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AT&T announces the Motorola Atrix 4G, most powerful smartphone ever

Today AT&T announced the “most powerful smartphone ever”, the Motorola Atrix 4G. This is the heavily-hyped Olympus (Terminator), which means it features the NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor.

The Atrix 4G boasts some impressive specs including a dual-core Tegra 2 processor, 4 inch qHD display, 1 GB RAM, 16 GB internal storage, dual-cameras, fingerprint scanner, 1930 mAh battery, and support for AT&T’s HSPA+ network. The device will ship with Android 2.2 and it isĀ upgradeableĀ to Android 2.3.

Motorola also showed off several accessories including a laptop dock and HD dock. The laptop dock features a 11.6 inch display and measures in at only 13.9 mm thick. Motorola’s HD dock allows the Atrix 4G to display HD video to your television.

We are still waiting on the official press release and promo video, so check back later for more details. Motorola’s CES event is coming up in just a few hours so hopefully we will get some quality hands-on time with the device.

AT&T said to expect the Atrix 4G during the first quarter of 2011, but they did not provide a specific release date yet.

Images via Engadget and Gizmodo.

Source: AT&T

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  • http://Website UniqueNate

    the talk was all about verizon but at&t gave us a peak at what to expect in the future and things to come around the corner.

    i still like the new samsung phone at&t got over this. only thing this has a tegra 2 over it which is big.

  • http://Website Proesterchen

    qHD – Finally, someone coming out with a higher resolution display on the Android side of things. Can’t wait for the full specs!

    • http://Website NikiSk

      I guess this means – 960 x 540 pixels

  • http://Website MN

    AT&T is releasing a phone called Infuse 4G but it won’t have 4G capability because they aren’t rolling out 4G until 2012. Sounds like AT&T is continuing their trend……..lock down their phones, buddy up with a manufacturer that doesn’t update their phones (Samsung) and now branding products that aren’t what they say they are. FAIL!

    • MC

      If T-Mobile can call its HSPA+ network, “4G,” there’s no reason AT&T can’t call ITS HSPA+ network, “4G” as well! They’re BOTH equally misleading (as is every other alleged, “4G” network extant in the US currently!!

      • http://Website Mike

        Actually you’re both wrong.the itu considers lte wimax and upgraded 3G “4g” but tmobile is 21mbs when att is 14 MBs

        • http://Website bob

          Actually that’s the old HSPA service, the newer and current HSPA+ runs at 42/22

          • http://Website Christopher

            The point is WHO CARES?!??! AT&T is the WORST carrier!!!

  • http://Website Splendor

    That’s a rad phone, but there’s no way I’m switching to AT&T.

  • http://Website Nevin

    OMG!!! This has to be like THE BEST PHONE!!!!!! Absolutely nth to complain abt!! I just cant wait for the Moto Event at 4pm PST!

    • http://Website Nevin

      And did I mention I love that name! ATRIX!! This is one phone for which I would have no qualms abt switching to AT&T..

    • http://Website cosmos

      “Absolutely nth to complain abt!!”

      NOTHING!??? Are you sure about that….. sure looks like this otherwise drool worthy phone features the worlds crappest Android skin, AKA Motoblur!

      Yeah, I know you could always use a Launcher but still…

      Looks kinda ugly to me also :O

    • http://Website Ben

      Nothing to complain about, what about Motoblur?

  • http://Website AceoStar

    Didn’t see that coming, I had almost forgotten about Terminator after all the Thunderbolt hype

  • http://Website Roger

    AT&T sit on a throne of lies. They deceive you quite often, like the Iphone 4. Every time I ask someone if the Iphone 4 is 4G, they say yes. Is it just me or are most AT&T users ignorant. Not to take away from the MOTO Atrix or anything. This is a lovely Droid.

    • http://Website AceoStar
    • http://Website Kimbo

      More like most iPhone users are ignorant. It’s all about the GBs and wifis.

    • http://Website Micah

      In all fairness, the iphone could be called “4G” as it is the forth generation of iphones. Either way, I’ll stick to my android phone and not worry what cool aid people are sipping from steve on the other side of the grass.

  • http://Website aceofspade

    most powerful phone ever? not on t at&ts fake 4g network ! phone looks great but ill stick with my mytouch (4G!)

    • http://Website Scott G

      fake 4g network yet you use the mytouch 4g as a comparison? Are you daft? It will easily be the fastest and most powerful android device when it releases.

