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Motorola Atrix 4G will gain 1080p video capture post-launch

We know that NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 processor can support 1080p video capture and we’ve seen it implemented on devices like the LG Optimus 2X, so I was a little confused when I learned that the Motorola Atrix 4G would only handle 720p. It was not a deal-breaker for me when I considered purchasing the Atrix, but you would think that Motorola would want 1080p video so they could add one more bullet-point to the list of features when trying to woo potential customers.

I asked around at CES trying to figure out why the Atrix only did 720p and no one could answer my question, but I guess someone was listening because Motorola quietly confirmed their flagship phone will do 1080p video – eventually. The fact sheet on Motorola’s site points out that the Atrix 4G will support 1080p video, both capture and playback, sometime post-launch. The feature will be enabled via a software update, similar to how many Snapdragon phones received 720p video record after launch.

If anything, I think this is a good sign that Motorola is trying really hard to get this out the door (and into my hands) as soon as possible. It sounds like their main priority is squashing all the bugs during QA testing and then more love (like Android 2.3) will be coming later.

Now I wonder what other features are hidden inside the Atrix 4G just waiting to be unlocked via a future software upgrade.

Via: Engadget

Source: Motorola

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  • http://Website David

    Are there any apps in the market that give you better camera resolution for taking pictures and videos?

    • http://upanddowns.tumblr.com Jason

      Vignette and Camera 360 tend to produce better results than stock

  • chief113

    Damn, I had just switched to the Inspire. Now this makes me want the Atrix again. It’s nice to finally have these kind of dillemas as an att customer.

  • http://Website Daniel

    I’m not really bothered, it’s really just a bullet point. I’m yet to see a phone camera that even justifies 720p recording, leave alone 1080p. Pretty much no single person would be able to tell the difference between a true 1080p video and an upscaled 720p one.

    • http://Website Kye

      Have to agree. Will it just become a larger file size with more noise in the image?

      Unless the sensor is reasonbly larger than standard theres no point.

      We will have to see.

      • http://Website watbetch

        Optics have never been Motorola’s strong suite, 1080P might make things worse. 8MP with the DROID X but the image quality lags behind it’s competitors.

  • http://Website Eric

    Not sure why it seems like every blog just discovered this at once. It’s been on their page since CES :p

    Still, can’t wait for this phone. Not sure if I’ll buy it if it has a locked boot loader, but if it doesn’t, it’s mine for sure. Just got to wait for the hackers to have at it. How long after launch did people find out about the DX/D2/Milestone being locked?

    • Battleship

      I was about to say the same thing: the entire fact-sheet has been up for weeks and we even talked about the update to 1080p video capture on the forums. Don’t know why Engadget and other blogs just figured this out.

  • http://Website Geoff

    Quick question.

    Does 2.2 or 2.3 even utilize both cores? If not whats the purpose of the duals.

    • http://Website Daniel

      Eventually upgrading for 3.0, for one.

      But still, even if Dalvik apps can’t make good use of the cores, it should help with native apps, particularly Webtop mode. Motorola has the power to patch the kernel or any other system component that could possibly need improvements.

      • http://Website Derek

        3.0 will NOT be coming to phones. Google has already stated that honeycomb (3.0) is a tablet only OS.

    • http://Website Eric

      No they don’t, but 3.0 does (and if the rumored 2.4 Ice Cream Sandwich is true, I would bet that would as well). However, I believe that even if each app on an individual basis cannot utilize both cores due to the OS limitations, I think the kernal allows apps to be placed onto dfferent cores.

      Example, if I’m browsing and watching flash, the browser might run on one core, and flash on the other, but if I then click through to a different site, the browser will still render on one core only. Not 100% sure on this though.

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  • http://casedroid.com/ Bobby Mikels

    I hope it’s worth all the hype because I will be one of the first to try this when it is already out in the market. It wouldn’t be recognized as the best smartphone at CES for nothing.

  • http://Website anonymous-x

    1st gen…1st gen! What gets me is they say it will do this but doesn’t with so many peeps wanting & getting them. This doesn’t make sense

    • http://Website Derek

      Yea, thats the only thing that worries me about this phone. Do I want to be the early adoptor, get the first dual core NVidia chip and then find it has lots of flaws, then they fix it with Tegra 2 3D and Tegra 3. I’d be pissed if that happened and then stuck with a flawed phone for 2 years.

  • http://Website ┼┼┼

    still an ugly ugly phone