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Confirmed: Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Tab 2 coming at MWC next month

Samsung Mobile says that “Evolution is fate”, talking about their next-generation of Galaxy products. Apparently, so are company leaks.

Our friends at Samsung Hub have obtained a schedule for the Samsung Unpacked event on February 13th where company president JK Shin will unveil the Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Tab 2. Previous rumors have suggested that Samsung placed a large Tegra 2 order to power both of these products and all our sources are suggesting this is still true.

European site Electricpig also received a teaser that suggested the Tab 2 might feature a 10-inch display. Their invite read, “Something big is coming to Barcelona. Something that reveals our vision for 2011…Changing needs of consumers continue to shape the development of devices.”

We already RSVP’d for Samsung’s event on the 13th and their second event on the 14th for U.S. product announcements, so check back in a few short weeks for the full scoop.

Samsung's leaked MWC schedule of events.

Via: Electric Pig

Source: Samsung Hub

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  • NitroExpressNY

    Samsung = shit, example ? epic 4G still no froyo 2.2 till today

  • http://Website Viva La Nexus

    People shouldn’t have bought a Samsung then…example? Samsung Behold II

  • http://Website john

    This is why android should be a closed project instead of open because you always get people that complain. No handset maker or carrier has any agreement in place that says they are required to update a device. Samsung is doing what’s right for their business. They must be doing something right because over 10+ million galaxy S devices have been sold. :P

    • http://Website Jorge

      Its all about marketing, the better the marketing campaign the higher the sales.

    • http://Website BigCiX

      That’s because everyone thought samsung was going to take this galaxy s model series. Because they didn’t update any current galaxy s phone here in the U.S. (besides the vibrant) this next 2 model wont sell quite as good.

    • http://Website Ken Bradshaw

      The only reason Android is as popular as it is today is due to it’s open source nature! If Android were to suddenly become closed source, the development community would simply fork the project into an open source and closed source version. If you know anything of software development in the last twenty years, you should be able to recall dozens of instances when projects did this. Guess what? The open source project continues to be the one vendors and consumers alike continue to use.

  • http://Website AblkIDA

    Let the consumer democracy dictate the market. Vote no on Samsung by not purchasing Samsung phone!

  • http://Website Mark

    HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I feel bad for all the folks who purchased the first Samsuck tab just to be the first kid on the block. They must be feeling real bad now considering they bought a phone magnified to x3 or x4.

  • http://www.droid-den.com Lekky

    Samsung have had the 2.2 update out in the UK for MONTHS. If you want to blame someone, blame your Carriers.

    @Mark You’ve obviously never used a tab. All the Tab owners I know (myself included) have been very happy with our purchase. The hummingbird cpu is still the best one out right now.

    • http://Website Robert

      News is they are stopping the carriers from releasing the updated version because it will hurt their sales on their new Samsung phones . So be happy your from the UK …They pretty much screwed the US Customers.

  • http://Website Cod3rror

    I hope Tegra 2 in Galaxy S2 is not true. What a BS it will be! Put Orion in there with ARM MALI or a PowerVR GPU.

    • http://Website zymo

      the galaxy s2 phone will have the orion cpu! was tweeted by eldar murtazin who is very close to samy. But i don’t know about the galaxy tab.

  • http://Website Soni

    Samsung is indeed a little bit lazy by providing updates, but 2.2 is already out there for months as stated, we really only need to blame carriers!
    In the past I never wanted to buy samsung product, but nowadays I see so many inventions they made, so many new innovational products they came out with that I aknowledged them by now. I’d happily buy any samsung products later on even if I have to deal with the update myself.
    About tablets? “Keyboard-less laptops” were never my thing. Not samsung, not apple.

  • http://Website Domi1

    Im a very happy Galaxy S owner
    First andoid 2.1 then 2.2 and now i run 2.2.1
    fastest gsm on the planet with the best screen!

    Complain to your lazy carriers instead dumb sheeps

  • http://Website daniel

    all of the people complaining about Samsung and their update issues should find a friend who still has an archaic flip phone, play around with it for a few and go back and look at your galaxy s… i think you’ll have a new appreciation for it…

    Samsung is at the forefront of their hardware development and personally that far outweighs the fact that they are late with updates…. Its the carriers more than Samsung…

    I have loved my Vibrant since day one and can’t wait to see what kind of beast the Galaxy S2 is…

    If you’re SO concerned with updates then maybe you should have bought a pure Google phone in the first place.

    • http://pharaohtechblog.blogspot.com Conan Kudo (ニール・ゴンパ)

      I wasn’t particularly concerned about updates until it turned out I needed them to be able to use my university Wi-Fi network and to be able to use Skype for Android.