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Is Samsung preparing to take a page out of Motorola’s playbook?

The next evolution of the Galaxy S series is only 17 days away and details are scarce, but I think I have a pretty good idea of where Samsung is taking their flagship smartphones. Motorola showed us the future of mobile computing at CES with their innovative Atrix 4G and now it looks like Samsung will follow in their footsteps.

I believe that Samsung will reveal the Galaxy S 2 is powered by the dual-core Tegra 2 processor, comes with 1 GB of RAM, features a higher-than-normal resolution display, and will support a variety of dumb-docks that change the way you interact with the device. Almost exactly like what we saw from Motorola.

Samsung just announced the Galaxy S Hoppin for the Korean market, with the key feature being a special multimedia dock that transforms the phone into a set-top box and connects to personal computers, tablet PCs and TVs. The hardware is similar to Motorola’s HD dock, but Samsung’s remote control looks to one-up it with a Boxee Box styled keyboard on the reverse side.

If Samsung already has this dock in production, imagine the surprises that are coming at Mobile World Congress. It wouldn’t shock me at all to see Samsung whip-out a full-sized laptop dock (similar to Motorola’s), but with even more enhancements like a built in web-cam or full touch screen.

Smartphones with dumb-docks really is the future of Android (at least for the next couple of years). I’m not saying the Galaxy S 2 will be the magical product that converges Android, Chrome OS, and Google TV on a single device that fits in your pocket, but I wouldn’t put anything past Samsung right now. The technology already exists to make it happen and who better than Samsung to pull it off?

The Korea Herald reports that Samsung’s strategy is to “tap into the growing demand for the seamless exchange of content on different devices, including smartphones, personal computers, tablet PCs and TVs.” What could be more seamless than having a single smartphone that is the brains of all those different devices?

What do you think Samsung is planning for the Galaxy S 2?

A closer look at Samsung's multimedia dock and controller.

Via: Korea Herald

Source: Akihabara News

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  • http://Website TFJ4

    “What do you think Samsung is planning for the Galaxy S 2?”
    Not Updates!

    • http://Website Hans

      FFS, this is getting old. We already established that the carriers were mostly to blame. They’ve had the update, but they had to put it through they’re own testing to add their own crap.

      • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

        I agree the Samsung hate is getting a little stale. They delivered the FroYo update to the U.S. carriers back in November and only T-Mobile has pushed it out yet. The rest are still working on it.

        • http://Website Eric

          This “it’s the carriers fault” is getting no less old to me. True, Samsung has been able to push the update to other Galaxy S phones outside the US, but HTC and Moto have pushed updates to their phones inside the US, in spite of the carriers that samsung seems to find insurmountable. Why is that exactly? I’d be surprised if it was only the carriers fault.

          My bet is there is something that neither party is willing to agree on, and niether are budging. Could be the price of the update, could be something else entirely. The fact of the matter is, Samsung Phones in the US have a horrible horrible horrible update record.

          /rant from Captivate owner. Yes, I’m on 2.2, doesn’t make me any happier with their support.

        • http://www.toysdiva.com PixelSlave

          Look, that doesn’t make sense. Samsung is NOT the only Android handset makers. Other manufacturers delivered Froyo update in a much shorter timeframe than Samsung. If the carriers are to blame, wouldn’t the same problem would also affect other manufacturers.

          • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

            It did take them longer, but at least they got it out unlike some other handset makers.

      • http://Website Andy

        I agree that GPS and update issues are kinda old.

        It’s more of system file question that we need to find out.

        Are they still going to use RFS?

        The quadrant scores on the verizon 4G phones with Froyo indicates that they are still using RFS file system unless the phones were just place holding prototypes.

        I really hope Samsung follow Google and use Ext4 on their Galaxy s2 with 2.3 gingerbread.

      • http://Website tk

        I don’t think its getting old at all. And I’m not going to let Samsung escape criticism by blaming it all on the carriers.

        The carriers delay updates because of the added apps they want on their phones and their QA testing, but that doesn’t explain the time its taken for Samsung’s phones to get updated.

        HTC updated the Evo and Incredible to Froyo fairly quickly (Sprint & Verizon). Moto updated the Droid and Droid X to Froyo quickly too (Verizon), so at the very least we can say Verizon is quick to push updates, and even they don’t have it.

        The only reason T-Mobile seems to have got their update is because they were about to announce the Vibrant 4G and Samsung knew the shitstorm they would face announcing it and no Froyo for the Vibrant.

        Carriers delay updates, but not like this. Its fairly easy to realize that most of the blame goes to Samsung for this.

      • http://Website I9000 owner

        It really isn’t.. even where samsung haver delivered the update it took them several attempts and even their ‘final’ builds were so full of bugs it’s a joke, still no reliable gps, still lags like a mother****** and to put the icing on the cake it can break wifi, you know the fix to this wifi bug? A FACTORY RESET!!!!!! I’ve never had to factory reset a phone before in my life and as long as I avoid samsung I probably never will again. Loooooong may the samsung hate continue, I’m going atrix or waiting to see if HTC pull something out of the bag.

