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Android Insiders: A conversation with Michael Rayfield of NVIDIA

Welcome to the first episode of Android Insiders – a series of conversations with the people behind the Android products we love and buy.

When we decided to attend CES I started making my wish list of people to interview and since I’m a processor nerd I asked NVIDIA if they would allow me to talk with someone from their team about Tegra 2.

Today we had the opportunity to sit down with Michael Rayfield, the General Manager for NVIDIA’s Mobile Business Unit and one of the key players for the Tegra family of processors.┬áMike has been with NVIDIA since 2005 and he has been in the semiconductor business for over 25 years. He has held management positions at Texas Instruments, Cisco and an array of start-up companies.

I could write a whole other post about all the things that Mike said (and I probably will), but for now check out the full conversation below.

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  • DPtheKid

    nice interview

  • GuniGuGu

    Nice work Taylor, I know you were talking with a pretty senior nvidia guy so you couldn’t ask him anything he might take offennce to, but would’ve loved to have heard his take on things like performance vs iphone4, OMap’s dual core chips.. humminbird..

  • http://Website Manly Man

    Damn a Tegra upgrade every year.

  • http://Website Joe

    New Tegra every year sure am glad I have 5 lines, the kids just love my hand me downs, was thinking thunderbolt but now it’s a Droid Bionic

  • http://skinofstars.com Kin

    Big believers in open systems? Why then won’t they release open drivers for Linux?!

  • http://Website Roger

    Android 3.0 runs on Tegra-2…

  • http://Website ACR

    I wouldn’t buy a highend phone w/o a dual core Tegra 2 right now. You need the processor for 3D contents, smooth Flash videos/content, and long battery life.

  • http://Website ACR


  • http://Website Spencer

    Taylor, on a somewhat random note your camera needs to have better audio support…

    • http://Website watbetch

      It’s been all clippy like that for as long as I can remember. A new camera is in order, because I can’t listen to all of that distortion (so I don’t).

  • http://Website Darren

    It is interesting that Mike keeps mentioning the word “content”, yet there is no “content” for Tegra2 because there are no commercially available Tegra 2 based devices to run the “content” on. Here is a hint Mike, you have to have commercially available devices for 3rd party game developers and consumers before you have an “Ecosystem”. You have no Ecosystem for Tegra, zilch.
    And then he says “I believe I’ll have my next Tegra in production before my competitor has their first dual core in production”. Define “production” Mike. You’re not even shipping Tegra 2 in any commercially available Smartphones through a domestic carrier, yet Tegra 2 was announced over a year ago. Moreover you know for a fact that it’ll be 2012 before an OEM will ship a single commercial device with Tegra 3.
    Reality: NVIDIA won’t even be SAMPLING Tegra 3 to OEMs, let along “shipping” it, by the time its competitor ships their dual core chipsets in commercial VOLUMES for both Smartphones and Tablets.
    This guy has zero credibility, but I’m sure the NVIDIA fan boys won’t mind.