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Midweek Madness! Win a piece of Android history

We missed last week’s Midweek Madness and today’s was a little late, but I think we have prize that most Android geeks will love. I was at CES 2011 when the mobile computing revolution began and I scored some memorabilia to share with our audience.

While I was at NVIDIA’s booth they gave us a handful of Tegra 2 keychains. The monetary value of one of these keychains is probably only a couple bucks, but five years from now I wouldn’t be surprised to see one of these in a museum.

How to enter the contest

Leave a comment and tell us why you want a dual-core Tegra 2 phone. We have several keychains to give away, but only one is up for grabs this week. There are no rules for this contest and I’ll ship it to anywhere in the world. This contest will be open for 24 hours and I will announce the winner tomorrow night on this post.

Update: And the winner is… Maxwell. I want a Tegra 2 phone because “two brains are better than one”.

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  • http://k3rnel.net Nushio

    I don’t want a Tegra 2 phone. I want a Tegra 2 tablet. That still counts, right?

    I’m really looking forward to the Xoom.

  • http://Website MIKEY


    • http://Website MIKEY

      With that said i want a Tegra 2 phone because of the sheer gaming capabilities and multi-tasking power its like turning chuck norris into a dual core mobile CPU and there you have a TEGRA 2

      • http://Website MIKEY

        Also to run crysis lol

  • http://mr-danielson.dk Daniel Lomholt

    Why I would have a Tegra 2-phone? Well, firstly I still have an old HTC Hero, that barely can’t run a game, without also having lag. If i have just around 2 programs open, its getting warm and slow, and I have taken a look at the LG Optimus 2X, which I think, will be the perfect phone for me, especially in multitasking. :-D


  • http://Website Will

    because as a firm believer in android even though i am using AT&T (one of the least android friendly networks till now). i am also one of the founders of the group The Android Stepchildren of AT&T on facebook. i am also a huge Tech Geek and a key-chain with a Tegra 2 chip would be a huge prize.

  • http://www.evoreto.com Sebastian Mauer

    I’d like a Tegra 2 powered device because NVIDIA is the first vendor with extensive knowledge and experience in both the cpu/chipset and of course gpu world. along with 3dfx (which is also history) they brought pc graphics to the amazing level we are at now. I’m expecting similar things to happen in the mobile world. With the dual-core trend coming to the Android world, the Tegra 2 is the solution im rooting for.

  • http://Website J-Man

    I’d want a Tegra 2 phone for the sheer reasons of power efficiency, the raw processing power and the future prospects dual-core phones have against the single-core phones out today.

    This coming from a Nexus One owner.

  • http://Website Ewan Duncan

    I want a dual core Tegra 2 phone so if it reboots as much as the Nexus S, it will do it twice as fast!

  • http://Website Tanner

    Dual-core means faster processing. Longer battery life.
    I’ll be able to use my phone as long as possible, while still having a damn good experience.
    As long as its android I’m in, but dual-cores just means its faster and more efficient.

    I wouldn’t mind a Tegra 2 tablet either.

    • http://Website Tanner

      Also a Nexus One Owner.

  • http://Website AndroidFTW

    I would love to have a dual core phone to use for development……… and also for bragging rights, and also for the horsepower and speed and awesomeness……

  • https://twitter.com/misskoula Miss Koula

    i just want to run my lovely Honeycomb :)

  • http://Website Eddie

    I wan’t dual-core Tegra 2 phone just because I could brag to my friend that it ‘s more powerful than his Mac :D

  • http://Www.TheGeeksFTW.com William McDonald

    I want a dual-core Tegra 2 phone because it has so much potential. As a Geek I use my current android phone for surfing the web, staying connected on twitter/facebook, emailing on the go, gaming, and much more. With the dual-core tegra 2 a phone can basically replace netbooks since it has a faster processor and I am looking forward to the games that can be played on a phone with the Tegra 2. Basically to sum it up I want a Dual-core Tegra 2 phone to continue being the Tech Geek I am :)

  • http://Website jamerson90

    Need moar angry birds! Android gaming is on the rise! :)

  • http://Website Josh

    I want a dual cored tegra 2 phone because it’s the processor to have. I started with the 528mhz processor in my g1 then I went to a snapdragon and now I’m at a hummingbird in my nexus s. All of those only have 1 core. I’m ready for a 2nd.

  • http://Website Nathan

    Dear android and me,
    I want this cause its awesome.
    That is all.

  • http://Website blksquad

    I want the Atrix!!!! It is def gonna own other phones and it’ll be cool to say “oh yeah, this is in my phone” and hold up keychain.

  • soulashell

    I want a tegra 2 phone!

  • http://Website brian

    That’s a rather net keychain.
    I’d like a dual-core powered android phone for many reasons. First and foremost is the raw processing power. (Tim the tool-man Taylor grunt)
    the 1080 video, the smooth transitions, lighting fast loading times are just a few.
    With such a proven processor in a mobile phone, our lives are staying more and more in our pockets as technology evolves.
    The tech-nerd in me wants to be apart of that as many of your readers here.

    Mainly, pure awesomeness aside – I don’t carry a camera. Its my wallet and my smartphone. Even with my 1GHz hummingbird my camera hasn’t loaded in time, or video looks like junk. I’d like to capture life as it comes and never miss a silly moment my daughter has again!

    Goodluck everyone on that key – chain. Sure has history on it!

  • http://Website Ryan

    My brother is using an old Win Mobile 6.5 phone and understandably, hates it. We are both getting the first dual-core Android phones when they become available on VZ. I’d love to send him this and get him stoked about finally becoming an Android user!

  • http://Website james

    I want one cause how amazing would it be to have 2 tigers in your phone? Two WHOLE TIGERS!

    What its said tegra?? Not tigers?… hmm well this is embarrassing….

  • http://Website Jake87

    I would love a dual core phone so that I can finally show up my friend that brags about his iPhone every two seconds… :-/

  • http://Website Stefany

    I have a BlackBerry, everyone knows how long they take to load. I’ve had it freeze when it’s 10 pm and I’m alone at school with a thunderstorm and no car or anyone to give me a ride home. It sucks having to wait 5-10 mins waiting for your phone to load when everything surrounding you looks like a horrible scary movie. With a Tegra 2 phone I’m sure this wouldn’t happen, I need one!

  • http://Website zedklind

    ive been following nvidia with their development on the tegra chip for a couple years now. having faster processing speeds with lower power consumption really peaked my interest because the phones ive had havent been able to last more than 12 hours. The video they showed off last year with a tegra 2 chip running the unreal 3 engine really excited me. To think we can play great games like unreal tournament 3 on a small portable device is astounding! i was this close to shelling out 400$ to buy a tegra 2 dev kit just to fiddle with it last year and im excited its finally being released in devices this year. Just a little disappointed with tmobile lol.

  • http://www.bewareofraj.com Raj

    I’ll be buying the Atrix 4G when my contract is up. I’ve loved my Nexus One, but the future of mobile computing is, in my opinion portrayed by the Atrix. Without the Tegra 2, I don’t think it would of been the great dual core monster it is. I hope to see more Tegra 2 powered phones in the future like the Atrix.

    Also been wanting for a while – multiplayer, multiplatform gaming! I can’t believe they’re making it possible!

  • http://zalzalaweb.com/jens anakin78z

    I want a tegra 2 phone because I don’t want to be limited by hardware. Be it video, gaming, or general computing, my phone needs to keep up with all my needs and should leave nothing behind.

  • http://www.twitter.com/ju12zo joey

    POWER. that is all.

  • http://www.sprint.com Matt Valenzuela

    Dual core! You know the score!
    It’s a blast cuz it’s blazing fast!
    Hell no, no more SLOW!

    Did I sum it up enough and in an entertaining way?

  • http://Website Zack

    I want it, because it’s fast and furious!

  • http://Website Gustav

    I want a Tegra 2 phone because it will bring in a new era of phone/computer hybrids like the Atrix 4G. Although i am probably not going to get an Atrix, i would still enjoy the power house that is Tegra 2. Cloud computing is entering the playing field, and Tegra will bring it to anyone anywhere.

  • http://Website Micah

    Well…i want the atrix and the atrix has a tegra 2 chip in it. Mainly the next phone that I will buy to be an upgrade to my nexus one, has to meet a few requirements. One of those is it has to be dual core, and so far, the tegra 2 chip seems to be at the cutting edge of technology. I want a true upgrade, not some of this bs single core crap that some of the people were trying to pull at CES!