      • http://Website brandon

        and two weeks later something better will come out. its getting a little depressing, i feel like a kid again. once i get the coolest newest toy, something twice as good comes out.

    • http://Website Manny

      I lol’d

  • http://Website blksol5

    htc will take over iphone quickly..

  • MC

    Motorola? Got, “MotoBlur?” If so, I’m STILL waiting …

  • http://Website jmitch

    NFC chip? If so, I’m in.

    • http://Website DroidCLH


  • http://Website guts

    “upgradable to 2.3″
    i cannot trust motorola on that maybe in 2012 they will provide with the update but not anytime soon

  • http://Website daniel

    WOW impressive but with blur and at&t no thanks.

  • http://Website Toddy

    Does AT&T still block the android market on their phones?

    • http://Website mike

      at&t never blocked the android market from their phones….sigh*, this shows how bad people are at reading and/or transmitting information to their brains.

    • http://Website TallguyDale

      They never blocked the market, they blocked the ability to install apps that aren’t in the stock android market

  • http://Website AndreaCristiano

    Now that I have had gingerbread for a few weeks on my nexus S on att I will say its good but its still incredibly buggy. I will be trading my nexus S in for this Motorola Atrix and if blur bothers me there’s always launcher pro.

  • http://Website Mark

    Too bad it’s not Stock Android. It’ll be covered and designed in all forms of crap ware, manufacturer skins and carrier ware. This is why I’ll stick with my G2. The speed is more than enough for me.

    • http://Website Kruze

      G2 isn’t completely stock…. just saying

      • http://Website TellMe

        How so?…

  • http://Website lovo

    Yesssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now Verizon announce the Etna and I’ll make my day

  • http://Website Droidwolf

    Specs look great but moto cant be trusted. How long did I have to wait for my moto cliq with its out dated android os to be upgraded to another outdated os? And its on att? Think ill stick with my mytouch 4g for awhile. Lets not forget how early it is better phones will come out next year and the year after. Just saying.

    • http://Website TallguyDale

      Im starting to think its solely AT&T, simply because the Droids on Verizon had their timely updates

  • http://Website Greg

    Looks pretty good, but i wouldnt give up my iPhone…. once you go iPhone you wont go back.

    • http://Website Ken

      Unless you want a working alarm clock.

    • http://Website Gladiator Posse

      …or expandable storage space.

    • http://Website N1 on GB

      or a phone that doesn’t drop calls

      • http://Website Mark

        Or widgets.

        • http://Website dee

          or you need to change the battery

          • http://Website Scott Pilgrim

            Or an app market that isn’t controlled by someone who thinks he knows what’s best for you.

          • http://Website Ben

            …or you like having a physical keyboard.

          • http://Website at&t sux

            Or you want Flash enabled web browsing!

          • http://Website Matthew

            or want a phone on a network other then at&t

      • http://Website TellMe

        Or want continue being an obvious douchebag who pretends to be savvy when in reality knows sh*t about technology….

    • http://Website Mindstormer619

      That’s kinda untrue… I know tons of people who have switched after buying an iPhone due to the shitty service, experience etc.

  • MitchRapp81

    the specs look like what I expected the next Google Experience phone to have (Nexus 2…)

    I can’t believe the Nexus S has almost the same damn specs as my N1 from last year…

  • http://Website steve

    This phone looks amazing both hardware and physicaly. Does anyone know if their will be a phone like this on tmobile? I’m gonna uprgrade my g1 soon but I don’t know what phone to get and I kinda want to wait after ces any help would be great! People don’t hate on the phones or the companies thanks to the iphone and the compition between the carriers we been getting such great phone :)

    • ViktorPrime

      all signs are pointing to the LG Optimus 2X for T-mobile which runs the same Tegra 2 processor.

  • Battleship

    Specs are up at AT&T: http://www.att.com/shop/wireless/devices/motorola-atrix.jsp#fbid=woi7phljkca

    Looks pretty good, but the cameras…yikes. 5MP and VGA. Not happy with that at all, but I’ll wait for a review to see what the actual performance is like.

  • http://Website Jeffroid

    1930mAh battery is wow. why hasn’t anyone mention about it? Definitely the highest capacity if you don’t count battery juice pack.

  • http://Website JAG

    nice device, wanna try it alredy, I like the phone is GSM!!!

