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Android Insiders: A conversation with Trevor Lambert of Samsung Mobile

Welcome to the second episode of Android Insiders — a series of conversations with the people behind the Android products we love and buy.

Today we had the pleasure of talking with Trevor Lambert from Samsung. He has been with the company for five years and now handles the marketing for Samsung products.

We took the opportunity to ask him about their new products launched at CES, Samsung’s new Super AMOLED Plus displays, and everyone’s favorite hot-button issue – software updates.

If you want to know the latest info on Samsung’s software updates please check out the interview and let us know what you think.

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • http://Website JP

    I’m still waiting for 2.2 :) …… EPIC 4G ….

    • http://Website w

      same, still need 2.2 for Vibrant.

    • http://Website Ex-Samsung device owner

      Its nice to actually see the guy who is spreading all of these samsung lies over the last year.
      No we know him.
      I bet he deeply looks into your eyes while he is lying to all of his betrayed customers!

      • http://Website Nexus

        Yeah I appreciate androidandme for the interview but I actually wished this marketing punk was pushed a little harder with the interview ‘style’ and was a bit more forceful. Of course since hes a marketing monkey he was going to talk like one. A followup question could have been ‘well what do you think, in your opinion, is the reason HTC cares and you Samsung doesnt.’
        Put him on the edge you know. We paid them good money not to give us that marketing BS.

  • http://Website David

    Typical marketing mumbo jumbo about the updates. What else is new. We keep hearing the same thing…”It’s coming soon”. I could have written that script.

    • http://Website secretary of Trevor Lambert

      hes a traitor

  • http://Website Eddie

    Thank Trevor for acknowledging Taylor’s “great questions”. Outside of that, what did you actually say?

  • http://Website Nate

    His response to the question about the updates was a joke, if its gonna take them this long they should just contract updates out to TeamDouche. They would get faster updates, more features and a stock interface.

  • http://Website Roger

    Taylor, find this guy in the parking lot at the end of the day and whoop him.
    Seriously, all crap I’ve heard before.” Coming soon, I dont know, the waitt is almost over”.. shut the hell up.

  • http://Website Guticb

    You really should have GRILLED him about 2.2.

    What you SHOULD have asked is “Why have third party developers released completely stable, problem-free builds of 2.2 and Samsung hasn’t?”

    • http://Website AM24

      So TRUE!! I had a vibrant and returned it (thank God). I will NEVER buy a Samsung phone again!!

  • http://Website JIM

    Wow, really handled the interview with a soft touch and kid gloves. Rather disappointing

  • http://Website Daryl

    I already sold my Samsung vibrant I’m rocking a HTC G2 now and loving it . And to those of you who come to the defense of Samsung all the time I have a right to expect that my phone will work properly . Timely updates are part of good customer service and when I spent $500 I expect good customer service and I should get . my $500 fphone should not lag and the GPS should work . and please don’t mention rooting or hacking my phone I have no desire to become a phone tech. I really don’t care whether it’s Samsung fault or T-Mobile whoever responsible Samsung is the one with the egg on their face .

  • http://Website niteowl360

    how can the topic of honeycomb on the galaxy be ignored? Particularly since the interview took place right bellow the huge galaxy billboard!

  • http://Website Daryl

    Oh and because everyone is aware of Samsungs reputation of poor customers service and software support the damn thing was only worth &200 bucks.

  • http://Website Hianz

    Thank you Taylor for the interview you shared with us.

    In contrast to the Conversation with Michael Rayfield this interview is disappointing.

    I mean cmon it looks like he is absolutely not interested in answering important questions..

    Perfect representation of Samsung.

  • http://Website rev2redlineguy

    Samsung bites and I will never purchase another product from them again. I cut my losses with my Vibrant and got a G2 and LOVE IT! That interview is full of crap and he should be fired and replaced with someone else. More blah-blah and “coming soon” than except for some real answers. Probably why more people are going to pass up on Samsung and their new products. Pretty soon Samsung will lose its popularity and customer growth and FAIL!

  • http://Website hinds

    Yeah he was full of BS answers for sure. I’m in Canada and they bricked my phone with their update. I have an i9000 and still rocking 2.1,Samsung kies is unstable just like the phone sonetimes. I’m considering the atrix or nexus s when both phones become available up here.

