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Android 2.2 update now available for Samsung Vibrant via Kies Mini

Update: T-Mobile has posted an official guide here.

If you have a Samsung Vibrant, the wait for Android 2.2 FroYo is now over. We reported yesterday that T-Mobile would be pushing out an over-the-air update, but it’s actually available right now via a wired update. All you have to do is download Samsung’s update program called Kies Mini, connect your phone to the your computer via USB, and watch the magic happen.

I don’t have a Vibrant on hand to test the update out, but many users have reported success so far. If you run into any problems at all, hit up the official T-Mobile forums for help.

Please let us know how the update performs if you have a Vibrant. How does Flash Player 10.1 perform? Is the GPS performance improved? Did you try making any WiFi calls with T-Mobile’s app?

Via: TmoNews

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  • http://Website Deter

    How long til the other galaxy s phones in the US get it?

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Sprint said ASAP. Verizon should follow shortly after. AT&T might take months.

    • http://www.twitter.com/dalex7777 dalex7777

      Amazing how Samsung started scrambling and T-mobile says this is available less than two weeks after a class action lawsuit was filed, isn’t it?


    • http://Website sverige

      never. its FAKE


    Have to wait for my girl to come from work to try it on hers

  • http://www.caelum.com.br Sérgio

    Is there any way to update on a Mac?

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Nope, it is PC only right now. Mac support is being worked on.

    • http://Website Peter Frandsen

      Mac and Linux users get screwed by Samsung – I just bought a Galaxy S and can’t upgrade to 2.2 because it reguires a f…… windows computer. I already miss my HTC Desire that got all its updates over the air. Luckily we only got 6 month contracts in Denmark :-)


      • chris0101

        Try using Wine maybe? It may or may not work.

  • http://Website Guy Mac

    I don’t think Kies.exe is an option on Linux. Thanks for the info though.

  • http://Website Matt

    It wont let me download Kies mini, it says the content is not supported on my phone. What would the reason for this be?

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      You need to download it to a PC. The update can not be run from the phone.

      • http://Website Matt

        Ok thanks.

  • http://Website james

    You have different names for your phones. We have one galaxy s phone the i9000 is that the vibrant?

    • http://Website androidawg

      No. I9000 is the European release of the galaxy s.

  • http://Website Parker

    After months of waiting I finally rooted mine last week, downloaded Odin, and flashed the Unofficial Tmobile 2.2 ROM by Eugene, then applied the Lag fix. Shoulda done it months ago. Quicker and better battery life. If anyone sees any reason to get Samsung’s version let me know, otherwise I’ll probably look for more Odin ROMs to be out soon. 2.3 yet anyone?

    • http://Website aandroidawg

      If you are rooted then just wait for a new rom based on this release.

  • http://Website Quint

    Just tried upgrading via Samsung Kies and it is not working. The “Upgrade Phone” button is grayed out

    • http://Website Static

      call the Samsung support hahahahahah (there is none)

    • http://Website lex

      You have be sure to download the drivers for your phone

    • http://Website towana anderson

      could not get the upgrade went through all the steps fine but could
      do nothing my upgrade box was also grayed out tried several times
      i finally said forget it

  • http://Website Ben Johnson, GA

    Wow, finally. i didnt expect this to happen but after months after months of wait this is really fantastic. Froyo, the old android is coming to Vibrant. Enjoy your outdated OS.

    cheers, Ben

    sent from my iPhone 4

    • http://Website Ryan Kim

      Well, considering the iphone doesn’t even have cupcake, I wouldn’t be talking.

      • http://Website Mark

        the Iphones get updates in the form of…..buying a whole new phone…lol

        • Kenny Strawn

          Actually, they do get iOS updates… then again, we all know how marginal they are feature-wise compared to Android ones.

    • http://Website eris

      haha yeah look who is gonna have the fastest browser out of any mobile phone adobe flash and so much better graphics with improved speed gosh i should just get a freaking iphone then

    • http://Website Eleminop

      Only a couple more months and your Iphone4 will be outdated by something only marginally better.

      • http://Website Rob

        So true. Wait I thought the Iphone was for girls only? :)

    • http://Website reviving

      Wow, finally. i didnt expect this to happen but after months after months of wait this is really fantastic. Froyo, the old android is coming to Vibrant. Enjoy your outdated OS.

      cheers, Ben

      sent from my iPhone 4

  • http://Website Scott

    I have downloaded kies mini and it says please connect your mobile device. I do select samsung kies and nothing. Any help out there?

