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Android 3.0 Honeycomb gets an early video preview

Google accidentally published a video of Android 3.0 Honeycomb and then quickly pulled it down, but thankfully the internets captured it for everyone to see. Check out 90 seconds of the first version of Android “entirely for tablets” after the jump.

Source: YouTube

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  • jayzeroeee

    I think we can officially say the tablet selections are about to get much, much better.

  • falmc

    Simply stunning.

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    I want a hands on. I want to see what will be optimized for a mobile version after 2.3

  • http://Website Jeffroid

    whoaaaaaa…. wowwwww…. weeeeee!!!!

  • http://nickelliott.us @nick_elliott

    I like the gchat video screen grab. Possibly a preview for the gingerbread phones video calling? Too bad honeycomb is only for tablets but then again it looks like it would only work on a larger screen anyway. Guess Google doesn’t care about the fragmentation yet. Has no one learned from UNIX yet?

    • http://Website trey

      Why do people keep speculating that 3.0 is only for tablets. While I agree that there has been much hype about Honeycomb on tablets, I have never heard any mention that it will only run on tablets. I doubt that Google would not update phones to the same version. Although I have heard Honecomb would require dual-core processors.

      • http://Website Bianca

        I think on this thread people are assuming such because the video stated “Built Entirely For Tablets” towards the start. Sort of gives the idea that its exclusive to tablets.

      • http://Website imrblankie

        Well in the video it says that Honeycomb was built from the ground up for Tablets.

      • http://Website Android Boy

        it will be like iOS. there will be a version for both phones and tablets, but tablets will have special features. think ipad vs iphone.

        my source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koIzhLaRJJo

        • http://codethief.eu codethief

          Having watched this video a while ago, I actually remember him saying that there were *not* going to be two different versions? (Instead they would introduce a new concept to display the same app with different layouts on devices with different screen sizes.)
          Which means Honeycomb will be the same for phones and tablet…

    • http://Website trey

      Why do people keep speculating that 3.0 is only for tablets? While I agree that there has been much hype about Honeycomb on tablets, I have never heard any mention that it will only run on tablets. I doubt that Google would not update phones to the same version. Although I have heard Honecomb would require dual-core processors.

    • http://Website trey

      Why do people keep speculating that 3.0 is only for tablets? While I agree that there has been much hype about Honeycomb on tablets, I have never heard any mention that it will only run on tablets. I doubt that Google would not update phones to the same version. Although I have heard Honecomb would require dual-core processors.

  • http://Website trey

    This looks sweet! A totally revamped interface and native gtalk video chat. You go Google!

  • jayzeroeee

    Also, now I’m wondering what kind of shitty “Blur for Tablets” Moto is gonna put on their Honeycomb tablet.

    • http://Website dagamer34

      Considering Motorola is making the reference tablet for Google, I don’t think they get to fiddle with the OS just yet.

      • http://Website Coolio

        Lets pray your right…

    • ViktorPrime

      well dagamer34 beat me to it but yes just like the droid was the 1st with 2.0 and it was untouched it will be the same with the Droid Xoom and 3.0

      • http://Website Gyro Gearloos

        Wrong..Verizon actually is the most guilty of “touching” Android. They cripple more features than anyone.
        And just FYI Nexus will be first for all updates.

  • asifriyaz

    just love android

  • Gone


  • http://Website Kris

    So if 3.0 Honeycomb is tablet only wont this make fragmentation worst? its already sort of bad. Also if its tablet only wouldnt it be easier to call it some other name? like 1.0 for tablets? how would the upgrade path go for phones if this is 3.0, would phones jump from 2.3 to 3.1 or ?

    • ViktorPrime

      since the market can weed out stuff that will not work with X.X version of Android we should a lot of 3.0 only versions of apps and games. my guess is that the phone side is still the 2.X till they can merge them together like Andy Rubin said at all things D awhile back

    • http://Website Me

      They probably don’t have a phone version of this new design ready at the moment, so Gingerbread will probably remain the latest version for phones for a while. I don’t think they would fork it completely. Andy Rubin talked about how apps would behave on both tablets and phones using the new UI, so it will definitely end up on phones as well. They just need to… well… shrink it.

