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Google to present an in-depth look at Honeycomb next week, send us your Android 3.0 questions

Google just revealed that they will provide a special deep dive into Honeycomb for the press, next Wednesday. We saw Android 3.0 on Motorola’s Xoom tablet at CES earlier this month, but we weren’t allowed to really play with it so this will be the first time we get some hands-on demos.

I’ve never traveled to the Googleplex before, so I’ve decided to make the trip and check it out.

If there is anything you want to know about Android 3.0, please leave a comment and we will do our best to dig up some answers. Oh and if you want to watch their presentation, it will be broadcast live on the web at youtube.com/android.

p.s. A little bee also told me the new online Android Market will FINALLY go live next week so let’s keep our fingers crossed…

To the Googleplex we go...

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  • http://Website SphericalPuma

    Number one question : how does honeycomb translate to phones and if it comes to phones will it be 3.0 or a different version? I think its obvious it will come to phones.

    • http://Website Tony

      Ok, here’s my list:

      1. Will Google ever introduce a xbox live equivalent gaming platform for android in the future?
      2. To clear up rumors, what’s going to be the relationship going forward between honeycomb on tablets and phones, how will you name the versions? All 3.x? or in parallel having a 2.x for phones too? And in the future will you release tablet/phone OS updates at the same time or different times like apple does with the iPad?
      3. What’s an area that Google wants to improve upon in future releases of Android as in IceCream/Jellybean/whatev it ends up being called?
      4. Will Google put more pressure and restrictions on carriers and manufacturers to allow the option to put stock or custom manufacturer skin upon first booting up the device? Would Google consider holding back Market access to those who don’t comply to use as leverage?
      5. Long shot but any plans to help manufacturers make it easier to update their devices on a faster timescale?

  • http://Website Alex

    Differences between honeycomb on phones and tablets along with is the version number the same as the tablet(3.0)

  • http://SlashGearandAndroidCommunity Ben Bajarin

    See you there Taylor.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Ditto. You are my favorite stalker by far :P

      • http://Website Ben Bajarin

        Haha. I promised you I wouldn’t forget your name and I keep my promises :)

  • http://Website Paul Egan

    Has development finished on the version for phones (Will there be a version for phones?), or is that still being worked on?

  • http://Website dave

    Hi Taylor, I’m about to launch my own Android / everything Google tech blog And am wondering how to go about registering with companies like Google to get these type of invites or review units of smartphones.

  • http://Website Kevin

    Will it be possible to load Honeycomb on current single core tablets? Devices like the Archos 70.

  • http://Website Rich

    1. If Honeycomb releases to Android Smartphones, what key differences will they be between the tablet OS and the Smartphone OS?

    2. If Honeycomb releases to Android Smartphones, what release time frames are available for HTC Google Nexus One & Samsung Google Nexus S?

    3. For Future Android OS versions (Ice cream Sandwich and beyond) what are some aspects Android has to improve that may be a feature for future versions for both smartphones and tablets?

    4. Is Google creating a Nexus Tablet with Honeycomb/Ice Cream Sandwich or they are going to use Motorola XOOM as a lead device for Android Tablets?

    • http://zalzalaweb.com/jens anakin78z

      +1 to #4. Will there be a Nexus Tablet?

      • http://Website Young

        They might escape that question like they did with Nexus S.

        They always said there won’t be “Nexus Two”,
        They were right, instead of “Nexus Two”, they announced “Nexus S”.

    • http://Website Scott

      +1 – #2, as long as the answer isn’t “in the coming weeks “

    • http://Website TiberiusMonkey

      Yeah, VERY much interested in knowing if their will be a Nexus tablet.

  • http://Website anon

    I’d like to know what they can do to speed up the delivery of Android os updates to our phones. Yes, I know that the carrier and manufacturers are currently responsible for this but I think that google could be more involved in guiding / forcing them down a better path for their users.

  • http://Website Jay

    Are Google worried that so many update releases are fragmenting the marketplace for phones that use their software?

    I love android but I can see the benefit of the iPhone . It feels more integrated with things such as music (especially things like airplay), docking stations etc. I know that the docking station is really a common port thing but a lot of things on android feel like a workaround or a hack.