    • http://Website Andrew

      Turn on USB debugging, then connect.

  • http://Website Taylor truelove

    Its nice having 2.2 flash lags a bit but all in all not to bad

  • http://Website Dan Butcher

    Scott, don’t know if this will help, but I discovered two things:
    1) you have to select the kies connect mode in settings/applications/usb settings. Then, I had to exit out of the kies mini on my PC and start it up again before it recognized my phone.

    2) it won’t install the upgrade if your battery isn’t fully charged. I was told that my battery didn’t have enough charge (even though it was charging via the usb connection) and to try again why my battery was full.

  • http://Website ×}{î║

    Welcome to 2010

  • http://Website Danger Mouse

    Why not 2.3? Samsung is FAIL.

    • http://Website Noriega712

      ^^This is androidOS fragmentation!

  • http://Website david

    You will need to register your device or the updates will not happen…This is just more DUMB %%$##%..If “…You will need to register…” at Samsung site then why not have it as a down loadable file there?

    More, “we do not care about customers we only care about what Samsung wants” Sure wish FCC, someone would take them to tasks. If you want to enjoy the fruits of U.S. market and airway then you have to act in an fair and just manner. Yes, Samsung sells phones, however, they are to be used on U.S. bandwidth therefore their business practices fall within FCC oversight.

  • http://Website Scott

    Thanks Dan but still no luck I will try it when my battery is charged. Kies is not even registering my phone I went and made sure I had the drivers for my phone. I keep having to restart and run the wizard. i am good but i am not that good.

  • http://Website Hydro

    So they’ll be pushing out the update out via OTA too, right?

    • http://Website Static

      samsung is pushing but i bet they dont have enough power…

      • http://twitter/com/_kidderkat Tangi

        per T-Mobile, the update will not be available OTA. Which really sucks because I can’t get Kies to run at all on either of the computers that are in my house. I’ve tried just about everything I can possibly think of and quite frankly, this whole ordeal is pissing me the hell off. It’s almost like they know Kies rarely works and they don’t want people to have the update.

        Sorry for th rambling. I’m a girl and I’m mad. *shrugs*

  • http://Website david

    No prudent executive would think of going forward with a deal unless extensive due diligence has been completed in the areas of legal and finance. This needs to be extended to Customer current, previous, and future complaints.

    “…’Due diligence’ is a somewhat technical phrase used to describe a range of assignments, legal obligations, reports and investigations which take place in business…”

    Suggestion: ALL senior management and Board Members must sign-off that they personally updated each and every previously sold model phone their company makes/sells and also those companies which allowed on their network said devices BEFORE any and all new devices are released. That way, the pain points would be both known and FELT not as a “number’ rather as an experiential fact.

  • http://Website Kevin

    dont do it. I went through all of the steps, it downloaded the binary, installed it. and now my phone just boots up and stays black. every like minute it might vibrate a lil. just for giggles. so dont do it. samsung vibrant -

    • http://Website Rez

      I’m having the exact same problem. I’m not very happy right now. :/

    • http://Website vib-RANT

      Same here.
      I told my mom and now im getting a replacement phone (I can have the iPhone 4) on monday.
      Should have gone with the iPhone last year. I made ahuge mistake choosing this errorprone junk from asia!

      • http://Website james

        IPhone is made in china jackass. And have phone with your iPhone 4 tthat mummy will get you. Remember not to hold it when making calls.

  • http://Website Richard

    Android sux
    BLACKBERRY rules

    • http://Website B2L

      Lmao. You don’t hear that very often. The only blackberry users i see know nothing about technology and are business men over 40.

    • http://Website Brandon E

      Are you serious i would rather have an iphone then a stupid a** blackberry

    • http://Website zunguri

      Now THAT is funny!

  • http://Website john

    Installed it with know problems… So whats the word on 2.3…

    • arroyogy

      did any of ur info get erased?

  • http://Website Megan Flowers

    my iPhone 3G says its up-to-date!
    Its 4.2 already which means its twice as good as this android software!

    YS Kimberly

    • http://Website watbetch

      dumb betch

  • http://Website Phil

    Was so easy my 5yr old did it for me lol, WORKS GREAT,FLASH 10.1. If u cant get kies to recognize phone,select usb debugging in settings.

