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Contest: Check out Wyse PocketCloud and win a free Samsung Galaxy Tab

PocketCloud is a free Android app that allows you to remotely access your desktop, multimedia, files and applications from your Android phone or tablet. The developer Wyse just rolled out a tablet-friendly UI and their team is eager to hear your feedback on the latest update.

The free version of PocketCloud is already one of the higest rated remote access apps in the Android Market (with a 4.43 average rating) and a Pro version is available for $14.99 that removes ads, allows multiple connections, offers enhanced encryption and more. To compare versions of PocketCloud please visit the official site.

How to enter the contest

To enter the contest all you have to do is download the free Android app and answer the question, “What is your favorite feature of Wyse PocketCloud for Android?” Please leave your answer in the comment field below.

The grand prize – Sprint Samsung Galaxy Tab

The grand prize is a Sprint Galaxy Tab (not activated).

Contest rules

One winner will be selected from the comments. The contest will run for one week and the winner will be announced on January 20th, 2011. Complete contest rules have been posted at the official Wyse site. Some important points are only US residents over 13 can enter.

Update: And the winner is Johnny Mota.

Source: Wyse

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  • http://Website Adam

    I like how fast an easy to use it is. I have tried several other RDP clients and all are pretty tough to use on a 3.5″ screen, but I haven’t had any problems with PocketCloud

    • piratedman

      I’ve tried Logmein Ignition, splashtop Remote and Android VNC Viewer.

      Logmein works, its controls are a bit cumbersome… and so is the price.

      Splashtop remote just came out, and is fairly buggy. Some promised features are not present/working. Lower price, but who knows if it will ever work correctly

      Android VNC, works fine, but requires advanced knowledge of networking to setup. Not nearly as easy and convient as Wyse’s Pocketcloud.

      PocketCloud – Easy to setup, secure, and gives every feature you would expect of being at the computer. Sound, Keyboard, Scrolling, Clicking, ALT, Control, F1 keys, etc! Like your computer is really in your hand

    • jivemaster

      I’ve used Wyse extensively and there isn’t a better remote pc app on android. It’s so clean and the virtual mouse is awesome. I only wish it didn’t have the problems with swype that it has. Double letters in swyped words don’t appear (eg: “door” appears as “dor”), which gets annoying. I usually switch to the stock android keyboard while using the app to get around the problem. Lucky I don’t do a lot of typing when remoting in.

  • http://Website Jason Lassourreille

    I love how rediculously easy it is to set up. They take all the VPN headache out of the application. It is really a polished app!

  • http://Website Chris

    My favorite part about pocket cloud is I don’t have to load all my files on my phone and take up space…I can just remotely access them which I feel is safer and as a photographer I have a LOT of files!

  • http://Website CG

    Very easy set up and works very well. Very refined and usable.

  • http://www.MySpace.com/mula951 Oscar

    I want a tab! PLEASE!

    • http://www.myspace.com/mula951 Oscar

      I mean that I can access my 30+ GB of media on my less than 200 MB phone!

  • http://Website jesse jordan

    I love the simplistic set up. Never had a problem like I have with other software.

  • http://Website Colin

    It’s just the best

  • AvantGuard

    Hands down, the best part of this is being able to have access to some of the pdf files I use for reference. I know Android has pdf viewers, but they don’t render as cleanly as they do on Windows. When I’m trying to do homework on my lunch break…. vital. Also, ejecting the disc drive when my girlfriend is in the room (and I’m 30 miles away), just to freak her out. :)

  • http://Website Joseph Weathers

    The ease and simplicity of the setup.

  • http://Website @NEIDLINGER

    I work in the Automotive parts industry. ASE and AIA Certified.

    The best feature about this product is being able to access my terminal when i am on the road and answer any questions the customers may have from on the road. Need a part looked up? no problem. one of my guys sent the wrong part? lets double check it right here, right now. The “right now” factor is AMAZING….

  • JamTheMan

    I just love using Pocket Cloud when I have my home computer rendering some movie, which can take several hours. Then I can follow the progress all day, see when results should be online on the FTP (Thanks Premiere) and shut the big boy down or make it render something else – all while at Uni or somewhere else!

    Love it ;-)

  • http://Website Nate

    I had been trying to find a good app in the market for this purpose for quite some time and none of the others can come close to the ease of use that pocketcloud has.

  • http://Website Bman

    it’s so easy i bet my mom can set it up.


  • http://www.ericschuetz.com Eric Schuetz

    I love how I can access my files on my external HDD on my desktop and utilize them without having to put them on my Droid. Sure, the screen may be small, but it works. When I need to download something, such as music (I DJ) I don’t have to do so from the droid, I can just set it at home and leave it.

  • http://Website Jared

    all around smooth app, easy setup, easy use, and super easy access to all the thing on my desktop i could ever need from my phone.

  • http://Website Harold Goldner

    Frankly, been using it since it was in beta, and still use the full version. It is a great RDP application and it is quite amazing how I have been able to get into my office workstation and do things when I can’t get my Netbook online at all. It would be even *more* amazing on a Galaxy Tab, no doubt.

  • http://Website Tim V

    I love the OS dependent keyboards! Mac OR PC This lack of feature drove me nuts on other clients!

  • http://Website ben

    It easy to setup and use great app!!

  • http://www.twitter.com/jstnbsn Justin B

    My favorite feature is the mouse pointer that can pop up, allowing you to click and drag, right click, etc. The most useful tool out of any of the remote desktop apps.

  • Jaymoon

    VNC connection support is nice for my Linux machines on my LAN.

    But I have to say I really like the pointer “wheel”. That’s a pretty handy way to have the controls out of you way as far as screen real estate goes.

  • http://Website Dustin

    I like the simplicity of it, you font have to be a genius ir coder to use it and yet it is extremely functional. Great app!!!

  • akapro

    My favorite past about pocket cloud is that it is free!

  • http://Website Levi Hopson

    No longer crippled when I forget to bring a document home from work or vise versa, or if a coworker needs something I may be able to help out with but i’m at a restaurant, I can still help them out.

    Ultimately it helps me in not getting away from work. Which is what we all are doing these days anyways.

