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Motorola Atrix 4G to launch by end of February, 3G Xoom by March, Bionic and LTE Xoom coming in Q2

Motorola Mobility just held their first earnings call and company CEO Sanjay Jha just updated the timelines for their upcoming product launches. The Motorola Atrix 4G will be coming to AT&T by the end of February, the 3G version of the Xoom tablet could land on Verizon by February (but March is more likely), and the LTE Xoom and Droid Bionic will appear on Verizon sometime in Q2.

It was previously reported that the 3G Xoom tablet was hardware upgradeable to 4G LTE, so I’m not sure why two different dates were given. Maybe Sanjay was just referring to when the LTE upgrade might be publicly available.

Jha also said that he sees additional tablet sizes coming in the near future. Motorola could eventually release “multiple different display sizes and price points.” In reference to the Atrix 4G he said that “you will see our diversity in the retail channel as well with other carriers in the US” hinting that we could see their flagship phone on more carriers after AT&T’s exclusive deal ends.

Now the countdown to the “end of February” begins. Gimmie dat Atrix 4G!

Via: Engadget

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  • http://Website BiGMER(jr)

    This proves Verizon only cares about crapple.

  • http://Website saoolv

    Is that fiscal or calendar year?

  • http://Website BiGMER(jr)

    This proves Verizon only cares about crapple. If Verizon wasn’t so worried about whoring out crapple, then they’d launch the Android beast at the same time. They obviously want to boost up their new whores sales numbers as they’ve dropped Motorola and Android like a used condom.

  • Galen20K

    T-Mobile AWS Atrix 4G in the future! : )

  • http://Website BiGMER(jr)

    Although I would love to see it on T-Mobile, I highly doubt they’re concerned with high end phones right now. Just review their previous press release where they’ve said they’re only focusing on bringing more affordable smart phones to consumers. That means cheap phones and most likely very few if any high end ones.

    • Galen20K

      they also said they’re not going to ignore the High end phones, they’re still going to offer them they’re just going to not advertise them as much as the Mid-Range ones because they know the average consumer(not us) will buy the mid end more. But they definitely are offering a good number of High End phones this year as well.

    • http://Website Russ

      not concerned with high end phones? why is the MT4G so highly rated? Name 1 current phone on VZW that has 4G speeds, dual cameras, etc..

  • http://Website BiGMERF(jr)

    Here’s hoping.

  • http://Website jeremy

    I just wish the bionic would get half the love the atrix is going to get. I can’t jump carriers because someone else has the better product everytime.

  • ayocuz

    Very well put.that’s why the nexus one didn’t sell much. even thou it is a good phone the carriers couldn’t dictate how it was sold. If more people seen it from that angle we would’ve had change by now. I really hope google puts out a dual core phone that’s also 4g soon on t mobile.

  • kegansb

    After unfortunately falling prey to the masses and finding myself being stuck with an iPhone and Apple I am ready to step up to Android. I read too much about the new devices coming out… I was sure I wanted the Captivate until I read how it was terribly buggy with an inoperable GPS at times and decided it was a no go. Now I am very intrigued by the Atrix. I suppose I will give it some time after it is released to see if it is worth using, but is Moto blur that bad? Will it really effect the usability of the device or as a new Android user will I not even notice any qwerks… As far as a carrier… I have ATT and it works well in my area, I’ve had them all and for good or bad ATT is the only one that works for me 

  • http://Website BigCiX

    You guys complaining about verizon not putting out a good phone early this year will be rewarded with the drops x2 later on. So stop complaint!