    • arroyogy

      does it delete any of ur apps or data?

  • http://Website rev2redlineguy

    I installed 2.2 today and it was pretty simple. At first I was having issues where it would keep telling me “plug in your phone into the usb” even though my phone was plugged in and I selected Kies on my phone. Then I read in the forums that if you have another home replacement (like LauncherPro) on your phone, you must go back to the TouchWiz in order for the Kies to work. Guess what…..it worked like a charm and within minutes I had Froyo on running.

    • http://Website Mocha K

      this might be the reason mine didn’t work. Will try.

    • http://Website John

      Thanks! That did the trick for me! Once I got over that hump, I was home free. T-Mo and Samsung should include this little tidbit in the instructions. That would have saved me an hour of aggravation!

  • http://Website Jenna Jameson

    Does it vibrate?

  • http://Www..facebook.com/furiousdudes Afronicus

    It you have the vibrant, you’ve got the samsung t959. :)

  • jakmayhopher

    This just really suck for you all, I’m glad that I never got a Vibrant. I just stuck it out with my OG myTouch 3G, which got 2.2 about 3 months ago. On an outdated phone like mine, i feel sorry. I’m just gonna wait for the LG Star when it come to T-mobile.

  • http://Website happy customer

    Never enough for y’all. I been happy with my captivate since I’ve owned it. If you REALLY wanted 2.2 why not just buy a device that comes with it? Whenever something new comes out, people are suddenly not happy with what they have anymore. In my opinion, its not good they keep coming out with a new OS so rapidly. They’re already talking about Ice Cream…

    • http://Website UniqueNate

      I’m sorry but I agree to this. I love me some Android but it will always be fragmented. All of these custom layovers ate lane. Just make it stock and get yearly updates and little feature updates in between like the iPhone. It would be so much cleaner and faster. That way you have Android nice and clean going head to head with the lane iPhone. That’s one thing the iPhone will always have over Android, and that’s quality.

      I don’t underhand how a phone can come out with 2.1 or 2.2 and the successor comes out with the same custom layover and latest software but the original can’t get updated. Then they leave you with these lane excuses as to why. The successor will be running the same damn custom layover an have the latest software but the original will be running the same damn thing and not be updated. I don’t get that. Just have a pure OS run against IOS. Just let the hardware and carriers benefits be the difference. Not some lame skin. If anything HTC sense can slide. Their a little slow to but they do get it done.

      People want the latest and fastest thing now and not a second later. Thy don’t realize that’s why they’re unhappy. Trust me it will be a lot smoother and faster with it all if they just run it pure. They need to have a big meeting and talk this mess over with carriers and all. Mark my post negative if you want but it’s the truth. These phones coming out are so nice but soon you’ll be unsatisfied because something better is out and tour phone isn’t updated in a timely manner if at all! Android has so much potential but no fundamentals. Still missing that quality in marketing, management, and OS. I REALLY THOUGHT 2.3 was going to set the bar with how important all that would be. It’s fun to root an all but imagine a phone that wouldn’t need that. It’s fine how it is. Runs smooth because it’s clean and responsive etc. Smh.

  • http://Website B

    Worked fine for me.

    • http://Website eris

      how tell me everything you did plsssss

      • http://Website B

        LOL. Seriously? Down-voting me for saying it worked fine for me?
        Anyway, I seriously just followed the directions from the link that points to the Tmobile FAQ. I’m using an old Compaq Presario 2670US running XP, and I didn’t have any issues. It took a while (10 mins or so) to dl the firmware when Kies (mini) started up, and then the phone takes a while to reboot fully, but I didn’t do anything special, sorry.

        • http://Website eris

          ok thnx anyway

  • http://Website eris


    • http://Website Claire

      -Buy an iPhone (no windows, no samsung, no android).
      -Its the best, everybody in my classes got an iPhone (and we ♥♥♥ it )


      • http://Website eris

        ughh i know but i just hate their interface its too simple

      • http://Website Claire

        -Buy an iPhone (no windows, no samsung, no android)..
        -Its the best, everybody in my classes got an iPhone (and we ♥♥♥ it )


    • http://Website chula

      r u using windows 7? I had the same problem. I use my laptop that has xp and at first it did not work but then after like 3 times it work. I don’t see much difference.

    • http://Website Eleminop

      Unplug your phone and leave it unplugged while restart your computer and try it again.