  • http://Website Robert barrett

    Danger, someone beat me. Its very simple to use without multiple signing in stuff and FAST! Good job guys.

  • http://Website Ben

    I love the look of the interface as well as how easy it is to use. It’s great that it supports VNC! The windowing/scaling is a cool feature too.

  • http://Website Bob Bennett

    My favorite thing is the ease of use and free!

  • http://Website Kitster

    I like the ease of use and setup. The connection speed is also astounding. Much it is like GoToMyPC for your Android. And, on my EVO – my home pc screen is very accurately displayed. I can tell this will be an app I will use daily.

  • http://Website Carl

    The easy point and click and resizing are what I like most about it.

  • http://Website Mariohyeah

    I was rendering some videos and I uploaded them to a client’s ftp. Later i was out to dinner an take some beers with my friends when my client calls,
    -some renders aren’t on the ftp
    -sorry, I’ll upload now, count five minutes
    -but, you are outside arent you? I can hear some pub noises there. Or did you take your laptop with you?
    -nope, im on my android phone, with Wyse PocketCloud Technology!

  • http://Website James

    I like how quick it was to set up. Logged in with my google info after downloading a couple apps and it was ready to go.

  • http://www.ashersimonds.com Vazguard

    I love how perfect the interface is. With support for both tap to click and virtual pointer access, as well as multitouch zooming, the speed of usability is as astounding as the connection speed. The setup with the PC/Mac Connection client makes remote desktop something even users new to the concept giddy with the thought of easily controlling their computers from afar. And for advanced users, the setup with VNC or other connection methods is astoundingly simple. If I ever forget to put something in my Dropbox, this is the app I turn to. Kudos to Wyse!

  • http://Website Justin

    I love that i can use the soft keyboard on my phone to type things on my PC. Nice addition. Great for someone who has a phone without a hard keyboard.

  • http://cel.ly Zebra Jones

    I like that it just works, brain dead simple!

  • http://Website Greg

    I love the multi-function touch pointer!

    • http://Website Twycross

      The mouse pointer is the best feature in the Wyse Pocketcloud app. It is easy to use and all the functions are close by (don’t need to dig through tons of menus to get something done.

  • http://Website james s

    Ease of use is a huge plus, and its extremely fast transfers, especially when I have a wifi hotspots or I’m in a 4g coverage area…saved my but at work more than a few times…I recommend it all the time…

  • http://www.snead.edu Andrew Kilpatrick

    As a mobile traveling IT Technician/Administrator, this app on the Android platform really makes my job easier for remote access. It is simplistic to setup, very easy to use, and user friendly. What I like most is the quickness of the app itself, and the point-and-click is very nice unlike the other apps I have tried in the past. Two thumbs up!! Great work you guys!


  • jthatcher79

    It’s actually great if you have a situation where IP Ports are changing all the time (like at an office) you can authenticate once to Google and be set.

    And yes it works GREAT on the NOOK COLOR! I’m able to control multiple PCs with the Pro-Version very well!

  • http://www.mikehodgson.com Mike Hodgson

    I love the fact that if I need to correct an issue on one of our servers, I can do it from anywhere. I restarted a machine mid-poop once.

  • http://WWW.Twitter.com/ChunkyBoyKilo Kalil S

    the pocket cloud is super neat and handy

  • http://Website johnny b

    Its like having my PC in my pocket! I can access any pictures or files. Its flipping great!

  • http://Website Eric

    I love the simple setup for such an amazing service. The ability to have all my documents, music, videos and desktop applications no matter where I am is great.

  • http://Website 2P

    Quick and easy!

  • http://Website Reginald Cunningham

    The absolutely most awesome thing about this application is the ability to be able to basically expand the storage you have on your phone by being able to remotely access your desktop. This allows the user to not have to purchase a large mini sd card, not necessarily have to carry around a remote hard drive, and access almost anything you would normally be able to access on your computer.

    It’s also very useful if you forget your USB jump drive with your schoolwork at home!

  • http://Website Tanner

    As a developer, plugging in and moving .apk files back and forth is time that could be spent testing or debugging. The simplicity of the set up and the fact that it actually works (most FTP or file sharing programs I download only work for a few days) is really helpful. I can switch out apps on the go and test/show them off anytime and anywhere. Definitely a keeper.

  • http://Website Emily

    I love the ability to store and access a good deal of my data remotely, without having to store that data physically on my phone.

  • http://Website mrbill187

    As a product manager, i am constantly traveling and have my work laptop, work pc, work mac, and a whole stable of VMs that i have to access regularly. This makes it so much easier when you are on the road. The UI for clicking and controlling the remote terminal is excellent compared to logmein. This app is a winner.

  • http://Website Alex R.

    Wow, this app is fast. So easy to set up and go..this ones a keeper.

  • http://Website Bob

    I love how the look is aesthetically pleasing and also easy to use and navigate

  • http://Website Sturatt

    the ability to access my office docs on my laptop from my G2. Amazing!

  • http://Website Sven

    The ease of the initial setup is probably my most favorite feature. I will definitely recommend this to some of my non-techie friends; anyone can use this software. It’s simple, and it works great.

  • http://Website Scott

    Take your pick:
    Ease of use
    Support of RD servers requiring NLA

    Any of those are reason enough to buy the Pro version of PocketCloud.

  • http://Website Ted

    Best feature by far is the ability to connect RDP or VNC to my mission critical servers and get a good idea of what is going on without having to boot up my laptop. It is efficent, effective, was easy to setup and is easy to use.

  • http://Website GeoDude

    Best thing is having all my reference materials and correspondence available while at remote meetings.

  • http://Website MattS

    The virtual mouse is hands down my favourite feature, the ability to use both scroll and right clicks is absolutely killer.

  • http://Website Christian B.

    I love how incredibly easy it is to use, and how nice it is to not clog my device up with all of my music. The cloud is the future :]

  • http://Website @NEIDLINGER

    Now i downloaded this a few weeks ago, but are you guys aware that it’s been pulled from the market?

    • http://Website Bobpatters

      We have notified Wyse, it will be back up asap.