  • http://izaby.com TatiG

    Ok, Samy, fix the following and I will listen again:

    1. Get rid of Kies.
    2. Fix the stupid GPS issues. For someone to own and Google Phone and the GPS not working is a sham
    3. Get the price right

  • http://Website ilyy

    Why everyone think it’s tegra 2, why not orion?

    • http://Website zedklind

      samsung bought a crap ton of tegra 2 chips from nvidia. where else would they go? :p

    • http://Website zymo

      Even insiders are telling it is Orion and not Nvidia Tegra 2.

      • rtimi

        that’s correct I believe it’s orion. Now I can’t wait to see what orion can do and hope that samsung does fix the i/o portion of their processor.

      • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

        Which insiders?

        • http://Website Trollololololol

          The invisible ones, but in all seriousness im sick of people whinning and bitching about how terrible the galaxy s series is or how they feel ripped off. I’ve had my vibrant since day one and have it rooted running bionix v and to be honest it blows all other phones out of the water! My phone flys I’ve never had to deal with these “lag issues” but than again its probably cause I use launcher pro ;-) I think if you have complaints man up and root your phone! Its not rocket science there are a million how to’s out there to walk you step by step. The only valid complaint that holds any water is the gps and even that isn’t so bad thanks to the amazing work of bionix, his team, and the rest of the developers at xda forums. And for those of you who don’t have the phone you have no place to talk all you got is some cheasy vendetta fueled by bloggers.

          • http://Website g1-and-only

            your an idiot, your telling me that after you buy your brand new phone that the only way to really enjoy it and have it work properly is by rooting. i have the nexus 1 and yes rooted, but if it wasnt it would still be useable. its people like you who keep samsuck in business and will have them thinking that there business model is ideal, and its not

        • http://Website zymo

          @ Taylor Wimberly

          Insiders like Eldar Murtazin who is a „consultant“ of Samsung is telling that the phone will not have a Nvidia CPU.

  • http://Website Bryanp

    Who cares if they update it. As long as the hardware is solid (GPS) keep the bootloader open and people can truly make it their own.

    • http://Website Eric

      I care. I look around, and I see so many phones that came out after the galaxy S line making far more progress towards gingerbread than the galaxy S has, despite the fact that the hardware is near identical? Why is that? Despite the fact that they made the bootloader open, the made so much of the software closed source, proprietary, and different that Gingerbread for the SGS may not work as it should for a long time (or even ever, as unlikely as that is).

      However, if samsung releases a 2.3 rom for the Galaxy S, things become much easier, but the question is, will they?

  • http://Website Bob G

    The Hoppin sans dock just looks like a regular Galaxy S: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IQA8MWCqxw

  • http://Website Tyrs

    Why not make a tablet dock instead of a laptop dock? I would kill for something that makes my phone’s screen 10″ on demand, but works exactly as the phone itself.

  • http://Website Micah

    Despite looking good in theory, i still can’t recommend a samsung product yet. I’m still recovering from all the flack i’ve gotten for recommending the vibrant and captivate to people…

  • http://Website Anyonymous

    It isn’t Orion. You need new insiders, because my sources have been correct on every leaked piece of information I’ve ever received in terms of Samsung, including the latest Samsung Sidekick 4G. It will be the Tegra 2.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      So what else can you tell us about the Galaxy S2, Mr. Anonymous?

  • http://Website Derek

    It doesnt matter what Samsung shows at MWC because they never fulfill their promises. When they announced the Galaxy S, they promised Froyo by september. I certainly dont believe that they gave 2.2 to the carriers in November, they were releasing tweets in december stating that they were still working on it because it was complex and they wanted a good customer experience (crock!!). They promised HDMI out via the USB port…never got that. They released a bug riddled phone and all they did was announce every so often on twitter that they were aware and are working on it, but no fixes ever materialized. No official GPS fix, no official fix for random reboots. Basically Samsung is just one big greedy company that once they get your money offer ZERO customer service or support. They are the same way on their blu-ray and dvd players, and with their tv’s. They are too busy rushing out their next “bigger and better” product and put no resources into bug and software fixes. I, for one, will never buy another samsuck product ever again. Burn me once, shame on you; burn me twice, shame on me and I’ve been burned by samsuck several times.

  • http://Website Ben 1.0

    I’ll be quite interested to see if they announce the Galaxy Tab 2, and if so whether it’ll run 2.2, 2.3 or Honeycomb. I wouldn’t be suprised if they stick with FroYo for it and have another, larger tablet in development that will run Honeycomb.

  • http://twitter.com/thebignoob Ryan Fraser

    Orion, Not Tegra 2. Samsung makes someone the world’s best SoC, even if they did buy a lot of T2 SoC, I doubt they’ll be fielding it in their premiere handset.

    At least I won’t be getting it if it has Tegra 2. Orion baaabay.