  • http://Website J-Man

    Ask them if they’re going to repeate the Gingerbread update debacle with the Nexus One again with HC, or whether this is the time they kick the N1 to the curb.

  • http://Website teleclimber

    If you get a chance to go slightly off-topic, ask them what they think of the Atrix and whether they will build this kind of capability in the core of Android. Naturally ask them whether the Android version would boot ChromeOS as the desktop just to see what kind of vague non-committing answer you get.

    Frankly I’m more excited about the future of dockable phones than I am about Honeycomb, as nice as it looks.

    • http://Website Lucian Armasu

      The docking idea is nice but I think having 2 OS’s on the same phone like that is kind of redundant. Linux will barely offer any advantage over Android in the near future, so why not just use Android itself, especially now that Android will look more like a desktop OS.

      Also why would you want Chrome OS over Android on the laptop dock? I think the phone should be able to dock/connect wirelessly with any big screen in the future. Doesn’t it make more sense to just have Android show on those big screens instead of having a different OS for each, whether it’s laptop, PC monitor or TV?

      • http://Website teleclimber

        Oh I agree with you. My mention of ChromeOS was more facetious than wishful. ChromeOS is Goog’s “other” OS for bigger screen so at first glance it seems natural to pair them. But I agree this would be a mistake. I am not sold on COS by itself even though I am intrigued by it. But two OSes on one device is just a pain. Already people are asking if there will be an app store for Webtop. Two app stores for one device? No thanks.

        With Android 3.0 being designed for large screens an all-android solution is very possible, and would make a lot more sense.


  • http://Website Manny

    The 1st comment pretty much sums it up…i think everyone wants to know if 3.0 is coming to phones. What it will look like?

  • http://Website William

    What type of HDMI out support? Along the lines of docking phones, i would like to know if I could plug this into any tv and display a full mirror image. Maybe that is a bit of a hardware issue, but i would still like to know if honeycomb will have any such support.

  • http://Website Dennis

    Will it make my bed, mow my lawn and get my wife to just shut up for once?

  • http://Website chris

    1.Will the new music player be in this verison?
    2. Google music?
    3. better gaming ecosystem?

  • http://Website shezen

    just 1 question: any sign of usb otg for tablet?

  • http://Website gad

    Please when is that in GMT? Would have to follow it on youtube.

    • http://Website riper

      Googleplex is in Mountain View, CA so GMT-8.

      • http://Website riper

        Which means 2am-5am GMT.

        • http://Website gad

          What?…..That can’t be right

          • http://Website Manhattan

            I believe it would be starting at 6 pm GMT.

  • http://Website Levi

    As many said above, it wold be nice to know the lineage. 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 we already saw and how they relate to 3.0. How will 3.0 translate to phones, especially the nexus phones and especially in light of the ridiculous and unacceptable delays on the N1 2.3 update (despite all promises). I am really worried about the prospects of post 2.3 updates for the N1. If they can’t release 2.3 on it in a timely manner when there is only one additional google device they need to pay attention to (NS), what’s the chance of timely updates when two phones and a tablet takes priority?

    • http://Website AC

      Agreed. Would be nice to know the relationship between Ginger and Honey (will Honey have ALL the features of Ginger). Also, what about the future: will Google maintain two different branches (phone and tablet), or will those branches merge/converge eventually. Of course it would be nice if new features would be synchronized between those 2 branches (if there will be 2).

  • http://Website Scottatron

    Is there a chance that Google will release a Dual core handset to coincide with 3.0 being released to phones?

    • http://Website Manny

      I was just thinking about that lol…. but then i was like well the nexus s just came out so maybe not… Still it doesn’t hurt to ask though : ). Remember before the nexus s came out there were those rumors of a dual core version. Man that was the only think keeping me away from buying the phone. Oh and no HSPA+ support….and no HD recording too… oh and no SD card slot was disappointing as well. I just had a feeling that the phone was rushed.

      • http://Website Manny


  • http://Website JT Strad

    I like to know how is the web browser improved compared to Chrome(super fast), thanks!