    • keridel

      the nexus s is still samsung hardware. i know it is stock android but it isnt really all that good. ask clark he is having no end of trouble.

      i love my HTC desire HD it is amazing. and i have no doubt that i will see 2.3 in the next 3-4 weeks. long before i see you guys in americaland get 2.2 for your i9000 (sorry but its true)

      i am really looking forward to htc’s tablet offering…

  • http://Website Richard


  • Markinct

    In a perfect world Samsung would make SuperAMOLED+ displays… for HTC phones.

    I have a love/hate/love/hate relationship with my Vibrant. Some of the TouchWizy stuff I like (great alarm clock system…) but most of TW blows… the screen is the best on any mobile phone (yes, iPhone included in my opinion). GPS is flaky. And no meaningful updates… Sorry, Sparky, but putting Media Hub on someone’s phone to charge $1.99 for ONE TV SHOW is NOT AN UPDATE. It is safeguarding the Samsung stockholders, but it’s not an update, you wretched tool.

    …. but every day I get to use/look at the most beautiful screen on the planet…

    • http://Website Raptor

      It’s all about psychology.

      May i make some poop on your screen?

      I have same phone. It look super compared to your previous phone not compared to the best in the market.

      First, it’s brightness is TWICE smaller then needed to see it reliably outside. It’s just damn 350 nits. iPhone4 and BB Torch have 700nits and still deliver better battery life. Any new phone now is brighter.

      And Sammy can not make brightness larger because of lower efficiency of OLEDs compared to LED LCDs. So OLEDs generally suck more power then LCDs to get the same nits

      Second, its bluish tint is terrible. Go to the shop and compare with anything else, you will notice (again, it’s typical psychological fault to adjust and do not see obvious).

      Third, all that means that next gen Super AMOLED if it gets better visibility (if you believe the sales reps) at 27% larger size only because of darker substrate with lower reflection at sunlight ! Compare the brightness of old and new ones watching video on this site two day ago showing 4.5″ Sammy next gen Super AMOLED pro

    • http://Website Raptor

      Forgot to add, that the current SuperAMOLED screen resolution in red and blue is only 400×320.

      QVGA, hello! Like in 5 years old dumbphones.

  • http://Website 4G or Not To 4G

    still say, if your not going to support your phone, then just provide top notched hardware and use stock Android. It will save them plenty of money man hours.

  • http://Website 45833

    He smiles while he is fooling us…

  • http://Website James

    Regarding the software updates topic, I have to agree with the others that he said essentially nothing new or useful. It sounded to me like what they’ve been saying all along (as far as I’ve been tracking things) — updates are coming, they’ll come soon, but there’s no good explanation of what’s causing the delays or exactly how much longer we’ll have to wait to get the updates. It’s really sad that, as your “software updates” link in this article says, 6+ months after Samsung announced that Galaxy S phones would get Froyo, customers in the USA are *still* waiting for that promised update. And with Gingerbread now out and about, we’re running an OS that’s not one, but two versions out of date. Very disappointing, and definitely a black mark on Samsung’s record for me. While I’m not sure I’d swear them off forever because of this (there were Froyo updates that caused problems, and I don’t want that to happen with my phone), it’s definitely something I’m going to remember the next time I’m due for a phone upgrade.

  • TrixR4Trey

    soon huh? i heard that back in october even before. The guy who sold me the phone convinced me that this phone was the best out there. and that samsung would be updating the phone and taking care of their customers…… man was that wrong. i should have went with the G2…. i gave samsung a second chance. i highly doubt that i will give them a third

  • http://Website Hans

    I know most of the posters here are going to downvote me, but oh well.

    I love my Fascinate and its Hummingbird. I don’t care if it doesn’t have Froyo. I came from an overclocked and rooted Droid(2.2) and haven’t looked back since. Sure, there are very few apps that require 2.2, but that’s not stopping me from enjoying my phone. Since I love the screen so much, my next phone will most likely be a Samsung. Second choice would be Motorola.

    • keridel

      i marked you back up one :)

      at the end of the day. its all about wether you like your phone. i LOVE my phone but i am, at heart a geek so i want “the newest” and “the best” all the time.

      i wont downvote you just because you like your phone.

  • http://Website Squirrel

    I do not know why Samsung USA has so many problems to relese Froyo for their Galaxy S line. But its not the same world wide. Other countries does have Froyo since October last year. Its only Samsung USA which is ugly.

