website Jay555

    Its fun little game but my biggest gripe is that there’s no way to save your game and come back to exactly where you left it. Couple that with the fact that the levels can get pretty long and you can see the problem here.

    Actually, I lost twenty minutes worth of progress because a phone call came in. Oh and be careful about hitting the home button by accident, that’ll make you lose your game too.

    On a mobile platform this is just unacceptable and a bad design.

  • http://Website cristid

    Shit i missed teh 99 cent price. Now im not buying.

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