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Is this your next phone, laptop, or both?

I’m sorry to keep beating you over the head with Atrix 4G posts, but I predicted last year it would be the best-selling Android phone of 2011 and the more I learn about it, the more likely it seems. Motorola just uploaded another YouTube video which teases the Atrix 4G and highlights almost all of my 7 reasons why I’m switching to AT&T and making it my next phone. Check out the promo after the jump.

I know we have a lot of AT&T and Motorola critics out there so as a topic of discussion I would love to hear your “Top 5 reasons I’m avoiding the Atrix 4G”.

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  • http://Website Dylan Andersen

    Not a hater, just a realist.

    1.) Moto Blur still looks like shit and the text messaging application is still a very poor iPhone-clone. They should’ve just gone with the standard Android style of threaded conversations, not bubble, iChat types.

    2.) AT&T

    3.) If you already own a laptop (or a second), then the laptop dock functionality isn’t all that interesting. If you already have Google TV or an internet connected-TV, the HD Dock doesn’t sound all that awesome.

    4.) Buying Motorola is like buying Samsung, you just aren’t guaranteed timely updates, and you aren’t guaranteed ease of use when unlocking the bootloader for perm root.

    5.) The “4G” of this phone is especially weak. WiMAX and LTE have better day-to-day speeds, especially in the Bay Area.

    • http://Website Terry

      1) I cant speak on Motoblur so you may have a point here. It is always a matter of opinion though.

      2) AT&T may suck where you are, but it works fantastically where I am. No dropped calls, very fast 3g speeds. Im glad I switched from Verizon as the signal wasnt that great and the 3g was so slow.

      3) If you own a laptop, sure the laptop dock isnt for you. Im pretty sure everyone doesnt own one though. I know I dont. Its nice to have choices, right?

      4) Buying almost any Android phone is like that though to my knowledge….so dont know why you point just those out.

      5) Again, cant speak about the 4g on this as it isnt even out. Just another thing you are nit picking at….

      I honestly want it. First Android phone that should live up to the hype on AT&T. I already have an iPhone 4 and I just want to live the opposite end also. Cant wait.

      • http://Website jjl84

        I don’t understand why Motorola gets such a bad rep for their updates. Their high-end phones all run 2.2 so what’s the problem? Every manufacturer has issues with updates, not just moto. Time to start looking at the facts, not your opinion.

        • http://Website jjl84

          That reply was for Dylan.

        • http://www.stephen-coley.com Stephen Coley

          My so called high end Motorola phone was launched just over a year ago (with much hype & publicity)… It hasn’t received a single update from Motorola & still runs on Android 1.5!!! According to Motorola, that’s ‘the best operating system for the Cliq/Dext’

          I’ve been running my rooted phone on 2.1 for ages & Motorola just fed it’s customers a pack of lies. The Atrix looks mighty impressive, but unless Motorola have changed massively they’ll just ditch the Atrix pretty soon after it’s release and move onto the next model, then the next, then the next. And so on…

          It pains me to say, but the only company who don’t do this are Apple. 1 phone per year, that receives regular updates.

          • http://Website TechnoSTIG

            FACT: Your phone was never high end.

          • http://Website Bel

            The cliq was not a high-end phone. Sorry that you were advised otherwise.

          • http://Website mcdisease

            There is a manual cliq update.

          • http://www.stephen-coley.com Stephen Coley

            High end of not (it certainly isn’t now!!!), the point I was trying to highlight was how quickly Motorola lose interest in their ‘new’ models. Motorola forums are FULL of people complaining about a lack of updates.

            And just to point out, the Cliq/Dext was launched as Motorola’s 1st & only Android smartphone. Website’s at the time were comparing it (rightly or wrongly) with the iphone. The comparison today would be laughable. Motorola launched the phone & then sat back & watched it die. It’s what they do.

          • http://Website edaddy

            thats what you get for buying the ‘Cliq’.

          • http://Website dee

            The cliq???

            That’s a joke of a phone,low spec phone…

          • HackNet

            Motorola Cliq is high end?

            Any phone that is compared to Apple iPhone 4 is in my guessing considered high end.

            Motorola Cliq might be considered a high end phone if you’re upgrading from Rotary phone.

    • http://Website cb2000a

      Interesting, because I have the original Droid and the updates have been constant and are still coming. As far as Samsung I would have to agree.

      ATT’s data plan is just awful….change that and they might have more interest from Verizon subs.

      • http://Website Tyrone

        The droid is a Verizon phone. Thus they always get their updates. unlike AT&T the droid and the droid x were on 2.2 way before the at&t rolled out 2.1

        Im not hating on them. I love AT&T I would pick them over the providers I have now.