  • http://Website Geezagame

    Come on, this was a deliberate leak by google as they couldn’t have another company (moto) showing off android 3.0 before them

    • http://Website tony

      I totally agree!!!

      Although I like learning about products way before they’re released, it sucks how it also gives the companies free advertizing.

      Almost every single leak we hear of is a planned leak, especially the playstation phone and the htc evo shift, which were leaked way too much.

  • Gone

    @Kris If I am not mistaken I believe Andy said at D: Dive into mobile that Honeycomb was for both tablets and smartphones..

    • http://Website Steffen

      He absolutely did say that. I don’t know why people keep saying otherwise. He said something to the effect of, “The Honeycomb API’s will allow for one application to behave differently depending on if it was on a tablet or a phone.” I believe on the user side many of the built in functions like the Launcher and the Lockscreen will be different. But in general it will still be one platform for both tablets and phones.

  • http://Website Comet

    Great video. I want more. By the way to clear people doubts. Honeycomb is not just for tablets. Honeycomb was built with Tablets in mind. Google wants to make sure that the consumer understands that their not just scaling their Android smartphone OS to a bigger screen like we saw with the Samsung Galaxy Tab. They want the consumer to understand that their actually building specific functionality for tablet devices. It is Android with built-in Tablet support.
    The Samsung Galaxy S2 is rumored to be an Android Honeycomb smartphone.

  • http://www.thatwebguyblog.com Mike

    “Chat face to face with hundreds of millions of Google talk users”

    I’d love to see the CPU handle that :-P

    • http://Website some internet dude

      Tegra 2 more than capable.

  • http://Website Ichigo

    I am always excited to see a new android OS but I think google needs to chill a little. I mean seriously, gingerbread just came out and they’re already planning on releasing honeycomb. I personally hope it is just designed for tablets and I hope they can do a gingerbread 2.3.1 or something, so they can focus more on polishing the OS and make it perfect like making Copy/paste work in the whole OS the same way, add some nice smoothness like in windows 7 or IOS.

  • http://Website Waleed Alvi

    if you also noticed, Google is trying to make Android a bit more mature with 3.0 there was no shot of the robot, they are not using the the green like they did with the other advertising, everything looks dark. i think that Google is going with a different approach with there tablet line.

  • http://Website lazycoder9000


  • http://aviewfrommyseat.com frank

    i like it. Looks like it;s coming along nicely.

  • http://Website mario

    I guess you have to be sort of a fanboy to get excited about that. Only thing I liked or looked great was Google maps. Other than that, it looks just as pointless as all the other tablets since I already have a top of the line android phone and a decent laptop… I just don’t get “tablet craze”

    • http://Website Jack Treton 463

      i remember people freaked WOW OMG as they saw pics of gingerbread. WOW look at the greenish design its awesome. Now, nobody cares about gingerbread any more and the most believe its a disappointment.

    • http://Website bobby

      Tablets are about 5 times lighter and slimmer than laptops. Theyre great for entertainment and awesome for books especially college textbooks

  • http://Website Yomama

    Holy crap! That sneak was epic. I just hope the actual devices work as good as that demo. If they do then it could b a game changer

  • http://Website Poor samsung quality

    Very confusing. I think honeycop will be a huge flop!

  • http://ohai.im/k1ngcor3y k1ngcor3y

  • http://Website Ben Johnson, GA

    Welcome to a new round of fragmentation! Google seems to leave another bunch of users in the dust. Again. Incoming uproar. This will drive even more frustrated androids to apple. Im welcoming you, welcome aboard.

    cheers, ben

    sent from my iPhone 4

    • http://Website That Guy

      Actually, it will probably encourage a ton of satisfied android users to upgrade sooner than they would have expected. With the rate technology is evolving today I think that is to be expected. Way to go Google. Us geeks love the rate of innovation! (At least I do!)