  • http://Website AC

    In Gingerbread, YAFFS has been replaced by Ext4, but Ext4 doesn’t do
    wear leveling. So does Ginger/Honey/etc. have any kind of software
    wear leveling functionality built in?

  • http://Website Android lover

    ok i know tis is not the most popular question in the world but it is very very important to me and it is does honeycomb or any of the other android releases in the pipe line have any new accessibility features because at this point apple is looking more and more attractive because there accessibility feature are night and day better then android

  • http://Website Frongy

    1. Is ice cream sandwich a variation of Honeycomb for phones?

    2. Will Honeycomb be mainly for high-end tablets, or could we see it on current mid-range devices?

    3. Do you Think Manufactures like HTC, Motorola, and Samsung will still want to force a custom UI on honeycomb devices, or will we see in increase in stock android devices?

    4. Do you think Google Experience Devices Similar to The Nexus 1 or Nexus S will ever make their way to CDMA carriers such as Sprint or Verizon?

    5. In order to increase the sales of paid apps, do you plan on ever releasing pre-paid gift cards in retail stores? (similar to iTunes gift cards)

    • http://Website Eric

      +1 to number 5

  • http://Website bobby

    Could you ask about the limit on the apps you can download because of the memory limit. I’d love to download more games but I’ve run out of space.

    Is this still the case, not all games can be installed to the SD card.


  • http://Website ZZ

    1. Will Wifi proxy support ever be added to stock Android? If not, how do they expect phones/tablets to ever be adopted in schools/business as the majority of their Wifi networks require proxy settings? Relying on OEMs like Motorola isn’t enough, it should be part of Stock. If they don’t, why even bother creating Honeycomb, when people will just go with the iPad which does support this, and already has a year long headstart?

    2. Are they planning any policy change regarding how Android issues are managed? Threads can go unreviewed for years at a time. Even the SMS bug only got looked at because of the online media outburst, which doesn’t bode well for the users sense of support. Just mentioning that it’s been looked at without giving ETA’s would do more to mitigate the sense of hopelessness.

    • http://Website ZZ

      3. Any plans on improving Market filtering solution for devs i.e. By processor/GPU? The current system isn’t going far enough, judging by the amount of games which have dozens of reviews stating it runs laggy on their device, and the latent fear by mobile developers about Fragmentation. The upcoming OpenGL-ES Version is almost meaningless, as there are chips which support a version yet have poor performance due to low CPU/GPU.

  • http://Website Josh

    Will it ever make its way to the g2?

  • http://Website d3vkit

    1. They need to start managing what carriers and manufacturer’s do with their OS. This is not a question, it is a demand – it is the single biggest flaw of android, and saying that the market will work itself out is a cop-out. The market will work itself right onto the iPhone.

    2. Where is Google Music?

    Everything else I want to know I think will be addressed, but I really hope they have some answers to these questions.

  • http://Website Randy

    I’d like to know how a Honeycomb Tablet will, if at all, interface with Android Phones. For example, if I use my same google account on both devices, do the apps automatically sync between the two? What about apps that aren’t compatible with a phone? Are they providing functionality so saved data in apps can easily sync between devices (ie. do I have to beat all the Angry Birds levels on both devices)? Will there be a functionality similar to Chrome2Phone between the two?

    Basically I see one of the biggest reasons someone would buy an Android tablet is that they already have Android phone, and I just want to see if Google is planning on making the experience seamless or if it’s just like two separate entities.

  • http://soft.antonspaans.com Anton Spaans

    As a developer, i have one major question left for developing apps running on various OS-es and devices:

    The new Honeycomb UI introduces ‘fragments’. Fragments can be loaded by activities (one activity has 0 or more fragments). Fragments are a new class introduced in the honeycomb SDK.

    My question is:
    Can a developer write an application targeted at honeycomb (i.e. make use of honeycomb features), that ‘degrades’ gracefully when run on devices with a lower Android version (target-sdk=honeycomb, min-sdk < honeycomb), without writing Java code twice (two Activity classes for one screen; one for honeycomb, other for previous versions)?

    In previous OS versions, 90% of the apps could be written targeted for a higher version of Android but still run great on lower versions of Android without much duplication of Java code (i'm not talking about resource/layout/etc/ files).