      • kegansb

        AT&T works great for me and my Data plan is unlimited… Where’s the problem?

        • HackNet

          Couldn’t agree more. I’ve had at&t since 2007 when the first iPhone was released. I’ve obviously UPGRADED to Android, but the service and customer service is excellent.

    • http://Website marc

      I LOATHE BUBBLE CHAT! Yes, I am yelling.

      - Thank you for encasing every message in a bloated bubble and a bunch of white-space. I have so too much space on my screen, I welcome white-space. And thank you for choosing speech bubbles, I would have totally forgotten I am having a conversation. It’s also totally not lame or juvenile or corny, at all.

  • http://Website Michael

    This is what Motoblur should have been from the start.

    My pants…they are happy.

  • http://zalzalaweb.com/jens anakin78z

    Top 5 reasons I’m avoiding it:

    1. AT&T
    2. Likely can’t install non-Market apps
    3. Moto locked bootloader
    4. Don’t NEED a new phone right now
    5. Quad core phones by the end of the year ;)

    But I am recommending it to my brother in law who has AT&T.

  • http://Website rikki

    You would like to year or hear lol

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Thanks! Fixed :)

  • pchristensen

    1) I’ve been with t-mo for over a decade, and nobody in the industry can beat my grandfathered plans.
    2) Motoblur.
    3) See #1.
    4) See #3.
    5) See #1 and #2.

  • http://Website Paul

    I only have two, but one is I’m not covered by at&t where I live. The other is less important, but still a factor, I really didn’t like Motorola’s response to rooters, telling us to go elsewhere if we do not like they’re policies.

  • http://Website Hahalol

    1. Motoblur sucks balls
    2. I will NOT be on at&t’s shitty-ass network
    3. With at&t’s phones you can’t sideload apps withought going through a shit load of stuff which I’m to lazy to go through
    4. The phone is very thick compared to my other options: LG Optimus Black, Galaxy S 2
    5. It does not come with full HD support at release (playback, recording, etc.)

    With all the above reasons, there is no way I would get this phone, and even after reason #1 I decided I wasn’t gonna get it!

  • http://Website Aiziks

    I think it is unfair to call us haters, however I will bite.

    1) Motoblur (just give me stock already)
    2) Locked bootloader… so I can’t get rid of the blur
    3) I like tmobile, if it is true that att is largely dependant on the area you live in, I will avoid it like the plague.
    4) Track record, motorola has a record of taking a shotgun approach to phone making, and if you are one of the unlucky few who were duped into buying the motorola devour (like my gf was) and are now stuck with a buggy unsupported pos then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.
    5) There is always something better right around the corner.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Yeah that was a little harsh. I just like good discussion. Changed to critics just for you :)

      • http://Website Joe

        No, nothing is too harsh.

        You’re starting to piss off a lot of your readers because this is too much of a “Taylor blog” than an Android blog with NEWS.

        Almost all of your readers hate Motoblur and most of them hate AT&T.

        Leave your opinions to yourself and just give us the news.

        • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

          Hehe, the site is called Android and ME. I’m going to keep being Taylor, that’s what I’m best at.

          Anyone else is free to contribute to this blog if they want to produce some quality content.

          Thanks for the feedback “Joe”

          • DavidM

            Damn, you tell him Taylor, I for one actually seem to like Motorola ans AT&T, and at least it isn’t a Samsung Captivate(shudders).. Also, if the HTC Inspire 4G is as cheap as $99, you will have 2 excellent Android phones, the Inspire and the Atrix, on AT&T within weeks of each other, so you can’t go wrong

          • http://Website cgh

            Hey Taylor, ignore those idiotic hater… I love all your Motorola posts, good job and keep it coming :)


    • http://Website Eric

      “3) I like tmobile, if it is true that att is largely dependant on the area you live in, I will avoid it like the plague.”

      All carriers are highly dependent on your area. In fact, T-Mobile is more dependant than AT&T, with their smaller footprint

      “4) Track record, motorola has a record of taking a shotgun approach to phone making, and if you are one of the unlucky few who were duped into buying the motorola devour (like my gf was) and are now stuck with a buggy unsupported pos then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.”

      Not sure you can compare the Atrix to the Devour…

  • http://Website Joe mamma

    Just one – locked bootloader.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      We don’t know that to be a fact yet.