  • http://Website John

    I love how quick it is to setup and access my files

  • http://Website George

    I like how fast it is and how easy it was to setup.

  • http://Website Osvaldo

    I like the virtual mouse feature the most.

  • http://matthew.chaboud.com Matthew Chaboud

    Honestly, the best part of this application is that the permissions aren’t completely ridiculous. That’s not to say that this is a bad app. it’s actually pretty awesome.

    What pushes it over the top into “I love these guys” territory is that they don’t go mine my contacts, check my phone state, or do anything else that makes me wary of installing, say, Pandora.

    On top of that, when they want to collect anonymous usage statistics, they ask you if that’s okay!

    Top marks.

  • http://Website AnUrbanLegend

    My favorite feature of PocketCloud is the auto discovery and being able to connect to my home PC from anywhere!

  • http://Website Abrahan Reyes

    Easy to setup and use. Free and pretty nice performance.

  • http://Website Mark

    Yes, it’s extremely easy to setup and use. Yes, you can access all your files from your home and work pc’s right from your phone. Yes, its gotten me out of several jams at work when I need to access files when I’m on the road. But the single best thing about Wyse Pocket Cloud, for me, is scaring the bajeezus out of my girlfriend when my “haunted” computer just starts playing music when no one is using it. I do it all the time and still haven’t told her. When she tells me about it later I just act like she is crazy. haha!

  • http://Website Jason C

    I like the Touch Pointer – it works surprisingly well – not as obstructive as I initially thought it would be

  • Customgrain

    I liked the fact I didn’t have to set up a new account. Just sign in with google and your good to go.

  • http://Website Jamey

    My favorite feature: how easy it is to connect.

  • http://www.pwnapalooza.com EvilTweety

    The easy setup, literally less than 2 minutes, allowed me to continue with little interruption, my never ending battle against zombies!

  • StabMasterArson

    My favorite feature is how easy and intuitive the mouse and screen controls are – Makes it actually a usable utility for connecting to a computer from a 4″ screen.

  • http://Website Jay

    I love Pocketcloud because the set up was extra easy. Also the addition of the multi-language keyboard is a plus. Great job!!!!!

  • http://Website Adam

    I’m glad I happened on this article. Installed it and have been playing around with PocketCloud for a good while. I’ve been using LogMeIn for sort of the same thing, but I found PocketCloud very easy to set up, and I really really like having both tap and pointers available. I never found LogMeIn to be very intuitive, but I think I could give this to my mom and she’d just know how to use it.

  • http://Website Aaron M

    I like that it can save my RDP sessions after initial setup so I don’t have to put in IP’s and credentials everytime I want to access a server.

  • http://Website Dan

    East to setup, easy to use. Works greaton a Droid X.

  • http://Website Omar G

    I love how its so simple to set up, and how i can access all my media.

  • http://Website gazab

    Without a doubt the Touch Pointer is the best part of PocketCloud. It makes it incredibly easy to left click, right click or even scroll with flawless precision no matter how thick your fingers are. The shortcuts to the keyboard and function keys makes it even better! With this tool, that only PocketCloud have as far as I know, you can actually use the target computer without going crazy trying to hit a button. I love it!

  • http://Website Connor

    I love being able to ditch the netbook; what a niche piece of junk. With this app, I have specs in my phone that actually rival my laptop…wait, now my phone IS my laptop!

  • wwJOSHdo

    my favorite feature is that I can start uploading a youtube video with my phone, by logging into pocketcloud and start uploading the new video that just got done editing while I was out. This app is amazing and it’s half the price of logmein! I am gonna try to buy the 15 dollar version soon! This app is AMAZING!

  • http://Website Andy Lartigue

    My favorite feature and my boss’ favorite feature! I can take things with me where ever I am to work on them.

    Two big pluses.



  • http://Website Gilbert Orbea

    I love how everything is stored in their server! I dislike the normal android photo syncing so this is an A+++!

  • http://www.kevinbarrier.com Kevin Barrier

    Its smooth, the interface is quick, I use it from my T-Mobile G2 and it works great. I use it to run music files remotely or just make sure the kids are doing their homework on my computer and not playing games. Oh, great job with the easy vnc setup.

  • http://Website Derek

    I love how I can use it as a mouse when I’m editing and working on my photography from my computer. It makes it so much easier when I can touch my photos with my fingers instead of a physical mouse. =] Good luck everyone!

  • http://Website Jason

    I downloaded it a few days ago, after looking over the reviews by other users and comparing the various options available on the market.

    The free version doesn’t support pinch zoom, I would have like to try that on my phone before buying the full version. I likely still will buy it, if only because the reviews are good and it is less expensive than most of the other full featured options. If I had been able to trial the pinch zoom and possibly more than one connection so I could see the multi connection management in action I would have bought it on the spot two days ago. Perhaps limited to one connection via RDP and one via VNC in the free app?

    Oh, and way to knock autodiscovery and VPN/Tunneling out of the park in an app like this.

    I have found the pointer to be something I have to get used to. It does seem to be good, as the other posters mentioned, but it took a little practice to get used to for me.

    Another item that I would like to have in a RDP client on my Android is to have the locally managed connections stored in standard connection files on the file system (e.g. .rdp files for RDP). That way I could use a sync service, such as Dropbox, to sync them to my desktops and use the same stored connections on all of my machines.

    Overall, *very* good and I will likely purchase it today or tomorrow after a bit more testing. If anything else occurs to my I will reply to this post. Just in case Wyse is interested in comments from RDP power users. :)

    If fact Wyse can feel free to email me if they have any questions about my comments above. I am delighted to help with software I like.


    P.S. Hey Wyse, how about whipping up a desktop client for Windows and Linux with the same features? I buy that. :)

  • http://Website Jeremy

    Everyone is talking about what Pocketcloud does. I want to mention was it doesn’t do…I doesn’t give me IT headaches.

    I have a few employees that use pocketcloud to connect to their work computers. After the basic intital setup IT JUST WORKS. I have not had one person request help with a pocketcloud issue.

    I wish I could say the same for several of the other programs we use. Great job guys!