    If I get the keychain it will match with my next phone anyways, as it’ll have a tegra 2 chip in it for sure!

  • http://Website ben

    I want more than one core!

  • http://Website Ilyse

    I want a Tegra 2 phone because I value my battery life and still want all the power I can get my hands on. And I’m a big fat show off and a dual core phone would be an awesome talking point, at least in my nerdy circle of friends.

  • http://Website Mohsin

    I want a dual core phone so i dont have to deal with lag.

  • http://Website John

    Im currently using a IHS from a AMD 3800X2 on my key chain (pics if requestedl) this would be a sweet upgrade.

    I want a tegra 2 dual core because.

    - battery life and performance increase
    - kicks ass to say i have a dual core phone
    - poor nexus one needs to rest.

  • http://Website Kevin Moore

    I believe Tegra 2 will open the possibilities of a greater gaming experience for myself an fellow Android users, developers should enjoy it too! But i find myself wanting a dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 “Superphone”, though i am interested in seeing what the manufactures can do to implement it into becoming a great device.

  • http://Website billbob

    I wan’t Tegra 2 on my phone because I want to be able to play better games and such gaming related features, two is better then one, the more the better, faster experience on my phone for internet and OS. I just really want to have Tegra 2.

  • http://Website cj

    Because it kicks a$$!

  • http://Website Matt

    I want one cause they are powerful and are making phones better then netbooks getting roid of the need for them anymore:)

  • http://Website Bik

    I would love a tegra based anything right now from sprint. hopefully they will announce something good at mwc next month.

  • http://Website Nate

    I want a tegra 2 phone because of the gaming, multitasking and low power consumption.

  • http://Website Jerry

    Because it’s the fastest phone in the world, and have the latest Mobile Technology in the world.. And of course.. I will get one of those phone!

  • http://Website Hianz

    I want a tegra 2 phone cause im a quite technical nerd and Nvidia fanboy who always needs the best at the market… (if i can afford it) (:.

    The Tegra 2 is a revolutionary SOC and beats out every single core phone out there. I was mind blown after i red the white paper of nvidia regarding the tegra2.

    I need a keychain anyway and this looks totally awesome!

  • http://Website Shags78

    Im definitely getting a new Tegra 2 phone when they hit the market because I want to be able to say I was there and took part when the real Android revolution began. Things are going to change big time! Now if I could just decide between Atrix or Bionic……hmmmmmm….

  • http://twitter.com/allanhansom Allan

    I would love a tegra 2 based phone to bridge the gap between phone and computer…and I just broke my keychain.

  • http://Website supportive

    I want a Tegra 2 Phone because I can make a phone call with it, while with a Tegra 2 keychain I can’t (but I still want the keychain) :-D

  • http://Website Amgad

    Terga 2 is amazing
    I want one so that my brother with his fancy iPhone would be jealous of me.

  • http://www.sheetsdesign.com CJ

    Why do I want a Tegra 2 phone? Simple, performance, performance, performance. Up until a little while ago I had doubts mobile devices would ever replace desktop computers. But now, from what I’ve seen at CES and how the tech is evolving so rapidly, I have to change my mind. I think Tegra 2, (and processors like it) are well on their way to accomplishing a true mobile computer in our pockets.

  • http://Website MDSanta

    I don’t want the processor I want that dime ^_^

    I’d want a phone running a dual core Tegra processor for obvious reasons. more POWAH!

  • http://nienhouse.net/ Nienhouse

    Tegra 2 =
    Live wallpapers on huge screens, smoothness on huge screens, and awesome games on huge screens.
    What more could one ask for? Oh! Some nice battery life too, without losing performance.
    Looks like NVIDIA’s got me covered!

    This key chain: a piece of what could easily become a “key” part in the history of mobile devices, and of course everything is so much easier to show off when it’s encased in plastic along with a nice looking 2010 dime!

  • http://Website Patrick

    1 word Biometrics.

  • http://Website Ban

    I want a Tegra 2 phone because it is an iconic step,for technology, but more importantly for android and more important than that for OPENNESS and FREEDOM.
    We are living in awesome times, WE are literally part of a revolution. We are witnesses to the unstoppable growth and success of an open source platform like never before.
    Tegra 2 is going to broaden android’s already amazing capabilities, and I want to be part of it, I want to be part of the history of the most successful open source platform. So in 10 years I can say I was there, when it all started.

  • http://Website Ben

    A dual-core Tegra2 Android phone is like a computer in my hands!


    Dual core means double the goodness for me, now I love macs but to have a phone tht can put the iPhone in its place is a must have for me. Not only do I want the droid bionic when it drops, but I want a keychain to prove my absolute devotion to android!

    From my unrooted (soon to be rooted) D1

  • http://Website Craig

    For bragging rights(and games.)

  • http://codethief.eu codethief

    I want a Tegra2 phone cos it rocks to have a machine whose overwhelming computing power fits in your hands. Besides I finally want a super-smooth GUI. My G1 is becoming increasingly slow…

  • http://Website Jeremy

    I want to easily multitask applications while playing highend unreal engine games and have the option of streaming directly to my HDTV if I want. Flash apps will run smooth and downloading movies to stream to my phone in HD will make my tegra 2 phone the best all in 1 device.

  • http://Website Matthew

    Gave my partner the Tegra 2 Viewsonic G-Tab for xmas – sadly we returned it after a few weeks because Square wouldn’t work on it – but otherwise, what a great device – I’d love to have tegra2 in my phone!

  • http://Website Coolio

    Id like a tegra 2 for the epic gaming experience and hopefully for better battery life.

  • http://Website Matthew

    I want a Tegra 2 phone because I think it would be awesome to have a phone that has more power then the laptop I bought only 4 years ago!

  • http://Website brendan

    I want one because I spend more money on phones than food

  • http://Website compuguy1088

    Because dual core is better than single.

  • http://Website sam k

    I am really excited for tegra 2 because I love seeing android grow an develop right before my eyes. Ever since I first heard of the “terminator” I knew I wanted one. From better battery peformance, to hardware acceleration, to better games, there are many reasons I want a tegra 2 in my phone.

  • ALX

    I want a Tegra 2 phone because it means (hopefully) better (and better looking) gaming on my phone.

  • http://Website The_Omega_Man

    I just want the dime!…..I’m not greedy!…..Plus, I have to save up for my next mobile device! :-P

  • http://Website Kaz

    man, not only am I an android fanboy (even convinced my sister in law to go android instead of waiting for the verizon iPhone), I am excited about tegra 2 because I am so sick of my slow-ass p.o.s. droid Eris phone!

  • http://Website Jimmy K.

    A Tegra 2 phone would make a perfect replacement for my G1. Oh, and the keychain would be nice! I may have to switch out my ET keychain.

  • http://Website Reddo

    Why do i want a dual core phone? ummm because it’s fast

  • http://Website Bob

    I want a Tegra 2 phone because I can finally ditch my 7 year old phone and have a single new phone that doubles as work and home phone forever!

    Plus, I like being able to be all up into the Tegra Zone!

  • mikedminor

    “I want my double-core double-core double-core”……………. :)

  • http://Website chris S

    Well, being a techie I would love to push my son towards the same direction when I eventually have one 15 years from now, when he’s at the age where he is mesmerized by the mystique of the world around him I plan on showing him all of the old technology that i have acquired over the years, my Droid, iPod video, and most certainly my Xbox, I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he marvels over these objects and tells me how crappy they are compared to the technology he has.

    We are amazed by this quarter sized dual core 1Ghz chip, well at least I am, he will probably tell me that it’s nothing compared to his quad core 3Ghz chip found inside his lightsaber.

  • http://pharaohtechblog.blogspot.com Conan Kudo (ニール・ゴンパ)

    Why do I want a Tegra 2 phone? I want one because my current phone is laggy, slow, and actively being quite annoying to me! It would be even more awesome if such a Tegra 2 phone supported both AT&T and T-Mobile’s 3G networks!

  • http://Website Enickel

    Ears: 2, Eyes: 2, Legs: 2, Hands 2 Tegra 2.
    Pairs make you complete, So why the core must be single?

  • AndroidFTW

    I want a T2 phone cuz i want better gaming, faster mobile computing and tons of other stuff!!

  • http://Website Chris

    I want one to play games on can’t wait

  • http://Website poldie

    I’d like that keyring because I’m a geek and I like that sort of thing.

  • http://kauelima.com/ Kaue Lima

    With two cores and one of them working as a coin i surely need one of those! Wait, you say that both cores are only in the left portion of the keychain? That’s amazing!

