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Motorola Atrix 4G spotted on Amazon for $149, possible February 11th release

It almost sounds too good to be true, but a placeholder page for the Atrix 4G just appeared on Amazon where they are listing the phone for $149 with 2-year contract or $599 at full retail price. Motorola is advertising the Atrix 4G as the world’s most powerful smartphone and we expected it to have a premium price, but Amazon is known for their deep discounts on cell phones.

AT&T has yet to announce a release date, but Motorola did say it will launch by the end of February. I’ve already decided to go on a journey and switch to AT&T so I could buy this phone, so the $149 price makes it all the more sweeter.

Unfortunately you cannot actually place an order for the phone yet, so hopefully this price remains the same when it goes on sale. Is anyone else jumping on the Atrix bandwagon with me?

Update: Chris Ziegler of Engadget says that Amazon listed the Atrix 4G with a release date of February 11th, but I have not found that info so maybe it was removed already. Motorola said during CES it would be available in the coming weeks, so maybe this phone will be coming sooner than any of us think.

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Source: Amazon

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  • rahlquist

    No phone is worth switching to AT&T. Trust me I am a current customer.

    • http://Website Mohsin

      I’m on At&t and I have no problems; its all about the location but I will say that people might receive late android updates because I’m on the aria and HTC gave at&t the froyo update in October and it still hasn’t been released.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      95 million people disagree with you.

      • http://Website Kenneth Pennington

        AT&T is underrated.

        • Battleship

          Yup. I’ve never had a problem with AT&T. I can’t tell you how excited I am that AT&T *seems* finally to be investing in Android.

      • qcom

        Seriously, I’ve owned three out of the four current iPhones (please don’t down-vote just because I mentioned the iPhone xD) and AT&T’s service isn’t as bad as people say.

        Not saying that it’s amazing, I have low signal quite often (more so than I’d like), but I hardly get dropped calls.

        Also, no matter how crappy the network, this thing is amazing.

    • http://Website Sean

      On AT&T too w/out any issues. Blanket statements about AT&T’s quality is pure FUD. Every carrier has good coverage and bad coverage depending on where you are trying to use the device.

  • http://Website Kazahani

    AT&T isn’t that bad. I really don’t know why everyone complains about them so much… Their prices aren’t the best, but the service is just as good as sprint or t mobile.

    • http://Website Richard

      Just as good as SPRINT OR TMOBILE… Clearly is the BIGGEST LIE EVER… You must be some kind of employee of at&t or sleeping under some rock or something… SPRINT RULES AT&T ALWAYS WILL… THE HTC EVO 4G RULES ANY DEVICE ON AT&T AND TMOBILE… ATRIX OR INSPIRE 4G

  • http://Website Drake Paulsen

    When my news widget notified me with this great news, I almost cried. Can not wait to get rid of my dinosaur Dell Streak for this amazing piece of technology!

    Their is a phone god!

  • http://Website Aizik

    Are people really that excited about this phone? Isn’t motorola the company who basically told anyone who wanted to run custom roms to go eff themselves?

    Are there people out there who are willing to pay for a top of the line phone just to be locked down, and if so, doesn’t apple fit that nitch better?

    • Alan Reboli

      You’re missing the point good sir. Every power android user knows that anything Motorola = motoblur. And motoblur = fail. Its what’s under the hood that’s exciting. Tegra 2, qHD screen, 1 GB ram. I am not a fan of motorla at all, but this phone is a beast.

      • http://Website Aizik

        I suppose, to each their own. Personally the motoblur thing is just a nail in the motocoffin. I hate blur, but assuming an open and unlocked bootloader its no big deal, I just flash my own rom and I’m good to go.

        On that note I’m not a huge fan of htc sense, but its never an issue since I just flash cyanogen and I’m back to near stock.

        This phone may have some decent stats, but there will be others with these stats shortly and they won’t have the efuse in the processor.

        • http://Website MeatRocket

          If you read the processor details, Tegra2 doesn’t support eFuse. That doesn’t mean Moto won’t find another way, I’m just sayin’.

      • DavidM

        is Motoblur worse than touchwiz?? If so then EPIC fail

  • http://Website Drake Paulsen

    When you have a device that is capable of so much, I think you can get passed the custom Roms. I dont know if the rumor is true, I read on the earlier blogs that Motorola wasn’t going to lock the boot. Either way the device is spectacular compared to whats out now.

  • http://Website sejin

    Im really debating on getting Att for this phone. I’ve never had their service so I’ve been asking everyone on their experience. I work at best buy mobile and the Att store is right next to me, and supposedly most of the dropped calls are more likely on the iphone than any other phone. Seems like the only people that have negative feedback on the carrier are the people that have been bashed out of the batch. Where are the people that have good experience with them? My coworker has the captivate and gets amazing service. Maybe I just need to try them out for myself.

