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LG enters the 4G arena with the Revolution – Update: Hands-on video

Among the smorgasbord of new 4G releases for Verizon comes LG’s first foray into 4G LTE with the LG Revolution.

The Revolution is another member of the 4.3-inch screen (800 x 480) club on Verizon, although it failed to get the coveted “Droid” designation shared by the Droid X and the newly announced Droid Bionic. Hopefully you haven’t gotten tired of the Tegra 2 processor yet, as the Revolution also features NVIDIA’s now rapidly proliferating chipset.

The Revolution offers a 1.3 MP front-facing camera for your video chatting needs and a rear-facing 5 MP camera with flash. A variety of connectivity options includes a Mobile Hotspot for up to 8 Wi-Fi devices, DLNA, HDMI, and DivX.

Unfortunately, the Revolution is going to be launching with Android 2.2.1 and there is no word as to when an update may be coming. As we saw it today, the LG featured an extremely light skin, but they were unsure as to whether the final build would have a more thorough overlay.

We’ll be posting some hands-on video with the Revolution later, so if you have any specific questions give a shout.

Update: As promised here is a brief hands-on video.

Update 2: We did receive confirmation from LG that the Revolution is running on the brand new 1 Ghz Snapdragon processor, not dual-core.

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  • http://Website mikeyDroid

    hmmm, any word on ram, and what type of screen it is?

    I’m a snob and would prefer a better resolution on a 4.3″ screen and higher mp camera but if it’s packing 1gig of ram this may be something to keep an eye on.

    Great updates as always – all day, thanks.

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    I think every phone that was announced or all devices in general were really nice. Some may like others more, but they all are sweet.

    It seems like the new Skype app is coming to all these new devices. I hope it get’s upgraded to older devices that have front facing cameras. wow it really is the next step in tech this year. it’s all coming together.

    I’ve been saying this in just about all my post lately but Sprint please tell us what you guys are up to. I know something is in the works.

    • http://Website Nate

      I know that someone has probably already told you, but sprint usually waits for ctia so they will most likely not announce any devices at CES.

  • http://Website Coolio

    Correction: Hopefully you haveNT gotten tired of the Tegra 2

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      Lol, thanks for the correction.

  • http://Website anon

    Quick, someone question LG about their philosophy and plans for keeping up to date versions of Android on their phones. They seem to have some of the best phones at the moment but we don’t know what to expect in the update department.

  • http://Website Joe

    So Is this the lg optimum 2x version for verizon . can Some one confirm it

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      While they haven’t expressly stated that the hardware does appear to be identical to the Optimus 2X.

  • http://Website jack

    androidcentral is saying its got a single core. this site is saying tegra 2. which one is it!

    • http://Website jack
    • http://Website jack

      every other site is saying single core…

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      We’ve had conflicting reports on this, we’ll get a definitive answer from LG tomorrow.

  • http://Website jose

    Wow I would prefer this phone over the motorola bionic because it brings stock android with some tweaks of course wich means it will get updates sooner..hopefully..either way I’m in love with all these phones right now..

  • http://Website NSA

    LG is evil

  • http://Website Daniel

    My next phone will either have an ir blaster built in, or a docking station like the new Motorola (or both). Would love to get an lg phone though to “match” and control all of my lg TVs.

  • http://Website Ponyboy

    Some nice phones shown, but as far as appearance goes most resemble HTC’s EVO of the past year. I don’t think any of these so far will be my next phone. I’m on Sprint and nothing has sparked my interest to jump ship. Guess I’ll hold out for CTIA for a new phone, but some of those tablets look pretty irresistable and just might win me over *kanyeshrugs

  • http://Website Cromag

    They are making it a tough upgrade decision at Verizon….I’m torn between the Motorola, and LG. When I upgrade, I like to make sure to get the most powerful phone on my carrier in order to prolong its life between upgrades.

    That means it has to have a dual core processor cause that’s the hotness now (as well as gaming focus).
    It has to have a 4″ + Screen, because that’s the trend and developers/content providers will probably be tailoring their “best” mobile experience to that size.
    It has to have at least 8 gigs of internal memory, I suffered with the original Droid’s 512 megs for too long.
    I don’t care much about LTE but that looks like I’m getting it whether I like it or not.

    The Thunderbolt doesn’t have the dual-core processor, so no go.
    The Motorola has all the specs I want, but the damn half-RAM of it’s AT&T counterpart REALLY annoys me. That means it’s not as powerful as it could be.
    The LG is interesting, and assuming it has a dual-core processor AND at least a gig of RAM I think it might be the one for me. If not, then I guess I’ll go for the Motorola for that high resolution display, which is the only thing (other than brand loyalty) that blows my skirt up.

    Ah, the internet. The place where you can voice your opinion in an arena where nobody cares :P

  • http://Website Mason

    I’m eager to hear whether this phone actually has the Tegra 2 – it’s probably my next phone if it does. It’s funny how they aren’t talking about it, though. On the one hand, the hardware looks the same and it’s hard to imagine they’d create a whole different PN with a single-core CPU for some reason. On the other hand, why wouldn’t they crow about being the first phone with LTE and Tegra 2? And if they know it’s single-core, why not at least mention that, since every other phone out there is.

    I’m also interested in what kind of skinning they’re doing on it (hopefully as little as possible), how good the camera really is (I’d rather have speed and good quality shots then ridiculous megapixel counts), and how hackable it will be.

  • http://Website Charlene

    The new iPhone 5 will be much better, this one looks dated!

    • GRAW

      I don’t even wanna bring up the millions of reasons that our hundres of different phones are better than your single phone. Serously, just STFU.

  • http://Website Tim

    All the reps at CES seem to be having a fit over the press messing with the phone. I believe over on engadget one of the reps kept trying to not let them even visit their web site. It seems extremely lame to me.
    Have you guys encountered these aggressive reps not letting you actually do anything with the phones?

  • http://nexuss.dk Nexus s

    It would be great to know if the revolution will come to europe

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