      • http://Website cgh

        I accidentally down rank it so, +1

      • http://a1.blogspot.com NaweG

        No, we don’t know that for a face. But that is the major reason “I” won’t be buying one on launch date. I am currently on AT&T with my N1, and wouldn’t mind extending with them, but as I learned with my Viewsonic G-Tablet, your best support is almost always the community rather than the manufacturer :-)

  • Noice

    1. AT&T does not provide quality signal anywhere I go.
    2. AT&T charges more than Tmo for the service I use with no signal.
    3. Expect no more than one Android update from Moto (thanks to all the unnecessary customizations)
    4. I have a great laptop, 3 great desktops, and don’t have any desire to replace them with ‘accessories’ to a phone.
    5. Anticipate Moto support will try to pass support for accessories to carrier, who will in turn try to send them back to Moto.

  • http://Website Jon

    Just 3 main ones for me:
    1. I’m not a gamer, so dual core is not a major priority.
    2. AT&T has screwed me in the past and I do not want to give them my money.
    3. I must have CM on my Androids. A four month prison sentence with the Droid 2 was enough to scare me from ever leaving CM again.

  • http://Website Mike

    1. AT&T
    2. Not Verizon (AT&T)
    3. My OG Droid is still rockin’
    4. AT&T
    5. Xoom is my next computer

  • komuta

    “First dual core smartphone”
    Seriously ??

    • http://zalzalaweb.com/jens anakin78z

      Heh, I think they’re talking about the US market, but yea, it’s kinda false. :)

  • http://Website Joe

    AT&T has a shitty 4G network, but T-mobile is upgrading theirs this summer to 42 MBPS.

    Plus, I hope Taylor enjoys being unable to install Cyanogen on his phone, since Motorola locks down the bootloader.

    • http://Website Marco

      I switch to AT&T. My 4G speeds in San Diego downtown are 0.8 mbps. Unbeatable fast;-) Can’t be worse than T-mobile. Verizon=no GSM=no way; I need my phone in Europe.

  • http://Website Dennis

    I have just one question: whooooooooooooo cares??

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly


  • http://Website Mark

    You said it yourself: “I’m sorry to keep beating you over the head with Atrix 4G posts…” Then, here’s an idea…STOP. Okay? Just stop. It’s getting irritating with constant banging of our heads with your “I’m gonna get the Atrix phone” posts. Seriously, NO ONE cares. NONE.

    • http://Website d7j

      If you don’t care then don’t read it. If you don’t like what A&M blogs about then go somewhere else or start your own blog.

    • http://Website Eric

      Dangit Taylor, you need to stop going to peoples houses, forcing them to sit at the computer, visit your blog, and read these stories that they don’t want to read. Don’t even try and deny it, there is no way there are that many whiners that are dumb enough to click on every story that annoys them.


      • DavidM


  • http://Website AdamJ

    Taylor I know you are really into the Atrix but coming from someone who has been on both ATT and Verizon I can tell you that T-mobile is a dream compared to them. This may be NYC specific thing but even the customer service does not compare.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Tmo is a great carrier, but I travel a lot and need a carrier with a bigger network. In Texas where I live, AT&T has the largest network and that’s the main reason why I’m switching.

      • http://Website Joe

        I thought you lived in minneapolis?

        • HackNet

          does it matter where he lives?

  • http://Website Elliot

    I had an original Cliq, and motoblur on it was just awful. For that reason alone I don’t think I could ever buy another motorola product with blur on it in good conscience.

  • http://Website zedklind

    1) at&t is a lot more expensive than tmobile (unless u like a capped data plan!)
    2) at&t always has hiccups in service in my area. Txt msg delays every couple weeks by atleast 3hours each time
    3)at&t locks their phones from off market apps. No gameloft games which would shine and show this bad boy off (plus adb is annoying)
    4) motoblur is worse than touchwiz.
    5) motorola doesn’t support developers at all. Locked bootloaders are a sin. I want my device to be fully customizable. its a hobby not a crime.

    I’m actually disappointed in your decision on this device taylor. Its too gimicky. I would stay on the tmobile grandfathered plan and wait for the optimus 2x if I were u. Not everyone is made of money. Even if I was I wouldn’t dare switch. The acessories don’t make or break a device and I don’t think you should rely on them. Maybe if you had an iphone than you can say they make a differences (attenaegate) but you don’t. I have been following nvidia with the tegra line and I can honestly say I was tempted.. but its not worth it…

  • mac08wrx

    ATT thats the reason i will not get this.

  • http://Website Noriega713

    Maybe this will set the standards for the next Nexus…but not ready to switch to the atrix…

    1. Motorola horrible at updates (unless its a droid)

    2. At&t and its capped sh!t will not work for me because 3. I already have a laptop that I tether…

    4. Motoblur. I had this on the cliq and hated it.

    5. Is personal I prefer a physical keyboard.

    6. This will probably be a 14 mbps phone while T-mobile will start bringing 21 or maybe even 42 mbps.

    7. I love my G2.

  • http://Website watbetch

    AT&T: Slow software updates. Slowest out of the 4

    MOTO:Tons of new features, more things to go wrong. I’ll wait it out. Motorola has a habit of releasing phones with crippling flaws.

