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7 reasons why I’m switching to AT&T and buying the Motorola Atrix 4G

Every Android blogger has their own niche and mine is the bleeding-edge technology of high-end smartphones. I am a passionate early adopter who gets excited about waiting in line on day one to pick up a new phone.

This past week at CES I actually skipped most of the carrier press events because I knew what was going to be announced and I wanted to focus on what’s coming next. I met with all the semiconductor companies, checked out the new display technologies, attended a meeting of the Wireless Power Consortium, and made every effort to talk with as many industry insiders as I could schedule.

Many of you know that I have been a long-time T-Mobile customer, but I’m ready to change things up. T-Mobile has the most options when it comes to rate plans, their customer service is excellent, their HSPA+ network is super fast, and they have been big supporters of Android. At this point I really have no complaints with T-Mobile so that’s why I’m ready to move on to a new journey.

Out of all the Android phones that were announced this past week at CES, the Motorola Atrix 4G is the clear winner when it comes to hardware specs and functionality. It is hands down the best Android phone on any carrier and it best represents the future of mobile computing.

For better or for worse, I have decided to purchase the Atrix 4G and switch to AT&T.

As with any new Android phone, I expect this will be a bumpy ride. However, the Atrix 4G is the first Android device that really kicks off the mobile computing revolution and I want to be able to say that I had one and got to influence the future devices that follow it.

This is my list of reasons why I will head to AT&T next month and pick up the Atrix 4G on day one.

1. Dual-core Tegra 2 processor with GeForce GPU

Tegra 2 dime

What else can I say about Tegra 2 that hasn’t already been written? I went to CES 2011 to see the future of mobile computing and NVIDIA was the only semiconductor company that delivered the goods. CES 2011 was just a snapshot in time, but NVIDIA easily won round 1 of the dual-core wars.

For more info about Tegra 2 see our previous posts:

The Atrix 4G will be the first Android smartphone that is computer-centric first instead of phone-centric.

2. Biometric security with fingerprint scanner

Two years ago I authored a post called 9 Features I Want In My Next Android Phone and the top item on my list was a fingerprint scanner. I’m not sure why it took this long, but I’m glad to see that Motorola included a form of biometric security on my next mobile device. Hopefully in the next year or two, passwords will become a thing of the past.

3. Tons of memory for multitasking – 1 GB RAM

The Atrix 4G is the first phone I know of that will ship with 1 GB of RAM. A super chip like the Tegra 2 excels at multitasking, so it’s nice to see 1 GB RAM inside a mobile device. Hopefully this will allow my phone to keep up with my busy lifestyle.

4. Laptop, HD multimedia, and vehicle docking accessories

Thanks to the revolutionary docking accessories, the Atrix 4G can transform from a phone into a laptop, desktop computer, personal navigation device, gaming console, and set-top box. I thought it might take another year to reach this point, but this is the future of mobile computing that we have heard Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha and NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang talking about for the last couple years.

The mobile phone is now your most personal computer and in the next year or two it should become the most powerful.

5. The world’s first 4.0″ qHD display

Motorola upgraded their screens and went with a 4.0″ qHD (540 x 960) display with 24-bit color graphics. We didn’t get to dive too deep into who’s making this display, but the resolution looked great in the time we got to spend with the Atrix. Most new Android phones that got announced went with a WVGA display, so Motorola now offers the best resolution.

6. Long-lasting 1930 mAh battery

The AT&T Atrix 4G will ship with a 1930 mAh battery, which is the highest capacity for any Android phone. We already know that dual-core processors are more power efficient and AT&T is advertising that the Atrix 4G offers up to 9 hours talk time. Most competing Android phones only offer 4-8 hours of talk time, so this is a good sign that the Atrix could offer the best overall battery life of any other smartphone.

7. AT&T’s 4G network(s)

Everyone loves to hate on AT&T, but most people are just repeating things they have read on the internet. I’m not aware of many Android bloggers on AT&T, so I felt like this was a good opportunity to try them out and give them a voice (for good or bad).

AT&T recently completed their HSPA+ upgrade and they will start turning on their LTE network this summer. The combination of HSPA+ and LTE should be the best 4G combo offered by any carrier this year.


I have already felt the blowback on Twitter, but I would love to hear everyone’s feedback. If you are a current, former, or future AT&T customer, please tell me if I making the right decision.

Via: Motorola

Source: AT&T

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • http://Website josh

    the only reason i’d go to at&t

    • http://Website Ben Johnson, GA

      Im probably switching to Verizon and get the new iPhone 4 CDMA.
      I already got the worlds greatest smartphone, but big red has a better overall coverage than at&t! Im not interested in the Atrix, although its just a decent, ordinary phone.Im also afraid and scared of the nasty android bugs which the google villains try to hide behind!

      cheers, Ben

      sent from my iPhone 4

      • http://Website Mike Wong

        @Ben, you know that iphone 4 has more bugs than android phones. At least that’s my experience with my wife’s Iphone 4. Why are you buying verizon iphone 4 when iphone 5 is coming out in 5 or 6 months? that is a waste of money… unless you are rich…

        • http://hoosiercub.tumblr.com Tony

          Eh, ignore him, he’s resident badapple troll of A&M.. He always comments on every story posted on here with something to the tune of “but my iphone4 is superior”.

          obvious troll is obvious

          • http://Website Googalicious_Bot

            “But it’s an iPhone 4, I want an iPhone 4″ Lol. Reminds me of that youtube vid.

        • http://Website 4G or Not To 4G

          @Mike Wong, just goes to show you those Iphone freaks just go blindly to what ever the Iphone does and are not open minded to a larger world out there

      • http://Website revs1227

        worlds greatest smartphone ????
        my mt4g blows the ip4 out of the waterrr
        and look at these phones coming out
        coming from a droid 2 i ca tell u t mobile isss wayyy better than verizon atleats in nyc
        but who knows since ur stuck o at&t i hear theyre the worstt

      • http://Website Chris

        Hey Ben, I heard theres a new iphone app; it causes the owner to drop to his/her knees at the mere mention of the name “Steve Jobs”…

      • http://Website Anonymous

        Nasty bugs being hidden? LOL Like Apple did with the iPhone 4′s antenna? Slap a rubber band around it = fixed? LOL

        At least, when I want to make a phone call, my phone actually can & will. LMAO

        BTW, congrats on -210 votes. ROFL

      • http://Website Tellme

        Yeah, I heard “the big red” also offers more GBs and wifies. But you have to call them and ask for it.

      • http://Website Michaelinaz

        All I can say is wow! And why are you on an Android blog? And for Christs sake look at the low comment rating. That has got to be a record. Congratulations.

    • Joel

      *sigh what luxury
      Taylor if you want to switch carriers thats completely up to you and its obvious that you have your mind made up already. I appreciate the fact that you honored T-Mo at least.

      Honestly im a bit indifferent about all thats going on now, 2 weeks into the new year and even though 2010 went out with a supposedly huge bang (Nexus S) its as if last year was 5 years ago. Personally I dont have the funds to be an “early adopter”, I held off months from joining sprint back when you used to post bits and pieces about the Nexus S…its a good thing I got impatient and just hooked the Epic 4g and just flashed custom roms on it, cuz if I went ahead and waited for the Nexus S…I would feel the biggest dose of ‘FAIL’ right now after reading this post.

      PS. Posting about Carrier functionality is pointless in the end, its really subject to WHERE you are, not WHICH your on.

      • http://Website shinobi-wan

        I wouldn’t worry about it. I don’t see this phone having anything more than what every other phone will have by the end of the summer. And by this time next year the Atrix will be old news.

    • jivemaster

      Seems like a bit of a diversion for Androidandme. Hasn’t it been said here on this website before that it could not recommend AT&T to any android user due to poor support? And doesn’t Androidandme have a preference towards direct google supported devices such as the Nexus and G2?

      Make no mistake, the Atrix is an epic phone. But it will be wasted on AT&T. As soon as iPhone 5 ships, the focus on the Atrix will come to an end.

      Better off grabbing a Xoom as a companion device to your Nexus S.

      • http://Website ian

        But why does it matter if att starts praising the iphone again? That doesn’t take away the fact that the atrix is the only phone with a gb of ram thats actually ddr2. Also, even if att does take away sideloading and takes a massive software shit on it, you can bet your ass xda will be all over this thing with stock roms and the like.

      • mikedminor

        By the time an i-product 5 ships there will be newer/ better Android products shipping.

  • qcom

    Awesome post!

    I agree with you completely and can’t wait to be in line myself day 1!

    This is just… A beast.

  • http://Website Wayne

    Yes, this is one killer smartphone. I’d love to get one myself, but I am not willing to give up the iPhone 4 to get one, although the specs on this beast are monstrous. I’m not too experienced with Android, but I’m not an Android basher by any means.

    I’d like to see these same specs on the next iteration of the iPhone, whatever the name might be. Screen size is a big thing, especially with us with “man hands”.

    I’d like to know for sure if this uses the micro SIM card, like the iPhone 4 uses. AT&T won’t let you have the same phone number on two SIM cards, so it’s either add another line, which I can’t afford, or try to save up and buy this beast outright.

    But, yes, this phone is the only phone that would tempt me from the iPhone 4.

    • http://Website joe

      Considering that iPhone screens shrunk between the 3G S and the iPhone 4, I wouldn’t hold your breath for the iPhone 5 to have a bigger screen Come on over to the Android side of the pool, its nice and warm over here :)

      • http://Website Derek

        Stop spewing misinformation!!! The screen stayed the same 3.5″. It did NOT get smaller.

        • http://Website Nate

          although the two screens are both technically 3.5″ the iphone 4′s screen is a few millimeters shorter which I understand isn’t very noticeable it does show that apple isn’t thinking of making the iphone’s screen bigger anytime soon.

      • http://Website Splendor

        You may want to rethink this “Trusted Comment” flag. Derek is correct.

        Here are the specs for the iPhone 3GS showing a 3.5″ display:

        Here are the specs for the iPhone 4 showing a 3.5″ display:

      • http://Website David

        Who peed in the android pool?

    • qcom

      Haha, agreed.

      I’m so glad your post didn’t get assaulted by down-votes.

      Sometimes people cringe at even just the sound of “i” or “Apple”.

  • http://Website pete

    U r, I’m leaving Blackberry after many years for this device and I know it won’t b a mistake.

    • http://Website yb

      People still use blackberrys?

      • http://Website npaladin2000

        Not once I get the Atrix 4G I wont be. :)

      • http://timegames.net Josh White

        You’d be surprised, some people are retarded. I know a girl who bought a blackberry because she liked the shade of purple. Pays 30 extra dollars a month for that shade too.


  • http://Website nikki

    I’ve been using AT&T for years, when they were the original AT&T. No major issues, people just trash them because its the new trend. They’ve got great coverage(unless you are in San Fran or NYC but that’s due to the cities, not them). Never had a problem.

    • http://Website Jay

      No, I’m leaving AT&T because of lousy support. I upgraded to the X10 when SE announced the upgrade in November. Guess what? I’m still waiting and AT&T hasn’t let out a peep about any upgrades (beside the leak about discontinuing the X10 in March). This has been my experience with AT&T upgrades, months late or never.

    • http://Website Al Fleagle

      Well, I live in Hot Springs, Arkansas and work in Little Rock. We have AT&T because my wife and step-son wanted iphones. I have a Captivate. Anyway, we’ve been dropping calls on AT&T for years. Verizon is looking mighty tempting.