  • http://www.ihateblue.net Anton Ashardi

    I want to unleashed the power of the droid side :-D

  • http://Website Daniel

    I want a Tegra 2 phone so I can shut a guy up that I work with. He thinks his Galaxy S is the best handset ever made. I say there would be nothing like playing an unreal engine game that he can’t play.

  • http://Website TechnoSTIG

    I want a tegra2 dual core phone because Android is about to seriously take off in a way that we could only imagine. The games that will be coming out are going to not only benefit the android community but tech overall, we will soon be able to play console like quality games on a handheld device and it all begins with the processor leading the charge.

  • Darkmage89121

    i want one cause its going to be fast

  • http://Website adryan

    I want a tegra 2 phone because first of all I love Nvidia. They have always been the leaders when it came to computer graphics cards and making cutting edge graphics cards. Now having in the proccessing game i cant to see these bad boys pushed to there or atleast near there limit. So anything with Nvidia in it Equals WIN. I love cutting edge technology and as we can see once again whether it be graphics cards or phone processors with console like graphic capabilities Nvidia leads again.

  • DonChinga

    I would love a Tegra 2 phone because I can only imagine what type of stuff you can do with one. I probably would not know what to do with all that speed.

  • DPtheKid

    I want a tegra 2 phone because I want to brag to my friends saying my phone is twice as powerful as you phone and is basically a mobile computer. :P I also want to see there mouth’s drop when I tell them this! :D I want to push limits no be limits! I also love to be the first to having something no one else has.

  • http://Website Tim

    I think tegra 2 will be a game changer on new phones.

  • http://Website dnar56

    The day I heard about a “google phone” possibly being launched I couldnt contain my excitement. Then came launch day. I ran to the mall as fast as I could during my lunch break on that crisp october afternoon to get my hands on a new T-mobile G1. A few weeks later i heard some blogs talking about “rooting.” WTH is rooting I said to myself. A few short hours later I was having a heart attack, I thought I had ruined my iphone killer. I searched all through the night online and at about 3 AM I was running a new rom And that was day I fell in love with Android. About one year later the rumors of a 1gHz processor phone coming out from google. I flipped every cushion over, rounded up all the pennies I could and pulled the $560 (after CA tax) trigger to buy my brand new sexy Nexus One with live wallpapers the day it was released, never even holding the amazing looking hardware. It took a day and a half to get it, I almost died of anticipation but the wait was well worth it. That was the best phone I have owned to date. I then went to the Droid X then a few weeks later to a fascinate, neither compared to the N1. Now that im on verizon I will be there on launch day for the Droid Bionic but that won’t be for long as it’s getting sold for the first HTC dual-core phone. A keychain like this would be an awesome conversation starter on how I have been on the android bandwagon even before this wagon had wheels.

  • http://Website Andy in Indy

    I want a tegra 2 phone like the Atrix 4G, allowing me to use it as the core my “netbook” experience. Hey, why are we seeing Tegra 2 tablets but no netbooks?

  • http://Website Graeme

    I want one of these to show off my android and mobile computing geekyness!

  • http://Website Peter.S

    I want a Tegra 2 phone to have better looking streamed movies and to handle ANY task I can possibly imagine thrown at it without it even feeling a prick.

  • http://Website Kenneth

    It is plain SEXY and BEAST!

  • http://Website Jeffroid

    Why I want a dual-core Tegra 2 phone:

    2 words – Bleeding Edge

  • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com/ Aaron

    I want a Tegra 2 phone because I’m still running an old G1 which, even though I’m running CM6.1 and overclocking to 576 MHz and applied the new radio/HBOOT RAM hack, and have Firerat’s apps2ext script running, is still lagging behind. My sister just bought a Samsung Fascinate on VZW, not even aware it was an Android phone or what Android even is, and her phone out of the box runs circles around my highly-hacked/optimized phone!

    Also, I promise to stop kicking puppies for one day.

  • http://Website Zyk

    A phone with the Tegra 2 will be perfect to cure my blues from upgrading from my nexus one and finally putting it away

  • http://Website matty d

    It’s just a phat phone.

  • http://Website Austin

    Because Tegra sounds like TIGER,
    and everyone knows Tigers are flippin sweet.
    Flippin sweet.


  • http://www.twitter.com/sheanz Sean Brantley

    As I’ll never be lucky enough to hold or own a Tegra powered phone, This key chain could be the answer. I’ll finally hold in my hands the power of a true dual core phone, without actually using or having a dual core phone :). This would a great addition to my own geek’d out collection! Please o’ please.

  • SprintStrikesSwimmingly

    I want a Dual-core phone because it will truly be the iphone killer. Not only will it crush it in things such as quick and speedy multitasking, screen size and quality, 3D gaming, and overall Google experience, but it will also feature 4G! The rate at which manufacturers are releasing these phones is astonishing! Being on my dads advantage plan at Sprint has been great. The service is uncomparably cheap, lighting quick, and reliable. I remember the day the HTC Hero released. My dad purchased the Hero on day 1, and I was so impressed, I went back to buy one the following day. He now has the Evo, and I am stuck with my Hero. I am in desperate need for a Dual-core, so the event on February 7th better bring something big to Sprint. I thought I should also share that I live in Overland Park, Kansas. Sprint Headquarters!!!

  • http://itsalltech.com Andrew Weaver

    I want a Tegra 2 phone because I am a addict of speed. My Droid X has a single core processor, and it’s still slow. I. NEED. SPEED!!!

  • http://Website JOHNNY TORRES

    I want a Tegra 2 phone so I can tease all the iphone owners and show them what they are missing! Haha!

  • http://smartrevu.posterous.con Wes Campbell

    The capabilities that the tegra 2 have brought to the table.. Faster gaming, faster ui, faster flash, faster everything!

  • http://Website AndroidLuvR3R1

    Hey Androidandme.

    My name is Ken aka AnDr0iDlUvR3R1 -_-

    I really can’t say I know very much about Nvidia, But from what I know they usually put their “prints” on the graphics of Mac computers which are 1 of the worlds greatest laptops. Any type of chip that’s within a Mac and is going onto a smart phone is worth spending money on and I would love to own a Nvidia Tegra 2 device. But being on T-mobile, I don’t see anything that great coming into the company but I have been praying and hoping. All I want is something that could take the place of my already sold 32 gig ipod touch. Anything that could replace what my ipod could do definitely has my full support and it would be a great update from my current Moto cliq phone that I totally regret buying. I really could care less about a keychain as much as I personally want to see the LG Optimus 2X on T-mobile……..

  • http://Website Jeff S.

    I want a Tegra 2 powered phone because I don’t even have an Android phone yet. Everyone I know has smartphones except me. I’m patiently waiting for my upgrade, although it hasn’t been easy. I’d love the keychain too so I can start my car up faster. :-)

  • http://Website Kevin

    I want a tegra 2 phone because my poor little Nexus One is starting to seem slow!

  • http://Website Josh

    So I can show the Verizon Iphone bandwagon people what a Real phone looks and acts like!!!!

  • http://Website Jeffroid

    Hi, I’m from Singapore. Here in Asia, we do not receive much love from android (especially the high-end ones). Particularly in my country, an estimate had shown that 1 out of 4 owns an iPhone 3GS/4.

    Android is my first smartphone OS and I had always shown my support for it by reading and constantly updating myself via tech blogs from other countries (Sometimes I wish I’m at U.S where all the bleeding edge android phones are borned).

    I want a dual-core Tegra 2 phone because I believe that android together with its powerful processing will outshine its competitors. In the crowd of fruit phones in my country, I want the help from Tegra 2 to upgrade my next green robot to be the best – with powerful gaming capabilities and the best user experience. Now with Tegra 2, the competitors aren’t getting anywhere near.

    Fruit phones may grow but they may rot. But a green robot with Tegra 2 is like an upgraded optimus prime who will live forever.

  • http://Website russell

    I want a keychain that no one I come in contact with will understand

  • http://Website darcy


  • kwills88

    I got a t-mobile g1…is that enough for me to win this?…i am dying for a new phone but i am holding onto dear life with my g1 before i finally give it up for a newer model phone that’s gonna be out soon

  • http://Website JesterOC

    I want a Tegra 2 phone because I want to put all my iPhone using friends to shame. Oh and world peace.