    Best of luck to all.

  • http://dumbtechgeek.wordpress.com Michael the Dumb Tech Geek

    I love that, when my wife calls me up trying to find or do something on our home computer, I can help her quickly and easily from wherever.

  • ALX

    I definitely like how easy it is to set up, and it has a great style to it. I always like to see well polished apps. Great app!

  • http://Website Ilyse

    I like how easy it is to use. It doesn’t make me feel stupid, though that’s not hard to do. It also looks well designed and it is something I would show off.

  • http://Website Eric

    I really like the multi function pointer!

  • http://Website joel

    Extremely easy to set up and the interface is nicely laid out.

  • http://Website Dave

    This is such an easy program to set up and utilize. Had fun interacting with my computer from the phone.

  • http://Website BeleeDat

    I like the companion for the computer because it makes it so easy to set up, no vnc and port headaches. I also like how i can have multiple devices. Now I never have to worry about forgetting to print off a document.

  • http://Website Deepowder

    I love the fact that I can use my works terminal server and I even can get into my VDI from there and run Autodesk Revit right on my Tablet.

  • http://Website LV

    I like the ease of use of the application and swift running UI. It’s better than most ive used, even at Free. I am considering full purchase. Thanks!

  • http://Website Chris

    Very simple to set up and its even more of a convenience than using my Pogoplug. I switched all my external HDD up to my HTPC and now I access the 2TB of data through this app. Thanks for the tip!

  • DPtheKid

    I like the fact I can access my computer in a matter of minutes with a tap of a button.

  • http://Website Axess Denyd

    I like the fact that it works very well with my work computer, which cannot be said about any of the other RDP clients I’ve tried on the phone.

  • http://Website Mark Caldeira

    I like the special pointer tool that helps you to more easily control a larger desktop on a smaller phone screen.

  • http://willworkforart.net brad cooper

    The ability to get the to files that I accidentally leave on my desktop.

  • http://Website Khozeima

    Easy to setup…now I can finally take a vacation without carrying my work laptop…best feature was allowing u to store ur nt details so u dont need to enter it all the time…good interface and most importantly easy to use..

  • http://Website Theodore Eddy

    I love being able to access all of my music from anywhere, without having to worry about filling up my phone’s rather limited memory.

  • http://Website Josh

    I like how you can use the app without having to buy it. I am so much more willing to buy an app when I don’t get forced into doing it. Congratulations on having a very amazing and successful app. Tab please?

  • http://Website Micah

    This app is great! I’ve actually been using it before this competition, since around late Oct. I love being able to access all my content from my media server from my couch with my android phone. I don’t have to get up to change a song with the keyboard anymore. It’s made things really great for movie nights and parties where I can change songs and movies from anywhere in my house!

  • http://twitter.com/kingabdul Abdul

    I like that I can check on my computer whenever I’m not home, and that I can help out my mother with her computer without having to be there!

  • http://Website dwilson

    The Touch Pointer is a well thought out and easy to use feature. It gives me quick access to the tools I need to efficiently control my PC from my phone. It is simple and it works.

  • http://Website Chris

    I love how, for mere chance at an Android giveaway, I have given away, (once again) access to my GMail and entire Google Account… and now, here’s my home PC to browse @ your leisure!

  • http://Website Graeme

    Not only is this easy to set up, but it even works on the G1 with little to no lag (on wifi). Can’t wait to try this out while I’m at work tomorrow.

  • http://Website george endrulat

    Wyse PocketCloud makes my life truely mobile.

  • http://Website Ben

    Very responsive and direct remote access-control of my PC just in my Android hands!

  • http://Website Susannah scranton

    I enjoy the ease of use and the ability to access my files, my media, almost anything from across many different platforms using my android device! Thank you Wyse for making a great product.

  • http://Website sam k

    my favorite feature of the wyse pocketcloud app is being able to connect to my work computer in a nice, easy interface!

  • http://Website Aaron

    So easy to set up and use.

  • http://grabgeekpoints.com Juren Phoenix

    The ability to have on the go access to my PC on ANDROID is the best feature of this app by far!

  • http://Website Bradley Byrd

    I like that Pocket Cloud will allow me to access my reporting software while in the field, so that my job is more efficient for the public. I am a law enforcement office in North Carolina and rely on this software daily.

  • http://Website Andy in Indy

    I love how fast an easy it is to set up connections to your computer, but my favorite part is the mouse pointer. This is the BEST client for a touch screen I have ever found!

  • http://Website Justin Hall

    It’s a snappy little application – setup was a breeze. Love that it does both RDP & VNC.

  • http://Website Austin

    It’s not so much a specific “feature”, but to me the freedom it provides is absolutely priceless. Being the IT director at a growing medical facility, it gives me the freedom to navigate instantly to any of the office computers as I collaborate with the doctors, and gives them the freedom to pull up their charts, medical records, etc – all seamlessly without removing themselves from their patients. It takes seconds to set up and you’re set. It really is an amazing product.

    We’ve integrated PocketCloud into our business and won’t be giving it up anytime soon!

  • http://Website Jennifer

    Great app, so easy to use!

  • http://Website Greg

    Wyse is great because I can access my pc ANYWHERE! I love that its so easy to setup and use!

  • http://Website jwhap

    I really enjoy the fact that I can work on my home pc remotely. It is so nice to start downloading a file and get home and my work its mostly done. I recently have restored my hard drive on my computer so using this app again will be good for getting some of my stuff back on my computer.

  • http://Website Jimmy5cent

    I love this app. Simply amazing! Great job.

  • http://www.mdknight.net MdKnight

    By far it’s easy of use and setup is the best feature. I tried a few other apps with similar features, but setting this one up is a breeze. It’s already saved me from failing a research paper that I had left on my desktop. Thanks!

  • http://blog.applejay.com Kenny To

    I love how it just works seamlessly!

  • http://Website Kessen

    I love how pocket cloud is so user friendly and so fast even on edge speeds. I’d love to use it on a galaxy tab.

  • http://Website Dean g.

    I really appreciate that it does Rdp. And thanks for making it capable of runing of the sd card!