  • http://Website brian

    I think its ridiculous that people will change carriers for a PHONE. I’m sorry and am not trying to come off as disrespectful. I am on Verizon – not for the Droid line up, or even the horrible commercials. I’m on Verizon because they’ve got the best coverage for me and best (proven) coverage as a national carrier. I know data speed isn’t great on 3G but the bionic – the atrix’s brother- is LTE and will be on Verizon. May no have as fancy “addons” but in general is similar phone!

    • http://Website linuxdood

      One correction. The Bonic is the Atrix ‘little’ brother

    • http://Website Chris

      Carrier loyalty to VZ? You are one of those gullible people who advertisers love. VZ network is by no means that better for the exhorbitant prices they charge. The ATRIX is simply the best hardware on a smartphone PERIOD! You are throwing away money to VZ cause you believe their hype. Hey why not buy an old 3g iphone from VZ too. Lock yourself into a 2 year commitment and in 6 months you would be crying cause of that decision. All 4 carriers have new 4g networks, what evidence do you have that VZ infant 4g network is better than the other three carriers 4g? Oh I forgot, you watch VZ commercials……

      • Deter

        Well lets talk about your supposed lack of proof that the VZ 4g is better. It is a proven fact that the LTE is faster than the other 4g option which is Sprint’s. I’m not going to dignify TMo’s claims that their HSPA+ is somehow 4g. Truely none of them are, but at least the LTE comes closest.

        Then there is the fact that regardless of what you say, VZ has been proven time and time again by third party testers to have the superior coverage and the fewest dropped calls. by far.

        As far as your jab about 2-yr contracts, when was the last time you got an ATT phone with no contract and didn’t pay out your backside to do so.

        I’ll agree that their iPhone 4 came out too late and they should have just waited to announce their iPhone 5 which will undoubtedly be LTE not CDMA.

        And the last point you made about buyers remourse for purchasing a phone that in 6 months will be outdated, what else is new? Its the way of the industry. It happens on all carriers and whether you but Android, iOS, or BB its gonna happen. Accept it.

        • http://Website Michaelinaz

          Just an fyi, cdma and lte have nothing to do with each other.

  • http://Website jose

    I agree its a great phone but verizon got its version the droid bionic and even though it has. Half less of memory it will probably get better service and support than at&t.

  • http://AT&T Michael

    I’ve had a lot of Android phones on T-mobile (G1, MT3G, N1, G2) all while having an AT&T Blackberry Curve as my mandatory work phone. I use both around town (Birmingham, AL) and have grown to hate AT&T. AT&T probably wins in coverage area but I’m constantly having call issues. I drop calls constantly, get crossed calls, answer dead calls, etc. I’ve received a new Blackberry every year so I know it’s not a defective phone.

    • http://Website Paul

      lol. I’m the exact opposite in a way. In South Florida, nestled between WPB and FTL, I have a G2 on T-Mobile (had a N1) and I have a company-issued mandatory Blackberry Bold 9700 on ATT. But I can tell you, I love Android, can’t stand T-Mobile. I keep switching to Edge, barely hold onto 3G much less HSPA+ if I’m lucky, and I get dropped calls often enough. T-Mobile is great in the city of FTL, not sure about WPB, but where I am, they just don’t cut it. My ATT phone would run circles around it in coverage and dropped-call count, but it just can’t browse the web or do those other fun things my G2 does. I’m definately setting my eyes on the Atrix 4G and waiting patiently to see if I will get one. ATT has a bad habit of locking down their Android phones and loading crapware on it.

      • http://Website Chris

        I have a company issued VZ BB as a Verizon employee and a personal HTC Evo. In the NYC metro area, there is no difference between signal strength, signal availability, and dropped calls. Biggest difference, my company pays a lot more for the VZ BB than I do for my sprint plan. I service T-1 circuits to cell sites and almost all towers have all 4 carriers and use the same hardware. Carrier is not as big an issue as people make it out to be. VZ has plenty of dead spots and dropped calls too, sorry to give everyone the sad news….

  • http://Website Dev1359

    Anybody know if there’s any chance this phone will be unlocked to work on T-Mobile? Sorry if this is a dumb question but I’m a total noob when it comes to unlocked phones :-p

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Yes it should work just fine on T-Mobile but you will be limited to 2G Edge data speeds.

      • http://pharaohtechblog.blogspot.com Conan Kudo (ニール・ゴンパ)

        There is a possibility that the international version of the Motorola Atrix will support T-Mobile’s 4G bands. Also, let’s not forget that T-Mobile generally announces their best phones around MWC and the CTIA conference.

        Perhaps Motorola will bring out another brother to the Atrix for T-Mobile? *wink*

        • http://Website Dev1359

          I seriously hope so, I was pretty disappointed with T-Mobile at CES…I hope Motorola plans on taking the Galaxy S route with their phone by releasing it for T-Mobile and Sprint too.

          • http://Website Mon

            not only do u get the nexus s but you switch to AT&T?this is getting out of hand

          • http://Website Paul

            Disappointed in T-Mobile @ CES? Maybe a little, they had an announcement here or there but ATT and Verizon did dominate. But who was even quieter than T-Mobile? Sprint.

      • http://Website watbetch

        I guess Taylor wasn’t at CES. Why would you even mention network quality or 4G when they had a complete, total, UTTER network failure at CES which is nothing but a repeating theme with them?

        Secondly their 4G network is mostly talk. Notice this disclaimer that you seem to have just brushed over.
        “Note: 4G speeds are delivered when HSPA+ technology is combined with an enhanced backhaul”
        They don’t have enhanced backhaul to most of their network which is why they don’t have any active cities to mention.

        T-Mobile has yet to announce their handsets for 2011, with Motorola mentioning that they will need to spread the high-end phone love around to other carriers besides Verizon, there is a high chance of them getting one too. Their relationship with AT&T was mostly garbage phones until the Atrix.

  • http://Website Dford

    Wall awesome reasons but at&T’s 4g is crap. With speeds up to a amazing 6mb down. Thanks iPhone has an will continue to. Cripple their network. I will buy the atrix but will stick with good old tmobile.

    • http://www.bewareofraj.com Raj

      So you claim ATT’s network sux because the iPhone cripples it, yet you are willing to put up with 2G/Edge on T-Mobile, JUST to get this phone?

      Sounds like it would make no difference on either network.

      • http://Website Anonymous

        Perhaps that’s true, but, at least T-Mobile still has cheaper calling plans & unlimited data plans. Oh wait, AT&T doesn’t do unlimited data plans anymore.

        • HackNet

          correction: They brought the unlimited data network back.

          • http://Website Chef

            Actually they didn’t bring the unlimited data back. What they have done is restored people who have previously had it to the unlimited plan when they threatened to defect to Verizon. But you had to have had the plan previously.

  • http://Website Forrest

    Taylor, these are all the exact same reasons i’m staying with AT&T. I have been a customer with them for 4 years and there service are great for me even though everybody dogs them. I am tired of having locked down software but the hardware on this phone makes up for it. Hopefully the bootloader on this phone won’t be locked like the Droid X is and we won’t have to rely on Motorola/AT&T to push these updates out. Great post and I think it is worth switching to AT&T.

    • http://pharaohtechblog.blogspot.com Conan Kudo (ニール・ゴンパ)

      The bootloader will certainly be locked down. But unlike some of the other Motorola MotoBLUR phones, people will actually care to unlock it for this phone.

  • Dave K

    The only minor issue I have with the Atrix is that it’s 4″ instead of 4.3″ (every little bit helps), but that’s definitely a minor point. This is easily the most powerful phone ever built and blows everything else out of the water.

    I’m a long-time Sprint customer, and I kept waiting and waiting and waiting for them to announce something worth paying attention to at CES, and I was totally disappointed that they had nothing. CES is not the place to be announcing mediocre technology, and that’s all we got with the Evo Shift 4G, which is a piece of junk. I’ve been hanging on to my HTC Hero a few months past my contract date just for the opportunity to get a high-end dual-core Sprint phone. And at this point, without having even announced anything, I can’t imagine there’s anything worth getting that’s in the pipeline for the near future.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      If you can wait till March, Sprint will have some major product announcements at CTIA.

      • Dave K

        That sucks, because a March announcement probably means an April release at the earliest. And of course, the phone(s) they announce have to satisfy me (no keyboard, etc.).

      • http://Website Triangle

        Sprint will probably time their next big handset to fend off the next iPhone and be available for evo users to upgrade to…

      • http://Website UniqueNate


        I was wondering if you knew anything or hint as to what Sprint is up to for Feb 7. It’s claimed to be another first of some sort. I have a feeling it will be something beneficial to some but nothing major. I think they will let their goodies go at CTIA…at the latest. I really do want to see what dual cores they have in store and from who. I have a feeling they will push several Qualcomm dual cores. I want to see the difference between Nvidia, Qualcomm, and Orion. Also if the Galaxy S2 happens to be announced in Feb, then maybe it will come with Orion. I know Sammy purchased all that Tegra but……idk. Interesting year this will be. You think Orion will be exclusive to Sammy only for a while, and Tegra 2 for Samsung supported devices? Everything has a question. I guess I will play the waiting game and let it all fan out.

    • http://Website Richard


      • http://Website Paul

        I like most of what you’re saying, but not how you’re saying it. All caps man?

  • http://Website Mark

    I don’t understand the hype behind all this dual core rush. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that it’s not a great thing. I’m talking about the way people are rushing for this Atrix that even Taylor is willing to switch to AT&T for it. Tegra 2 will soon go mainstream and most devices will start having them. The rate at which Android moves means that in 6 months max, the Atrix will start to look like a common device. I’ll stick with T-Mobile. I’m sure better or equal devices are coming out soon.

    • Dave K

      That logic doesn’t really make sense. As with all technology, the top-of-the-line is always a moving target. So you can either wait forever for the next thing, or you can pull the trigger now.

      • http://Website Mark

        I’m just saying it like it is. The Bionic is soon coming out and very soon dual core will become almost standard. So switching to a whole new carrier just to be the first kid on the block is just pointless to me.

        • http://www.bewareofraj.com Raj

          He states in the blog post that he’s an early adopter. This is what early adopters do – they get the latest thing before anyone else. They already understand that it will be outdated in a few months.

          I’m switching in February from a Nexus One on T-Mobile because my contract is up and this, IMO will be the best phone out.

          • http://www.reverbnation.com/thegreenjacket rhY

            I’m all for early adoption, but not at the cost of moving from T-mo. T-mo has better coverage, better customer service, and lower rates. I’ve had roommates with AT&T AND Verizon, and they NEVER had signal as consistently as I did. T-mo is worth the wait, because I agree, this phone is the bomb, but T-mo will have an equivalent soon enough! Now if only I could get this phone (or an equivalent) with cyanogenmod stock….. Are you listening T-mo?!??! What was that twitter all about? Don’t tease us!

  • http://Website metoometoo

    Here we go with another me too article. AT&T and its network is horrible, all the other reasons you have for going with the Atrix is subjective. Boohoo… Big deal… Waste of time article

    • http://Website methreemethree

      Here we go with another me too comment. metoometoo and his(?) comments are horrible, all the other reasons you have for going with the Atrix are justifications for your desire, which is subjective, by nature. Boohoo… Big deal… Waste of time comment

      • http://Website metoometoo

        Umm… I didn’t get your response. BGR dropped four of these types of articles in the last 48 hours, it’s silly to see androidandme follow suit and write a why I’m switching to AT&T and getting an Atrix article. It was as frivolous as the one BGR did.