  • Justin

    Wow, why wouldn’t I want a Tegra 2 phone? I’ve been starting to play a lot more games on my phone lately, and while my G2 has handled all of them handily so far, the ability to play more and more technically demanding games is definitely appealing. Just the idea of having something THAT powerful in the palm of your hand is pretty ridiculous.

  • http://Website tracksforhire


  • lokevng

    I would like the Tegra 2 to do more apps that are suitable for the work I do.

  • http://Website Pathare

    I don’t want a Tegra 2 phone I need a Tegra 2 phone. That being said, I don’t feel as if I’m able to really use even my current phone to its full potential (Epic) the battery life is just too short. The biggest thing I’m looking forward to is the battery life as well as the extra power I really hate when a device cant keep up with me.

  • http://Website Matt

    I want ass tegra 2 phone so that this damn madden 2011 game will run smooth with no lag

  • http://youtube.com/patsandsoxfan5 Alex Carlson

    I want a dual core tegra 2 phone so I can hold it up to an Iphone 4 user and make fun of them and tell them their phone sucks

  • http://Website Matt

    I want a tegra 2 phone so that this damn madden 2011 game will run smooth with no lag

  • http://Website Manny

    Because Im the one of the greatest fan of Nvidia, plus this website have bring all the info I need to have a Tegra 2 phone, right now I need it because i got no phone and this will be an awesme gift. Thank You

  • http://Website louis thevenot

    Oh hell who am i kidding, i know i want the moto atrix. That is a smoking hot phone.

  • http://Website louis thevenot

    I want the moto atrix because it is much better than the dell aero i have now. android os 1.5 sucks!

  • http://Website Vince

    Double your fun / Double your pleasure with Double Core Games

  • http://Website charlie

    I want a tegra 2 phone because my droid feels like a dinosaur just thinking about one. Droid 2.2

  • http://blog.applejay.com Kenny T

    i need it for the 1080p baby!

  • qcom

    A dual-core phone,

    No more lag, like the iPhone,

    • qcom

      Haha, my bad. I tried to post this haiku:

      A dual-core phone,

      No more lag, like the iPhone,

      Yay for Tegra 2!

  • http://Website McParty

    I’d love a Tegra2 phone, I’m still using my G1 and I’m out of contract so I’m pretty sure a Tegra 2 is on my Must Have list. I want something that will be fast, State of Art…and Tegra 2 fits the bill

  • http://Website Jerritt Lightner

    I want a Tegra 2 phone so i can complain about how slow it is going to be compared to the quad core phones that will be released in 2012.

  • http://Website Tom

    I want a Tegra 2 to be able to show off the awesomeness of the phone and the power of android.

  • http://Website zhect

    I want tegra2 powered phones cause I still have my g1 =D

  • http://facebook.com/mika.sh.wee MiKa S.H. Wee

    Tegra 2 phone? I just want an android device, and, knowing that it’s open source, wish to install ubuntu on it for everyday computing… now to get tegra 2 fully working in ubuntu…:D

  • http://Website Roman D

    Tegra 2 just to have CM7 blazing fast :)

  • http://Website Andrew S.

    I like stuff. Stuff makes me happy. Especially stuff that will hopefully power my next phone.

  • http://Website riknos

    I want a tegra 2 phone for the outstanding battery life, multitasking, and gaming performance.

    Note: I won one of the smartphone coasters a few weeks ago, but havn’t yet received it…

  • http://Website Marek

    Hi, I’d like a Tegra 2 phone because their awesome first of all. With a Tegra 2 phone i could sell my laptop cause my phone will be better than my laptop. Then I could afford my college classes and use my phone for all my work.

  • http://Website JC Onofre

    Having a dual core phone its going to be awesome.

  • http://Website Patrick Gasnier

    I’m From Brazil and Android is taking it`s first steps over here.
    It`s really hard to be able to get a fine piece of phone running android around here.
    I`d really like to have that phone to be able to enter the android World with total power!
    To run many apps at once without any problems and to run the greatest graphics!
    I’m really looking forward to develop apps in the android platform and having this phone would be really amazing!
    And the keychain would totally simbolize that android is coming at full force to Brazil!

  • http://Website Maxwell

    Two brains are better than one.

  • SGB101

    i have a gen 1 snapdragon and would love a tegra2 device, but will have to wait till late summer.

    So if you send me this Il have my desire rolling on the tegra2 :P

    So please guys send one my way :-)

  • MitchRapp81

    I want a Tegra-2 powered tablet because the XOOM video blew my damn mind.

    I want a Tegra-2 powered phone because I’ll be jealous of everyone who has one while I’m using my N1 (hey, still a great phone :P)

  • http://Website Alan U.

    I would like a Tegra 2 device because Im stuck on a clunky g1 with the old cpu/gpu which isn’t great!
    I hear that the tegra 2 would be better than samsungs hummingbird processor. The ui should go smoother and 3d gaming would be great! Dungeon defenders here we go.
    This tegra 2 device I want would be great and faster, smoother and have higher specs than last years phones. I use a lot of apps so having this would boost all the great apps I know and love and would better experience my old but awesome g1. Having to upgrade to a new great tegra 2 would be awesome and this keychain would greatly symbolize it.

  • http://www.DontHateTheGeek.com The Geek

    That would be great on my desk. Hook it up guys!!!!

  • http://androidpolice.com Nate

    After living with a MT3G for over a year (currently using it as my daily device thanks to my HD2′s broken screen), I want a dual core phone because I cannot stand lag. Seriously. It takes nearly 30 seconds just to open the Market.

  • http://www.twitter.com/lVloose Moose

    I want a tegra 2 phone so that i can shove it into all my lame assed BB and iPhone friends faces. SHow them what REAL POWER is all about.

  • http://Website Justin

    I want a Tegra 2 Android phone because i want to see what dual core is like. I want to see if it kills the battery like we thought it would. And i want to see if the speeds are really noticeable.

  • tphillips78

    I’d like a tegra 2 keychain for all the heartache and suffering I’ve endured during this whole Samsung Epic4G froyo debacle because the 2 year contract I’ve sign I will likely never see a Tegra 2 phone. That and my wife and I found out we are having a baby girl and this keychain will be hers when she is born around May 28th. Thanks and I hope you pick me. :-)

  • http://Website Jeff

    I would love to have an nvidia tegra phone simply because it would be a great upgrade from a mytouch3g, I am constantly on the road and like to play some games in my down time and not be so laggy :(

  • http://Website Gram

    I want a Tegra 2 phone, I own the g-tablet with the Tegra 2 and it screams! (even with the bad version of Android that was pre-loaded) I have an HTC Magic and have been waiting for the T2 in a phone since it was announced more then a year back. I hope the may a clamshell one with full keybord and 4″ screen on the inside and regular phone with small screen on the onside. But hears dreaming!

  • http://www.mobigyaan.com Ajit Pillai

    i would love a tegra 2 phone because the phone will be very fast and the phone will not under perform when multiple application are running together and high end games will work smoothly even if there are applications running in the background!! Android Rules!!!

  • http://Website Matt D

    I cannot wait for the Bionic to come out.

  • http://Website Victor

    I want a dual core Tegra 2 phone to unleash the true power of Android!

  • http://Website Dansavi

    I want a Tegra 2 phone because it’s just mind-blowing that there’s going to be dual cores in phones now. My first graphics card was a…Nvidia GeForce 8600GT. I remember that and then dual core changing my experience with computers completely, and now its gonna be in my phone? Makes me feel old.

    Ranting aside, it’s just going to take a good company putting out good hardware to make me put down my MotoDroid because of the customization factor and hard keyboard. And Tegra 2 seems like it might be able to do that.

  • http://Website Kevin Wibowo

    I want both Tegra 2 Phones and Tegra 2 Tablets …… bring me the Atrix and XOOM !!!! but before I get them devices, a tegra 2 keychain will do just nice =)

  • http://Website Prabhjot S

    I want a Tegra 2 phone just because of its awesomeness and that i can also finally get to show it off at school and beat those iphone fanboys and get the chicks! Well since its also the state of the art technology out there as of the moment and gives the need for speed. Faster performance and longer lasting battery life by 40% gives me the opportunity to steal the girlfriend of the apple fanboy when his phone dies out. As i am a gamer it would be awesome to play the amazing games tegra 2 has to offer.
    Well and that i am also a gadget freak and i love technology getting one of these tegra 2 phones will make me awesome. I love Android OS and live wallpapers on the tegra 2 phone would just melt the hearts of the chicks when i show them a wallpaper they would like to see. i hope that these phones will be able in Africa ASAP!! I am so hyped to get one of these awesomely awesome phones.!!!