  • http://Website Nate

    Ive seen a lot of people confused about what the version numbers will be for phones since this seems to be a tablet only OS. I was just thinking that maybe something like the even numbered OS verions are for phones and the odd numbered OS versions could be for tablets. Like phones get 2.x, 4.x, 6.x and tablets get 3.x, 5.x, 7.x.

    • http://twitter.com/simontaghioff caffeinedependent

      You’re probably right there… there’s news out of CES that the version of Gingerbread on the Xperia Arc is 2.4

    • Chris

      That would be fine and dandy if there were different versions for tablets and phones. But there aren’t, because that would be ridiculous.

      I’m not sure why people think that Honeycomb is a tablet-only version of Android. All it is is a redesign with tablets in mind, as Andy Rubin said that it would be coming to phones as well. I’d go into detail, but Comet already explained it nicely above.


  • http://Website 22889

    I hope its a fake

  • http://www.technocator.com xpanz

    honeycomb will kill iOS?? Honeycomb, android 3.0 announced. http://bit.ly/gsGyX7

    • http://Website Claude Trichet

      iOS is much much better and you can play games…iOS doesnt have severe SMS bugs like Android has

      • http://twitter.com/simontaghioff caffeinedependent

        Silly troll.

        You obviously haven’t tried setting an alarm on the iPhone recently then?

  • antoniojr.chua
  • http://Website Irfan Samuel

    So will there Android 3.0 devices announced in h1?

  • http://Website Irfan Samuel

    So will there be Android 3.0 devices announced in h1?

  • http://Website no thx

    3.0 < 4.2

    iphone os is more advanced.

    • http://Website WTF!

      Are you a phone and updated it once i could just skip to 5.0 does that make it better than the iphone or an android device? NO! your just another stupid iphone fan that loves the iphone because it has an i in it. How about you leave and do kiss apples ass.

      • http://Website WTF!

        Are you an idiot, if i made a phone and updated it once*

  • http://Website Ruhhssuhhll

    Who invited soo many iphone fanboys to android and me?

    Honeycomb? Sign me up

    • http://Website Paradroid

      Engadget. Oh, and that prick who writes for Techcrunch.

  • pechano

    I hope Google plan on releasing their own tablet in 2011, like they did with Nexus One for Android in general.

    Most of all I hope I will be able to afford it. Damn this preview looks sweet.

    • http://Website Hans

      Isn’t that kinda what this is? In a way.

      • pechano

        No. This is a preview of Android 3.0, not a specific tablet. You know that carriers and OEMs will make their own custom UI and mess honeycomb up, just like they are doing on handsets.

        As far as I am concerned, HTC are the only ones who got it right. So I am basically hoping for a clean tablet from Google or something just as good from HTC.

  • http://Website soronk
  • http://Website Ed

    Is it just me or does it took quite laggy already! Android in my experience never flowed as nicely as iphone and I never get why…

    • http://Website Al Bundy

      Yeah I didn’t see CPU accelerated scrolling in that video which is what I’ve been hoping to have since the cupcake era.

  • http://Website Stella

    I want my Honeycomb! The UI looks very nice and clean. I hope we get a Nexus Tablet (by HTC) in 2011.

    For the iPhone fanboys/girls, you’re not helping with the discussion so move along.

  • http://Website Paula Wimberly

    We all know the upcoming iPhone will blow this Honeytomb out of the water!!!

  • http://Website Harry Grieme IV

    sorry but the tron theme video made me jizz

  • http://Website james

    To be honest i dont think much of the scifi/tron look, IMO its a bit ugly and dated. On the plus size though its capabilities are way and beyond anything an ipad can do which is good.

  • http://Website Android at heart

    Let’s assume honeycomb is formatted specifically for tablets… any insight as to whether common apps (i.e. dropbox) will have to be purchased twice in order to utilize on both my phone and tablet (as is the case with iOS)?

  • http://Website Raptor

    Did you notice it’s always not perfectly smooth no matter what you do ?

    Damn, these slates need 4 cores on 22 micron technology TODAY!