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Leaked NVIDIA roadmap reveals 3D displays and quad-core 1.5 GHz CPUs

It’s no secret that NVIDIA is working on quad-core CPUs for mobile devices, but over the weekend a leaked slide confirmed that Tegra 3 might feature four Cortex-A9 cores running at speeds up to 1.5 GHz. Competitors have announced similar processors, like Freescale’s quad-core 1.2 GHz i.MX 6Quad and TI’s dual-core 1.5 GHz OMAP4440, but NVIDIA is the first that I know of to talk about a quad-core system-on-chip (SoC) with clock speeds at 1.5 GHz.

NVIDIA has never revealed their Tegra roadmap so there is no telling how old this leaked document is, but it suggest that Tegra 2 will get a refresh in spring 2011 called Tegra 2 3D and then Tegra 3 should arrive by fall 2011.

Just like Tegra 2 (AP20, T20), the new Tegras will be available for smartphones (AP25, AP30) and tablets (T25, T30).

The Tegra 2 3D refresh is an interesting chip and is said to go into production in the first quarter of this year. It looks to be similar to Tegra 2, but it boast support for 3D displays and a speed bump of dual 1.2 GHz cores. The leaked document shows that Tegra 2 3D can process 5520 million instructions per second (MIPS), which is a 20 percent improvement over Tegra 2.

Things get even more exciting with the Tegra 3 details. It will feature quad 1.5 GHz cores, 3x faster graphics, ultra low power CPU mode, support for Blu-ray video, and display resolutions up to 1920×1200. The leaked slide says Tegra 3 can process about 13800 MIPS, which is 3x more than Tegra 2. Tegra 3 was supposed to sample in Q4 2010, so we should see it inside devices around this time next year.

We already knew that NVIDIA would deliver a new Tegra every year, but if this leaked roadmap is accurate we could see a new chip every six months. It looks like NVIDIA plans to release a completely new architecture each fall and then follow it up with a refresh part in the spring.

Hopefully this roadmap holds up. If NVIDIA can maintain its velocity, I imagine it will force Qualcomm, Samsung, and Texas Instruments to speed up their release cycles.

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Source: TechEye

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  • http://Website Icon

    Gotta love Nvidia. Sounds pretty awesome, except for 3D. I just have no interest in 3D, and don’t understand why people want to wear glasses to watch tv, play video games, and now use their smartphone or tablet. Tegra 3 sounds sick though, can’t wait.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      The 3D displays they have been showing off at trade shows are glasses-free.

      • SGB101

        Like the new ds 3d, its ment to work well, if held still.

        However I have no interest in 3some, just another battery drain.

        I have a htpc, that had less power that this phone wtf…..

        • SGB101

          That would be 3d and not 3some!

          Hmmm! frigin predictive input.

          • http://Website Jonnyw2k

            Haha, well someone had to add “3some” to you predictive text input

  • SprintStrikesSwimmingly

    Do you thing the Tegra 2 3D will be used in Sprint’s upcoming announcement on February 7th? There has already been strong rumours about the 3D display on Sprint so shouldn’t it need a 3D processor? I hope so! Cheers

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Anything is possible, but I’m expecting Sprint to announce a 3D phone from HTC using a single-core Qualcomm MSM8x55 processor.

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    This sounds excellent. See this is what Android should do. A yearly update and small refreshes in between with cool features and tweaks. Very organized and timely. You can actually enjoy your device & really not miss out on a refresh. It’s just a slight boost & specially made to support 3d phones. & not everyone will want a 3d phone. So all are happy. Then next year you can upgrade to a new phone with the latest hardware. No reason why these awesome handsets coming out shouldn’t be updated with the latest software. That part will be on the carrier. It would be a waste if you had a awesome phone & never updated.

    Lets hope Android(Google), manufacturers, & carriers take advantage.

  • http://Website LeoZ

    The roadmap says it was sampling Q4 2010 and NVIDIA confidential devices in the Fall 2011 so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a T3 device to be out this year before the holidays =)

    • http://Website martin

      doubtful man, it will have been like 14 months between N1 (snapdragon) and tegra2. on a further note, how long has it been since the zuneHD. that was the first thing to use tegra, right? at this rate i wouldn’t expect tegra3 before holidays 2012 (probably further out).

      the tegra 2 is listed as (in production) and that thing looks like it was supposed to come out fall 2010. at this rate thats easily going to be 4 months behind that target (assuming we see anything come out in feb). i think that means 4 months+ what ever date they have listed. OPTIMISTICALLY that puts tegra 3 as coming out feb 2012.

  • http://Website martin

    call me crazy, but i thought nvidia was done with tegra after tegra 2. are they just done making chipsets for nettops?

    • http://www.brandonvfletcher.com brandon

      considering tegra 2 is lead platform for honeycomb and android tablets, i doubt they are done. Also, tegra 2 is being used in multiple phones. Did you completely miss CES 2011?

  • http://Website Lucian Armasu

    Now let’s put that bad boy into Nexus 3! :)

  • http://www.avaqom.com HackNet

    Any manufacturer that releases a new phone with a new processor every 6-10 months is an idiot!
    If I purchase a phone at a subsidized price with At&t for example, I am stuck with a contract for 2 years. If HTC decides to release a dual core then 8 months later a quad core, their sales will drop because as a consumer, I am not willing to pay $325 to At&t to cancel my contract and re-sign with a new carrier just to have that quad core.

    At least, if the carriers drop the 2 year to a 1 year, mobile phone manufacturers such as Motorola, HTC, and Samsung can increase their sales and not get stuck with a bunch of phones laying around in their warehouse. Catch my drift?

    • http://Website Lucian Armasu

      Not everyone starts and ends their contract in the same time as you. When their contract ends 6 months after yours, they may want a phone that doesn’t have 6 months old technology.

  • http://Website killkillkill

    Quad-core nexus should be out in the fall. gyea!!!

  • http://Website DK

    Taylor you mentioned: “Tegra 3 should begin to sample in Q4, so we should see it inside devices around this time next year.” But the slide shows samples Q4 of 2010.

  • http://Website 666

    im waiting for tegra 4….

    • http://Website Joe

      Yeah, I also don’t see the value in upgrading my phone every 3 or 4 months.

      I purchased my phone last March and I’m not upgrading it until next spring. Although the phones have greatly improved over the last few months, the improvements haven’t been enough to make me wanna spend $500 on a new phone yet.

  • http://Website Nate

    …and now it looks like I’ll be waiting till at least the fall to upgrade.

  • http://- Zhi Hao

    My contract expires roughly a year and three quarters from now, so here’s hoping for Tegra 4! Then I can look at my Core 2 Duo laptop and laugh. :)

  • http://Website droid-lifer

    that would make perfect sense since google decided theyre only going to release a new android every 6 months

  • http://Website ffmaniac

    Pretty cool seeing phones capabilities jump by leaps and bounds, next thing you know phones will have the power of a current gen console…ah the future looks bright!

  • http://Website ffmaniac

    Tegra 4 maybe :-)

  • laurens

    tegra 2 was a failure, claiming it can play 1080p. only 1 of 100 works and it can barely play 720p and 720p high profile is slowwwwwwwww!