    Long live android

  • http://Website Jonathon D

    I did not want a Tegra 2 phone… that was until I saw the Atrix, now I cant wait for Tegra 2.

  • http://Website Jay Williams

    I’ve been looking for something small to replace my tablet pc so I could bring all my data to work and on trips and actually have the speed to use it, this would be awsome.

  • http://Website Kevin

    I want to crack this thing open, take out the chip and put it in my Vibrant! Maybe it will help with the lag until Sammy sends us the Froyo update. Or put my keys on it and show off to all my iphone friends!

  • http://Website Ken

    The only reason that i still buy an iPod touch is to play games on it, because it does, indeed has better games compare to android. So, with duo-core tegra 2 phone, it opens up for much better quality games. As a result, i can totally show it off to my friends who are still using iPhone and recommend Android phones to them.

  • http://Website Matthew Chandler

    My Samsung Moment just isnt cutting it. I’d love to play with the new stuff and see what it has to offer.

  • http://Website Newton

    looking forward to the year of dual core would love to get a beast of a phone

  • http://Website atul0002

    i want a tegra 2 phone so i can sleep with my girlfriend using the webcam without any lags.

  • http://Website Bobby

    I want a dual core phone because they’re just plain amazing. It’s. Just. That. Simple.

  • http://Website Quetheman

    I want a Dual – Core Tegra 2 phone because for those of us that are old enough to remember when the first cell phone was a Motorola Brick phone…. or having your first Motorola Star Tac phone. So looking back to where we have come from to where we are now is just amazing. And in the next 1 to 2 years where we will be, seems like the sky is the limit. We have only began to see what a smartphone can do!

  • http://Website Jonathan Cherry

    I freakin love Android! G1 to Nexus One… And I’m super stoked about this huge step in the evolution of Android. I plan on leaving Tmo for the Atrix, and it would be sweet to show people whats in it.

  • http://Website Nathan

    I want a Tegra 2 phone because I’ve had a good run with my moto droid, and I want to be able to play Gun Bros the way it was meant to be played… I want a Tegra 2 tablet as well, because the Xoom is going to be killer

  • http://Website Geraldo

    I want a Tegra 2 phone cuz I’m still stuck with a G1 and I can’t take the slowness anymore… I’m hoping to be saved one day…

  • http://Website sq4ind

    I would like dual core phone, because my old Android based phone is very old, it is the first phone with Android on it (g1)… and I can do almost nothing on it, even I can not play Angry Birds, so I would be pleased if I can win one.

  • http://Website Don

    psssh counter strike source on my phone duh

  • http://Website hnn

    I love my Nexus One (running Gingerbread!), but, given the nature of these things, being one year old is pretty old. I would love a dual core phone for two reasons, mainly:

    (1) update on UI performance, as evidenced by my poor Nexus One stuttering along when using the Microbes live wallpaper from the Nexus S (though I realize the Gingerbread drivers are not optimized for the Nexus One yet, without an OTA); and

    (2) I love the promise of increased performance with better power management.

    To me, dual core is like fuel injection a few decades ago or direct injection more recently for the internal combustion engine: more power AND better efficiency. It exemplifies progress in engineering and human achievement.

    Hence, the keychain is pure geek cool!

  • http://Website kris

    I think it would be easier to ask why I don’t want one lol

  • http://Website Sayed Mohamed

    I need a Dual-core Mobile because i always on the rode and i wish if my Mobile become a laptop-replacement… in another words because my mobile isn’t should be just a phone since i need a laptop in my pocket … right now i have Samsung Galaxy S and it cannot handle my needs since it’s always restart automatically when it is under heavy load so i think Dual-core will meet my need :)

  • http://Website Will /aka Joe6Pack

    By the way I am registered as Joe6Pack

  • http://Website Matej

    This is simple WHY? Scalable speed of two CPU cores allows much better power managment. Faster CPU/GPU with Hdmi means that my children can plugin in almost every TV and show their pictures, movies, and gaming skils to their grand parents, friends, … (me too)

  • http://Website George K

    I want a Tegra 2 dual core phone because theres 2 cores of at least 1Ghz of power per core and you will only need one device to do almost everything.

  • talisman

    I would love a dual core phone – one core for me one for my loved one.

  • http://Website Brad

    Because it’s fast and I wanna go fast just like Ricky Bobby. And remember if your not first your last.

  • http://Website Highlyanimated

    Coolest key-chain I have seen in a while.

  • http://Website maedox

    I want a Tegra 2 phone to play games, multimedia over HDMI and be able to brag to all my geeky friends. :D As a tech geek I need something new and cool to play with now and then. LG Optimus 2X is already ordered, and I really want a Xoom. I’m hoping it will be easier on the battery than my Nexus One.

  • http://Website Zak

    Mostly just because of the better battery and being able to say that I was one of the first.

  • http://Website Max

    I want a Tegra 2 phone so that I can have the fastest phone around and so I can laugh in my Mac fanboy friend’s face!

  • http://Website BogartOfElCajon

    When I first had the very first iphone back in 2007, I thought it was the fastest phone I’ve ever had. But 2 years later it became sluggish and chuppy.
    Now I have my nexus one. I know it’s faster than my previous iphone. But I believe a Tegra 2 processor will do better for my day to day mobile computing.

  • http://Website Dave D

    I want a dual core Tegra 2 phone in hopes that I’ll never have to experience any lag while using my phone again. I’m also excited about its gaming benefits.

  • http://Website Theo

    I want a dual-core Tegra for just one thing: plain raw power

  • http://Website JeppeJ

    I want a Tegra 2 phone so badly that I will attach that keychain to my HTC Desire and call it a Tegra 2 phone…

  • DirtySimpleClean

    Alot of good and funny reasons lol.

    I personally want a Tegra 2 phone because I have been with Android since 1.5 and I’ve personally seen its growth. I’ve rooted, tweaked, overclocked, and flashed different roms, and have been loving the freedom of an open source platform. Since day one I’ve always said Android is just in its beginning stages and will demolish the IPhone someday. The IPhone is at OS Version 4, and Android is at 2.3/2.4 (Can you imagine what Android is going to be like at version 4?!?!?). That day has been getting closer and closer with the EVO, Droid Inc, Nexus S etc. and the Tegra 2 is the confirming action. It is a mile marker in Android history, and this is the device (Atrix 4G) I am going to pull my trigger on and finally buy a new phone as new phones are always coming out. I currently own a Inc running Gingerbread =P and yes I am very pleased with the phone coming from a G1 then a Eris. Performance is very much more liking to my needs, but when you get a faster phone, you become faster and the phone becomes slow again. This is where the Tegra 2 comes in with its dual core processor, amazing graphics (DUH its Nvidia, best graphics company IMO), AND its just makes the IPhone look like child’s play. I am a very patient person in general (I am a sales lead @ Best Buy Mobile =] ) but for this phone I feel like a little impatient school girl begging to get that new barbie doll. I see new phones come in all the time, but this phone is THE ONE. My cellular soul mate.


    PS, I’ve never personally won any contests like these, but if for some reason I do, I will get an Android tattooed on me. No Joke. AND I’ll post pictures.

  • ANtiHazarD

    why i want a dual-core Tegra 2 phone:


    Because the phone is based on this processor allows you to open for
    people new frontier of possibilities. It combines all that is only
    possible – from easy and comfortable to use your phone, to use the most powerful applications and HD gaming and a truly elegant using a web browser and the Internet.

    Life becomes more interesting with these devices, because they set up on
    positive attitude every morning, when you hold them in your hands when
    you feel that your opportunities today are not confined to the mobile version
    google.com :-)

    It’s all together and gives everyone us a great desire to possess,
    enjoy and feel all that power and originality in our hands ….

  • http://emmanuelpelletier.com/android/ Leimi

    Oh dear I want that. And I want a tegra 2 phone so that I can play without any lag at all my favorite games (it’s a Hero user talking here).

  • http://Website Steve

    I would like a Tegra 2 phone so I’m in on the action when someone finally does VR properly.(http://www.amazon.co.uk/Halting-State/dp/B002TXZR6S/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1294913343&sr=8-3) (http://radar.oreilly.com/2009/06/iphone-virtual-reality.html) #HaltingState

  • http://Website Mike Burns

    Dual-cores is certainly an improvement over even the Galaxy S. I can only assume it would minimize/eliminate lags as Android OSes continue growing and demanding more power/resources.