  • http://Website Linda

    I like that the setup and instructions are simple. In no time, I was accessing my laptop on my Vibrant. Cool!

  • http://Website Nate Edwards

    the vpn setup assist is great!

  • http://www.twitter.con/robkoehler Rob Koehler

    I love PocketCloud! It allows to appear at work (email, files, IM) while I’m taking a 3 hour lunch at the brewery.

  • http://Website zhect

    Takes the hasstle out of watching movies from my phone to my xbox. I love it!

  • http://Website eid3tic

    i like the multi-function touch pointer! very useful.

  • http://Website Anthony

    I like how this makes my dropbox account useless now(had our good times). Out with the old in with the new I suppose :)

  • http://Website Matthew

    Love it works great! I really liked the pointer. I had a bit of trouble with setting it up in ubuntu but got it worked out.

    Now my only problem is my droid’s screen is too small, it would be much nicer on some thing bigger… like a Sprint Galaxy Tab ;)

  • http://Website newton

    crazy easy to set up and use. just what i needed

  • http://None Harmsen

    Ideally for my cheap ass tablet. That thing is so slow that I use Wyse PocketCloud to connect to my home server and use that processing power to browse the internet. A million times faster! :)

  • http://Website Dave D

    I love the simple set up and clean/smooth user interface.

  • http://Website Arel

    Easiest mobile remote app out there, period!

  • http://droidworld.in Nikijs

    The best RDP client i have ever tried. Best option is access to files. Thats really good feature.

  • http://Website Ratsel Feinschmeker

    The best feature? Definitely the ease of set-up. I’ll probably have to get used to the mouse pointer but it’s not bad. It’s really like using the computer.

  • http://Website Micheal Burns

    I have never used a remote desktop program before and now I don’t know how I lived without one. I have access to almost anything I want on my home PC all from my cellphone! This is truly one of the greatest features of my cellphone. The simplicity of setting up the software made it double worthwhile!

  • pickle

    Android, “The Cloud” and remote access to my doc’s from my phone, five stars to Wyse for making me look good and making those still using Blackberry jealous.

  • http://Website Gary

    The easiest remote desktop app I’ve ever used. Couldn’t ask for an easier setup.

  • http://Website McParty

    First, I love that you get the option of a free version or a paid version. 2nd would be how easy it was to setup. I was hesitant to install thinking I would be going thru setting after setting.

  • http://Website Parris

    Having access to all of my files on multiple devices is absolutely great! Now only if I had a Shiny new Galaxy Tab to use this app with…

  • http://Website flatline5

    I love the speed and simplicity of pocket cloud, Im definitely getting the paid verison +1 for a great app, this would look so good on a seven in Galaxy Tab

  • http://asurroca.com Alfonso Surroca

    My favorite feature is definitely the radial menu that appears around your finger when you long-press. That kind of menu is straight out of sci-fi movies, and the level of awesomeness of that kind of menu approaches infinity.

  • http://knewhost.com neo4uo

    I love the ease of use. It was easy to set up and it gives me access to all i need. I use three things; my desktop, notebook, and Fascinate. This gives my fascinate more power by connecting it to my desktop, which is the hub of all my files. I have tried other proggies, but really am glad I have this one :)

    -Thanks \oo/

  • http://Website Daniel

    This app is by far the best! I love how easy it was set up ,it’s absolutely awesome looking ui, and it’s easy to use touch pointer interface. Looks absolutely stunning on a phone as well as the tab! You just can’t see any flaws with this program, just heads and tows above the rest! I already upgraded to the pro version for the extra features!

  • http://www.twitter.com/lVloose Moose

    Ive used this today and I have to say im very impressed. I think i will use this and share it with my friends. My wife will also like this as she many times forgets documents or lists on my computer.

  • http://Website DAWN MAY

    i love the easy setup and the ease of use. I love the mouse pointer. I like being able to access documents on the phone. The only problem was i did this on my sweeties phone. I’d love to have a phone that could do this.

  • orginn

    the speed of getting and out of the desktop, I can view movies and listen to music, and have the comfort of having my desktop at work, even though you asked for one,i gave my favorites

  • http://www.vsys.us Johnny Mota

    I love the interface!!! This app is awesome for me as a System integrator in the Home Automation field, It allows me to be able to view PDF’s and all my files on my computer. For example If I forget some drawings for a project I can view them from my 4.3″ phone in excellent quality as if I was sitting on front of my computer right there! And If It’s not in my Dropbox, guess what, Open this app and Voila everything I need is easily accessible through a beautiful interface, so easy in fact, my mom was able to figure it out in minutes! This is an app I will never Delete!

  • http://TheonlyproblemIsee... RMH

    …’Samsung Galaxy S’, after the sale firmware update sucks…

    NOTHING Galaxy S has been brought to even v2.2 while most are going to v2.4

  • http://Website sparkatito

    The easy setup.

  • http://Website Angel Cambero

    Honestly I love the whole app but my favorite feature would be just how easy it is to use compare to the others love doing my work papers on the go.

  • http://Website ryan

    I love to use this app while I’m at work. I work at a steel mill 48 miles from my house and it blows everyone’s mind that I work with that I can control my home computer and email myself any flies I need for work.

  • http://twitter allen nguyen

    I love the optical mouse tool. Mimics a mouse and it gives you a true feeling that you are actually sitting in front of it.

  • http://www.theblessedrebellion.com Mike Squire

    My favorite part about pocket cloud is I don’t have to load all my files on my phone and take up precious memory card space. I can just remotely access them and I am good to go!!!

  • http://Website Earl Driscoll

    The thing I like best about WYSE PocketCloud is that I no longer have to recommend LogMeIn which costs $29.99!

  • http://Website matt

    The cross-platform aspect and auto-discovery feature are definite highlights.

  • http://relativemedia.com Mike DeVita

    Ive been using PocketCloud since it came out. My favorite feature is the touch pointer. It makes clicking on icons, and buttons simple and quick. Especially when managing one of my Windows Servers remotely.

  • http://Website Ryan Westling

    My favorite part is the super-simple Auto-Discovery feature that doesn’t require you to set up any port forwarding or fiddle with internal settings of you computer. Just login securely with your Google Mail account, and your computers and your Android device are connected!