    MOTOBLUR: I own a DEFY so, I know what I got myself into but I don’t know why Motorola included this on such a high end phone.

    AT&T:HSPA+ is software upgrade for AT&T, they still have the task of rolling out enhanced backhaul to match HSPA+ speed. T-Mobile is the only carrier with the most fiber to their base stations. Call quality is way less than that of T-Mobile but they do have a larger 3G coverage area.

    AT&T:AT&T Music, AT&T maps, AT&T Banking, AT&T=no sideloading apps, AT&T Nav, AT&T in the status bar.. just in case you forget who you have your service with, AT&T-EVERYTHING….
    I don’t need the AT&T banner in my notifications panel and I certainly don’t want a plethora of poorly designed un-uninstallable AT&T apps on my phone.

    Locked bootloader

    Is that 6? oops.

  • http://Website JAYF

    Yeah I can be the 1st dual-core if its released before LG. Those that hate on ATT is probably due to the poor coverage in your area. I’ve been ATT/CINGULAR/ATT for 10yrs+ with no issues.

    @Joe…how can ATT have a $hitty 4G network when it isn’t available yet?? There has been many sources proving that ATT’s network is the fastest…is it the slowest now because VZ and TMo are 4g…sure. When ATT has their 4g-LTE working it’ll be the fastest once again.

  • http://Website Kid Twist

    It’s intriguing. I love the idea behind this. It’s basically a personal memory device/hard drive that holds my media, data and preferred applications for connecting with the cloud and the Internet. On the go, I interact with it through Android and a touch screen. When circumstances allow, I have the option of accessing it through bigger screens — either a laptop-like dock or a television. And it makes phone calls, too.

    But before I invest in several pieces of harware, I’d also like to see how this concept shakes out as more carriers and manufacturers adopt it. Is there going to be some standardization? Will the dock setup work with the next generation of phones?

    As excited as I am about this, the fact is, I already have a perfectly good laptop and I don’t want to spend money on yet another device. Also, I get good coverage here in New York City on VZW and I don’t intend to change carriers, let alone pay an ETF. The Bionic, which may be my next phone, is close enough to the Atrix (minus the gear) to satsify me.

    So to boil it down:
    1. Too soon
    2. Sticking with my present carrier
    3. There are other phones coming that are comparable and don’t require switching to AT&T.

  • krazytrixxxsta

    sorry moto, i love htc too much to ever purchase your phones. to think of it i dont own any motorola products at all.

  • http://Website Adriel

    Personally I really don’t think the Atrix will sell as well as you think it will. I’m not a hater by any means. I had the OG Droid and i loved it. Realistically, I just feel like the devices that will be released later in the year like the HTC Thunderbolt, DROID Bionic and the Galaxy S2 phones will fare much better than the Atrix.

    1. AT&T- It just isnt the best choice to be looking for an Android device especially with all the other phones that are going to be released on other carriers. It just isnt enticing enough to jumpship to AT&T. Plus the service is horrible.

    2. Motoblur – No one has ever liked it, why start now?

    3. Locked bootloader

    4. Can’t install apps from SD

    5. Lack of interest

    Sure the Atrix has great hardware but of all the high end Android devices coming out this year, which of them really have lackluster hardware? NONE of them. Therefore the hype behind this is misplaced. The only reason why its getting any limelight is because its being released sooner.

  • http://Website meh

    Top 5:
    1. I don’t get the use case. I have a netbook that runs all kinds of software and tethers to my Galaxy S when I am away from regular Wifi. Also, I can’t see making my phone a critical part of my home theater system.
    2. The early dual core handsets are likely to be problematic (lousy battery life, non-optimized software) — i’ll let the bugs get worked out.
    3. Gaming is not important for me. Why do I want a dual core anyway?
    4. Don’t like what I’ve heard about Motoblur, AT&T and MOT support, although I wouldn’t rule out T or MOT if the device was compelling enough.
    5. I don’t see any urgent reason to upgrade my phone.

    P.S. — Congrats on becoming one of the best phone sites I’ve stumbled across. Good articles and usually informed comments.

  • kegansb

    I cannot think of a hate reason. I have an iPhone, that is bad enough.
    I want to switch to an Android Device
    Atrix seems(ed) like a good choice
    I am happy with ATT it works in my area
    What is a better choice for a phone, I’m due for an upgrade and really want to get rid of this piece of crapple I have.