        • http://Website npaladin2000

          Maybe people are all writing about how they’re switch because the ATRIX 4G is an incredible phone with incredible specs and a lot of people want to buy it? Just a thought, of course: it could always be a vast underground conspiracy to make the iPhone look bad and in reality the ATRIX 4G is simply a plastic shell with some gears and springs in it. But I’m betting on the former rather than the latter. :)

          • http://Website Bob Oso

            People and conspiracies…..what a load of crap….the iphone is crap and with their horrible reception i cant believe it sold so well….there are other devices that dwarf the rotten apple… how bout needing wi-fi to video chat? WACK!

  • http://Website Inquisitor

    Only 3 and 4 are real, compelling reasons why this phone is better than the Droid Bionic. I honestly have no idea if 2 and 6 are also unique to this phone, but either way I personally don’t care. If you seriously care that much about a fingerprint scanner, extra ram, a super-expensive doc/super-weak netbook, and a slightly larger batter that you’re willing to put up with a shitty AT&T network, then my hat’s off to you, sir. I, personally, am fine with Verizon, and after my OG I think the bionic will be a nice upgrade.

  • http://Website Doug

    I had AT&T for years… no complaints with their service, except that they don’t seem to have the “backwoods” covered like Verizon does. I do miss their internet speeds. Verizon doesn’t even come close. Hopefully LTE will fix that for Verizon. Good luck!

  • http://Website metoometoo

    1. Tegra 2 is good but at least three phones are confirmed all running the same specs.
    2. Fingerprint scanning isn’t secure and can be easily hacked.
    3. 1GB of ram is really for running the netbook side of the program, in netbook mode 1gb of ram will be laughable, especially running firefox on a flash heavy site.
    4. Docking accessories, umm…say hi to palm foleo for me.
    5. While the qhd screen is good bionic and optimus 2x both have equal screens
    6. The battery is your only valid point, finally you got one sir…
    7. tmobile’s hspa network will be better, att is a joke.

    • http://Pointbypoint........ SEan

      1. Tegra 2 is good but at least three phones are confirmed all running the same specs.
      – The phones don’t have the same specs; they are close, but there are differences. For instance, the bionic has a 8megapixel camera and the Atrix has a 5 megapixel camera.

      2. Fingerprint scanning isn’t secure and can be easily hacked.
      – It’s gimmicky, but will be fun to play with. Also, it’s _relatively_ easy to hack.

      3. 1GB of ram is really for running the netbook side of the program, in netbook mode 1gb of ram will be laughable, especially running firefox on a flash heavy site.
      – So you really want to stand on the ‘less memory is better’ position? Whatever. did you see the video of Need for Speed shift running in full screen mode on the laptop doc?

      4. Docking accessories, umm…say hi to palm foleo for me.
      – And…. your point is…. If you want a keyboard/screen for the bionic or optimus 2x I guess you just don’t have the option. You do have the option with Atrix.

      5. While the qhd screen is good bionic and optimus 2x both have equal screens
      – Bionic has a qhd screen, optimus is 800×480; screens are bigger, but that means lower pixel density. Regardless; all three screens will rock I’m sure.

      6. The battery is your only valid point, finally you got one sir…

      7. tmobile’s hspa network will be better, att is a joke.
      - Way to backup your assertion. I’ve been using ATT for years and never had an issue; speed is fine and coverage works for me. Both netwoks work equally well if you are in their coverage area.

      • http://Website metoometoo

        You make valid points, there are a few spec differences between the phones, but the only thing that separates the Bionic from the Atrix is the ram. I really don’t see the need for the docking accessories and keyboard/screen. I mean, you have laptops, netbooks, and pcs if you ever need to do real computing. I’m glad you agreed with me that the fingerprint scanner was gimmicky and hackable and a poor reason for leaving any service provider. Nonetheless, I’m on tmobile now with a G2 in a very urban area, good ol new york, new york and when I had AT&T and a Iphone 3G I couldn’t make calls or send texts even with 3 bars. When I left for tmobile, I promised never to return, so I guess that’s why I’m just trying to offer counter arguments to the articles and elucidate readers that the grass isn’t always greener.

  • http://Website Dwin

    I’ve been with AT&T for 5 years and couldn’t be happier. They have service at my house where the other big two don’t and I can’t help but smile at my 3G speeds. I will probably get an Atrix to use alongside my iPhone, but honestly it’s hard for me to understand what all the complaining is about with AT&T especially since, like you said, it seems most people are just repeating what they read.

    • http://Website Anomymous

      I agree. I have been with ATT for 2 years now with the iPhone 3G. I have never had issue one. You show me one carrier that doesn’t drop calls. When I had TMo I was lucky I could get a signal to even make a call and when I did it would surely drop. I would have to go outside and stand in a specific spot in my backyard to make sure that I could get a signal and hope the wind didn’t blow the wrong way and my call would drop. And Apple is top notch. When my granddaughter got a hold of my iPhone and it would no longer turn on I went to Apple told them the issue, and they had no problem handing over a new iPhone after the warranty was expired by 2 months. And then added a 3 month warranty to the new phone at no extra charge.

  • http://Website greg

    Whats the release date on this thing?

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      No official release date yet, but it’s been said to launch in February.

      • sANDLOtsMALLz

        What about the bionic release date? Any news on tht? Or just a genral area of its release?

    • http://Website Anomymous

      Some have already gotten theirs, others are due to ship on March 6.

  • http://Website Forrest

    One real negative about AT&T is the 2gb data cap. It doesn’t affect me since i’m grandfathered in from my old plan but if you use a ton of data like I do, you can get in trouble as each gig you go over is an extra 10$.

    • http://Website Miles

      I’m grandfathered into the data plan as well from my iPhone, would the unlimited data transfer over if I bought an Atrix?

      • http://Off-Contract Sean

        I think if you purchase it subsidized (ie. on-contract) then you might lose your grandfather’d unlimited data plan. I had an old win-mo phone w/ unlimited data then purchased a Nexus One from Google and just moved the sim card over and everything just worked.

        I’ll be getting an Atrix when it comes out, but I’ll pay the extra for the phone and stay off-contract.

        I’ve never had an issue with ATT either; reliable 3G and no dropped calls. Coverage out in the sticks is pretty bad, but everyone has bad coverage there.

        Verizon will never get any more money from me; their customer service is truly the biggest joke in the industry. Checkout: http://verizonmath.blogspot.com/ I actually received a threatening ‘we’ll destroy your credit’ letter from them once. Evidently I owed them -1 cent; yes negative one cent.

      • http://Website PacoBell

        No, it won’t. That’s exactly how I get screwed out of my grandfathered plan by the bastards at AT&T.

      • http://Website Balthazar B

        Yes, you will be grandfathered if you’re going smartphone to smartphone. To quote AT&T:

        “We would like to begin by saying that current Smartphone customers are not required to switch to the new plans but can choose to do so without a contract extension. In addition, current Smartphone customers with the unlimited data plan are not required to switch to the new plans if they renew their contract or switch to another Smartphone; however, if you choose to change to one of the new lower-priced plans, you will not be able to go back to your unlimited plan in the future. All NEW activations or new-to-Smartphone upgrades must choose from the New Smartphone Data Plans.”

      • http://Website Anomymous

        Yes it does

    • http://Website cb2000a

      This is it in a nutshell….ATT’s data rates are too steep. I really like the Atrix and really do not like the network. Bionic for me.

      • http://Website Greven

        Just one small problem with that comment: I agree that ATT’s data rates are too steep, but Bionic will be LTE. Have you seen VZs LTE rates? $50/mo minimum for data alone. I’d rather pay $25 minimum and only go higher if I use it.

  • http://Website Russ

    I will be really interested to hear your take on at&t. I have thought of making this switch as well, but I know at&t coverage where I live is spotty. Have fun, this phone is hot.

  • http://Website DaveC

    After our Twitter exchange, I went to the AT&T store at the mall. If it was just me, I might make the switch; however, I have six phone lines and the cost increase from my TMo Even More Plus family plan is just too much. I’m thinking a different strategy. I anxious to see what the Xoom pricing is going to be. VZW has a good signal in my office, so it might be worth it to me to get a tablet with a data plan. Meanwhile, using my Nexus One hotspot with the Archos tablet will hold me till the Honeycomb tabs come online.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Very true. There is no way that AT&T can compete with T-Mobile on price (especially family plans).

      • http://Website metoometoo

        Why are you responding to the easy questions and comments… How do you compensate for the 2gb cap on AT&T. How do you not respond to the 7 counter points I offered up.

        • http://Website Usman

          I also have to wonder Taylor… you say that you don’t have any complaints with T-mobile’s service, network, and value… but you’re switching to a more expensive carrier with tiered data capped at 2gb? I use 2gb without trying, and I don’t even tether my N1. AT&T is the last carrier I’d ever consider.

        • http://Website npaladin2000

          Because you’re a troll.

          He’s getting the phone because AT&T is the only one you can buy the phone from. And he obviously thinks the phone is worth the extra plan cost.

          Personally I’m getting it because I have to use AT&T anyway: no other carrier provides usable signal at both my condo and my office.

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    I think all the devices that were announced at CES were sweet. Even the few that were not dual core. I think the none dual core ones would of held a better chance if they came out earlier in the year. Variety is good though. It’s not for everybody. If they come with great quality performance inside and out then its a awesome device to me.

    Now my opinion on the Atrix is a little different. A little thicker than I imagined. Not fat though. Acceptable in that area to me. I don’t like Moto blur at all. I dig the fact that they stepped the screen res up. One thing is even though manufactures are stepping screen res up, their not making it so more fits in the homescreen. Might see a few more words when browsing and quality. I’m sure the OS has to be tweaked to run smoothly for icons to fit in such a way.

    Now my biggest ugh feeling is that the Bionic and Atrix both seemed a tad bit laggy in some videos. It’s still early to say. I really hope manufactures don’t think Tegra 2 alone will make up for everything else in the phone. You can’t slap a T2 chip in and call it a day. You need a quality OS that runs smooth. Everything needs to be cleaned up and I also think that T2 doesn’t take full advantage of 2.2 or 2.3. You need a OS that runs in harmony with the guts. I think it will be a interesting ride for you to AT&T. I think you will like the new feeling. A few bumps of course.

  • http://Website Ban

    Will it have a gyroscope or just an accelerometer?

  • http://Website Keith

    I have a Nexus One on AT&T and have never had any problems with AT&T’s service. It has always been fast and I never have dropped calls. I live in the Dallas area and plan on getting this phone when it becomes available. I think you are making a great choice!

    • http://Website oliver

      I too have an at&t Nexus One and I’ve no complaints. I haven’t had a dropped call since owning an iphone..

  • http://Website bjhoppy

    You forgot #8. You enjoy dropped calls.

  • Scotter

    Nice choice! I agree with you about every spec on that phone! I’m holding out for a slightly larger screen, though.
    How do you feel about buying that Nexus S? Or was that a promo gift from Samsung?

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      I bought the Nexus S from Best Buy. It is a great phone except for the random rebooting issue. Android 2.3 is its best feature by far.