  • frannois

    What I like is to work from the bathroom.

  • http://Website Hatem Ali

    I especially like how this app shows how powerful the Android OS truly is. It really makes the argument that Android is not business class moot. Especially when you factor in exchange support. True REP( with the choice to run it free or paid ) and super fast access. Really makes you ask why do I need a laptop when I can do it all from a tablet just as easily… Excellent App and a real win for Android.

  • http://Website bandi

    Thrilled by the fact that now I can access my bank account management application whenever I want to. Paying bills and checking the account status just became simpler! Thanks Wyse!

  • http://Website Techrocket9

    I like the Rep feature best.

  • http://Website Richard Ahlquist

    The simple and elegant NAT traversal! Zero effort connections rock!

  • http://Website Clark Tomlinson

    I love how easy it to setup and the interface

  • Alan Reboli

    My favorite feature is that its so easy to set up, my wife was able to get it done. Awesome app!

  • http://Website Elias Siavoshani

    i like the over all set up and design works really good. and that i can use it on mac and pc

  • http://Website Mark

    It is so easy to setup and use on my HTC EVO phone!!

  • http://Website Kevin P

    The scalability is incredulous, wyse makes great software and hardware. I totally stand behind them because of their reputation in the virtual/remote world.

  • http://Website Lewis Bohannon

    Wholly Bovines from Space! I have tried to get VPN’s working in the past with horrible results. Literally 4 simple steps and it is working… On my Samsung Vibrant! I could train a new skill in Eve Online from work! Just harvested crops in CityVille, restarted my Teamspeak 3 server too! Best of all, I can access my PC’s USB devices on my phone, like my external HD or even the webcam.

    Amazing app!

  • http://Website Deter

    I love not having the hassle of a VPN. If I had a Galaxy Tab I would love it even more for sure.

  • http://Website Rick Austin

    Super easy to set up and surprisingly useful even on a small screen. Nice job!

  • http://Website JayMonster

    Having all my clients only a touch away makes me far less worried about being away from my desk.

  • http://Website Lewis

    I love the auto connect to my MacBook. PocketCloud is so much faster than apps i’ve used in the past.

  • http://Website Steven

    Auto discovery was awesome. Clearly the best feature.

  • http://Website Ryan

    The auto discovery worked very quickly and in seconds i was on my PC’s desktop. after that, it was snappy and easy to use/zoom/type/click. quality app :)

  • http://Website srikanthnharika

    Easy setup!

  • Dollar V Demosan

    My favorite feature is the easy-to-use pointer! Brilliant.

  • http://Website Inquisitor

    I love how the UI isn’t idiotic. Most other remote apps are so convoluted, this is ridiculously simple. Total cinch.

  • http://Website NotSarcastic

    Simple setup plus no maintenance = great app.

  • jaswell

    Secure and hassle-free setup, multi-function touch pointer, & higher precision and easier control.

  • http://Website atul0002

    I like how it is easy to use
    I like how there arent many things u cant do
    i like how the resolution is high so it looks crisp

  • http://Website atul0002

    I like how it is easy to use
    I like how there arent many things u cant do
    i like how the resolution is high so it looks crisp
    I like the nacigation of the app

  • http://Website Josh

    I’ve used almost every RDP app and PocketCloud is my favorite, it’s fast and the multi function pointer is awesome!

  • http://Website Steve

    My favorite feature is accessing my desktop remotely.

  • http://Website Aidan

    Wyse pocketcloud allows me to do everything I can do at the office from my phone whether I am on the train, couch or pub!

  • http://Website Jim Drash

    My CEO called me in a panic. He was trying to get some email out and was having trouble. I was able to log into to my Exchange server and restart services from my son’s basketball game. Talk about saving the day (plus my son’s team won the game).

  • http://Website Meh

    Love everything

  • http://Website Andrew Kilpatrick

    As a mobile traveling IT Technician/Administrator, this app on the Android platform really makes my job easier for remote access. It is simplistic to setup, very easy to use, and user friendly. What I like most is the quickness of the app itself, and the point-and-click is very nice unlike the other apps I have tried in the past. Two thumbs up!! Great work you guys!


  • http://Website Roei

    i love the mouse and soft keyboard thing it is very usefull to me thnks pocketcloud

  • http://Website Eric

    I love how easy it was to set up. I have been looking for a great RDP and today I checked out my androidandme widget and saw this sitting out there. I can always rely on my trusty androidandme app to find everything im looking for. Thanks you guys for recommending this app.

  • http://www.polarpattern.com Bryan

    I like that I can leave my laptop at work.

  • http://www.justtruth.net tom

    fast easy to use, amazing!!!!!

  • http://www.twitter.com/jjshore Jason

    My favorite feature would have to be the UI. It is very easy to understand and use out of the box, and gives it a major leg up on some of the similar remote access apps.

  • http://Website Chris

    i have always wanted to access my Media Data on computer for phone or maybe a new tablet i like how easy it is to setup and go thanks i hope i win this tablet

  • http://Website Hong

    Ah, the best RDP/VNC app I’ve ever used. So like the pointer feature, very easy to navigate around. Now I can be a true road warrior knowing that I can access servers and computers anywhere with PocketCloud (and a working data connection, of course :)

  • http://Website Kevin

    being able to remotely access files! What a great program! Will work great on my new tablet, when I win it! :)

  • http://Website Brad

    Definitely the ease of use and I love that it does RDP and VNC as I tend to need both at random times.

  • http://banghousestudios.com Joel

    PocketCloud does this to me: http://ompldr.org/vNWJoZg (SFW)

  • http://Website Jesse

    Being a sys admin, this is great when I’m out of the office to be able to manage all of our servers. Love it!!!

  • http://Website Jason Smedley

    I love that it is a tablet application that a developer actually sat down and created.