  • http://Website Mocha K

    My computer doesnt recognize that my phone is hooked up when its in samsung kies mode…..this sucks….why not OTA? Smh

    • http://Website eris

      have you enabled usb debugging. charged your phone fully. turned off your firewall and installed the rite usb drivers from the samsung website

      • http://Website Mocha K

        Wow, didnt know I had to do that. Thanks

        • http://Website eris

          DID IT WORK

          • http://Website Mocha K

            Nope I tried updating my phone for 7 hours and after it dowloads all the binary codes and such, it tells me my phone is not detected and it tells me my phone cant be updated.

  • http://Website eris


    • http://Website ☻22

      !you now can stick the galaxy into your s

  • http://Website anthony

    i did it, mad simple if you cant do it then read the instructions on the link above

  • http://Website Gabe

    Updated with root and without 1clicklagfix and it automatically unrooted my phone after updating
    Differences so far noticed:
    - Wifi calling, T-mobile TV app added
    - Color Icons added in setting menu
    - Apps are more spaced out in app drawer
    - Auto-rotation button added in notification bar
    - New Youtube interface
    - Old Android Market interface
    - Quadrant Benchmark produces Error message at the end
    - Camera app is incredibly laggy
    - Files app is laggy
    - Adobe Flash 10.1 works fine, but a bit laggy in some websites
    - New Live wallpapers
    - Pinch Zoom home screens
    - Sometimes vibrates on its own
    - USB mass storage connect freezes
    Overall I kind of regret updating my phone…

    • http://Website watbetch

      If your phone is doing all of that you need to do a data wipe. It’s not normal behavior

      • http://Website Gabe

        Thanks!!!! After doing a data wipe my phone is no longer laggy and the battery life is ALOT better!!!

  • http://Website James U

    Does NOT work with my Palm Pre!

  • Vt3kbOi

    Chrome to Phone and Flash player goodness…Not to mention performance tweaks, Ul touches and of my favorite apps get updated. My liife is now complete!! xD

  • http://www.youtube.com/quickandroid sri

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ho4UOsqboN4 – Quadrant Standard tests after updating Vibrant to Android 2.2 Froyo

  • http://Website Anthony

    Does this mean the vibrant will run hspa+?

  • http://Website ivan

    Wow this update is a fail. LMFAO fucking teen mobile always fucking shit up.

  • http://Website A-droid

    Well, I have the European SGS. We already got the 2.2.1 update for the SGS. Well everyone in the Netherlands got the update.
    It’s so fast without root and oclf.

    Before the 2.2.1 I had alot of force closes.
    The 2.2 made the SGS so slow and alot of lags.
    I don’t know if this also will happen with the 2.2 in the U.S. I know the names are different but the functions have to be the same, because its a Samsung? Correct me if I’am wrong.

    I think I’am staying on 2.2.1. No more updates. Cause I don’t want to have a slow phone again after a 2.3 upgrade.

    Well…see ya!

  • http://Website itrustme

    The update bricked my vibrant.

  • http://Website gdub

    Mine workd great….well done Samsung.

    • http://Website gladiator_posse

      Mine worked as well…I just followed the Tmobile guide…the update is great, though not worth THAT wait. My only qualm is the with the battery life…it seems to be using more battery now…any guesses why? (NO…my gps/wifi/bluetooth are NOT on…) I thought froyo was supposed to be more power efficient?

  • http://Website mark

    Loving it. Got launcher pro installed as well as Gingerbread Keyboard. Fyi invade Boone has said it you should use USB debugging instead of wrestling with it the whole time.

  • http://Website Jules

    Worked great, followed the instructions as given, had no problem. Chrome to phone is awesome!!!!!

  • http://Website melinda

    fiance has a vibrant…it was ro0ted…when he did the update it unrooted his phone… hes not the only one this has happened to…and now hes having issues rooting it again.. he has tried EVERY method of rooting…from phone itself to using a pc with numberous ways of doing it…so ppl beware…!!!!!!

    • http://Website Mocha K

      I only rooted for the wifi tethering so since this update comes with wifi tethering there would be no need for me to root again…. but thanks for the heads up

    • http://Website Eleminop

      Have him use Super1click v1.5, its a little tricky, you have to turn usb debugging on and off a few times but it works eventually.

  • http://also melinda

    also the wifi calling gives connection error… so yeah the more we think about it… we really wonder if 2.2 was a go0d move… we only wanted the flash player n tethering..lol

  • http://Website Dream

    Is There An Over The Air Update?