  • http://Website InspectorGadget80

    2. HPSA + 4G phone for faster downloads.
    3. Been with AT&T for 7yrs never have a drop call except when in the Metro or near woods.
    4. HD CAMERA finger sensor for security.
    5. Everyone can talk trash bout AT&T all they want I will have the dual core processor with a LAPTOP WEBTOP app on my phone.

  • http://Website ahodge007

    I think most of u who are against the atrix 4g is just nit picking at all the small stuff.

    Yeah people say att has a crappy network depending on where u live, so dont trash the hole network just because it sucks in your area.

    And all the other stuff people said, is it really that important to u, because if it is don’t get the phone just stay with what phone u got and network and be happy. Don’t try and ruin it for everybody else.

  • http://Website DokDeth54

    When and if it comes to Verizon, I’ll buy. Too many bad AT&T experiences personally for me to chance it. Even with such a great device. .

  • http://Website Droid X Owner

    Pull out the laptop dock out on a plane on an international flight and you might as well be advertising twelve inches in the pants. Very James Bond esque.

    This is the phone I would design for myself.

  • http://Website bemymonkey

    Aside from the obvious “Friends don’t let friends buy Motorola smartphones!” rules, there is one gigantic, glaring reason not to buy a Motorola Atrix:

    The serious limitations likely to be placed on the Webtop function. We’ve seen Firefox and Citrix so far, and that seems to be pretty much the extent of it. Until we have true virtualization (don’t see how else this would be possible) of the Linux-for-ARM distro of our choice as the webtop, what’s the point?

    Sure, Remote Desktop and Citrix are great tools, and I use the former to great effect with my current smartphone, but if you really want to use this thing as a COMPUTER and not just a thin client, you’ll need an actual full-blown desktop operating system on it.

    Knowing Motorola, this will most likely never, ever be possible on the Atrix.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Oh just wait till the hackers get their hands on this device. I’m sure once Chrome OS goes open source that you will see it running on the laptop dock.

      • http://Website AceoStar

        Google probably got a huge grin on their face when they first heard about these docks, knowing Chrome would be hacked into it in no time :p

    • http://Website Droid X Owner

      Great comment. I’d assumed this was a fully functional linux app. I’m sure there will be a hack soon enough though. I’m disappointed if that functionality is not already there.

      Your friends don’t let friends buy Motorola comment is obnoxious. Pretty much all my friends buy Droids and no one has been unhappy.

  • http://Website Bohica

    Zedklind, T-mo DOES have a data cap. Its 5GB and I somehow go over the cap every single month on my old ass Cliq so that the last week of the month I can’t use Youtube and have a hard time with LastFM. DL speeds go from 3mb down to 30kb. I don’t tether or any of that stuff, just use the browser and watch some vids. I had no idea there was this cap for DL speed once 5GB is reached. T-mo told me I had unlimited internet. Small print bullshit.

    • http://Website zedklind

      Its not exactly a cap. Its more of a throttle… which is fine with me. I don’t think I’ll ever hit it unless I’m streaming a lot of high def videos which I usually get frustrated with because it loads slow. There’s no 4g in my city. Another reason I would hit the throttle point is if I was tethering to my adam and torrenting.. which is a horrible idea anyways lol. Id prefer wifi any day. My point was that if u go above 5gb you won’t be charged extra.. and they won’t cut u off

  • http://www.thatwebguyblog.com Mike

    If you want to do custom roms, then buy elsewhere, Motorola will continue with their strategy that is working thanks :-)

    Jokes aside, the dock is kind of gimmicky and as a heavy laptop user I could never see myself sticking my phone there. Plus Motorola are lazy with the update frequency.

    When are smart phone manufacturers going to learn that update paths are a critical component to people like us when deciding which handset top buy?

    • http://kristopher.derentz.com/ Kris

      The dock to me is an alternative to a netbook. Would be cool for web / e-mail / travel

  • http://kristopher.derentz.com/ Kris

    Love the phone but will NEVER go back to AT&T

    1) AT&T Terrible Network
    2) AT&T Rude Customer Service
    3) AT&T Pricing
    4) Wont Support AT&T as they are only supporting Android now that they lost their meal ticket know as a iPhone, prior to this they shat on Android and I think everyone should remember this.

    If this phone was launched on Verizon you would have had a deal.

  • http://Website Zer0-9

    OK I’ll give you my top reasons:

    1. AT&T – This is really the most important reason. Not because of poor coverage or performance. Though the signal is abysmal at my house. No the reason AT&T will never see a dime from me is because of their anti-net neutrality stance. Verizon is often accused of being greedy, but not compared to this company. If AT&T has their way you’ll be paying extra monthly fees to access all the popular sites and services (facebook, youtube, newgrounds, CNN, and etc). For terrible business practices they rank up there with Apple, Microsoft, and Oracle.