  • http://Website steve wright

    To make my Iphone user friends cry :P

  • http://Website Jan

    I want an nVidia Tegra 2 phone because I’m stuck with an old Samsung Galaxy i7500 (the first Samsung Android). The support was terrible and lasted a mere 6-7 months. That’s what you get for being an early adopter at Samsung {:

  • http://Website Matt Wright

    So that I can multitask on my phone as much as I do in life when Im cooking, singing, dancing, texting and drinking :)

  • http://Website Oliver Welch

    Because if I don’t i’ll just feel inadequate ! I have to have the latest hardware !

  • http://Website Sam Hall

    Because I have an iphone4 and I want to switch to android as im tired of having second rate hardware :( And the UI is so boring… I want some widgets to play with !!! Not sure which to get though… atrix?

  • http://covenoftheharbinger.com/board Rollo Tomasi

    I’d like to be able to do more effective multitasking. On my OG Droid I have a hard time streaming audio & doing other tasks like reading Tweetdeck or playing games.

  • http://Website Flo

    I’m a tech freak, I just need power and the newest stuff all the time.

  • http://Website Morne Wolfaardt

    I would be the first and only person in the whole of South Africa to have a dual-core Tegra 2 phone! Will make news headline all over the internet ;) and then I can replace my Nexus One with this one.

  • Czaper

    Because it’s more powerful than my netbook, and that’s the overkill.

  • http://Website Ettienne Scharneck

    Wondrous free Android phone bearers

    I want to plead that you envision that I Ettienne Scharneck want, nay, deserve to wield the awesome power of the Tegra 2 phone. I will bring down the incredible high definition wrath of the ancient makers down my enemies and the enemies of those gracious enough to bestow such a wondrous tool unto my deserving person. But, fear not for I shall use this as a force for good and my objectives include:

    -Solving World Hunger
    -Bringing about World Peace
    -Watching Videos of Funny Cats

    Generations to come will tell the story of the Ten-Fingered Ettienne and the phone of power.

    Don’t be afraid of your destiny. Do what must be done, give me the phone.

    Ettienne Scharneck
    Second Echelon Gadgeteer, order of the Vermillion Youtube Comment

  • http://Website radu balanescu

    I love mobile gaming,i so love to change my phones very often,but for the last 6 months i have the galaxy s,and there is nothing out there to replace it,exept from the motorola atrix,come on tegra:)),power my next dream phone

  • http://Website dubbboy

    A Tegra 2 dual-core phone…. I had a dream a long time ago… a mobile desktop pc… a small laptop… a smarter phone… a phone with flash… all combined, i want it all my desktop on to go, to do whatever i want, anything i do on my desktop to do on my (phone) dual-core Tegra 2 phone…. let us begin

  • http://Website Tim

    Go big or go home. If you want to play games, might as well get a processor made by a graphics card manufacturer.

  • http://Website Mike

    i’d love a dualcore phone because im still using a Nokia 5300 Express Music, which isnt even capable of internet access! I’d love to experience the power a dualcore phone, better yet an android phone has!

  • http://www.stroz.net Benjamin M. Strozykowski

    I have been using an HTC Hero for months after I became eligible to upgrade on Sprint precisely because I knew the dual-core Tegra2 phones were becoming available.

    The Epic 4G could have been in my hands, but I decided to wait it out and bide my time for a Tegra2 phone. It looks like I won’t be disappointed when it comes time.

  • pickle

    Dual Core on Android, dreams really do come true.

  • http://mobileboard.blogspot.com piter1225

    Would be great to win this, while I’m waiting for Optimus 2X or Atrix to come :D

  • http://Website Anonymous

    With a Tegra 2 CPU, each of our Android devices would move from 100x better than the iPhone to 200x better. Oh the envy then.

    PS: Seriously? Someone went thru each & every post & voted them down? How mature is that?

    • http://Website Anonymous

      Sorry for what seems like a double post, my internet connection broke & it didn’t seem it had posted the 1st time. Thats what i get for using my girlfriends MAC.

  • http://Website Anonymous

    With a Tegra 2 CPU, each of our Android devices would move from 100x better than the iPhone to 200x better.

    This will make computing so much better for us. Smoother, faster running apps, web browsing, updates, etc., all will better battery life. Oh the envy then.

    PS: Seriously? Someone went thru each & every post & voted them down? How mature is that?

  • http://flashfilmmaker.com Ibis

    Tegra 2 is a major milestone in hand held computing. It’s sad that it’s 2011 and were still calling these devices “phones”. Of course I want one.

    On a side note, why cant the tablets simply come with a detachable blue tooth headset so that you can still use the device to make calls?

  • http://Website Ratsel Feinschmeker

    Because I want to see just how ridiculous it can be to have a phone that has as much if not more computing power than a netbook.

  • http://Website Rachel

    I want a dual core phone simply because I’m tired of the slow piece of junk that I have but simply can’t afford an upgrade right now….hopefully soon but only time will tell. But I would love to have th phone too because it would be great to actually use all features of a phone! That and the keychain would be awesome to put in my daughters baby book.

  • http://Website Jaems

    I want a Tegra 2 phone so I can f#%*ing play Jet Car Stunts without slowing my phone to a crawl.

  • Ryan

    Tegra 2 gets me really excited because of its gaming potential and because I know it’ll run Android 2.3 like butter and my Droid doesn’t.

  • http://Website Alex

    I’d like to have the a phone with a Tegra 2 because I want a phone with the best performance.

  • royksopp82

    I need this keychain so I can tell/explain my iPhone user friends that what’s my android phone has inside and tell them what my phone can do but they can not do. See their disappointed long faces, priceless.

  • http://Website GrandDevil

    Epic awesome keyring to rule them all…I take it into Mordor!

  • http://Website greg

    II want a tegra 2 phone cause sometimes my HTC is slow…

    • http://Website greg

      Oh and don’t forget the battery life!!! Send from a HTC desire

  • MC

    I’ve grown weary of buying new, “toys” only to have them rendered obsolete within a few months. With a dual-core, and considering plans for a future release of a new Android OS that can utilize the processor effectively, there’s the distinct possibility the little beauty won’t be obsolete within…
    more than, “a few months.” (?)

  • http://www.theroadblog.com Jory

    Lets just be honest… I could say it’s for some great ap or business reason but the truth is I want one because it is there, it’s like climbing a mountain – we all love our new tech and just like a mountain I can’t wait to see whats on the other side. (Might be one of the reasons my morning routine includes a trip to this website :)

  • http://Website Pablo

    I am now waiting for such a long time for a Tegra 2 phone. More and more info is coming and now I can’t stand my G1 anymore. Yep, still using it and I have to for 2.5 more months. Then it’s time for a LG or the Motorola Atrix, FINALLY!!

  • jlamb30

    I want one because I want the fastest device available.

  • http://Website Sora21

    Actually im gonna get the Tegra 2 with the XOOM. I was thinking of buying tab but after i heard that the android was for phones, i thought i might wait for motorola’s tablet.And xoom didnt betray me : it has Honeycomb, Tegra 2 and 4g support.!
    im actually getting the device firstly because i am a total computer geek so i really want a tablet , and secondly because my netbook never actually left me satisfied
    i REALLY REALLY want the keychain, but in case i am not picked, please let me know how i can get any of those..O.O

  • Joe6Pack

    I want a NVIDIA anything I have been a Fan of NVIDIA since 1995 started out with a NV1 chip, And have been through oh I cant tell you how many nForce mobo’s and gpu’s to my current 480 GTX’s in SLI, GAMING GAMING GAMING So I would love to be able to sport that key chain along with the Droid Bionic on day 1 when BIG RED releases it. Currently using a DROID 1 but not for long upgrade ready and so am I.

    Here is a couple of video on youtube that I post when I was runing 3 NVIDA GPU’s


  • http://mobileboard.blogspot.com piter1225

    Why I would love to have Tegra 2 device?

    Because of great power of NVIDIA CPU.

  • http://Website Parik

    Always been an avid supporter of Nvidia and Google as I always thought they were the pioneers who will give us Instant Teleportation into a game someday.
    Have the Motorola Milestone for a year now and hating Telus(Canadian Network Provider) for not even letting us upgrade to the Android 2.2. Every day I log into this site and read about the myriad of spectacular improvements Google are making and filled with regrets that I have to wait at least a year more before I can even get a taste of all this.
    I guess winning a contest like this would at least make me feel that the wait is worth it. And having it in my pockets won’t make me a liar when I say that I have “Tegra 2 in my pockets”… :P

    • http://Website Parik

      Shoot. I didn’t even write why I wanted a Tegra 2 phone. Disregard the last message please…
      Tegra 2? You had a video from CES 2011 showing that it was capable of playing the same game that was being played on an ALIENWARE Laptop and PS3 (Arguably the best graphics rendering machines of the current age)… I know it’s still far from running Uncharted 2 right now. But it’s a promise of things to come from Nvidia (who never disappoint)
      Just imagining having that incredible power in my hands which actually can fit in my pocket makes my head swirl. Reason enough?