  • http://www.twitter.com/zomdroidz Jason Durrett

    It is really difficult to choose a feature of Wyse Pocket Cloud for Android as a favorite, but if I had to choose one out of the endless adoration I have for this app, it has got to be the easy-to-use user-interface. IT is simply the best and most well thought of interface in the sea of “remote software” out there! :)

  • http://theandroidgirl.com TheAndroidGirl

    Amazingly easy to use! I love that so quickly I can configure it and grab any file I need to relay to my clients.

  • http://Website sphericalpuma

    I love the ease in setting up the program and I love the fact I can access all my files on my multiple harddrives

  • http://twitter.com/mghtyred @mghtyred

    I love the feature that gives you a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy tab! That’s awesome!

  • http://Website issac

    I really like the Easy setup!!!!! And how I can access my files from my phone.

  • http://Website DerekT

    I wish I can say something that I like but I’m not able to connect to my desktop to test out PocketCloud. Keep getting unable to connect to server or on the desktop, VNC to port 5900 failed. I hope I’m included in the contest.

  • http://www.techerator.com Evan W.

    My favorite feature (besides remotely administrating my system in general) is being able to move files around on my media server while hanging out on the couch. My computer is my DVR, my phone is the remote!

  • http://Website christopher

    I appreciate how smooth the connection is between my devices. Looking forward to future updates!

  • http://Website brian

    I love the mouse pointer, the OS keyboard for mac or pc and the fast fast setup is a few of the things I love

  • http://Website Chris

    Ease of setup.

  • http://Website Dave

    Definitely the ease and simplicity of the setup.

  • http://Website Jayson Gallardo

    Favorite feature of Pocketcloud: My most favorite feature is the fact that I can finally remote desktop in to my pc at work! This is only possible because pocketcloud allows you to use your Google login do you don’t have to figure out what the ip address is or have access to port forwarding, etc. This is great because I work at a college and stuff like that is hard to get. I love Pocketcloud!

  • http://Website Tony H.

    The ability to access a computer remotely and securely with a efficient and intuitive interface.

  • http://Website Josh Cooley

    Multi-tasking support

  • http://Website Kevin Rogers

    I love the ease of use!

  • Jport4087

    Couldn’t be easier to set up…

  • http://Website Cristov Russell

    Very simply setup. I was most impressed with how quickly it connected and how easy it was to use on such a small screen. I’d prefer something bigger but if I needed something on the go this would be very convenient.

  • http://Website Sean Buchan

    I’ve only had this for a few days and it’s already saved me a trip home twice! I love how easy it was to set up, yet so valuable. Before this app I never would have thought that grabbing a PDF remotely off my computer from my phone would be so easy.

  • http://Website Nigel Hopper

    Where to flaming start??? It has to be size. So much more convenient than an iPad and so much more useable than a smart phone!

  • http://Website Doug

    It’s just a joy to use.

  • http://Website tkminter

    Love how easy it is to set up! Sometimes remote clients can be tricky, but I had no problems connecting to both my home and work computers. With this app, I can now leave my laptop at work when I go on trips and do everything I need to on my droidinc. (Of course, I would be AWESOME to use it on the Galaxy Tab too!)

  • Captain_Kangaroo

    This app is ground-breaking, in my opinion. Sure there have been other apps that allow computer access through a cell phone, but PocketCloud takes it to a whole new level. I have been using it with my Macbook Pro for a few days now and have a few favorite things I would like to share.

    First, it is SO simple. I literally set up the app and mac companion and had them connected within two minutes. I have never had that kind of ease of use with apps like LogMeIn Ignition and others like it. I am a techie, but I have absolutely no doubt that any person, even with no computer skills, could figure this app out.

    Secondly, the performance. It has a really high performance rating. I had TERRIBLE connection speed and lag with LogMeIn. Of course, there is lag with all apps of this sort, but with PocketCloud, it is noticeably less. I’d say about 2 seconds of lag max for me. I probably wouldn’t even have noticed the lag if I wasn’t sitting at my laptop while I tested it out for the first time.

    Thirdly, the price. At half the price of LogMeIn, this app is a must get. $15 for access to your entire computer’s contents from anywhere? Yes, please. At prices this low, you can’t afford not to buy!

    Oh, and last thing. The touch pointer is awesome. I’m addicted.

    Thanks PocketCloud for the awesome app!

  • http://Website dino

    Insanely easy setup. Using Google credentials makes setup and detection super easy. especially for those who are not network savvy. Great program and alternative to LogMeIn, and well worth the $15. I think the setup and ease of use is the best part of this app.

  • http://Website louis thevenot

    nice ui and mouse.

  • kcaz

    It’s very simple and straightforward. Pocketcloud is definitely what how more RDP clients should look and perform.

  • http://Website Adam

    Pocketcloud seems like an interesting option, and program seems easy to setup in general

  • http://Website michael

    HOLY COW!!! this is so cool. Labtop in my lap and Evo in my hand and was opening and closing files/web pages on my labtop. Not perfect but I can see how this can be useful.

  • http://Website Se7en2

    Love how simple it is to set up. I’ve been using it to play on PokerStars from my EVO.

  • http://www.artdamage.net Denise N.

    The ability to remote desktop from my phone gives me quick and easy access to my work and personal computers! Love that I can truly be mobile for work and personal purposes!

  • http://Website goldfinger

    I like the easy access to my desktop programs for college access.

  • http://www.mtwentyone.com/blog Allan

    The multifunction pointer really impresses me! I like that it seamlessly integrates into whatever OS I’m currently logged into.

  • http://Website Gordon Anderson

    Favourite feature is ability to work effectively remotely.

  • http://Website Rajee

    My favorite part about pocket cloud is I don’t have to load all my files on my phone. I feel it’s safe to use and won’t take up too much space. I am now happy that I learnt it anyway. Thanks for the contest!

  • http://Website Toby

    PocketCloud does a nice end run around the whole problem of using your phone a controller for itunes, vlc, or really any media you’re playing on your computer, without needing a specific app to control each program.

  • http://Website Kenneth

    Liked how easy it was to set up, especially with the Google Gmail Auto Discovery.

  • http://Website Demi A.