    2. Motoblur – this subject has been beaten to death, but it’s true but only really matters if:

    3. Locked boot loader – Root and custom roms are too important to me.

    4. Laptop Dock – Design could have been better, but a great concept.

    5. No Physical Keyboard – If the laptop dock were a slightly better design I would consider going without it, but with terminal and RDP screen real estate is too important for what I use my phone for.

    • http://Website andreacristiano

      Dude are you kidding??? AT&T with its anti-Net neutrality stance lol isnt verizon the one suing the government because of net neutrality lol STFU

    • http://Website Chris

      Verizon is definitely leading the charge for paid add-on services. Verizon is suing the FCC, not ATT!

    • http://Website Zer0-9

      You guys should try actually reading the news.

      Verizon doesn’t like these particular net neutrality rules, particularly related to it’s mobile services. Verizon is not against net neutrality as a whole.

      AT&T told all of it’s employees to go home and use personal email addresses to contact the associated government officials and speak against net neutrality. Attached to the memo was a sample of the kind of response they wanted people to send.

  • http://Website jayf


    It won’t be long till the other carriers will follow what ATT is doing with their pricings. Verizon customers will soon see once the iPad arrives. iPad is what changed ATT to its current data plans

  • http://Website nEx.Software

    I still don’t get the hype. Its not because I’m an AT&T hater or a Motorola hater… I just honestly don’t get why it’s useful or necessary. When I go somewhere I expect to need a computer guess what I’ll bring… a computer. I have zero need to connect my phone to anything for any reason other than to charge it, transfer files, or develop with it. Call me simple.

    • http://Website AndreaCristiano

      Thats why i’m getting the inspire to much gmmicky hype around this phone and no thank you on the LOCKED BOOTLOADER

  • DavidM

    what the hell is so bad about Motoblur, is it as bad or worse than Touchwiz???

    • http://Website JaylanPHNX

      Problem is, everyone is basing their opinions of Motoblur on the first version, which launched on such crappy phones as the Cliq and CliqXT. Motoblur 2.x is a different animal altogether, but no one wants to judge it on it’s own merits. It has some very nice and functional customizations. And if you don’t like the aesthetic, that’s what they make ADW and LauncherPro for.

  • http://Website androindncanada

    I love the innovation from Motorola on this smartphone. It only raises the bar for other smartphone manufacturers. I like the integration into a Dock to allow more usability, I can see more people opting for this rather than a net book.

    Still waiting for someone to breakthrough with battery advancement especially with dual-core cpu.

    The recent practice of locking down phones has got to stop. These phones are essentially computers, and we never see computers locked down.

  • keridel

    I have THE best reason not to go to the AT&T network. i live in the UK it would cost me a whole hip of simoleons to use it


  • http://Website apollostees

    1. At&t layed me off. And I don’t like there business approach. And I drop to many calls on their “network”.
    2. The phone seems to have everything except the option for stock Android. I won’t argue about why they feel the need for an aditional UI, but at least give me the option of stock.
    3. Because of the past descions to lock the bootloader, I have a wait and see attitude with Motorola
    4. Because of past descisons to block side loaded apps, I have a wait and see attitude with At&t

  • http://Website Mikey

    Let’s face it unless you remain a blueblood rockin’ an HTC on tmob with a grandfathered plan taylor, people are gonna look down on you. Htc rules!

    • http://Website AndreaCristiano

      Thats just ridiculous last time I checked this was america and taylor can rock whatever the HELL he wants and no one should look down on him for doing whats best for him. I think all you tmobile lovers and AT&T haters should get a life. This is his blog and his phone he doesnt need to answer to you tools or anyone. I have been with AT&T for over 10 years and been reading this blog since two years ago and I didnt bash him when he was anti AT&T i read it and listened to his info because i found it interesting. So leave the guy alone and if you dont like what he writes there are a million other android sites. Theres Tmo news for you tmo guys and droidlife for you verizon guys. Thank you come again!

  • http://Website Drake Paulsen

    I am excited about this device, and the laptop dock. One thing I fell should have been added to the dock, is a front facing camera.

    am i right?!

    • http://Website Drake Paulsen


  • http://www.sfdshop.com sfdshop

    do you think that the whole dock set up only going to at&t is because verizon is getting the zoom and they did not want to hurt sales on there first tablet?

  • http://Website Love504

    ” I predicted last year it would be the best-selling Android phone of 2011″ – Taylor

    How do you know it’s gonna be the best-selling Android phone of 2011 when it’s only the first quarter???

    We understand Talor your “a passionate early adopter who gets excited about waiting in line on day one to pick up a new phone”, so if thats your logic on how to go about phones then I’m sure your Atrix 4G won’t last by the end of this year!