  • http://Website Greg

    I want a Tegra 2 phone because I have an addiction to having the fastest, most efficient phones in existence. I have my next phone narrowed to two, and both have Tegra 2 chips. And let’s be serious, this would take my geek cred to the next level!

  • http://Website jojo

    why do i want a dual-core tegra 2 phone??.. hopefully a better battery life for one and a huge step closer to running pc type games on a device you can put in your pocket!!!. imagine playing fallout 3 on your phone.. imagine NOT having to charge your phone when you go to bed!!!!… SEE whats happening, mention tegra 2 and imagination is REBORN. they shouldn’t call this chip “tegra”, they should call it GENESIS!!!!, (though not after the band, haha), “and into phone he placed the tegra 2 chip, and he was pleased, “go fourth and bring joy to the world “, ”

    so thats why i want one, to bring joy to all those around me, to give them hope, see how selfless i am. ;-)

  • http://Website Gary

    I want better battery life and smoother graphics, that is why I want a tegra 2

  • http://www.dntech-us.com Bindee

    I want a Tegra 2 phone because of the multitasking…and gaming. I’m using my phone for work at all hours of the night. A dual core processor will allow me to do much more..and much faster.

    Cant wait for the Droid Bionic to come out!

  • http://QuickAndroidonfacebook,www.youtube.com/quickandroid(youtubechannelstartingJan14th) sri

    I have got only one nexus S for my wife instead of two initially planned for … reason is nothing but Nexus S will have the best software and I wanted the other phone to have the best hardware. NVIDIA tegra 2 stands there, it is surely one of the best processors of mobile industry in today’s world. As I wait for LG Optimus 2X on T-Mobile, atleast this keychain will keep me happy for the time being.

  • http://Website Ben Yates

    A Tegra 2 phone would be fantastic, but right now i just need to spruce up my keychain with some android swag

  • tagon

    Why do I want a Tegra 2 phone? Because I will be the first person I know to have one, not sure which one I will get yet, but I know I will be the first.

  • http://Website Jorge

    After watching some CES videos of the attic 4g, why wouldn’t. I want a tegra 2 phone! It most definitely has the potential to unify all your hardware needs to just on device. It’s almost like carrying around your own cloud.

  • http://Website Thomas

    After my Nexus One died (don’t I ask me how and why), I was looking for a new phone with Android. The HTC Desire HD is probably the best I can get here in my country, at the moment.

    Thanks to certain site/ news, I was teased incredible performances of this chip. I’m waiting for the first Tegra powered phone to be released. It will be my new phone.

    Why this chip? My computer uses a Nvidia GPU. I’m surprised by how well the chip performs, especially since it was just a cheap set. Gaming, watching movies – It does it all without problems. I do believe this little Tegra chip will impress me, when I’m holding a cell phone with one.

  • http://Website Sebastien Coulombe

    The main reason is raw gaming power, but also the added benefit of the lower power consumption.

  • http://Website nezuko

    I want TEGRA 2 phone coz it’s so damn awesome make me wanna sell all my gadget only to have this phone. It does the HD and game flawlessly, and with the advanced power management from nVidia, the battery is last longer for such a heavy duty chip. All in all, TEGRA 2 is the real implementation of cortex A9 in the market with actual device ready to be shipped, not that kind of bigtalk among cortex a9 based chip like qualcomm and TI. I watched the hands on the LG Optimus 2x by android and me team and impress with what it can do. Right now I use Optimus 1, and want so badly to change to Optimus 2X once it already shipped in my country.

  • http://Website Eduardo A. Gonzalez

    Why the only reason i want a Tegra-Two Phone? One reason, Performance! Dual-Core Processor:
    ) Ive been with Sprint for many years already and i have the Sprint HTC Hero. Not the best phone. So much lag with in the phone and i cant even play a single and simple game on the Hero. Ive tired deleting some apps and clear up some memory with in my phone but nothing works. it overheats sometimes and freezes and reboots randomly because of its performance. (For everyone to know, im running stock Android 2.1 on my hero, my phone is not rooted and i never will root it) If i had a Tegra 2 phone, it would be the best and it would be impossible for a game to freeze while i play it! I was always sobbing for a Google Nexus One, but im not sure yet if i should get it because on now all the dual processor phone, The Google Nexus One has only 1ghz Processor and its still a great phone! But i would definitely want a Tegra 2 Phone!! Nexus One is still on my mind but Im with Tegra Now!!!:)

    • http://Website Eduardo A. Gonzalez

      Also with the new operating systems now, Froyo 2.2 and Gingerbread 2.3, It will be the best combination of the Tegra 2 Phone!!! With Cortex A9 and HD graphics for gaming, Tegra Phone will be the best!! The reason why i want a Tegra 2 phone is because its so awsome!!!

  • http://Website Danny

    Answer: power.

  • markso

    It will go nicely with my Advent Vega Tegra 2 powered tablet.

  • GE918

    So I can get this “CHIP” off of my shoulder . It’ll feel better on a keychain.

  • http://Website JimboLodisC

    I would like a Tegra 2 phone, but would LOVE a Tegra 2 keychain. I am currently waiting for the shop to call me right now and tell me the $820 worth of repairs has completed. Having a Tegra chip on my keychain might ease the anger every time I get my keys out of my pocket.

  • http://Website Stephen

    I want a tegra 2 because I just got a desire HD and it’s already outdated. Keeping up with technology costs a fortune (Which I don’t have).

  • http://Website Rich

    Why do I want a Tegra2 phone? It’s a DUAL CORE PHONE! How awesome is that? I use Nvidia graphics cards in my PCs and know it will kick ass. Root the phone, get a custom kernel, and see how far we can overclock this bad boy!

    That, and unlike several people here. I am not going through and hitting the “-” button on everyone’s post thinking that will increase my chances. Wow people are jerks.

  • http://Website Dan

    Cuz its the future

  • http://www.krathos.com Michel Eduardo

    Yo quiero un telefono con Tegra 2 para ser el mas chingon de entre todos los que me rodean y tener el celular mas poderoso sobre la fas de México… muajajaja (risa malvada).


  • http://Website mikeymop

    I want a dual core android phone so I can experience android in it’s true glory. Running at a blazing speed with absolutely no lag.
    Everyone in my town have iPhones and Blackberry’s and never stop to knock on my phone whenever something goes wrong or doesn’t work (usually because of using experimental ROMs) they’ll complain about how even at 1ghz there is still some lag.

    I also use my phone for EVERYTHING, when I bought my Android phone I solicited use of every other gadget, that means it’s my primary music, video player. I read eBooks on it, I use it instead of my old Garmin navigation system. I even use it to tether my laptop when I’m at the beach without WiFi.
    I share the privlages of Android with my family so when I’m navigating using Maps, and tethering my sisters iPod Touch in long car trips and letting my little brother play Angry birds, things do bog down quite fast.
    Enjoying the speed, and battery improvements of a dual core phone would be great and I can’t wait to jump on the flagship, my months of saving up will have paid off.

    I’ve never won a contest like these and don’t expect too, but this is one nice souvenir I’d show all my friends.

  • http://www.cghm.org Covert

    Two words: more power.

  • mike80x

    I want one for the gaming capabilities.
    Also the key chain is cool too.

  • http://Website Perry

    Why do I want a Tegra 2 dual core phone? Because I’m a shameless tech whore who’s been on Android’s jockstrap since the G1. Looking to get a new phone soon but I’m holding out until the LG Optimus 2x comes out or some other dual core handset hits Tmo.

  • http://www.davidnemeth.com djn777

    my key chain broke so i need a key chain. and to have something cool like that to sit on my coffee table next to my EVO would rock!!!

  • http://Website dVyper

    I want a Tegra 2 so that I can showcase its pure awesomeness in the face of my iPhone owning friends!