  • http://Website some internet dude

    the LG optimus 2x has same specs but it also has 2 gigs of ram, so id say that is the most powerful.

    • http://Website cosmos

      2GB RAM? Are you sure about that? Source please, because I don’t think I’ve seen the RAM mentioned yet, and I fear it may only be something like 512mb…. either way, I still plan to get it! :)

      • http://Website Corrifa

        Im 110% certain the lg optimus 2x had 512mb ram. Where as the atrix has 1gb of DDR2 ram.

  • http://Website Mike

    I don’t know why anyone would be interested in the Nexus S now. Google/Samsung you guys really screwed up on the Nexus S (2). THIS is what the Nexus S should have been. There’s also a reason why Apple isn’t at CES. they are too ashamed to be there. Their products (like the iPhone) suck ass compared to what’s being showed at CES. Lol, I also love how Jen Hsun Huang today at CES was showing how you can’t view flash on the iPhone. And it’s true, majority of content on the web uses Flash. Steve Jobs if your reading, your products are nothing to what’s being showed at CES.

    • http://Website some internet dude

      Well said Mike, Jobs cries every time he hears the word Android.

  • http://Website Rashaan

    Wow only a 5mp front camera and vga camera. And man o man I hope sprint announces something cuz they are getting kicked in the ass right now.

  • http://Website Tristan Thomas

    Okay, while these Motorola products get me SUPER EXCITED, I simply cannot allow myself to buy them. I read this article that claims Motorola supports illegal activities and war crimes and I dont want to support a company that supports that kind of thing.

    You can check out the video here: http://getyourgadgetsgoing.com/2011/01/05/motorola-supports-war-crimes-will-you-support-themvideo/

    • http://Website rstat1


      So if Ford makes a car that is used in a robbery does that mean Ford supports robbers?

      Sounds pretty fake to me.

  • whalecliff

    for those of us stuck on at&t this is wonderful news. finally a good android phone. I finally have more options than a crappy iphone. Praise God!

  • http://Website Khush

    For all the ppl complaint about camera MP isn’t everything also is lgs hi that much better than motoblur atleast motoblur has the decency to not copy the iPhone flat out

  • http://Website scotter

    Yay the Nexus 2 is finally- oh- you say this isnt the Nexus 2? But- you say Google let Samsung produce the second Google flagship phone? Oh- oh! Are you telling me they took the 7 month old Galaxy S, removed its ability to use sd cards, added a nfc chip, and called it the Nexus S? People bought it knowing what was coming in weeks? Well I hope they only paid a couple hundred. What? Only that “cheap” if they sign a 2-year contract?! That phone is already dropping to rung 2 or 3! Imagine a year from now how it will feel to use a Nexus S.

    • http://Website Anthony

      @scotter I agree with you and you make a convincing argument please hear me out.
      I own a N1 and I was totally satisfied over all the only issue I had with it was the bothersome touch screen that at times needed a quick tap on /off to make it run properly and the questionable 3g/edge fluctuations that I didn’t experience with my mt3g.
      I purchased the NS (full price) though not leaps ahead of the N1 I have solid 3g and the touch screen issues are a thing of the past.
      The screen is bigger and you can use it outdoors that’s a task the N1 struggles with.
      The new power house phones sound great but the issue is what kind of gas they use. The N1/NS we know run on pure google gas that said will keep them relevant.
      The problem we have is fragmentation. I say we not them they can continue to entice many with Hercules type specs but if it isn’t anointed Nexus you’re at the mercy of others.
      the nexus line will have a direct line to google making them still the best choices.
      I prefer the build quality of my N1 but I say my NS performs better for me.
      I will seek other phones when and only when other phones and carriers get on the vanilla line and stop all the additional bloat ware.
      I take a N1/NS backed by Google exclusively over these dual cores 80 ram 99 gigs that come out weekly that are not named nexus.
      Google drops a baby once a year called nexus and that’s where ill put my cash.
      I admit the phones that are coming out are appealing but will they have the latest software? And once the nexus line has honeycomb how long will they have to wait

      • http://Website Maximus

        Very Well Said

        I’ll take my Nexus S over any of these Steroid infused Bloatware Devices

        Most likely the Nexus S will be the first phone to get 3.0 Honey comb and the rest of the phones using 2.2 Froyo with Dual Cores wont get 3.0 until the end of 2012 by then it will be too late lmaoooooo

        i’ll stick to the Nexus S until the next PURE GOOGLE EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • http://Website Jamerson90

          Actually, no phone is going to get Honeycomb. Honeycomb is the tablet only OS

      • http://Website Craigboy

        Very well said, I’m really bummed that there is no Verizon Nexus, if there were I would be all over it. I’ve been hanging on to my OG droid simply because of the true Android experience and all of the developer support behind it.