  • http://Website JaylanPHNX

    What about the rumors of the atrix being a multi-carrier phone? T-Mobile Atrix anyone?

  • Jorge

    I’m new on this, where can I read obout the motoblur problems?

  • http://Website Maximus

    The Phone has some Impressive Specs and great innovation with the incorporation of the various Docks associated with it

    However MOTOBLUR completely destroys it

    Its like that great JAr of Punch u just mixed and u have that feeling that its going to taste amazing and then here comes your psycho roommate who hops on the counter and dumps a Huge Turd in the bowl and ruins it

  • http://Website d00kieloo

    I dont care how good the motorolas are now, any company who is responsible for introducing the razr does not deserve my money or respect.

    • http://Website JaylanPHNX

      Wow! It’s bad enough people are judging Motorola and Motoblur on the few bad phones they’ve made, but to go all the way back to the Razr…

    • chief113

      What are you talking about? The Razr was great in it’s time.

  • http://Website Paul Atreides

    1. That dock should convert into a tablet form factor also
    2. Motoblur sucks with a locked bootloader on top
    3. Nice features but the design feels last year to me (Galaxy S)
    4. No updates in the near future and we all know it
    5. Ships with froyo huge fail

  • http://Website Richard

    Not a big fan of Motorola nor At&t…. but I welcome the device and the it’s concept to the android stable. I am HTC all the way and will wait for there offering. Today as it stands i have the best multi purpose device on the market and it has proven it’self over these 8months to be most reliable on the best 4g network in the industry with no interference nor downsides from the carrier. The granddaddy of 4g that started it all that everyone is coping today is my beloved htc evo 4g so i am proud that htc/sprint/evo has had this effect 8months later on the smartphone industry. We will see this concept again possibly from another carrier and manufacturer with know hesitation where the carrier will allow the device to operate as intended and will allow the customer base that decide to purchase this device to use it freely at will… That will not happen for Motorola or on At&t and not for there customers who may have desire for this device. They will always find away to not allow a feature that is At&t and always have been that won’t stop just because now the woke up and decided to take android seriously… I wish you luck with your Atrix endevours I know the feeling of wanting something it’s hard to hold back I had that same feeling 8months ago when the Evo came out before that time I spent months comparing android to apple and months watching every evo video around all in a effort to learn android and my beloved evo… I hope you do the same or have been doing the same that is so much fun… GOOD LUCK….

    • http://Website Chris

      Love my EVO too, solid phone, still relevant 8 months later. Sprint has good coverage, best plans, and I feel we will see Gingerbread pretty quickly. No complaints whatsoever with HTC or Sprint. I do like the specs of the Atrix but hate Motoblur and locked bootloader…

  • http://Website shaun dizzled

    I’m with you. I’m getting this phone reguardless.

    The thing I interested in how they plan on handling their data plans. Beause I still have an iphone contract that if possible I’m just going to switch the sim card (its a 3gs so I hope its the fat kind)

    I enjow my keyboard on my epic but its unneccesary with a new keyboard agent. Ad like someone else said I wish it had a cooler design like htc or the new nexus and lg x2

    And hopefully we can unlock that botloader

  • http://mobilnionline.com Mobilni telefoni

    I think it will only be a chip inserted somewhere in our body

  • http://Website Gary

    Hey Taylor. Thanks for bringing us all the great new Android information. I really enjoy getting al the specs for these devices. I also enjoy that you’ve skewed your viewpoint to be global. I live in Canada, and don’t really care about the AT&T venom, cause they’ll never provide me service, unless they setup shop here. So again, thanks for the info, don’t worry about the haters! You’re great at what you do!

  • http://Website rubunindian

    I beieve Atrix is a great phone with some exciting applications,acessories,etc…moving into the next level of smartphone computing…but hey…hold on….lets wait for Feb 14th for Samsung Galaxy S 2 launch and see how it fares vis-a-vis Atrix…will it go beyond…now that we r more or less sure it will come Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread…..keep ur fingers crossed…the game has just begun !!..