  • GuniGuGu

    I’m super keen on this phone.. I’ve said it a few times, but here in Australia we have a great provider in Telstra. It runs the same HSPA+ 850 band as AT&T but up to 42mbps. We haven’t had any devices that ran on anything other then HSDPA. So this is going to be great, plus it’s probably the best android handset too!!

    So can’t wait!! i’m definitely forking out to get this outright and shipped down as soon as I can.

  • http://Website Dennis

    I find it funny how the AT&T fanboys have suddenly come out to defend their shitty network.

    • http://Website klatte42

      That’s a strange and vitriolic thing to say. With Adroid or Apple fanboys there can be unreasoned backing of a product just because of logo. However, why would someone like a carrier, unless it’s because of their experiences with the network and customer treatment (including propensities to lock out features, customer care, and rate plan fit for them).

      No one is going to defend a carrier’s network, in the face of their own experience that it sucks. …particularly with AT&T who have some nasty policies (e.g. Locking useful features). Have you ever thought that these people _like_ their AT&T experience?

      You might want to think about separating fanboyism for platforms and fanboyism for carriers.

  • http://Website Dnar56

    If you can’t load 3rd party apps onto an open source phone that is an epic fail. Does anyone know if you can do that with the atrix?

    • Battleship

      You can root or use the Sideload Wonder Machine (no root). Too soon to say whether AT&T will see the light and get rid of the Market-only apps restrictions.

  • http://Website dipdcrown

    to each his own. its your money and your dropped 911 call. Great phone tho.

  • http://Website Mike

    I’m already on AT&T and the Atrix 4G will be my first android. Good bye iPhone4!

  • http://Website Ria

    I am a happy At&t customer and I work for a competitor!!!! I can’t wait to get the Atrix

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    Why are people bashing carriers? Some people have better service where they live so saying the carriers sucks is an opinion. Not a global fact. I have friends who have good service with T-Mobile but when we go back to school their service sucks. No carriers service is the best in every single location. I’m pretty sure half the people who claim such and such carrier sucks never even had them as a carrier. People don’t like the iPhone so they say AT&T sucks. Be real and accept it as it is. I love android over the iPhone but I will admit that the iPhone is a really good quality device. It’s smooth. But it is android all day for me.

    • Scotter

      Good points, Nate. I will admit a bit of fanboyishness about T-Mobile because I get great service here in Austin. And I have heard their network is not so hot if you are traveling around the nation. But I am also counting on their quick expansion. But yeah, I like the points you made about it really being subjective and dependent on many factors. I’m sure each carrier has its strengths and weaknesses. For me and where I live, I prefer T-Mobile… for now. I believe it is also important to consider all things change.

    • http://Website mustanger

      You can’t ignore the consistently poor ratings that AT&T regularly receives in almost all areas by such reputable agencies as J.D. Power and Associates and Consumer Reports. Always at the bottom of the pack. Sure, several on here report having no problem, but I’m guessing that their bottoms shelf ratings better reflect the opinions and experiences of the majority. Even if this phone made me sandwiches and dispensed beer, it still wouldn’t be enough to make me switch to AT&T.
      And 4G? Any mobile tech blogger with even a shred of credibility would’ve done their homework before uttering that nonsense: http://on.wsj.com/i7aLPP
      And don’t get your hopes up for AT&T LTE any time soon (especially not this summer). According to the WSJ (link above): “Customers won’t see improvement in their services until 2012.”

      • http://Website klatte42

        Really, you pick carriers because of national surveys, instead of coverage in you local area, drive routes, and frequently visited locations?

        Look, national reports like that are great for analysts to predict customer trends, but for individuals to make carrier decisions based on them isn’t very logical. Do want the best network for _your_ life, or do you want what works in aggregate. Frankly, everyone knows how crappy AT&T is in New York and SF, just adding that many millions of deeply unsatisfied customers to your count, it show up. It’s far better to ask:
        – what are my experiences?
        - what are experiences of my neighbors?
        - what are the experiences of my coworkers?

        Obviously, I’m only talking network here. If it comes to customer service or rate plans, those are shared across the country (for the most part).

  • Scotter

    I don’t see T-Mobile sitting on its haunches for long without an equivalent phone. And if the T-mobile version comes out a few weeks later, it will be equal or better and the bonus: it will be on the T-mobile network. Taylor I’m sure you are smart in many ways but you fell for Samsung’s propaganda and got that piece of crap Nexus S and now you are going to toss it aside two months after dishing out ?$500? along with a great carrier, to sign up with AT&T, renowned for high price and low service, so that you can get a phone that will have a twin within weeks on every network?

    And no, I don’t blame you for tossing that Samsuck device aside. But please learn a lesson and wait just a bit longer. The sweet spot is the Atrix(-ish) but not on AT&T’s network. At least this time you will be buying VERY close to the sweet spot. At least you have a month to think about it and also start hearing rumors of the inevitable equivalent devices. I feel ya, though. If that Atrix had a larger screen I would be sorely tempted myself. But I’ve been on AT&T’s network and paid their prices and I will never go back.

  • http://Website todd

    um the bionic is bigger screen same battery and the 1 gig ram is cause it has to systems on it one for the phone one for the docks. but att has the worst service ever i left them cause of dropped calls and crappy customer service ive had verizon for 2 or so years and they been perfect

  • http://Website Micah

    “At this point I really have no complaints with T-Mobile so that’s why I’m ready to move on to a new journey.”

    That confuses me….why would you leave t-mobile if it is working for you and you have no complaints?

    And yes, I am insanly impressed with the atrix 4g (would never transfer to at&t for it though), but the phone isn’t even out yet, and do we even have a date that it will be out yet? Maybe another company has something up their sleeves that will be comparable to the atrix. I just think it’s too early to have this list going on.

  • http://Website Miles

    Would I continue to get the unlimited data if I’ve been grandfathered in because of my unlimited data plan with the iPhone or no? Thanks in advance

    • http://Website PacoBell

      No, I know this from personal experience…grr!

      • http://Website Jay

        If you’ve had an unlimited data plan and you’re upgrading from one smart phone to another then you should be grandfathered in and keep your unlimited. If you had a non-smart phone unlimited data plan and upgrade to a smart phone then you must choose one of the two limited data plans.

  • Battleship

    I’ve been with AT&T for a long time and my main complaint is that it’s taken them far too long to invest in solid, high-end Android devices. That seems to be coming to a close, finally, and unless something else ends up blowing my socks off at MWC – and provided one of the new phones will actually land on AT&T – I’ll be buying the Atrix, too.

    I know it’s en vogue to spit on AT&T, but I’ve never had bad coverage anywhere – mostly excellent coverage, in fact – and the customer support is solid. I do think they need to better understand how to deal with Android; for one thing, even though there are ways around it, they absolutely need to get rid of that absurd Market-only apps restriction: that would be a very good place to start. Timely updates would be nice, too…

    I’ve never had T-Mobile so I can’t say whether the switch will be right for you, but based on my own experience with AT&T, I think you’ll be quite satisfied.

  • http://Website dipdcrown

    Verizon getting the iphone will not make room for Att’s network to get any better. Att customers with iphones aren’t going anywhere. The iphone will do well on Verizon, but not better than the Droid lineup. Who the heck wants an 1yr old iphone on the best network or the equivalent to the Droid Bionic (w/o the finger thingy) on the worst network?

  • http://Website Nate

    I currently have the nexus one on AT&T and I’m gonna have to wait to see what the situation with the bootloader is before I make my final choice between this and the inspire.

    • http://monster-mash.de Mio Starkid

      Motorola announced that every android-phone will be locked.
      Samsung makes now the same shit – the galaxy tab got a locked bootloader with an OTA-update.

      kexec ftw, and fu moto

  • http://Website Ivan

    At least your are leaving T mobiles shitty network, for a far better one. And this phone is great, but I rather own the Bionic. Verizon’s LTE is a beast at download and upload speeds.

  • http://Website JAG

    Cant wait to get it, ill be waitin for this baby here in latin america!!

  • http://Website Forrest

    @Miles if you go to the store to the and upgrade they will most likely put you on the new plan but if you do it online they shouldn’t. I’m on a premier business plan so I would have to switch somewhere else and switch back to lose my plan.

  • http://Website Steve

    Don’t do it. Motorola has been absolutely brutal in updating their Android products. They are one of the last ones to do it and that’s only if they will do it. If you are sure that you are happy with the current version of Android installed on this device, buy it, fully expecting it to stay on that version.

  • http://Website MIlenkosMagic

    It’s a bold move my friend. I too share the urge for bleeding edge tech, usually in a mobile sense. I love tech, I work in the field and I wanted no more than to report to my friends that AT&T was not so bad and that my network was at least comparable to Verizon’s. However my after my 3 years of using an iPhone 3G and 3GS on the AT&T Network, it left me with a sense that AT&T either was cheap or simply had no idea what they were doing.

    I Constantly dropped calls, I experienced poor hand offs when switching from one tower to the other, also noticed extremely sporadic data speeds for no apparent reason, the switching between Edge to 3G often caused extreme delays in data consuming applications and I noticed an extreme lack of coverage in doors causing me to camp out by windows just to send a picture message.

    The easiest way to compare things is I often used a data intensive application called orb to stream audio from my home PC to my phone. Not the best audio delivery tool but, I was forced to use it. Both of my iPhone’s made this operation pretty much unusable due to constant data drops due to a poor hand off between towers and a mixture of 3G and Edge. I am not in the woods, i’m making a typical commute of about 30 minutes using main highways in the Cincinnati, OH area. However using my VZW backed DINC and now DroidX , I may drop the audio stream once a week. Now these comparisons are limited of course to the Cincinnati area. Maybe coverage is pristine everywhere else, but judging from my and other peoples experiences. I would say this speaks to a combination of poor implementation of the GSM standard, sub standard hardware, poor placement of towers, or maybe just overloaded towers.

    Now that brings me to my next point. As long as you have good tower placement in your area. The HSPA/4G upgrades may help this situation but, I think the biggest change is going to be the mass exodus from AT&T. I would say the combination of people leaving the network and not going to the network in the first place will have a large measurable effects on AT&T in a network performance and stock value sense within the year.

    I would get the phone, do a hardcore test to see if it works where your at. After all whats a phone if it doesn’t have a connection. If not bail and head on over to the Big Red for the feature short Bionic :) Now don’t get me wrong, that phone is going to be the king of all phones from pretty much all aspects. In retrospect, I wonder what AT&T did to get it in the first place? Maybe Motorola may have known what it was doing by giving AT&T a Gem and sticking VZW with a Zarconia in wake of iPhone exclusivity shift. Who knows…

    As for my big decision. I had my heart set on the Xoom but, it seems the Tegra 2 is the real deal for gaming reasons and while I might not do a ton of gaming. If I spend $600 for a tablet I want it to do everything and do it well. After all $600 gets you a lot of laptop now a days :)

    These are all great problems to have!

    -Android fo life

  • http://Website RNex1

    I agree 100% for getting the Atrix. I am still using my N1. Android is beyond awesome and having next generation hardware is always a must for me. The Atrix isn’t just a dual core tegra instead they go one step above with the accessories. Switching carriers for a phone seems reasonable and logical to me. I will be waiting in line and buying it at cost to avoid a contract so when the next generation tech comes I will just move on to the carrier who can provide it.

  • http://Website Triangle

    As a former AT&T customer in NYC, I can attest that their network is terrible. But if you’re not in an area with terrible AT&T coverage, I can see why the phone would be interesting.