    • http://Website eris

      no there probably wont be

  • http://Website eris

    is my kies mini supposed to update i though that was the lastest update on the t mobile website

  • http://Website Mocha K

    After work I will try again. I was so mad because it didn’t work but i will try your idea for sure and ill let you know. fingers crossed.

  • themetatron

    I spent about 2 hours trying to get kies mini to work last nite. Leave it samsung to make a program that doesn’t work. I’m gonna use odin as descirbed by zapote21 on tmobile forums once I’m home from work. Bet tmobile is loving all the extra calls due to more samsung shenanigans.

  • http://Website ☺☺☺


  • http://Website David

    I just did mine and seems to be working fine.

  • http://Website Linda 444

    Updated and now have a brick.

    • http://android&me Jimmy C

      Try holding down the volume up and down buttons while powering on and as soon as the VIBRANT logo appears, let go of the power button but continue holding the volume buttons. This should initiate the boot screen. Then reinstall packages should fix the brick.

  • http://Website Mocha K

    Never buying another samsung phone again…after only 7 hours it still doesnt wanna download….it keeps saying it cant update my phone….this is bullshit everybody does ota why cant you samsung?

  • http://Website Eleminop

    I knew i shouldn’t have let my wife get a samsung piece of crap, and 2.2 isn’t even worth, barely adds anything. Have to sign up for the media hub just to watch avatar now, the phone is still jittery while scrolling, and unless you are using the keyboard the haptic feedback is hardly noticeable. Hell my HD2 running android is a decent amount faster in general use.

  • http://Website Mocha K

    Someone suggested that I register my phone first, but on Samsung’s website they are saying that my phone doesn’t exist. This is by far the worst experience i ever had with a phone.

  • http://Website ACR

    This official Froyo is same speed as Axura and Nero V5 custom roms.

  • http://Website liveasalion

    Update bricked my phone. Now I get to wait 7 days while Tmobile does me the “courtesy” of sending me a non-bricked one so I get to try it all over again (without any guarantee that this won’t happen all over again in 7 days). Yay! I love half a**ed efforts followed up by customer service that tries to convince me that they are doing me a favor. Apparently the fact that Tmobile didn’t actually build the phone or write the software somehow means that it isn’t their product and they don’t have to back it up with any real support. Spend your money wisely (spend it somewhere else).

    • http://Website Gabe

      If I were you I would leave the new phone at eclair. Froyo is being a pain in the ass and I don’t think its worth having wifi-tethering, flash, apps to SD if the phone is being laggy and eating up the battery by 3 fold like it is with my phone.. :(

  • http://Website clocinnorcal

    Used mini kies, bricked phone. Spent hours on live chat and phone with samsung just to have them tell me to call back moday.

    Used Odin, 5 minutes later running KA6.

    Definately a lot snappier with froyo. Lag still affects a lot of the touchwiz interface though. Happier now with froyo.

  • arroyogy

    does it delete any of the data or apps u have on the phone??

  • http://Website jjhart52

    Updated Vibrant to 2.2 over the weekend. If running a home replacement app, you have to switch back to Touch Wizz. (original home app). Also need to run USB debugging along with fully charge phone. I recommend downloading the latest version of Skies Mini using the T-mobile forum link provided in this thread. Just took about 5 minutes once I set everything up.

    Things I noticed so far is that the “text input” has change. It no longer offers the Google version for keyboard options, (only Swype and Samsung available). Which is disappointing as I like using the Google version, as it seems faster for me to type. Would be nice to get that option back.

    I have not tried the tethering nor the WiFi calling yet but will get back once I had tried them out.

    Hope this helps out.

  • http://Website ben

    Gps does not work on 2.2 update?!?!

    • http://Website ben

      Dang… Was a quick fix..used “gps restore samsumg” and everything is aye okay!

  • http://Website Robert

    Installed 2.2 using Kies Mini on WIn7. No problems with the install.


    *Something* is eating up battery life, big time! I was in the habit of taking my phone, charging it in the evening to full, then having it on my nightstand and using it as an alarm clock. When it woke me this morning, battery had gone from 95+% to less than 20% overnight – no screen on, no surfing, nothing.

    GPS is a fail – I had done a fix found online this summer when GPS was sucking hard – it squared it away and it worked fine, but after installing 2.2 I could not get a lock, period. Something is seriously broke in GPS land.