  • http://Website Richard

    Sprints show comes first February 7th before this Samsung S2 event February 14th… Sprint will lead the way it usually always does

  • http://Website Rohan

    My 5 reasons for not buying Atrix:
    1) I live in India, and no announcement of SIM-unlocked version
    2) Motoblur
    3) Slow updates: This won’t get ICS before phones with quad core processors come out. And ICS will probably be the one having support for multiple cores, so..
    4) possibility of a locked bootloader
    5) Motorola’s history of rude customer support

  • http://Website Samer

    Why does everyone complain about Motoblur :S
    My brother has a Droid Pro, I just installed Launcher Pro or ADX Launcher
    and it looks and is even faster then STOCK FROYO or STOCK GINGERBREAD

    then install google apps, handcent sms etc..
    and I forgot blur is there, all the googl eapps work, all the android functionality works

    so perosonally i dont care if a phone comes with motoblur, touchwiz etc..i just change it
    A simple skin named motoblur isnt going to break this gem of a phone

    • cobaltleo

      yeah but what if you don’t know how to do that and just want a stock android experience on the phone you want? in all reality the phones o/s should be transparent to us as users and when an update comes out it should be able to be updated without issues. hardware difference’s not withstanding theres still a minimum spec they all need to meet and the moto blurs, touch wiz, expresso’s and every other skin/theme the vendors make for the phone has been there first excuse as to why it takes to so long to get the updates “if ever” that they “ALL” promise and feature as a selling point of the phone for example t-mo’s mytouch 3g still hasn’t done the update for there 1.2 ver phones even though they printed 2 magazines saying there committed to the update for that phone.

  • http://Website Greg

    CTRL+F neither

    Really? No one? Well, for me, it’s neither my next phone nor my next laptop.

  • cobaltleo

    well i got a at&t phone for christmas and switched networks so my wife could have her first android phone. service wise its fast and gets connectivity out at my buddies house who lives in the country and cant get any of the other services. downside is that with all the 1. features are gonna be pointless to use with att’s extreamly low data plan. 2. att disables o/s features just to charge you and extra $10 a month to use them (tethering, & wifi tethering). 3. and the laptop is not a replacement for a computer or netbook (maybe a tablet) but it might be good for your kids if your getting them a smartphone & laptop/netbook as far as cost goes. honestly though i think theres better out there.

  • http://Website gregz78

    Samsung releases a Galaxy S2 with a notification led, NFC and a “netbook dock” and i will forget Motorola. Bad build quality (crazy screen of the milestone, speaker of the defy), locked bootloader (not sure for those to come).

    I eagerly wait til feb 13th

  • http://Website Kimbo

    It doesn’t look like the laptop has a touchscreen, which IMHO sort of defeats the purpose… Now if they had a tablet for the phone to plug into, that would be pretty sweet.

  • http://Website Zorba

    Allot of people need to take the chillpill…

    Honestly forget the AT&T and Motoblur for a second.

    1) 4G is a gimmick, even in the US the coverage is pitiful(PS not every body lives in the United states of what ever) and who really needs a 48Mbit connection on thier phone? the 7.2 is more than enough, and even with excellent signal i don’t see ISP’s providing full infrastructure speeds of 4G to clients, in the end they’ll cap you just as most of them cap 3G/3.5G atm.
    2) Motoblur isnot mandatory, so far Motorola has released rom’s for each of their phones with out it, go on thier “dev” site download the SBF and flash your phone
    3) Atrix is not AT&T exclusive, the 4G might be, and even then breaking contract like half the people in the world do(even if it to sell the bloody thing on ebay) still makes it a very attractive phone
    4) Motorola has a horrid update policy, yes, but so does samsung IE [email protected]… and LG is even worst. Motorola much like samsung has a great open development community, i’m running 2.2.1 on my Milestone even tho it barely got 2.1 officially..
    5) if you don’t want to mess with rooting, flashing, and every thing else don’t buy an android phone.. honestly they are a peace of junk for the most part with out the ability to tweak and sh**t out of them.

    Back to the original subject, i do believe that the laptop doc is the beginning of a “unified device” just like the concept Laptop-Tablet lenovo showed us at CES about a year ago(or even more).
    As most people i work allot with my laptop too, but my issue is 50% of the time i need for heavy duty, and 50% of the time i need it to write reports.
    So the dock idea sounds wonderfull for me, when i need to run virutal machines, and heavy duty apps i’m going to use my laptop. when im writing down reports, or going to clients for a meeting or to run a presentation i don’t have to drag a heavy laptop with me… and yes i know that there were phones before that you could hook up to a projector or a monitor…
    Having a docking station with a large screen, video outputs, and a phone that can run office apps and multitask is a huge plus for me.
    The only thing that worries me about this phone is that if this idea will catch up, in 3 months some one will put out a more refined version of it, and that will drive me insane..
    Luckily for me the regulations here force the carriers to give you the same plan, and monthly refund for your cellphone as they would if you bought the device trough them, so i can replace my devices as much as i want, and buy them from who ever i want :D
    Suck on that yanks!

  • Abie

    It takes few more steps and everything will be possible but I’d still go for laptop. I mean who wants to work with smaller screen? and what if you need to cd burn your presentation and pass it with your boss? Anyway thanks for sharing