    Personally, I think that the Droid Bionic with its LTE capabilities will be the better fit for people in NYC. Verizon has much better capacity and coverage, along with a faster data network in LTE. The Bionic will still have most of the atrix’s features, but lack the biometric scanner and ability to dock, which are cool, yet may not be must have features.

    I think it comes down to the network when you are looking at 2 similar devices and Verizon is hands-down the better network here.

  • http://Website fortknox3

    What do you think is the LG for T-Mobile?

  • http://Website Mikey

    Shocked to read this post taylor. Walking away from tmobile for moto and at&t? After all the years with tmobile and being there when the G1 arrived. The message I get is you feel the tegra and moto are the future of android rather than HTC and the snapdragon. Which I completely disagree with. My prediction is that you return to tmobile by the end of the year.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Yeah if I was a betting man I’d go with Moto/Nvidia over HTC/QCom.

      • http://Website Jon

        I’d like to read some expanded thoughts on this. Why do you think Moto/Nvidia will overtake HTC/QC? First to market? Are there factors that will cause a true shift in public preference from HTC’s Android offerings to Moto’s?

        IMO, Blur and vanilla Android (even Gingerbread) still lag far behind HTC’s Sense when it comes to user experience. Now I realize that doesn’t matter much for us hardcores running CM6/7 but it matters big time to the average consumer. If HTC didn’t have to take the Incredible off shelves for 4 months during the heart of 2010 when the iPhone 4 came out, I firmly believe the DInc would have been a smash hit. Same with EVO, which has done pretty well considering its period of shortage. Anyway, when HTC’s dual-core Sense phone hits Verizon I fully expect it to kill (barring shortages, of course).

  • http://Website kurt

    In comparing the bionic and the atrix this is my take…network (LTE + VERIZON) point bionic. Hardware- while it is pretty close in my opinion I would have to say the bionic has the upper hand because of the it has a bigger screen and better camera. I know, I know, what about the gb of ram…? Like an earlier comment the only time you’ll need that is while its docked, something I wouldn’t fork out another $200. Battery- point atrix. OS/UI hand down point goes to the bionic! MOTO BLUR is the worse thing that has happened to android. So whatever the bionic has will be better. The basically the bionics better camera ,larger screen, better network and lack of MOTO BLUR makes the bionic a better choice

  • http://Website Jeffroid

    From Singapore, when I saw this phone emerge from CES, I was truly impressed. A pity it won’t be coming to our shores any time soon. Asia has got little love from android :(

  • http://Website Jonathan

    Your #7 is the reason why you shouldn’t, but I’ll give you a few more.

    I just switched back to T-Mobile after just over 2 years with AT&T, breaking my 2 contracts in doing so. Why? They are the all that is evil in the wireless industry.

    Network wise, the only thing to be excited about is the data speeds, and that’s when their network isn’t congested (read: never). At the peak of their congestion (typically ranging from bad to absolutely terrible during the hours you would actually use your phone), you can expect to never be able to download anything with a lot of people in your area, such as public events, peak times, major holidays, etc.

    The highest I ever saw with AT&T was 3.5mbps on my AT&T Nexus One, and that was at 3am. During the day, you’ll be lucky to get 2mbps (I’m also on the north side of Chicago, where coverage is supposed to be excellent). That said, you’re also getting undercut with their tiered data pricing and they will certainly charge you $10/GB when you go over your 2GB cap. Looking for hotspots to avoid hitting that cap is a terrible inconvenience and not worth the $5 you’re saving.

    Still network wise, their call quality, despite being everywhere, is terrible. Dropped calls become a daily occurrence and as much as you’d like to think you’ll have it in more places, you probably won’t. When it comes to this, Verizon is still king at delivering a reliable network everywhere consistently.

    If that wasn’t enough, their customer care is easily the worst I’ve ever dealt with. Getting simple things done was always like pulling teeth. My typical calls took on average at least 20-30 minutes, with around 3-4 different reps, and they would rarely tell me the same thing as the previous rep. You may think it won’t bother you, because really, how often do you need to call 611? I was the exact same; paid my bills online, never typically even bought equipment from them as I always used unlocked devices, but during those rare times I did need to call them, I always felt ashamed that I was giving them my money every month.

    Speaking of money, unless you’re going to find someone to hook you up with a discount on your plan, AT&T is also going to hit you in your wallet heavier than almost all other wireless companies too, and for that sub-par wireless service I previously mentioned.

    Although this last point is minor as compared to the others I’ve already mentioned, no single phone is worth dealing with the network, and particularly a Motorola. I’m sure the dev community will dissect this one to pieces and have plenty of ROM’s, but the fact that you already know you’ll have to do this when you get it weighs it down right out of the gate. In those early days, you’ll still have to deal with the AT&T bloatware, Motoblur, and you won’t be able to install non-market applications. As cool as that hardware is, Motorola’s still a hot mess, and AT&T’s crippling practices just add to it.

    Lastly, I want you to know that I am seriously NOT TROLLING AT ALL and if you would like to discuss this further, you can grab my Gchat from the email in this comment. I didn’t write this extensive comment simply based off of what I read from a group of sullied customers online, I had to live the the hell that was being their customer for two years so I can bring you my own, personal story of why I do not recommend them to even my worst enemies.

  • http://Website Adam

    I love the direction that the phones announced at CES are heading, but I didn’t see one that had everything that I would want in a next phone, let alone one that would have me giving up my carrier. The Atrix/Bionic phones are close; I would like to see an NFC chip and stock Android on these phones, however.

    The dual core phones are giving me a slight hesitation in that Motorola mentioned making optimizations for the dual cores… this seems like it will make upgrades slow unless a mod such as Cyanogen can produce the enhancements in a stable ROM. Don’t get me wrong, my next phone will surely be dual core and surely be sooner rather than later, but it does make me think that perhaps waiting for the 2nd or 3rd dual core phone wouldn’t be the worst bet in the world.

  • http://Website Mike

    Sadly though, it only takes ONE reason to not get this phone.



    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Actually, it does not include Motoblur. That’s just what Motorola’s default skin looks like.

      • http://Website Bob

        um…..have you taken a look at the back of the phone? Precisely the bottom middle part?

        It does have BLUR, but it’s the less intrusive version.

        • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

          You sir are correct. It does say Blur. I wonder why they have removed it from all their advertising.

  • http://Website Ny

    if the atrix is hspa+ then it won’t benefit from lte as only atts lte phones will be backwards compatible with hspa+ and not the other way around. Buying this phone will not give you the 4g benefits the author suggests you’ll get with atts network if the atrix is an hspa+ phone. Eventually you’ll need to buy another phone to take advantage of lte and hspa+. Jumping ship for this phone will cost more than you think. If the phone is an lte phone then disregard this post.

  • http://Website Roger

    This is irrelevant to this article, but I predict that the Evo 2 4G releases in April with a 4.5 inch Super AMOLED Plus screen, Tegra-2 processor, and a kickstand of course. WOOHOO!!!

    • http://Website zedklind

      evo is htc. htc already decided to stay with qualcomm which means no tegra. and unfortunately samsung doesnt even have enough super amoled screens for their own phones and wont spread the amazing sauce that we called super amoled to other device manufacturers. sad panda :( sounds like a great device though!

  • http://Website elnene20

    The atrix is a nice phone maybe it will make me leave T-Mobile and my mytouch 4g Ill wait and see nice phone though

  • http://Website joe

    Sad, really … you bill will nearly double for less than acceptable services and you will miss out on what T-mobile has in store. You really think T-mobile wouldn’t take advantage of their 42 mbps speeds sooner rather than later? There’s already the new vibrant coming out which will have 21 mbps theoretical max, and you don’t think T-mobile will have anything else? Come on man use history as a tool you write for a tech blog dude! T-mobile always focuses on mwc to reveal new products!! And one more thing, where did you get the balls to talk up atts lte?! They will not have that any time soon and their hspa+ still cannot compete with T-mobiles speeds…very upsetting to read this post tho, makes me wonder about the blog entirely …

  • http://Website Westy

    Man i cant argue with that, i just cant go back to AT&T man. Way to expensive, i have my N-S hopefully they step their game up on T-Mo and they get a really good sequel to the Nexus one because the N-S isnt it..

  • http://Website Prototype

    I can only speak from experience before I got my N1 with T mobile I had the iphone then the 3g with at&t for three years. I live in California and during those three years I did quite a bit of traveling all over the state and always had good coverage. Even in a lot of rural areas. 3g coverage as well. What I did notice though was that I would drop a call every now and then even with full bars sometimes something that hardly ever happens on my N1 but 3g coverage for at&t is way better in my surrounding area I have to drive 20 miles south or north to get 3g on T mobile. Over all you will be very happy with at&t except for maybe the 2gb cap but don’t even get me started on that.

  • http://Website Bob

    Long time AT&T customer here……way back when it wasn’t even called AT&T. I’ve been waiting for a phone like this for what seems eternity and am glad to join you in the initial madness of getting it.

    I’ve never had a problem with AT&T over the many many years I’ve been on it and so, for me, this phone just sweetens the pot.

    Coincidentally, my first cell phone was a Motorola………and now I’ll be coming back full circle to the brand that started it all.


    • http://Website zedklind

      :-)* tonguesmileyface

  • tagon

    Forget the fact that it is AT&T (I think they get beat up more then they should) the device has Motoblur and not the ninja crap they are pushing on phones like the D2. Straight out oh my god it is so ugly blur! Taylor I get the desire to wants bleeding edge tech, but what is the point when it is crippled with a bad UI.

    That would be like buying a Dog House System PC and putting windows 3.1 on it. I guess you can hope for root and ROMs soon, but that is a big risk to take what if it never gets rooted? They you are stuck with motoblur evilness. I am under the firm belief that bad software can hurt your soul I fear for your soul Taylor you have a good soul and soon I fear it will be corrupted and twisted beyond hope of repair.

    • http://Website Balthazar B

      All I can say is thank god for all the cool launchers to tide us over until the Atrix is rooted (and as the most powerful phone out there for the foreseeable future, drawing XDA folks like piranha to a side of beef, it almost certainly will be fairly soon after it’s released).

  • http://Website Dd

    As far as I know, AT&T has been blocking the ability to install 3rd party, non-Market apps for their previous paltry Android offering. Has that been changed?

  • http://Website DK

    Your reasoning for switching to at&t don’t make any sense.. you point out why you’ve been happy with tmobile, then say “so that’s why I’m ready to move on to a new journey” .. ?? You’re supposed to argue against tmobile to make such a conclusion.. lol

    Anyway, we still don’t know what’s coming at MWC. Hopefully HTC has a few announcements

  • http://Website Balthazar B


    I don’t know how much you travel, but tne other differentiator you didn’t mention (comparing the Atrix to the Bionic, which is its closest-specced competitor on Verizon) is that the Atrix will support voice and data in Europe, while none of the phones VzW introduced at CES will be capable of doing that. For me, not having my data available to me overseas is a major deal-breaker, and IMHO VzW was shortsighted in not extending this capability to the most powerful phones they’ll be selling over the next 9 months, despite the fact that they *do* support global roaming on the now last-generation Droid2G and Droid Pro devices. It’s a feature that’s especially important to business users, and given Verizon’s serious push into the enterprise with Android, it tells me someone there was asleep at the switch.

  • http://Website mes215

    I’m on Verizon, and I have a Droid X, and I think come September, unless Verizon gets something similar to the Atrix 4G, I’m breaking contract and moving to AT&T for that laptop dock, huge battery, awesome RAM goodness!

