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Midweek Madness! Win a piece of Android history

We missed last week’s Midweek Madness and today’s was a little late, but I think we have prize that most Android geeks will love. I was at CES 2011 when the mobile computing revolution began and I scored some memorabilia to share with our audience.

While I was at NVIDIA’s booth they gave us a handful of Tegra 2 keychains. The monetary value of one of these keychains is probably only a couple bucks, but five years from now I wouldn’t be surprised to see one of these in a museum.

How to enter the contest

Leave a comment and tell us why you want a dual-core Tegra 2 phone. We have several keychains to give away, but only one is up for grabs this week. There are no rules for this contest and I’ll ship it to anywhere in the world. This contest will be open for 24 hours and I will announce the winner tomorrow night on this post.

Update: And the winner is… Maxwell. I want a Tegra 2 phone because “two brains are better than one”.

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  • http://Website Mike Shirling

    Once I get a Tegra 2 phone and this key ring I can actually show iphone peeps exactly what they are missing.

  • http://www.vanguardevelopers.com Armando

    I would like the the keychain because a tegra chip suspended like that is just cool. I want a tegra 2 phone because as new developer I need to have the next step in architectural evolution and that is a dual core design like tegra 2.

  • http://Website Michael

    I wanna show off this keychain to all my friends be cause I can’t really afford a tegra phone.
    Please pick me. :)

  • hammy007

    tegra 2 is such a huge advancement in smartphone technology. Right now im stuck with my blackberry but im going to switch to the Atrix once it comes out. :)

  • http://Website redhawk79

    I want a tegra 2 phone because it’ll be perfect for keeping up with my busy life and all the gaming i like to do on my phone.

  • Android Jr

    I want a Tegra 2 Android device because..
    1. Android gives the user freedom.
    2. Love Android.
    3. Always show off my rooted 1.1ghz Moto Droid.
    4. A dual-core and integrated graphics is awesome!!

  • http://droidcanvas.com Kleptine

    All hail the almightly random number generator, for he is to choose who shall win and who shall lose.

  • http://Website HVG

    I want a Tegra 2 smartphone because thats the step forward that mobile technology is taking, and as far as functionality and efficiency it seems that NVIDIA’s chip is the best solution available and it will be predominant this year and probably next as far as mobile power. Can I haz a keychain??

  • http://nuttyknot.com NuttyKnot

    Tegra 2 phone is the next big thing!

    I want one so I can say to iPhone users, my Tegra 2 phone has 2 times more core than yours!

  • http://Website dousmenko

    .. need for speed ;-)

  • http://Website David

    Really I want a Tegra 2 phone cause I want to investigate with the Android world. I’m a student with a Sony Ericsson W715 and I need a more exciting life!
    Good luck to the other people :D

  • http://Website imrblankie

    I would like a Tegra 2 phone because I’m tired of Samsung and the bullshit they pull the Galaxy S (and all of their phones). It’s an amazing phone but the lack of support is terribly annoying. I’m looking for a Tegra 2 phone because they are the new advancement in technology that we’ve been looking for, especially the Atrix 4G

  • nimrod

    I want a dual-core Tegra 2 phone because it will bring balance to the Force.

  • http://Website Wondering

    If the competition started on Jan 12 at 7:35pm and was open for 24 hours, that would mean It ended on Jan 13 at 7:35pm.

    Why are people still posting after this time?

    When will the winner be announced?


    • http://www.krathos.com Michel

      i agree…

  • http://Website Max

    Just joking but I want a dual core phone so I can use my DJ app and properly DJ without lag.

  • http://Website Dino

    I want a Tegra2 phone because its the phone to get

  • Sterling Howell

    I love my og droid but a want a faster phone with stock android so that i can actually use flash and air and watch south park on my phone.

  • http://Website Rakesh

    I work in mobile gaming and i need Tegra2 because i wann show it will overtake Iphone and PSP games

  • http://Website Duncan Mackenzie

    I should’ve won. The winning comment was rubbish.

  • http://Website Dejuanxg

    I want a dual core Droid Bionic because in a world that doesn’t Droid Does.

  • http://Website revs127

    history? i stil have my g1 now thats android history

  • http://Website Ernesto Lopez

    Flabbergasted filibustered fantabulously fictitious formalities formulated forensically forwarded flung and flinging towards a fanciful feast of fantango’d and fortuitoused phenoms forever found beneath the fires. Please give me the Tegra chip so I may be able to process the above sentence. Thank you.

  • http://hanif1719.blogspot.com/ Hanif

    I want Tegra2, it will make my life much more easier!!! no Lag ;p

  • http://www.chipsetc.com chipsetc

    We would love to have the remaining Tegra 2 Keychain so we can put it into the NVIDIA section of our Chip memorabilia collection. It would forever be on display for all the internet community and can be enjoyed by fellow chip collectors.

  • http://dribbler John Woodward

    I use the Xoom over my verse wireless connection and when I go to Starbucks on their free wireless – no extra cost, auto switching of open wireless networks, and blazing speed make this new tablet Xoom