    Weird sounds – when I get incoming texts, the notification “chatters” – like the CPU is overloaded and it can’t play the chime.

    New crapware – already didn’t like the Telenav GPS that can’t be removed without rooting the phone. (Hey, T-Mo, Google Maps for Android is awesome and free and does turn-by-turn and great local search. Why would I pay for a subscription?). They’ve added a media center, T-Mobile TV, and who knows what else.

    Lost desktop icons – I had my 7 desktop screens the way I liked them. 2.2 jacked them up. Had to re-load my widgets, launch icons, etc. Not ALL of them, though. It was like it only half jacked me up.

    Tethering seemed to work ok, but I had PDAnet software, so that wasn’t shiny and new and I won’t be getting my $20 back from that. Hotspot was not included.

    I haven’t played with it enough to notice any improvement or degradation in web browsing. I’d heard Froyo was supposed to be significantly faster.

    So, my biggest concern is battery life – there seems to be some background process that is chewing up CPU cycles, which is eating battery life and makes my notifications sound bad.

    Taking my GPS away, that’s just cold…

    Any thoughts? I love the phone otherwise (original G1 owner here) and T-Mo service has been good. This 2.2 is a big step back if these things can’t be addressed.

    • http://Website Robert

      … oh, should have added – the cool and easy fix for GPS that i used this summer (involving dialing a #*#* number sequence to access some internal function) does NOT work with 2.2. When I hit the last number of the sequence, the dialer blanks, as if that function has been shut off. Megafail.

    • http://Website Vibrant 2.2

      I had the SAME Exact problem with the battery life after updating to 2.2!!!! MY battery would be drained to 23% in 5 hours. So I decided to backup everything and wiped my phone (factory data reset) and now my phone is ALOT smoother and after 5 hours my battery is at 88% which just makes me soo happy!!!!

    • Vania

      I have had the same problems. TMobile has replaced my phone with a refurbished phone 4 times within the last nine month three of them within the last 4 months. It gives major issues with the software. I have the same issues with the chimming although my phone constantly freezes, I have to forclose aps alot, it turns off by itself when the battery is full, etc. Very frustrating.

  • http://Website Matthew

    Help, did the upgrade per the instructions and phone will never leave the Vibrant Samsung screen????? The desktop client said the upgrade was complete and to leave phone alone until the android screen came back up, but that never happened? Anyway to undo?

  • http://twitter.com/Her Tiarra.

    The process was very flawless. Make sure you read the T-Mo guide thoroughly and that if you’re using another home launcher that you switch back to the default/stock one.

  • http://Website Cera

    I just did the update. Had some problems with the directions but then realized my debugging want on. As soon as I turned it on all was good n it updated. The flash is great but if it had the codes for other formats that would b better. Wifi calling is pretty awesome to. Can’t complain there unless u use 3G n are out of range lol. I also noticed on my vibrant the media hub is finaly open n has stuff to watch. Some of my apps are gone tho. Don’t knowSo what thats about. Lost TMZ n facebook pink. Also there is a built in task manager. I think ghats great. It seems I don’t have 20 ta 30 every time I check. The most ive seen is 3.

  • http://Website john

    For anyone having the black screen and the phone just vibrates what that is, is your os failing to load you should have undone one click lag fix the fix is to power the phone while holding vol up down and power till it loads the recovery clear user settings and and reboot let it fully boot then restart.that should fix it. It worked for me i just hope you did a backup i didnt lol

  • thomas

    i can’t get the program to connect android2.2

  • http://Website EL REY


  • Kate

    tried it….and it bricked my phone. dont use this

    -samsung vibrant

  • Khandi

    Keeps telling me “please connect your mobile device.” It’s already connected!

  • Mani

    I just upgraded my T-Mobile Galaxy S Vibrant using KIES, and since then it just won’t turn on! When I press the button to turn it on, it shows de Vibrant Screen, like it would boot properly… but suddenly it stops, the screen keeps all black forever…

    I really don’t have a clue of what to do.

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  • Ryan

    I ran the update, and now my phone is bricked.

  • Weston

    how long should it normally take to download kies

  • Sammi

    I downloaded Samsung Kies Mini. And connected the USB but it keeps saying connect phone when I already did and put Samsung Kies when the option came out on my phone. My laptop is a windows 7