  • http://Website secretary of state

    switching to AT&T?????? :( Are you serious or just plain stooopid????? .( :( :(
    You better stay with Sprint or T-Mo

  • http://Website briantman2011

    I will be getting the Motorola Bionic. Based on the information at CES the big difference

    display both qHD Bionic 4.3″ atrix 4″ win bionic
    memory bionic 512mb atrix 1024mb win atrix
    cpu both same
    fingerprint scanner atrix yes bionic no win atrix what would i use it for seriously
    4g tech atrix hspa+ bionic LTE big win bionic
    camera atrix 5mp bionic 8mp win bionic
    laptop dock unless it comes with it i can’t imagine using it
    battery same

    for me the Bionic has 3 big wins

    bigger display 4.3″
    better camera 8mp
    better network LTE vs Hspa+

  • whalecliff

    As a current at&t customer there are times you will be infuriated with at&t. If you are way out in the boonies you will likely have poor signal (which could be said of any carrier) but other times small towns not way out there have poor service too. These things happen.

    Their data plans especially relating to tethering and putting a 2GB cap on the data you can use ids annoying.

    However in most cities their service works really well and 3g will be available.

    their customer support doesn’t completley make you want to shoot yourself

    Overall I have been fine with being on them but I was planning on switiching to get in on the android action until this phone :D

  • http://Website mike wong

    too bad it’s not 4.5 inch or 5 inch. If it is, I’ll definitely buy it.

  • http://Website hnn

    I’m actually tempted to get the Atrix . . . and keep T-Mobile.

    I know it could be crazy, but i actually rarely need 3G surf speed. Maps and Navigation certainly don’t need it. Pulse Reader works surprisingly well on 2G. I have wifi most places.

    And I have $10 unlimited data from T-Mobile with no contract (yes, yes, I know some of you have $5.99 and $3.99 unlimited plans; you win).

    Until I can get the same $40 monthly phone bill from AT&T or another major carrier, I doubt I’ll be switching.

    • http://Website B2L

      Damn now i want whatever plan you have. Im on tmobile with even more plus and a family plan and i still pay $170 for 2 lines. But im very happy with the service. I would totally get the Atrix if it wasn’t on ATT and if i didn’t just buy a nexus s a couple of weeks ago. Im most likely just going to keep it for a year and wait for the next google phone.

      • http://Website Maximus

        You and i both

        I got the Nexus S december 18th and i dont plan on getting a new phone until Googles Next Nexus phone

        All of these phones have cool features but with Bloatware Crap like Motoblur and Touchwiz I personally wouldnt step 10 feet near it

        The Nexus S was my first Android Device and i cant see myself adopting a phone that isnt PURE Android

        • http://Website B2L

          Well good for you for making the switch. Before my nexus s I had the original Mytouch 3g for about a year and a half it was a slow piece of shit. But it made me fall in love with android. And I love all the variety, but like you I think I’m going to stick with a pure google phone over anything else. Too many people complain saying why would you get that when something better will be out right around the corner. But you have to make a decision some time. Cause something better will always come out in the next few months.

  • http://Website revs1227

    ill stick with tmobile unlimited babyyyy

    • http://Website revs1227

      and moto blur ?? ouch

  • http://Website Maximus

    So your Willing to jump over to that Hitlerian CArrier we call At&T and their Hitlerian Contracts?

    What got me the most was your Willingness to except Thumb Scanners on your phone and Revel in it as if its some great thing

    The implementation of this technology is the strategic conditioning of the “Hive Mind” that it is ok to get Thumb Scanned

    Aldous Huxley did say “You Will begin to Love Your Servitude”

    As far as the phone goes its the Wave of the Future…. the ability to infuse your phone with all of your electronics is what most expected and will accept

    Is it worth jumping ship to a different carrier…..NO

    • incrediblecub

      I believe draconian is the word you’re looking for.. and honestly, Verizon is the worst of them all. That said.. their coverage, and 3G speed * I’ve NEVER felt it was insufficient & its ran circles around iPhone users on 3G consistently * is undeniable.

  • incrediblecub

    the atrix is a beast, a friggin beast.. and AT&T didn’t earn their spot on the bottom of the wireless companies in the US list for nothin’

    I’ll be interested in trying out the Droid Bionic since it uses DDR2 RAM which numerically is half of what this one is.. but 1.5 times more efficient, and it doesn’t have the Linux backend for the “netbook” functions to take care of. My theory is that is probably why the Atrix has the 1GB instead of 512MB

  • http://twitter.com/thebignoob Ryan

    Locked bootloader = No Go. Regadless how awesome it’s hardware is.

    Even though I tip my hat to Moto for truly innovating the field. I want freedom of choice, that’s the true beauty of Android.

    • http://Website Derek

      You’d better wait for a dual core nexus then. Even the new HTC phones are setup so once you reboot they overwrite any changes you’ve made. the new samsungs are getting locked bootloaders as well. I dont understand why these phone companies think they have the right to lock us in to their software. The phone is simply a mini computer, we have a right to run any OS on it we want especially since we’re paying $500-600 for it.

  • http://Website SamUI

    I had no idea the Atrix had a fingerprint scanner! So stoked for this phone now. I’m on AT&T and I’ve been looking for a good replacement for my Nexus One that’s not an iP4.

  • http://twitter.com/geeknik geeknik

    Dual core snapdragons are gonna make the Tegra 2s look weak. =)

  • http://Website panib

    @ Dave K.

    4.0 or 4.2 inch display – forget about the difference.
    Once you had a 7 inch or 10 inch tablet in your hands, every smartphone is ridiculessly small ;-) .

  • http://Website Toha

    6. Long-lasting 1930 mAh battery

    You didn’t mention standby time that is one of lower specs.
    So talk time is not representing battery life.
    If you use the phone a lot that you probably will then I think the phone wont last 1 full day.
    I’m I wrong or is the battery best life time best on the market with such large battery or CPU is consuming just too much?

    I use HTC Desire and can use it for 12h with medium use of calls and other phone usage.

  • http://Website gad

    The one thing i like about it is the Biometric security with fingerprint scanner. I’d also like to see my phone able to scan my eyes to unlock my phone.

  • http://Website A-Droid

    It will take “forever” to get an Android update for such a phone that has lots of cool non-official-Andoid features.
    I wish google released a new HTC Nexus phone..

  • http://Website Elitebattlefield

    While I don’t think switching carries is the best thing to do after you’ve just given us reason why you SHOULD STAY with T-MOBILE, you did say you’re the “early adopter” type. If it weren’t for the fact of having to get stuck with another contract I would say go for it. But if you’ve got $$$ to burn go for it buddy. But one of the greatest things I’ve learned about Technology is being the first is not always the best. Technology moves to fast. I myself am somewhat of an early adopter but only within my carrier.

  • http://Website Lucian Armasu

    Taylor, any idea how optimized these Froyo phones are for dual-cores? I have a feeling that phones will only be highly optimized for dual cores with Android 3.0 and beyond.

  • http://Website crnkoj

    Ye its a great phone, i w myself am from europe but will be travelling in the us in february and i was wondering if i can get one of these motorola atrix phones withotu having a contract with at&t? i mean jsut buy it in a retail store directly.

    • Battleship

      Yes; you can buy it at full retail price (whatever that will be). The Atrix will be sold in the UK on Orange, too, so if you’re there or going there at all, that would be another option.

  • http://Website Anthon

    I think you are making a gear choice. I will also be joining you on this journey to at&t and I can’t wait to get my Atrix and all the goodies and accessories that’s available for it.

  • http://Website Mike

    I would really like to see first how other dual cores compared (Snapdragon, Orion). I’m going to wait for MWC just to see what’s showcased. If nothing that is showed comes close to this, I’m picking this up ASAP. In Canada it’s coming to Bell. Wish it came to Telus, but thank God it didn’t go to Rogers (worst company ever, besides AT&T). I’ll sign up for a year on Bell just to get this phone, maybe 2 years if a 1 year contract doesn’t really give a big price cut, or maybe I’ll buy it unlocked and bring it to Telus.

  • http://Website RockinEvo

    Good job Taylor haven’t seen so many response on one post (even tho I’m new to this site) nice phone by the way but I can’t c myself going back to at&t. Also I’m glad that they showed everyone that they don’t neeed the iPhone in their lineup.

  • http://Website sivart

    i wouldnt switch to at&t if they paid me for the service. cant install 3rd party apps….f this noise. plus this is the first of these phones to come out…just wait

  • http://Website markcredsys

    1 reason I am not. No 4G in the UK.

    that is all.

  • http://Website markcredsys

    /wonders if emergency calls are available without fingerprint scanner?

    Hello 911? Yes I have cut my finger off…

  • Oli

    My 2 cent

    I’m upgrading come Feb and will be upgrading to a dual core android.

    The Atrix is my ideal phone and would love to have it as it would essentially save me buying a new netbook to replace my cumbersome laptop, the other runner is the Optimus 2x which also looks fantastic, but isn’t pushing as many boundaries. The only problem I foresee (and would probably cause me to go for the Optimus 2x) is that the Atrix is dual core running 2.2 with a very heavily modified skin. How long do you think it will take Moto to upgrade the Atrix’s customised OS to the dual core friendly 2.3+ versions of android? I’m not saying that LG will be updating the Optimus 2x any quicker but apparently it is launching in the UK/US with 2.3 and being that LG only ‘semi-skin’ the OS surely it will be quicker for LG to turn around their versions of 2.3 and beyond? These phones are becoming quite the 2+ year investment now, it is more pertinent than ever to not only get the right/best one out – but also one that will keep up-to-date with google’s update schedule to get the most out of the phone!

  • http://Website joj

    hay everyone, anyone know if there’s a chance of a physical keyboard based atrix???

  • http://Website Anthony

    Ok peoples, lets iron his reasons out compared to the Bionic…

    - Like everyone said one of the serperation between Bionic and Atrix is RAM
    - Did everyone forget that Bionic is a “with Google” Phone…that means Atrix can be effected by ATT’s influence…that doesn’t mean ATT will but it can happen…The Bionic will probably have bloatware but carrier can’t cripple it.

    His reasons are justified above….
    –he probably doesn’t want a 4.3inch screen
    –probably wants a GSM phone especially since he was with Tmobile
    –the docks might serve his purpose

    Everyone has a different vision on what they like, he saw it with Atrix so he is getting an Atrix. All I want is more tegra 2 phones with large batteries. Cheers to Atrix and Bionic :)

  • http://Website androidandroid

    Humm I have a question
    I have read in several places that the atrix only has 512mb for android and the rest is for running apps only when connected to a dock
    My question is,is this true?
    Or does it use the whole 1gb for android when not connected to a dock?
    If that is true then the bionic is a better phone
    Because it has a better camera and a bigger screen…

  • http://www.joeyandroid.com JoeyAndroid

    It’s the right decision if that is your instinct. Successful people will tell you that.

    If you waited as long as I have for something like this, then definitely jump on it.

    Be a mover and a shaker!

  • http://Website Danny

    Ugly design, the Nexus S too… looks cheapo to me…

  • http://Website Jeanine

    In my area, the Charlotte area, Verizon just plain sucks. AT&T is such a big presence here that when I switched to verizon to get a Incredible, I remembered why I had switched FROM verizon to AT&T years ago. Once you’re outside the city, Verizon is zero bars and constantly dropping calls. Forget the internet crap, I at least want my effing phone to work. I will be switching back to AT&T when the Atrix comes out as well. Fortunately for me, that costs nothing since hubby kept the line I had before…he was sure I’d want it back. :) He was right.