    I love how surprisingly easy it is to set up- I didn’t have to deal with all of this confusing VPN encryption lingo and whatnot., like most RDP apps make me. I’ve already used it twice to pull a bunch of files from my desktop after I forgot to send them to my phone. I bought the Pro version this morning so I could also connect with my work computer, and I don’t regret it one bit. This app is quite the lifesaver.

  • http://Website Santiago

    I like that now I can stream my stuff while I’m doing my yard work. Hello future, I’ve heard good things. :)

  • http://Website Kevin

    I think the best part about Wyse PocketCloud is that it is free and very easy to set up.

  • http://saidesigngroup.com Michael H.

    Look, Mom! I did it! Easy as 1, 2, 3…and no wires. It’s like having a remote control for all of your media.

  • SedatedSylva

    Whoa! Too easy to get up and running. :) The BEST feature is the multipurpose clicker/pointer. All of the tools needed are right there and ready to access!

  • Chris

    I can’t believe how easy it was to set up!

  • http://Website joshua morris

    The ease of setup and the SPEED!!!

  • http://Website Jed I.

    Easy setup and just a great remote tool to have.

  • http://Website Kent

    It just works ^^

  • http://Website kirby elliott

    So m job requires numerous graphs and charts and photos but its so hard to drag my laptop around to my meetings but with wyse I can bring my home computer to my office with ease. Thank u

  • http://Website Juan Ortiz

    The VNC feature is really cool and usefull

  • http://Website Alfonso

    I like how easy it is to use and how useful it is. I use it a lot to look for files I might have forgotten at home and so I won’t have to make a round trip.

  • http://www.smartrevu.posterous.com Wes Campbell

    i really like how it uses my gmail account to connect.

  • http://Website UbuntuBhoy

    Shame no easy linux client. Pitty the idea and Win implementation looks good.

  • http://androidondeck.com rdrizzle

    Ok…this really is exceptional and I am not saying that just for the contest. I had passed by this app several times not really paying attention to what it is. I am glad you guys ran this contest because this will be extremely useful during the day. My favorite feature is its ease of use. Really couldn’t be any simpler to set up.

  • http://Website Brian

    The PocketCloud touch pointer is sick! What a sweet implementation. THAT being said, I like the RDP performance optimizations available. Nice and fast.

  • http://www.assemblystudio.com Josef

    PocketCloud easy setup & responsiveness during use have changed my opinion of mobile-to-desktop remoting. Compared to RemoteRDP, PocketCloud makes the experience a joy! As an IT Coordinator, I can really see how the unlimited Pro version could quickly become an invaluable addition to my app toolkit.

  • http://Website Gabe Esquer

    My favorite feature is the overall simplicity from install to use. Having access on the go. Where I need it, When I need it.

  • http://Website Curt Helland

    install the companion app, do the setup, and it works. couldn’t ask for more.

  • http://Website Tim

    I like it’s simplicity. It’s not bogged down with features that aren’t needed.

  • http://Website B. Lewis

    The app is awesome!!! I was amazed as how was easy to set up. Tried to stream music from my desktop and it worked flawlessly. Would definitely recommend.

  • http://Website Stevohump

    I cant believe how easy this remote app is to use. I love it. Like having a real computer in the palm of your hand.

  • http://Website Sean Bates

    I love how easy I can load info from my comp to my HTC. I use the ekg and drug books every day at the hoapital. This makes syncing all the easier. Solid app. Will recommend.

  • http://twitter.com/sdoesimkins Sean Doe-Simkins

    I love how using it makes me feel like I’m in “Mission: Impossible.” Browsing my desktop from my phone is unreal. Seriously, people, the future is now!

  • http://Website James Fowler

    Easy to setup, easy to use, Looks great on my G2 and allows me to get to my Tb’s of videos and music. Can’t wait to see what this does on a tab.

  • http://Website Ken Roberts

    The PocketCloud Android app is awesome. It has given me the ability, as a Network Administrator, to remotely manage both clients and servers using either my Droid X or my Samsung Galaxy Tablet. I can do this “on-the-go” without the need to be tied to my desk or at the specific computer being managed. My favorite feature is the touch pointer. It provides an easy-to-use integrated control mechanism. It’s intuitive and straight-forward in its approach, yet contains all the necessary control functions in one movable unit. I wish it was available in other Android apps. Kudos to your programming team!

  • http://Website Ray B

    The best of many RDP solutions I have tried. The clickpointer is genius as is the easy setup.

  • http://Website Craig M

    I like that it’s easier to use and faster to connect to machines than the standard VNC clients out there.

  • http://Website Reid C

    The companion software makes it a breeze to setup more than one computer. Especially when you have multiple devices you connect from.

    I have been using the Pro version for quite some time now. Did not take long to switch up to Pro after seeing all the features and the ease of use from the free version.

  • http://www.overthere.co.uk Gary Hughes

    The killer feature for me has to be the Touch Pointer. It makes using the mouse over my VNC or RDP sessions so much easier. I usually start off just tapping at the screen to get what I need done, but having the ability to just level up the accuracy like that is priceless.

    I only figured out the other day that holding down for a couple of seconds and then moving the pointer works like a trackpad does on a laptop. Great for flinging windows around. Coupled with the pinch-to-zoom feature for bringing up the accuracy even more just really takes the pain out of moving the cursor around.

  • http://Website Scot T

    Downloaded the free version and have played with it. Super easy to set up. The VPN connect worked very well. Works great on my droid 2. Great for when I am on the road checking my laptop and retrieving data. Great job. I love this day and age.

  • http://Website andski3

    I love the fact that anything i can do from my home computer i can take with me. Network media, got it. netflix viewing, got it. security camera footage, got it. I love it.

  • http://Website DanO

    I have played with it for a while now and it is really well built and easy to use all around. It works for exactly what I need. I especially appreciate the VMWare View integration.

  • http://Website Andrew S

    PocketCloud allows me the freedom and security of leaving the office but knowing that I can always access the files I need to get my work done (and so much easier than LogMeIn). Having used it on my phone, I can only imagine how great this would be on a Galaxy Tab!

  • http://Website Jayce

    it’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? I can leave my home or work area with the comfort of knowing I can access my files and documents with a few simple swipes of my Droid, regardless of where I am.

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