    • Battleship

      Like with any carrier, service pretty much depends on your location. I’ve been fortunate: AT&T rocks where I live, but I travel a lot and I’ve never had a problem. I’ve been with them for more than a decade and I’ve had, at most, a handful of dropped calls.

      Ask around where you are to get a better idea, but AT&T stores tend to have display units that actually work, so you can just try that.

  • http://Website Reggie

    I WOULDN’T WISH THE PLAGUE THAT IS AT&T ON MY OWN WORST ENEMY. I pity any fellow that will sell his soul over to those crooks just to have a phone that will soon become standard copy across other networks or even outperformed.

    I remember the hellish two years I spent with those demons. We signed up for our local and long distance phone services through AT&T. At first, the rep on the phone was very nice and helpful–almost to a point where it was exaggeration. We took it for what it was worth and appreciated the service.

    So initially, we were happy and pleased with the overall experience.

    But doesn’t every nightmare start that way?

    Well, after they locked us into a contract the troubles began. Every single month, and I mean every single month, we receive our phone bill and it is generally $300 to $500 over what we signed the contract for. And let me tell you: our business is predictable in nature and there are no fluctuations in usage. So we know exactly how many calls we make and expect a certain dollar range for our bill.

    AT&T is probably the most crooked and horrible company out there. As they have partially monopolized and have major profits, they simply do not care to do the right thing.

    So anyhow, we call in every month and supposedly speak to a “manager” who “understands the problem” and “would be upset too.” Somehow, this “manager” every month for the last 12 months adjusts our bill and says there is a “glitch” in their system and that is why it does this. I usually ask the same question I have asked for 12 months now: WOW, with technology where it is today, AT&T can’t fix this “glitch”?????? Sadly, the response is usually a chuckle. So after the adjustment occurs, the “manager” usually asks if we want her/his email address. Initially, we actually asked for it. The next month, when we would receive our outlandish bill, we would try emailing that address and nothing. No response.

    So after about the 3rd month, we knew it was bogus and just a way to try to pacify us when getting off the phone.

    To put it shortly, I think AT&T is owned by the devil himself.

    • kegansb

      Verizon did the same to me. ATT has treated me well for three years. I thinks it’s the luck of the draw. Every subscriber seems to have different opinions when it comes to carriers. Use the one that works for you as long as they treat you well. When they decide to screw you, one of the other carriers will welcome you with open arms….. for a little anyway.

  • ayocuz

    When I switched to at&t from cavtel I told them I didn’t want any kind of features on my line (3-way calling, call forwarding etc) so those devils didn’t block any of those features they made it so they could charge me on a per usage basis to the tune of $430.00 for one month.I’m talking home phone and internet service. When I called to see if they would reverse at lease some of the charges I got nowhere. So I wouldn’t get a phone with their service even if it was free. I’ve seen some dirty tricks performed by all kinds of companies but I think thank was the worst of them all.

  • ayocuz

    error thank was supposed to have read that was the worst of them all

  • http://Website Sylwia

    Thank You God for European GSM coverage and that I do not even know how many bars I have, ever! Well, OK, unless I am in a pre-WWII basement 3 meters under ground, I do get surprised I cannot actually call there ;)

  • http://Website B

    Aren’t people “in the know” always advising against signing with a network just for a specific phone?

    • http://Website Sean

      Order of consideration:

      1. Coverage in the areas where I use the phone
      2. Phones that they offer
      3. Cost of the service

      So, switching carriers for a phone isn’t a big deal; unless you switch to a carrier that doesn’t have solid coverage in your area.

  • http://Website jayf

    you guys complaining about ATT probably live in an area where ATT is lacking service. I have never had a problem with ATT/Cingular/ATT. Sprint is terrible and TMO is ‘ok’ in my area…ATT and VZ dominate.

  • http://Website Blest

    Im good on the ATT boat.
    hopefully Tmobile will get something similar and stop getting these lame phones.

    Nexus1.5,Vibrant1.5,Another damn MyTouch, or Crappy Window 7 Phone.

    See Tmobile? This is why the other carriers are laughing at you. You dont know how to choose good phones. I havent even seen a monster like the bionic or evo or Tmobile.

    TMO- You Sickitate me.
    If another carrier gets a better plan than you…im dumping you.


  • http://Website AceoStar

    Taylor, I think I’ll be sticking with ATT for this phone. My contract ran out in October and I’ve been waiting for dual core to switch, but at $150 this will save me about $300 over switching to Verizon. Now if Sprint releases something big (dual core evo) at MWC, I may switch to them instead.

    That being said, I think this feb 11th release is to pre-empt MWC where they will announce phones comparable to the Atrix.