  • http://Website Jeanine

    as a matter of fact, right now, 5 miles from downtown, I have zero bars on my Incredible. What’s up with that, Verizon? Oh yeah, I forgot, the customer service rep said that they didn’t guarantee a GOOD signal, just a signal.

  • http://Website Jorge

    This is one killer smartphone and I agree too. I’d love to get one myself, I have HTC evo now, but I will switch to At&t if they offer the same plan that I have with Sprint.

  • http://Website sgastel

    Reason 8…. It is not a Samsung

  • http://monster-mash.de Mio Starkid

    One Reason why I never want a motoroladevice back:
    Yeah, that’s a fucking good reason to buy it NOOOOOOOT!

  • http://Website trevor hayes


    I am in your same boat but is it possible an unlocked Attic will work on Tmobile?

  • http://Website Eric

    Well Taylor … any chance you’d sell me your Nexu. S for a good price?

  • http://Website Brian from Texas

    1, 2, and 3 are a YES
    4 is the best reason by far. I’ve been preaching this aspect of mobile phones for a while.
    7, that picture looks like what AT&T’s CEO wants to do to us.

  • http://Website Paul Ponboy Atreides

    This phone does have some awesome features, but I’m content with my Iphone 4 killer for now. I’ll wait until the spring/summer for that Iphone 5 killer to rear it’s most glorious self. Honestly, if this phone was on my carrier I might of purchased it, I could ADW Ex or root away most of that ugly crappy Motoblur it has.

  • http://Website Greg

    I agree that the Atrix is going to be a spectacular phone. But with AT&T’s history with Android, I’ll happily wait to see how they handle this phone.

    And does anyone else think Taylor comes off as being eccentric and maybe even fickle? It’s like some idea pops into his head and rather than process it like a normal person, he goes mad.

    I guess it’s good that there are people like you out there, but I’m glad I’m not one of them…

  • http://Website gr000

    I Only need TWO reasons why I WILL NOT be switching to AT&T and buying the Motorola Atrix 4G:

    1. It is AT&T!!
    2. As soon as I get this phone, you guys (and the consumerist culture machinery that you wittingly or unwittingly participate in) will be telling me about a newer, “better” phone… the “Atrix 4G Super Plus” with quad-processor and 4 GB RAM making me feel like an idiot for not waiting the 6 short months so I could enjoy 3 weeks of fleeting pride and smug-self satisfaction at having the best phone on the market before it too is eclipsed by the rumors of the new “Atrix 5G Super Duper Plus” with microwave cooking functionality…

    No thanks… I am keeping my Samsung Vibrant till the screen clouds up and the springs fall off. Then I am never touching a Samsung again.

    Android love all the way!!

  • http://Website teleknEsis

    Taylor, yet another well-written, thoughtful article. However, a couple points I’d like to make:

    A) Locking yourself into a 2-year contract with AT&T hardly seems like “testing the waters” to me. Sounds more like a Prison sentence.

    B) I agree with you that hardware-wise it is the most compelling device on the market (I was actually unaware of the screen resolution and beefy battery, very nice features). However, AT&T, Motoblur, and whatever security Motorola might place on the bootloader severely cripples this device IMO. So do you plan on trying to root this device, if/when a method is finally found?

    C) I haven’t tried very hard to find any, but have you seen any real world data regarding AT&T’s HSPA+ speeds? How do they stack up against T-Mobile’s? (Surely can’t come close to the 21 Mbps Vibrant just announced)

    D) It has been suggested on a couple blogs that with the mass exodus of iPhone users leaving AT&T for Verizon that the network congestion will subside, paving way for better speeds for remaining customers. However, with AT&T beefing up their Android line-up and having seen before that Android users consume quite a bit more data than iPhone users, could it be possible AT&T’s woes will only increase?

    I’m still holding my breath that a Tegra2 HSPA+ device on T-Mobile is at least RUMORED soon. The lack of an LED flash on the new Vibrant, first-gen hummingbird processor, and Sammy’s affinity to ignore software updates for their phones has me wanting to boycott, but 21 Mbps is sooooooooooo tempting. At this point, I think it would come down to the Optimus 2x or the new 21 Mbps Vibrant for myself. Thanks for the great read!

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      I don’t plan on signing a 2-year contract. I went to AT&T and asked about going month-to-month which they said was ok.

  • WickedToby741

    The Atrix 4G is an awesome phone by all standards, but I have to ask, why not the Droid Bionic? The Bionic features the same Tegra 2 processor, a 4.3″ screen as opposed to a 4″ one (could be a con if you don’t want the extra heft) with the same qHD technology, the memory is only 512 mb, but its DDR2 memory, not SDRAM, and Verizon’s network is far superior to AT&T. Verizon’s 4G LTE network blows HSPA+ away and while AT&T will offer it too, I don’t believe the Atrix will be able to access it. Plus, you have the largest, most reliable network to fall back on. AT&T’s 3G network is faster, but thats only when and where it works. On Verizon, you also get unlimited 3G data, which I imagine would be very useful for you as a blogger. Verizon and Motorola have a great track record with Droid accessories, so theres a reasonable chance the laptop and media docks will come their way especially with Verizon marketing this as a good business phone. The Bionic lacks the biometric fingerprint scanner which is an awesome feature, but you pay a hefty price being stuck on AT&T’s network. Don’t forget they were just voted the worst carrier. If the Atrix was on any other carrier, I could understand the switch, just not on AT&T. On top of that, the Bionic is a close sibling to the Atrix, just the Atrix got more demo time at CES. I would personally wait and watch what comes out on other carriers like Sprint and what accessories come out for the Bionic, because handcuffing yourself to AT&T’s notoriously bad network for 2 years just seems like shooting yourself in the foot. Theres a reason no Android bloggers are on AT&T and thats because their network is so bad, their Android phones have been garbage and have been locked down (Atrix could be a shift in this), and most Android bloggers just know better than to jump ship from a perfectly good ship (T-Mobile) to one thats only saying afloat because of its iPhone flotation device (which just popped with the announcement of the Verizon iPhone). Sorry for the lengthy reply, but I had a lot to say.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      From what I was told, the Atrix and Bionic both have LPDDR2-600 memory. The Tegra 2 tablets are using DDR2-667.

      • WickedToby741

        I wasn’t sure what the Atrix sported, but none the less, the new memory in the Bionic is a big leap over what was the previous standard. Don’t get me wrong, I envy all the things the Atrix brings to the table (except Blur), but I can’t imagine switching to AT&T for it. The Bionic offers much of the same for me on Verizon and thats what I’ll be getting and just hoping the webtop feature and accessories make their way to the Bionic. To me, the network is the most important part of a smartphone and everything else comes second. I just can’t justify switching to AT&T for any reasons.

  • http://Website Derek

    Why are they calling this 4G? Its not LTE, its only HSPA+. And it comes with crappy Blur on it. What a disgrace to put such a cheesy skin on such a monster phone.

    • http://Website gr000

      Because about a month and a half ago that standards body that I can never quite recall the name of gave the green light for carriers to call their HSPA+, WiMAX and LTE networks 4G by downgrading their earlier definition of 4G to cover networks that can deliver theoretical bandwidths of less than 100MB/s.

      That being said HSPA+ seems like a highly scalable network (if T-Mobile’s promises of 21MB/s and 42MB/s speeds within this year are to be believed).

      Android love all the way!!

  • http://Website Chad

    Yes i’d have to say definetly the right choice of phone to get.This is a flagship phone the one to beat!! Im a current at&t customer and nothings got me more excited than the Atrix. Im loving the idea of the laptop dock just hope the price is reasonable.Only other phones that im interested in are the Sony Xperia Play and the Iphone 5. Heres looking forward to the MWC in february and WWDC in june

  • http://Website Gerbilstampede

    I don’t really have a lot of experience with ATT elsewhere but in my area they have the best coverage so I’m actually quite glad I won’t be jumping ship to VZW like I planned too this spring because of the Atrix. In my Area T-mo has the worst coverage but a very fast network. Sprint doesn’t even have EV-DO and VZW is finally getting worthy coverage whereas ATT works everywhere. Someone above me said its WHERE you are not WHO your on and its true. I don’t have any loyalty to any carrier or any company so I’d just see who has the best price for the best coverage. Just because Sprint is absolute garbage where I live doesn’t mean they aren’t a great carrier elsewhere and ATT being very good here doesn’t mean they aren’t terribad elsewhere. I’m personally very excited about the Atrix and I’m willing to do 2 more years with ATT to get it and I’ve been with ATT for 4 years already. This is the phone I’ve been waiting for so I can finally lay to rest my iPhone 3G which has been a decent phone but now its time to move on. Oh and I really wish people would quit complaining about the HSPA+ isn’t 4G and then Championing T-Mo for its 4G network. The ITU has already changed its stance on the term and honestly while I agree with our friends to the north that its “3.5G” the term isn’t going away so give it a rest eh?

  • http://Website Pedro Rodriguez

    I don’t know about anyone else but I dropped AT&T like a ton of bricks. And I speaknfrom my personal experience:

    I had AT&T for YEARS! since before phones had Sim cards I was on AT&T, and I never had a complaint. It wasn’t until a year ago that my love affair with “big blue” went sour. And it wasn’t reception (even with an iPhone I had excellent service) – during the hurricanes that blew through Florida a few years ago (I live in Miami) I had service and used my phone as the neighborhood emergency phone because every other service fell through. The reason I switched was their HORRENDOUS customer service. I had a phone (which I won’t name) that failed and had to be replaced no less than SIX TIMES! And every time I called and complained the service was worse and worse, nastier and nastier. When I threatened to leave (I didn’t even care about paying the ETF) the manager I was talking to almost flat out told me to leave.

    Customer service DOES NOT care about subscribers. And Taylor, if your going to AT&T: beware. Great coverage but horrible service. I just want you to know what your getting into. And forget about overage; even if it was an accident: I got charged $675 in data overage once – and it was completely their fault; after much hassling (and thrusting to sue) they finally dropped it. is that really anyway to treat an 8 year customer?

    Now I am happily married to T-MO. Hope you have a better experience with them then I did! Good luck!

    • http://Website gr000

      I feel your pain. I use AT&T for my DSL (only because here in the middle of bumf*ck Missouri, they are my only real option unless I want to deal with an even shittier cable service)! AT&T customer service, in my extensive experience with them, is QUITE SIMPLY HORRENDOUS!!! And that may even be understating it! And yet I am only a customer on their fairly robust land-line/internet service!! I can only imagine what wireless customers go through!!

      Now T-Mobile on the other hand – BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!!!. Just two days ago, it took me less than 15 minutes to get them to correct an error that would have cost me $722!! And all through it I was treated like a prized customer! I hope you too have a wonderful experience with them.