  • http://Website cosmos

    I’m not a Samsung phone owner but the difference between Trevor Lambert in this interview, and Matias Duarte from Google in the interview I had just watched before are striking! Lambert was guarded, and corporate… clearly happiest when he could just roll out the usual Samsung sales spiel, and sadly I understand Taylor’s reluctance to ask more pressing questions in the face of such non-answers regarding the 2.2 updates. On the other hand the Matias Duarte interview from a popular tech website that shall remain nameless was a breath of fresh air! The guy was genuine, friendly, open, and actually seemed like he was happy to answer any questions given to him.
    If anyone from Samsung is reading this – If you want to have a loyal (Android) user base you have to realise the importance of keeping your customers happy, and one simple bit of advice if I may…. actions speak louder than words!

  • http://Website Daryl

    I need your help to help me organize a consumer boycott of Samsung mobile products. Until Samsung supports the mobile products that they presently have on the market we have to stop buying their products . Enough talking about what you’re going to do and as long as we keep spending our money they’ll keep giving us the middle finger . The only thing Samsung understand are numbers and if we take those numbers away from them they’ll know how upset we are . I will be posting this on every site that has any information about the Samsung products please help me to make them to stop not supporting their products via timely updates and product support. Contact : [email protected]

  • http://Website Ryan McKay

    I don’t think many phone companies have figured out that then need to start having a dedicated team of android developers to maintain support for their phones. The company that makes this a priority I think will win out in the end. But, I doubt this will happen anytime soon.

  • http://Website chewtoy

    It’s time for a class action lawsuit!!!

    If we keep letting Samsung get away with breaking the promises they use to sell their phones, this completely unacceptable behavior will spread to other devices. Even the Moto Xoom is not getting a ton of hype thanks to CES, and they’re making claims that Honeycomb will be installed at release.

    This is called VAPORWARE and it is a technique used to get people to postpone their purchase decisions until later at the expense of competitors who are earlier to market.

    I actually don’t have a problem with using the vaporware technique BEFORE you release your product, but I think it should be illegal AFTER you release your product. Once you are selling something, you shouldn’t get off free if you used a promised upgrade to entice a customer and then you fail to provide that upgrade.

    All of us who bought the Galaxy S phones were promised 2.2 on a very specific timeline, and Samsung has failed to deliver. I don’t care whether the suit goes against each provider or against Samsung — it would have the desired effect either way. That effect would be to send a message to the carriers and the OEMs that this type of deceptive marketing and broken-promise-sales is unacceptable and has a negative consequence for them.

    I want my money back for this stupid freaking Epic 4G! I bought it when it was released ONLY because Sprint promised it would have 2.2 on it by no later than October.

    Without 2.2 I can’t do flash and have no built-in tethering.

    And hey, Samsung, when I bought this phone I also postponed a purchase of a TV so that I could decide whether to buy a Samsung DLNA TV to match the phone. I hope you will be very unhappy to know that specifically because of your irresponsible handling of the Epic updates I bought a TV from another manufacturer instead. I have pretty much decided never to ever buy another Samsung product, and I’ve already started voicing my displeasure with your company to friends and family.

    Keep your promises or go out of business.

  • http://Website Stian

    Living in europe, and i have had the official 2.2 update, for 3 months now. I believe its the “special” versions for all the contracters in the states that slow this shit down.

  • http://Website Kevin

    I will never buy another samsung product again. Full of lies and assclowns like this guy!

  • http://Website Shabba

    Can’t you Americans just go over to xda-developers.com and download a stock 2.2.1 Froyo release.

    I’m in the UK and grabbed Froyo before it was officially released here because I was tired of waiting, and the stock Google version I have has no crappy carrier customisations.

    Do your phones have a restriction to prevent doing this?

    If you can, stop moaning and upgrade. It’s not difficult.

    And to those that love HTC, well I was a previous user of their devices running Windows Mobile and while the hardware quality was always high, they too lacked in software. Google Kaiser Class Action.

    HTC partner with shitty Qualcomm who produce the lowest performing ARM based silicon with crap GPU and GPS.

    If HTC ditch Qualcomm and partner with Nvidia for example, that would be a massive improvement.

  • http://Website Mike

    Yeah, that was a rehearsed script that mean nothing. One of the reasons I bought a Captivate the day it was released was because of their promise to update to 2.2 in September.

    I understand technical problems. Projects slip, it happens, particularly when dealing with organizations like cell carriers. But Samsung repeatedly set expectations with the people who bought these phones and then didn’t follow through. The repeated promises that aren’t delivered on as well as the complete lack of any explanation is really perceived as Samsung raising a middle finger at those who’ve bought these phones and took the company at their word.

    A professor at a business college could use this as a perfect example of how to alienate and push away customers that you’ve already won.

  • http://Website dnar56

    The wait for 2.2 is almost over…now get ready to get pissed that u wont be updated to 2.3