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LG Optimus 2X hands-on preview

The night before last we got a chance to play with the LG Optimus 2X behind closed doors, these are the pictures and video from that session.

As most of you probably know, the LG Optimus 2X is one of the first dual core phones, sporting an NVIDIA Tegra 2. The dual core processor should make an immediate difference to gaming, browsing the web (especially with Flash), and the like.

The Optimus 2X is packing an 8MP camera with an impressive burst mode, allowing you capture five images at very high speeds.

At some point Taylor will double back with his full thoughts on the device and our meeting with NVIDIA, we just wanted to get up the pictures and videos now for those of you eager to see this new superphone.

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  • http://Website Mark

    I swear at first glance, I thought that was an iPhone. I was like what’s the iPhone doing on “AndroidandMe”? lol.

    • http://Website R.S.

      I’m sure there will be those that rag on it for looking similar to an iPhone but IMO, who cares?! I highly doubt they are trying to make it look similar. They are simply making a screen dominated front.

      Plus how different can you really get without making a completely drastic change, that could in turn make it too weird of a design?

    • http://Website the golden glove

      Its metoo, they are copying the best. They always do. The iPhone is a marvel of fine engineering, design and world class technology.

      Im a proud iPhone owner and a proud american. Im buying american to support my beautiful country. Korea isnt beautiful.

      • http://Website Jean

        Your iPhone is made by FoxConn in the slave shops of China some of which have the worst conditions imaginable and employ children workers. You are not supporting America by buying your Iphone.

        Get a Clue.

      • http://Website 9812

        @the golden glove

        You are a F*cking Moron…

        Apple is a software company thay don’t manufacturer hardware,

        Apple just designs hardware for other (none american) companies to manufacturer for Apple.

        But, while Apple gets the credit, behind the scenes there are a host of other companies which has to build and deliver complex parts on schedule to make the iPhone possible,

        The LG Display Korea is the manufacturer of the Retina panels for the iphone 4.

        The Apple A4 chip used in both the iPad and iPhone 4 is manufactured by the korean company Samsung, which has a longstanding “foundry” (chip manufacturing) relationship with Apple.

        So much for buying american to support you’re beautiful country. LOL… XD


      • http://Website JJ

        America is NOT at all pretty- have you ever been to South Korea???? No I thought not

  • http://Website AceoStar

    Looking forward to hearing what you think of this one vs the Artrix and Bionic. Has there been a carrier announced?

  • SGB101

    hate the iclone styling but love the look at of the device, i wont be getting the first gen duels like i did with the snapdragon (not that i regret my desire).

    cant wait to see whats out come summer ooooooooooo yeeeeerrrr as Randy Savage used to say. now where is Elizabeth….

  • http://Website Padraig

    Does anyone know what carrier(s) will carry this phone? I’ll be torn if Verizon has it because the Thunderbolt looks so darn good.

  • http://Website Drew

    I don’t think it looks anything like the iPhone. I say bring it! I’m ready for more phones like this to launch on Tmo!

  • http://Website Binary

    What about dispaly quality? Is it good if you compare it to the Galaxy S or AMOLED screens?

  • http://Website Greg

    Very excited to see pictures and footage of this.

    Everything about it is awesome. Well, except for the ugly interface. Let’s hope this phone gets good developer community support.

  • http://Website Matt

    CAN NOT WAIT TO GET THIS PHONE.. They need to hurry up and release it in the UK. I think the UI is kinda great ,will make a change from using villainrom on my HTC Hero.Build quality looks amazing. Full 1080p recording is insane,think of how many people will be recording films in the cinema now with this handset :).. Games and internet super fast . What more could you want.. Surprise is LG have actually made a phone that works.

  • http://Website Mike

    I’ve already got my choices lined up: LG Optimus 2X or Motorola Atrix. Hopefully the Atrix isn’t too thick. Would also like to see specs on the Black, I’m sure it doesn’t have a dual core, but if it does I’ll pick it up for sure. Sasmung and HTC dissapointed at CES. Not one dual core phone shown from them. So to WP7. Yes I’ll be they’re waiting for MWC, but the least they can do is annouce some specs for phones. If the iPhone doesn’t already stand chance against current android phones, just wait till these phones come out. iPhone users won’t be happy, lol.

  • http://Website Paul

    BUT does it have a LED notification Light, this is the Number 1 hardware requirement for a touchscreen phone.

  • http://Website Roger

    What are the other Dual-core phones? Didn’t you say in another video that there are three Tegra-2 phones.

  • http://Website Joe

    I would like to know how much battery life this phone has.

    Although we know that the Tegra 2 is designed to improved battery life, we don’t know how much more battery life does this phone have than single core phones?