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Hands-on with the Samsung LTE 4G Galaxy Tab

During Verizon’s press event this week at CES, a new LTE 4G enabled Galaxy Tab was announced. The new Galaxy Tab is pretty much the same as what we’ve already seen from Samsung, though it now features an overclocked 1.2 GHz Hummingbird processor and an LTE chip to take connect to Verizon’s 4G network.

We got the chance to play around with the new Samsung 4G galaxy Tab for a bit. The hardware is pretty much identical to the older Galaxy Tabs, though the new device does feature a unique textured back panel and aluminum bevel around the edge.

Unfortunately, Samsung would not let us install anything on the device so we were not able to test out the 4G speeds or its Quadrant performance, but we hope you enjoy the pictures and short video clip.

DSC_5720 DSC_5721 DSC_5722 DSC_5723 DSC_5724 DSC_5725 DSC_5726 DSC_5728 DSC_5729 DSC_5730 DSC_5731 DSC_5732 DSC_5734

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  • http://Website Keith

    Meh… No honeycomb. This tab is too expensive and I think the days are numbered on this one unless honeycomb upgrade is announced. Given Samsung’s history on Android updates, I think the end of this device is near.

    • http://Website AdamJ

      You are absolutely right. Samsung had to of known this would happen. It seemed Google asked everyone to wait for Honeycomb but Samsung went ahead anyway. There best shot is to get Honeycomb out there asap (which is very unlikely) or release a Tab 2.

    • http://Website 4G or Not To 4G

      Dual Core anyone???
      I will probably go with the XOOM, it has dual core, Android 3.0 and stock Android. Considering this is Google’s first attempt at the tablet, you better believe their will be some upgrades, and my device will remain up to date, so I can’t be with a device that won’t get the upgrades.

      • masterpfa

        Exactly what I would be looking for. I have the Nexus 1 for that same reason.

    • masterpfa

      Having seen what Honeycomb has to offer, unless any manufacturer is coming to the table with this latest OS they might as well just give their tablets away. I do not trust any of them who state that the update will be coming soon, too many times in the past have they ALL failed to deliver.

      Samsung nice but no thanks, I have seen the future and the future is Honeycomb!

  • kenmckean

    What’s the point of a device capable of communications(voice) being reduced down to wifi-my God you have some strange suppliers in the states………

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Consumers WANT the Wifi model. That’s the only reason it’s coming out. No one wants to sign 2, TWO year contracts unnecessarily. Ever Heard of WIFI Tether?

  • http://Website Daryl

    I need your help to help me organize a consumer boycott of Samsung mobile products. Until Samsung supports the mobile products that they presently have on the market we have to stop buying their products . Enough talking about what you’re going to do and as long as we keep spending our money they’ll keep giving us the middle finger . The only thing Samsung understand are numbers and if we take those numbers away from them they’ll know how upset we are . I will be posting this on every site that has any information about the Samsung products please help me to make them to stop not supporting their products via timely updates and product support. Contact : [email protected]

    • http://Website Hans

      Yeah…good luck with that. While you do that,I’ll be fully enjoying my Fascinate. ;)

    • http://Website Rob

      Ditto the above. I’m quite enjoying my Nexus S, no regrets here, enjoyed the one Android update I’ve already gotten direct from Google (to 2.3.1). Hopefully Samsung might notice how satisfied we Nexus owners are and get the message.

    • masterpfa

      Very good point, luckily I haven’t fallen into their trap. Shame Google decided to give them the 1st option on the Nexus S

    • http://Website Redd

      Yea, ground them, they deserve.

      Do not forget to mention stolen look and feel of the products of our American company called Apple. What the [email protected]#$% copycats. Let they pay

  • http://Website rev2redlineguy

    Samsung bites, their products bites, their software support team bites, and overall SAMSUNG BITES! Pretty soon the other companies will overtake them and they will FAIL!

  • http://Website Paulinvite

    I am a huge android fan, but come on aluminum screen surround, if the do the back in aluminum it should complete the IPad effect fully. HTC rule and innovate samsung copy.

  • kenmckean

    I have a feeling that the concensus about the Galaxy Tab and H’combe are correct. Having said that i find it good running froyo and there is an xda developer building a G’bread version. So this will see life out on my Tab for me. I usually change every 6 months or so anyway never intending to retain a device for longer. I broke this habit with the Nexus One still having it now from day one of its availability from Google – long live HTC which will probably be my next purchase – again!
    Ken Mckean

  • http://www.ifixyouri.com iph0nefix

    Excellent one! But I would still go for my iPad. I’m more comfortable with it.
    Thanks anyways this is very useful info.

  • http://www.ifixyouri.com fix iphone

    I’m a big fan of androids. this is another gadget not to be missed for but I go probably with my iPad.

    Thanks for the post!

  • http://Website Redd

    Just curious, how much CES2011 tickets cost ?

  • http://Website Redd

    Even Aluminum band?


    Asians literally copy or steal 99.99999999999999999999 of everything i’ve seen in my life.

  • http://www.stylishfirst.com iulian
  • http://Website Alan

    Is it world enabled or is it just an LTE SIM? I dig the look of this one, it looks a lot less cheap than Bell’s tab up here in canada! XDA will certainly get honeycomb on it, I’m intrigued…

  • http://Website Deon

    Samsung wouldn’t let you install a speed test app or benchmark app? Wtf? That’s stupid, unless they were afraid of the results. What’s the point of “we have a new cpu and support faster internet speeds, but we won’t let you test it to see if it actually works”