      • http://Website gr000

        I will add that it is T-Mobile customer service that is excellent… The “corporate” side of T-Mobile USA (i.e. the ones that make decisions like stripping great phones of killer features, launching upgraded versions of existing phones just 6 months in (remember the MT3G Fender Edition and now the Vibrant 4G), prioritizing network coverage… etc)… those folks are highly questionable in my opinion! :)

  • http://Website M0nk

    TWO VERY important reason for not switching:

    1) Blur. Its not just a Launcher like other commenter say. Even if you can root the phone and install another Launcher like Launcher Pro or ADW, Blur will still be there. For example, the blur system phone and contacts apps are separated, so if you are on the phone app and try to search for a different person to call you need to switch apps (close phone and open contacts). Other things like the color schemes are very bad with childish colors (red, blue and green buttons, etc.). Higher lag than similar stock phones is also a problem. Blur also delays android updates, because Motorola has more work to do to make all modified blur apps and widgets compatible with the new Android version. Some other Blur features are OK like FB integration, some widgets, etc. but the bad ones are much more important to me. For example the Moto Clic XT is still in version 1.5 (FIVE versions below current 2.3) and they are still selling them in many countries.

    2) Locked encripted Bootloader. This totally kills the phone. You will depend on Motorola to receive Android updates (they have a very bad history record) or some “leaked” unfinished ROM. It is not possible to compile from AOSP or install others ROMs with different boot partition. The boot partition is not modifiable (encripted). So you do not have a truly OPEN phone. You own the phone but cant change the OS.

    I have some experience with Motorola and not planning to buy a new Moto Phone in the near future. My wife has a Quench (International clic xt) with Blur and unlocked bootloader and I have a Milestone (GSM version of the original Droid) without Blur but with locked booloader. The XDA guys have a very hard time to provide current ROMs for these phones.

  • mista2x

    Nice phone but bloatware and late updates will keep me on T-Mobile with my Nexus S. :)

    • http://Website Maximus

      U and I both bro!

      Im loving my Nexus S!!!

  • http://Website Daniel Greer

    The Atrix has some impressive specs, no doubt. But the AT&T thing will keep me a long way from this device. I know too many people with their service, and how much they hate it. I don’t care how cool the phone is, if there isn’t a network to support it, you’ve just got a REALLY fancy calculator. I’ll keep my Evo, thank you very much, and see what Sprint has on tap for their first dual-core. 6 months for something superior to be released is a frankly ridiculous estimate, by the way. We are already hearing rumors from every corner of hardware that will at least match, if not crush this phone. And, IMHO, this thing is just plain fugly.

  • http://matthew.chaboud.com Matthew Chaboud

    I moved to T-Mobile for the G1, but I moved *away* from AT&T just as much. AT&T with any phone makes that phone something less than what it should be.

    Feel free to go for it, but you’ll be back. In a scant six months, expect Motorola to push variants of this device to every carrier around. Then you’ll just feel like breaking your 2-year agreement.

  • DavidM

    Thankfully, I have an unused AT&T upgrade, so hello Atrix 4G goodbye un-update Captivate, at least Motorola is better than Samsung about updates

  • http://Website James

    Absolutely fantastic phone and Idea. Too bad it’s on a carrier that can’t maintain a phone call if you move. (We’ve a doorway at the office the AT&T users share for getting a signal to make calls.) Nope not even this would entice me joining that hell. I love early adoption, but not to the point of assured failure.

  • http://Website Keideki

    I had AT&T not too long ago, with an iPhone 3G. Coverage was HORRIBLE. So happy I have the Nexus S on T-mo now.

  • http://Website Android Sensei

    Hmm. This poses some good points but the Droid Bionic seems to have better specs. Will have to check this out more closely: http://exm.nr/hZfXRq

  • http://Website Wade

    “At this point I really have no complaints with T-Mobile so that’s why I’m ready to move on to a new journey.”

    This makes zero sense. You’re a satisfied customer, so you’re moving to a carrier that you will have complaints about? Because you will, AT&T is horrible. I got my G1 and switched to T-Mobile after having AT&T for 5 years (originally signed with Cingular) and getting fed up with their lousy coverage.

  • http://Website Pete

    Yes, I jumped at the 9800, and believe you me I got torched!

  • http://www.adamtabletnews.com Jakob

    Looks like a great phone, definitely a bummer that it’s going to att though…

  • http://Website Shashikiran Srinivasa

    The three phones that ATT released were HTC Inspire 4G, Samsung Infuse 4G and Motorola Atrix 4G. The “4G” tag on HTC and Samsung is a faker as these phones support only HSPA+ and not 4G aka LTE. ATT is playing the same game as T-mobile has been playing. I am not sure if Atrix 4G will support real 4G i.e. LTE or it just supports HSPA+ and ATT is saying it supports “4G”.. Your take on this please?

  • http://Website Tyrion WarMage

    i’m never commenting on anything … but now i feel obliged to change that


    I got a XT720, that was supposed to get 2.2 as well as 512MB Ram.A few month later it has 256MB and will NEVER get 2.2. After some research, i found that several motorola mobiles are NOT GETTING A SINGLE UPDATE. To make it short:


  • http://Website ACR

    Great stories guys.

  • chief113

    Why do people get so angry at a cell phone carrier? Coverage depends on where you are.

    At&t for life, son..

  • http://Website kf6cmp

    Looking at phones to upgrade and am looking at the atrix. I have been with
    at&t for 3 years and had been with V erizon for 4 years. I switched to AT&T becouse I travel in Mexico alot and they are the most reliabe there. Verizon doesnt. thou they say they do. Not true form experience. I Cant undrstand the hate of AT&t. my experience with them has been fine. I dont get it. Whats with the hate?

  • http://Website Kenji O.

    Wow. Hadn’t heard of this phone but sounds wicked. I would be very tempted by this phone.

  • http://Website JJFNIGHTS80

    Those of you guys keeps bashing AT&T and their service and dropped calls should STFU. Cause I’ve been with AT&T for 7yrs never have a dropped call only near trees and in the Metro. So I’m glad to get this phone on MARCH 1st to be the first with a DUAL CORE PROCESSOR. with a great laptop accessory maby later on. BUT THIS IS THE WORLD’S POWERFUL PHONE. AND WHO GIVES A DAMN BOUT THE IPHONE GOING TO VERIZON or a Iphone 5 coming

  • http://Website Alex

    f#$% moto ! They fail me 3 times, I sold for now 2x Milestones. Delays, update to Froyo, for 2 year old phone still delayed Sorry, A1200 – fail, E68i – good phone fail, Milestone/Milestone2 – fail ! no anymore. I Never buy moto again !

    ARTIX – nice ADS, but still no live devices. My IMHO.

  • http://Website mr android

    got to admit the phone is amazing is just that att is horrible ,and to ben , why dont you tell steve jobs to give you something i mean you are pretty much another special ed student he has

  • http://Website blaze Wittig

    Att has the fastest network where I am, and I would love to switch back for the atrix but I use on average 6-8gb of data per month and att dosent offer higher than 2 so sprint is the only network I can be on unless I want overages or throttling

  • http://Website blaze wittig

    As for the bootloader issue efuse is for tiomap only, having used tegra 2 tablets i can tell u that the bootloader is accessable using nvflash wich is a tool provided by nvidia, so I don’t think it will be so locked down,

  • http://Website InspectorGadget80

    As a long time AT&T consumer I’m glad I never left. and now I get a chance to upgrade to my NEW ATRIX later next month I can’t freaking wait. DUAL CORE LAPTOP WEB APP. And the things you just pointed out is why I’m getting this baby.

  • http://Website n2imaginaton

    So why would you go to at&t when you can get the same phone Q4 at Verizon and have a better network coverage by far?

  • http://Website RacecarBMW

    Whats with all the hate. The motorla atrix is going to be a great phone.

    I’m happy to see you supporting it, taylor

  • http://Website DanielLogan

    I love this phone and wish i could afford to switch so bad! i have a mytouch 4g and have had so many problems with it And T-mobile and really want to switch to this. NOBODY BUY THE MYTOUCH 4G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On The Current model i have the proximity sensor and acceleromiter stopped working. On the 2 before that i had dust under the screen. SERIOUSLY htc wtf? The battery life gets worse the more problems i get. I am going to keep trading my P O S until either the optumis 2x comes out and they let me switch or they let me cancel my contract. Then i can save up for this phone and att’s service!

  • http://Website TNP

    I’d love to get a powerful Android phone but I however have 7 very important reasons NOT to buy this phone.

    1. Motoblur.
    2. Motoblur.
    3. Motoblur.
    4. Motoblur
    5. Motoblur
    6. Motoblur
    7. Motoblur

    I want stock Android, period.

  • http://Website AlarmWatcher

    I have been on AT&T for over 15 years and I have NEVER had good experiences with a Motorola phone on AT&T’s network. From as far back as the g520 to as recent as the MotoRokr, Motorolas have just had poor build quality, crappy radios when compared to mid-range Nokias or Blackberries, and hideous UIs. I can’t believe Motorola is still in the mobile phone business because I can’t understand how anyone would buy one of their phones, unless they have never had anything else. When compared to other phones, Motorolas are not substandard, they are unacceptable.

  • http://Website Meet2x4

    Supposedly the Atrix is already rooted and ripe for the taking. I would rather deal with Motoblur than deal with Apple’s ridiculous Gustapo tactics of smartphone “ownership”. I for one am VERY excited about this phone and it’s “webtop” capability. I don’t even have to get up off my fat butt. Just hook it up to the TV and get a bluetooth keyboard and mouse and go to town! Honestly in the Sacramento, CA area AT&T is awesome, VZW a close second, and Sprint…well I have no nice words for Sprint’s service in this area. I live in a town with 2000 people and I constantly get 3-3.2 mb/s on the 3G out there. And if the Atrix doesn’t meet my expectations I’ll just take it back or sell it and go back to my iPhone *shudders*.

  • http://Website emu314159

    Well, if you have to you have to. But while I’m sure some people have no trouble with AT+T’s customer service (and I can’t comment having never had them), I actually look forward to talking to T-Mobile reps, since they’ve been consistently outstanding.

    As for network, obviously Verizon is the best overall, no network has coverage everywhere, but 2Gb CAP? Really? Lots of “reer!” in the T-Mobile forums about the 5Gb threshold before they throttle you to 100Kbits/sec (at which point I recommend the Opera Mini), but even after 5, you can still continue to surf for your $30 a month unlimited (but not unleashed? still beats a cap tho).

    Well, at least it’s still Android. If you love the iPhone, I’ll admit I can see why, and i’m happy that you love it. I just could never get over the Apple culture from the iPod onward of locking everything down and assuming you were a pirate (Rip. Mix. Burn. but not backup, since obviously being able to transfer music OFF an iPod would mean the end of civilization as we know it;)

  • Uncemister

    This post is full of lulz

  • http://Website Volta

    Where is the update??? How do you like living with the Atrix??? The multitude of posts about the upload cap does not count. You were raving about this phone and got us all excited. How are its other features???

  • http://Website joeatrix

    Got the phone last week, upgrade from iphone 3G, so far was impress by the speed of the phone. but not much by the network speed, hope LTE att come soon.

    one thing i notice, battery is taking longer to charge, running out fast, the phone is hot!!!!! even I dont use it, must be background app.


  • Cole

    My iphpne got slen so I decoded to get the Motorola ATRIX and I loved my phone but ny far. The ATRIX is awesome! Great coverage. I didn’t think I was going to like Androids. But they rock! Now if I had to choose either an phone or an android. It would be an android. Doesn’t.freeze up. Doesn’t crack or break if you drop ir. Love love love thisnphone!!!!

  • Sverige

    I really like this phone. I just have issues with the screen being so touchy. I wish I could turn down the sensitivity of the screen.