  • http://Website Justauser

    This looks like an absolute beast but I’m a tad disappointed that none of the phones announced so far top the resolution offered by the iPhone4. The Tegra2 processor is going to offer some amazing potential but it seems a shame most phones seem to be stuck on the same resolution we’ve had for over a year now, with the moto – the only one to expand the resolution – still not trumping the iPhone. The disappointment is even more pressing with the LG 2X, as it seems bizarre to me that LG can manufacture the retina display for apple but then not offer something comparable in their flagship phone.

    • http://Website Alan

      The iphone uses a 2:3 aspect ratio, so if you watch anything in either widescreen or fullscreen, you get black bars somewhere, which is insanely stupid. They also display the exact smae amount of information they had on there when it was a shitty HVGA screen.
      This moto uses qHD, a totally-not-made-up-at-all standard screen size. Its widescreen, and will cram an assload if information into it.
      In raw numbers it isnt’ quite there, but the execution is much smarter and more useful.

      Either way, the resolution of your eyes is 475ppi, no one is there yet, not even close.

  • http://Website counsel

    What is the point if resolutions higher than the eye can discern? i’d like better typing without so many errors… :)

    There will always be new phones… Just be happy with yours and let everyone be happy with theirs… What is “right” for you may not be “right” for others…

    • whalecliff

      While apple’s retina display is supposedly at a resolution higher than the eye can discern that’s not really true. I can definitely tell when my computer is running at 1080p or even higher at 1260. I notice.

      who knows maybe LG has some sort of deal with apple to wait a while before they produce anything better.

      • http://Website Eric

        Bad comparison. Your talking sub-150ppi in your computer. You are also talking about a screen that uses extra resolution to allow more things to fit on the screen. The iPhone (and the new moto screens) are neither of these. They increase the density so something approaching the limit of the retina (retina display) and use that to make things sharper, rather than display more information.

  • DavidM

    good thing I got an at&t free upgrade :)

  • http://Website Jeffroid

    guys go have a look at the laptop dock shown in the engadget video for Atrix 4G.

    I swear it’s awesome. I swear you will think it’s awesome.

    • chief113

      Really? I watched it and I don’t really get it. I already have a laptop and all my files that I need for work on that laptop, so I carry it around with me. I really don’t get the point of this docking the phone in the laptop thing. What is the point? I would have rather just had a better camera and 1080 recording.

  • http://Website ForgetSamsung

    And just like that the Nexus S is antiquated.

    I am definitely replacing my non-gps working, no froyo having, touchwiz lagging Captivate with this Herculean Zeus god of a phone. iWhat? iWho?

  • http://Website Teri Fletcher

    Seems like a good phone for people who cant afford a more powerful iPhone 4.

    • http://Website Christopher

      You’re nothing but a troll and a retarded SHEEP!

      Go follow the herd and get off Android websites

  • http://Website Moh_Jay

    Cool… but I will wait for HTC for dual core.

    • http://Website Danny

      Waiting with you.HTC FTW

    • http://Website TellMe

      Honestly after what HTC did with the G2 (insane “unrootable” measures) I’m not that big of an HTC fan as I used to. Just saying.

  • http://Website ACR

    Nvidia Tegra 2 just turned smartphones into computers with the Motorola Atrix 4G

  • http://Website ACR


  • http://Website InspectorGadget80

    I’m proud to be on AT&T world’s FASTEST PHONE.

    • http://Website genius

      good point!!!!!!

  • http://Website PzykoSkillz

    I’ve had ATT for 10 years now and have never had a problem. It just all depends on where you live if you have a signal or not. I’ve got great reception so don’t care what crap people talk about ATT, it works for me. As for the phone, it looks awesome. Think I might switch from my HD2 finally.

  • http://Website OnNo

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    You also get coupon code for $100 off the Lapdock accessory!

    Hope this helps. =)

  • http://Website On_nO

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