  • http://Website TechnoBrotha

    I’d love to own a Tegra2 phone because I think the “super” or “smart” phone will soon replace netbooks and such for mobile computing. The next wave of multi-core phones is a step in that direction. I mean, not so long ago we were thrilled when our monochromatic screened phones just made calls and had custom (midi) ringtones! Now, I’m nearly frying my battery regularly playing Pocket Legends and Dungeon Defenders! We’ve come a long way baby!!!

  • http://Website Fandroid_Desire

    I’m 31 and buyed about 5-7 nvidia graphic cards for PC in my life. Now I’m excited to enjoy this power on my beloved Android Smartphone. Nvidia: The Way it’s meant to be played.

  • http://Website Maheggo

    Top 10 reasons I want the Tegra 2.
    Need new phone that doesn’t keep telling me no more memory storage to execute stat game comand and I have only ever won tickets to a sneek peek of Sherlock Holmes

  • http://Website Marcus

    Gotta get my gaming on!

  • http://Website Samir

    I want the tegra 2 chip for my next phone because it makes the phone faster and saves battery life now who wouldn’t want that right?

  • http://Website jon

    Hopefully… better battery life!

  • http://Website Daniel

    I wanted a Terga phone the moment I saw birds flying towards green pig’s on a 60″ screen in full HD.

  • http://Website Matt Yearian

    I want a Tegra 2 Phone as my current adreno based GPU in my EVO can’t handle Dungeon Defenders.

  • http://Website Originalme8

    I want a TII processor for more than one reason, but the real reason is to stop seeing lag every time I try to run Pandora in the background while working on something else. It drives me mad…think maybe I could solder the one from the chain into my OG DROID? Make it a OG Special edition, then create a script to say “I’ll be back!” Every time it shuts down? I would like to think so!

  • http://Website Chris aka Widget

    Craziness..can we embed that in a person now..I would love to program for it then..haha

  • http://Website Chris

    that keychain looks totally awesome.

    I dont think Id put it in a museum though :)

  • http://Website Chris

    I want a dual core phone for the obvious reason that

    I currently only own a single core phone

    duh :)

  • http://Website NODO-GT

    There is never enough power!
    with Tegra 2, and porting such engines as Unreal 3, Idtech 5 and HDMI cable will make great gaming platform.
    + 1080p video recording/encoding
    what else would you wish for :)

    Tegra 2 + Android is a crazy combination

  • http://Website jbank

    I want a dual-core Tegra phone to run circles around everyone else’s iPhones :-)

  • http://Website Artz

    Its that old saying “2 cores are better than 1″

    Tegra2′s better graphical capabilities not only mean the video playback and gaming abilities are on a whole new level, but even novel things like post-processing photos on the go to upload them to facebook or what not.

    All this while having music in the background, a texting app open, and multiple widgets.

    0 slow down.

    With Android and its ability to perform multiple tasks at once, Tegra 2′s true potential can be realized.

    As an added bonus.. my battery could last longer. ^___^

  • http://Website Josh

    I want a Tegra 2 phone so I can finally have a phone that can really do everything my computer does!

  • http://Website Sayed Mohamed

    I buy it from you … how about $ 50 ??
    i mean it and i’m series …. try me

  • http://Website Matty Dineen

    I can’t wait to have a more efficient processor to save battery power as well as being a LOT faster than the iPhone 4!

  • http://Website Richard

    I want one so my phone will have more processing power then my home computer.

  • http://Website nofak

    why tegra2? Full HD recording, blazing fast, cool games,…all in all, tons of reasons…and of course new phone/tablet ;)

  • http://Website RichardL

    I want a tegra2 phone because I work in higher education and I believe that mobile computing via phone is the next big wave and with a the tegra2 phone I could be the next big surfer.

  • https://twitter.com/xiv92_alpha aLpHa

    So I can squash my Android-hating, iPhone loving friends!

  • http://www.davidcampillo.net Alraunen

    With my HTC Desire I d’ont need a Tegra 2 Phone, but i’m dreaming every night with motrolla XOOM :D

  • http://Website Pedro Cuevas

    I’ll give my reasons:
    power (not necessarily speed)
    battery life
    1080p playback
    and, well, bragging rights

  • http://Website davod

    Tegra2 all the way!!!!
    We are suppose to answer what we like must but how do you answer that when you like everything lol. I guess I will go with dual-core nature of the chip. I have been waiting for one of these for a while now. Also I think the Tegra Zone that Nvidia is launching sounds really cool. I just hope that it will actually have games and content released to it on a regular and consistent basis unlike the Zune HD’s advertised game marketplace :-(

  • http://Website Arcanio

    I want a dual-core Tegra 2 phone because… Why not??

  • http://Website Jim Bagley

    I want a dual core phone because overclocking a single core is so 2010

  • http://Website SnakeDr

    I want a Tegra 2 phone because I like my phones to replace many of the tasks that I’d usually do on a laptop – more power will allow me to do more on my phone on the go that I’d normally have to do at home on my laptop :).

  • http://Website Duncan Mackenzie

    A question with a limitless amount of answers becomes a phone with a limitless amount of possibilities. Where would Geordi La Forge be without his visor? Where would Dr Who be without his sonic screwdriver? Where would Batman be without his Batmobile? I’ll tell you where, the same place I’d be without my Tegra 2.

  • http://Website Antonio

    I don’t want a Tegra phone. Actually I NEED a Tegra phone. We are in a moment in the technology timeline where the phones are not phones anymore but not computers neither. The new dual core processors bring us closer to the new era of devices that will change the way we work and communicate with each other by reducing battery consumption and improving productivity. That is why I want to be there when the new generation begins.

  • http://Website giantshroom

    I want a Tegra 2 phone because I’m tired of being stuck with 1.6 on my G1!

  • http://Website Chou li

    I want one hanging from my phone so I can proudly say: that’s the brain that runs my life!

  • falmc

    I want a Tegra 2 so I can scream “TEGRA 2 BITCHES” every time someone tries to say they have a better phone :]

  • http://Website Danny D

    Honestly, I just need a new keychain. And these are baller.

  • http://Website Pavel

    I want a Tegra 2 because of the improved battery life and more reasons to laugh at iphone fanboys. Also, because I’m starting to think my Nexus One will never get Gingerbread. >(

  • http://Website RJ

    I need this and everything else that is Nvidadroid. I also own stock too!!!!

  • Killa

    I would like a dual-core Tegra 2 phone (very badly) because my original MyTouch 3G is getting slower and slower every day (even with froyo) and there are so many great apps that I would like to use but this phone is too slow to handle.

    I would just love to hold that much power in the palm of my hand.

  • http://Website Matt

    I just want a phone that will run smoothly that I don’t have to overclock, and will play some awesome games.

  • toast000

    I’ve been impressed with what I can do with a Tegra 2 in my tablet. Thinking about having that much power in a phone is even more impressive. I can’t believe how much more power a phone could have over my early desktops.

  • http://Website Keideki

    I want a Tegra 2 phone so I can get my android game on!

  • http://Website Omeer

    I want to kill the evil dictator that is the “iPhone” with it…

  • http://Website Derek

    I want a Tegra 2 because I want to be a part of the evolution of how our phones work with us.

  • http://Website Xeyad

    I want a dual core phone because Android phones are pocket computers, and computers nowadays have dual-cores…

  • Geodeon

    to take advantage of dual core in playing HD games surfing the web 2 times faster, watching movies in HD 1080p

  • dfguero

    I not only want the bigger GB’s and the WiFi’s, but I must have the Tegra’s too!!!

  • http://Website onlyever

    I would like a Tegra 2 phone,
    because it, along with the latest version of Android, makes the sickest mobile gaming platform ever (sorry Nintendo, Apple, Sony).
    Haha, too bad I have Version. ):

  • http://www.krathos.com krathos

    because… Taylor Wimberly… “I’m your father”.

  • http://Website David S

    Because I hate lag

  • http://Website julian hornquist

    i think ive literaly been dreaming about a tegra phone since i heard that they could be possible. that would be the best keychain…. ever! :)

  • http://Website Ben

    OOooh, I cant wait rock t2. The keychain will be nice too. :)

  • http://Website lohwen89

    i would want to want dual-core Tegra 2 phone because it gives my daily life twice as fast my htc desire could do…and the key chain is definitely a must get item~ :-)

  • http://Website gagan


  • http://Website Gagan

    I want a tegra 2 dual core phone coz its the future of techonology where is turning sharply after just a smartphone used to be a smartphone but now these phones will be taking over verything like laptops, gaming devices, and other stuff too, plus the connectivity to evrything from tv to cars.
    so please really really love the keychain ..